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  1. That right there is a huge issue within the industry right now. The fact that even WSVN (as Myron already mentioned) is this slow about innovation says a lot right there in itself. I think the industry will be fine as long as revenues from sporting events as well as from political ads but it doesn't change the fact that the industry still has a lot of issues. While I'm hoping that CBS actually does something revolutionary for television, however, I am holding my breath on that.
  2. My question would then be this how does the industry evolve and move away from the stagnation they've been in? It just seams like that once streaming became mainstream, nobody on the linear side wanted to try to actually innovate anything anymore.
  3. Kelly Ogle is transitioning to a new role at News 9. His last newscast will be tomorrow night and then after that he'll be doing occaisional "Special Reports"
  4. I would say anything above 15 to 20% would be enough to trigger common ownership considering that WOAI (along with KGET in Bakersfield) were sold to High Plains.
  5. There's a lot of unknowns to this thing. In fact we don't even know what the ownership structure of this entity is going to be like. And even though the report did say that Apollo would keep the Cox stations separate I'm just not sure that the FCC would be convinced that they would even allow Apollo to keep the Cox stations in markets they would overlap in (Jacksonville is going to get the most attention out of the markets the two companies would overlap in). There's also another factor to it, the ownership structure (percentagewise) we don't even know how much Standard is going to own the combined company and how much Apollo would own in it as well. Still plenty of questions that with due time, will get answered.
  6. My guess it's probably ABC but I'm not 100% sure who filed the strikes against him
  7. Does anyone know what happened to btm0815ma's YouTube channel? I noticed that his videos of the CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS newscasts had disappeared.
  8. I actually think this Sinclair DTC app is going to flop. For one thing there's an MLB Lockout going on and the second thing, there the AVOD and SVOD field is already saturated with so many streaming services that people can choose from, there's so many of them that I think it would get lost in the crowd of so many streaming apps and my best guess of how much the Sinclair DTC app would be around $30. Yeah not very many people (even the hardcore sports fans) would fall for that.
  9. From Discord (h/t @TheRolyPoly) Not even a full month into Gray ownership and WGCL is in a few months time about to drop The 700 Club in favor of 9am News. https://www.ajc.com/life/radiotvtalk-blog/cbs46-will-drop-the-700-club-adding-9-am-newscast-plus-new-news-director-kim-saxon/B46YZ7RLFVHDLALOPGAREIB6QA/ Hilton Howell said he wanted to bring stability to WGCL and not even a full month into local ownership for WGCL/WPCH, Gray is already making impactful moves to their new flagship.
  10. Spann does have a point, the old TV model is broken yes, but it can be fixed. What that looks like is anyone's guess because no one has come up with anything to fix the TV business model because most if not, all the companies are going to squeeze every ounce of the retrans fees they can until they can no longer do that, and we might be years away from getting to that point.
  11. Wouldn't that put Google at risk of being sued by groups like Hearst, Tegna, Gray and Scripps for breach of contract on the ABC affiliates? Because they do have deals with those groups which did cover the ABC affiliates.
  12. I read an article in The Montley Fool it's more of an opinion piece than anything else but, the key takeaway I got from it is that a lot of the OTT services they're also competing with platforms like Peacock, Disney/ESPN+, Discovery+, etc and as the content gets carried over to those platforms the streamers seem to think that if people can find say, HGTV's "Home Town" on Discovery+ and it's on the live stream, what's the point in having a Live TV service when I can just go to Discovery+ and get it from there. I think we're reaching a point where I see two things happening as we head into 2022 and beyond. My first point is that I really don't think YouTube TV or FuboTV is going to be around for too much longer (as in maybe 2-3 years) My Second point is until Streaming can fix the lag, the crashes and gets more into the rural areas I do think the linear model is here to stay probably with different sources of revenue with retransmission consent stuff but I do tend to think that the disputes is giving the linear model for the most part an additional lifespan of at least 5 years, maybe a bit longer than that. All I will say is it's looking like a bad year or two ahead for both linear and streaming and it will take changes that some don't like/want before any progress can be made
  13. Yep, WAKA still does news for them, WNCF does have a CW subchannel so, I don't know what Byron will want to do with WCOV once they close the deal but I have to imagine he's going to want to build a full scale news department.
  14. Chris Ripley now says that he has enough teams to launch a sucessful DTC service and that he believes news on those renewals that will include DTC rights will come shortly Honest opinion, I'm not convinced that Ripley is going to get everything he wants in any DTC deal with the leagues. What I think will happen is that Sinclair will get a deal done but with compromises, essentially the way I'm picturing a deal would look like would be something to the effect of that Sinclair does get DTC rights with the NBA, NHL, MLB and probably MLS too but as part of it, they give NBA/NHL/MLB/MLS a smaller stake in the DTC service and the rights to those teams to broadcast the games (both linear and DTC) get turned over to the leagues.
  15. And Graham is a much smaller company compared to Hearst
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