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  1. Yeah JCB and I talked about it briefly in the private chats last night and I honestly don't think that only offering one network and probably not changing the non-live sports content is worth the $23 a month tbh. This is a latest case of Sinclair getting too greedy yet again
  2. Last time WXIA tried that was in the 90s and at that time it didn't sit well with Atlanta viewers
  3. Sinclair raises $250 million for their new DTC streaming service per the NY Post
  4. Yeah Christian Dixie is the one who usually uploads all of that day/night's Wheel episodes. Opus used to upload that day/night's Jeopardy episodes but Sony of course got ahold of it and took the channel down.
  5. Interesting details coming out of this CNBC article: Looks like WarnerDiscovery is the leading choice for the name of the combined company The main piece is this Honestly I cannot foresee Disney wanting WarnerDiscovery because they already own the Fox Film Studios they bought from Rupert in addition to their existing studios. Owning 3 studios plus having a monopoly on sports rights should give the DOJ more than enough reason to not grant approval for the deal. I think Amazon or Apple getting WarnerDiscovery would be huge especially for Ama
  6. Reuters came out with an article yesterday and its.. an interesting take at all how quickly it came together. So essentially they were going to meet up at the PGA Golf tournament but it couldn't happen because of the COVID regulations in California at the time which led to this: Yeah that explains some of the reasons behind why this deal came together as quickly as it did. I don't think any of us had a WarnerMedia-Discovery combo in its bingo card (I know I certainly didn't)
  7. A couple of developments since the news became official. New York Times is reporting that Jason Kilar is negotiating an exit from WarnerMedia, clearing the path for David Zaslav to become CEO of the new company Jeff Zucker may not be leaving CNN, Turner Sports and AT&T RSNs after all. He may be looking at extending his stay with the News/Sports Division, per the Hill
  8. Which technically puts Turner back in the Olympics broadcasting game at least internationally. They would definitely bolster its international sports presence with this deal
  9. Two of the key components of this deal that has not been mentioned yet in this thread are the recent NHL deal that Turner signed. Which does include HBO Max streaming rights, that deal may have to be reworked depending upon what's included in the WarnerMedia deal and what's not or it might not be reworked at all. I think a lot of that depends on which assets Malone/Discovery wants from AT&T. The 2nd one, this goes back to that "Malone" refrence. John Malone is what I believe to be one of the drivers of these talks and he's much more of a bigger factor in all of this than what's
  10. Tell that to Rosenworcel. Even Carr today called on the FCC to dismiss this complaint with prejudice "by the end of the day today" Sadly Rosenworcel and the D's will see this and use this to RKO Sinclair out. I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually feel bad for many of Sinclair stations that had absolutely nothing to do with this and yet they will ultimately be punished because of what WBFF "did" and I even feel bad for WBFF itself because they were doing its job of asking questions and holding people accountable and yet Mosby "felt rubbed the wrong way" and is a
  11. The RSN business model is changing and this move makes sense. However, both NBCU and Sinclair are going to have to be careful about taking their RSNs DTC because the streaming bubble could very well be on the verge of collapsing.
  12. Baltimore Sun reporting that the Maryland State AG's Office has submitted a complaint to the FCC requesting the agency to investigate WBFF for it's bias, inflammatory, slander among other things.
  13. Yep, even I have put Sony content on the Internet Archive as well.
  14. And you also can't cam record off of your device either (which is strange considering for certain shows that's the only way of doing it without getting the video blocked)
  15. Yeah any newer material stuff will absolutely without question be blocked. I know my channel viewers prefer more modern stuff but I can't upload modern stuff not because I don't like it or anything like that it's just that I can't take that risk like that.

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