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  1. Did KTVT shifted the syndicated Wheel episode to overnight or did it not air at all?
  2. Slight correction regarding Daytime J! & Inside Edition changing each others time slots I was just turning over to Hulu Live to see if the newer episodes of Jeopardy! would come on at it's usual 3:30 slot but I was wrong. The newer episodes of J! (with guest hosts) now comes on at 3pm and the episodes with Alex now comes on at 3:30pm on KFOR. Also the changes at KFOR took effect a week sooner than anticipated. It was set to take place next Monay but it occured today.
  3. Could this explain why TVNewsCheck reported the other day that Kim is interested in purchasing either part of Meredith or all of the Quincy stations? Also do we know exactly where Kim is getting his money from to even afford making a move for either company?
  4. Which given that it's the weekend edition. I don't think its not a deal breaker as far as I'm concerned. (Same with Jeopardy!)
  5. Typical Saturday for both Sony game shows (they usually rerun on weekends) so it will not be as big of a factor as it would be on a typical weeknight. For those who are preempting the weekend reruns of the Sony Game Shows its either they probably have shifted to overnight tonight, tomorrow sometime or they just flat out won't air the repeats at all.
  6. Which I'm sure Meredith is considering. I do think though that Meredith would need to bump the timeline to begin the 2nd offers after the 18th, if they're serious about selling the TV group whole. Problem is going to be they'll get limited offers by doing it this way vs trying to sell it in pieces.
  7. The fact that not only is WHNS and KCTV not being included in the sale but also WFSB isn't included as well should tell us that while Meredith does want to sell it doesn't neccessarily think that trying to sell everything to one owner would be prudent but they probably didn't think that spinning the TV division off and then cashing out would've been prudent either. Clearly the more I see this the more Gray is quickly becoming the biggest loser out of the ones that would be interested in acquiring Meredith (or Quincy) and most of us (including myself) thought that Gray would be the
  8. The Waypoint deal may have died but don't count out Kim. I have a feeling that he might surprise us with a bid for probably those Meredith stations on the block currently (if he were to submit a bid) I do not believe he bids on Quincy as it's not only too steep for the pricetag that Quincy is asking for but also Quincy would be too big for what Kim should be going after. There is some decent fits within Kim's portfolio once that ownership transfer is complete you'd have KMOV that would become a sister to KLKN and KBSI (once the deal with the latter is complete) and also
  9. That's a good point, that Ion deal sent Scripps over the cap and even after divestitures, Scripps is still very close to the cap.
  10. So a ton of changes are coming to OKC TV: First of all as I posted over in Out & About, KWTV is launching a 9am newscast (more details on that over in Out & About) Beyond that here's the whole slate of changes coming to OKC Television: First off, the Jeopardy! repeats will join the new Jeopardy! episodes beginning at 3pm on KFOR (Daytime Jeopardy! replaces Inside Edition at 3pm which is moving to sister station KAUT at 9:30pm) 2nd, Wendy Williams moves to 12pm on KOKH (replacing The People's Court which is moving to 1pm replacing Divorce
  11. Which I've been seeing promos that Live is moving to KOKH at the same time.
  12. Not sure how we missed this but KWTV is launching a 9am newscast (competing against KOCO for news in that timeslot) beginning January 18th: But the changes doesn't stop there and I'll share more details in the 2020 syndication news thread once I find the link to it.
  13. Or Meredith goes piecemeal. Either of the 3 will be the only way how Nexstar gets Atlanta.
  14. Plus Kansas City (WDAF vs KCTV/KSMO). Either way there's a ton of conflicts in the Meredith deal that it only makes sense for Nexstar and Meredith to swap out each other's stations.
  15. I had to reread the FTVLive article the 2nd time and it appears to me that uncle Perry only wants Atlanta and only Atlanta which tells me that he might be willing to depart a market or two in order to get Atlanta without needed to have the entire Meredith chain. I'm not sure Meredith is as willing to depart the broadcasting biz (other than splitting the company up into 2) as what we might have initially thought when the talks that Meredith "might" split started to prop up.

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