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  1. I'll wager $3 that the news viewers in Jacksonville are happy to hear this news.
  2. I mentioned this on Discord and it's worth mentioning it here. As long as Apollo doesn't interfere with what Standard General wants to do with Cox and Tegna this deal won't be as bad as I think it'll be portrayed in this thread. But if Apollo starts to mess with Soo Kim, this combined company when added with Cox, already a mess with all of the former Northwest Broadcasting stations to the roster of Tegna stations will make this look like a giant clusterf**k before a single station in the markets Cox and Tegna currently compete in gets divested.
  3. I totally understand that Sony is trying to distance itself from Mike but to wipe out Alex's first 75 episodes of S37 just because Richards was there is absolutely inexcusable on the part of Sony.
  4. I disagree with the Public Posturing. Sinclair as per usual is being greedy, they're even greedier with Dish now than they were with the streammers over the RSNs. Let's face it, without needed to show proof. Dish is essentially telling Sinclair to go pound sand with their ridiculousness. Dish isn't the only one to have had problems with Sinclair nor is this the first time Dish and Sinclair RSNs had problems (although the RSN side occured just before Sinclair could takeover the RSN assets), many of the streamers have had problems with Sinclair, which that's been well documented in t
  5. Well let's look at their peers, Nexstar isn't commanding that much, Hearst isn't commanding that much, not one single media company that owns the local stations is commanding as much as what Sinclair wants to charge Dish. I'm sure Sinclair is factoring in the Bally RSNs to the what the fees would cost
  6. What's really bad if you're on Sinclair's side is this: Asking for nearly half a billion in fees That's clearly wayyyyyyyyyy too much
  7. The only thing from that article I disagree with is this I have serious doubts that Dish is as enough of an "outlier" as some think there are competitors like DirecTV and Comcast among others that are for good reason, keeping an eye on the Dish negotiations, failure to get this deal done will I believe, impact Sinclair's ability to negotiate with other deals Speaking of Dish, Charlie Ergen has basically come out and said that they're “not interested in taxing our customers” so that should tell us a lot right there.
  8. KOCB has it at 3, I can see Wendy moving to 34 at 2pm (likely to replace Springer)
  9. Quad Cities says hi and there might be one way in which is via Tegna (same would apply to Des Moines)
  10. Question what timeslot did WXIA move Jeopardy to when they launched The Evening News with Brenda Wood prior to moving it and Wheel to WATL?
  11. My thoughts are I can't see ABC O&Os dumping their Wheel/Jeopardy hour just to do 7pm news. It's been a staple since 1990 and it's worked tremedously for the ABC O&Os, CBS has no issues letting the ABC O&Os air the shows they distribute since CBS Media Ventures/Television Distribution inherited it from KingWorld why fix a good thing? I don't believe the ABC O&Os feels or should feel any pressure at all from their competitors to compete for local news at 7pm, plus it'd be awkward to see for example Jeopardy on at 3:30 on WPVI in order to facilitate Action News at 7pm.
  12. The days of just hard, straightforward news is long gone on cable. If you want to find straightforward, balanced news coverage, streamming is the way to go nowadays. Even NewsNation is having to readjust because no one is tuning in to that channel for straightforward coverage.
  13. And I did check their Facebook and they're going by KSHB 41 News
  14. All I got to say is.. wow. That was not on my 2021 bingo card at all. It'll be a sad day to see them leave their longtime Kelly Avenue home where they've been at for nearly 7 decades. Among part of the plans: Keeping the Oklahoman, the Downtown YMCA among others where they're at Creating Oklahoma's first Media Innovation Collective bringing together both profit and non-profit news organizations together. A lot of memories in that building, the late Bill Teegans (R.I.P.), Gary England, Kelly Ogle, Amy McRee, Dean Blevins, I can go on and on
  15. Some of the 1995-2003 Hearst news opens and talent rejoins have been put into one compilation. Also more KFOR goodness as well

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