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  1. KDAF did indicate as @Georgie56 alluded to hope to have a news department reestablished by sometime next year so that shouldn't come as a surprise. I think ABC 26 is what WGNO will probably go with (or 26ABC with the newscast title possibly being 26 News or something like that) Considering WHO was able to keep The Tower, I do wonder if that could be what KFOR goes with Honestly the topic about the other Nexstar stations should be merged with the Tribune Nexstarization thread.
  2. (h/t @Nelson R.) Also this and this is something we may need Speculatron-9000 for based on the language that was used in the article https://www.nexttv.com/blogs/sinclair-rsns-timing-is-everything
  3. Now that is the correct item that Nexstar needed to change (from a graphics perspective) One follow up question I suspect the Rock may get phased out as well is that what you're hearing or no?
  4. I smell Nexstar using Charlotte as a test package to bring out a sports show to all of the Nexstar markets.
  5. Honestly, I'm not exactly sure what Sinclair is doing here. They haven't even indicated anything yet what they're going to do with the RSNs and the fact they have to restructure the debt ($8 billion of them to be exact) I'm going to be honest and frank I keep saying that both Sinclair and Meredith are in really bad shape and what's going on with both companies is further proving my point that I keep making time after time after time. Granted I don't know what Sinclair's plans are they won't tell us anything but so far people like Rich Greenfield of LightShed have been proven correct and even Rupert Murdoch (the seller of the FSNs) has been proven correct as well. If there are two companies you do not want to buy assets from that are Disney and Fox if you do what Sinclair has done by buying the RSNs from BOTH Disney and Fox you'll lose money and lose money just as fast as the debt on that said asset is rising.
  6. I did say in the past on here that Nexstar would treat KFOR like KXAN considering they're the only ones within close proximity to Irving with a functional news department (in terms of large markets; yes Abilene, Wichita Falls, Waco and Tyler all have functional news departments and are close to DFW but all of those aforementioned markets are small in comparison to OKC and Austin) I don't think the Nexstar NBC package would be appropriate for a market the size of OKC but as we've seen with Denver and St. Louis (both larger than OKC) anything is possible and they do have plenty of options as you've indicated. But the part of the post I put in bold is quite interesting. I don't think KFOR necessarily needs a new set what I figured they would change out before they even thought about giving KFOR a new set would be new weather graphics and we all know how much people like @MichiganNewsGraphicsJunkie has been harping about KFOR to get a new weather graphics system (which is understandable considering how dated they are; they are the only holdover from the original 444 East Britton Road Building and clearly doesn't blend too well with the 2017 pkg) Considering how reporters are tagging out as "News 4" instead of "Oklahoma's News 4" I wouldn't be shocked to see them rebrand to News 4 (either that or if WREG doesn't retire the "NewsChannel 3" moniker they could revert back to "NewsChannel 4" so I think odds are better that you'll have a rebrand than a new logo
  7. Including some of the former Northwest stations.
  8. I suspect that the Tonight graphics won't be rolled out to all newscasts until sometime next year.
  9. Memphis as well as everywhere else. I do wonder what the standard Cox pkg is going to look like for all other timeslots outside of the Late Evening newscasts?
  10. A lot of it I think is going to depend upon the election as well because by the time we get through with all of the approval process we may have a much different FCC and trust me, if the Dems get back control there will be scrutiny on this deal for sure especially knowing how strict the Dems were about sharing agreements (that's how Hearst couldn't continue operating WJCL and WTGS together when they bought 22 during the Wheeler era. To be honest, I think Gray and SagamoreHill picked the wrong time to even be thinking about doing anything not named News Share Agreement.
  11. Pretty bad yes, but @ScottJ does have a good point. They don't want to make any more statements than what they're required to do unless Law Enforcement asks KUSA to speak on the record and at that point they don't have much of a choice.
  12. With all of the internet and streaming options available it's just simply incomprehensible how that here we are in 2020 leagues such as the NFL and DirecTV (a satelitte operator) can overrule a DMA over which games they can and can't air. It just doesn't make any sense to me. That needs to brought up by the networks when they're negotiating the upcoming new TV contract.
  13. DMA37Dude also made this explaination in the description of his video (and this might hold the key in explaining why all of the former Tribune stations regardless of who ultimately bought them) are switching out the Creative West pkg And not only that but all of the former Tribune stations (including KCPQ) are being forced to train its staff how to use and install the new systems regardless of owner. That explains why other former Tribune stations are also switching pkgs.
  14. I'd say blame it on the people in charge of the Raycom stations, they'd rather be lazy than get quality programming.
  15. Any new ones for the rest of the Tribune chain that are still on the older Creative West pkg (such as KFOR and others)?
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