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  1. The Cordillera stations are not hubbed as well as Tallahassee and Waco. Norfolk has Richmond, KSTU, WSFL, WTVF, and KMTV. I think Indianapolis has the rest, including the Katz networks. Denver doesn't have a hub and MC is hubbed from Indianapolis. They were hubbed there when they were McGraw Hill. The Now and other news products come from Denver and Indianapolis distributes for that too.
  2. Not sure why, but a coworker who has friends that worked there mentioned them doing this last year and that it's a shame because they're losing some good, smart people that aren't going to want to move to Atlanta.
  3. That's not surprising. Two separate air chains and two separate transmitters will yield variations that big and bigger. From being brought in on the same IRD to going through switchers, EAS, graphics, encoders, STL. Older gear and/or more links in the chain will delay the signal.
  4. It's about money. If they looked at the books when they were making the Ion purchase and saw that Qubo and Ion Plus were losing money and HSN/QVC were in the black, then guess what they keep.
  5. The way Scripps does master control, hubbing doesn't free up any real space. The same equipment is sitting there in Milwaukee or Denver, it's just controlled remotely. Someone mentioned how tech cores are surprisingly empty. I guess it depends on what kind of a station and what the responsibilities are locally. If you're hubbed in a way where you are central casted and you have basically a newsroom, sales, staff, and a transmitter, sure, probably. But a lot of stations today have as much or more gear as they have ever had and most of the engineers I know at stations are constantly
  6. They canceled it because they didn’t find enough of an audience for it to make it profitable.
  7. I wonder if this means KXXV gets Grit and Escape on their subchannels. Maybe they end up being a new Court TV affiliate too. Makes sense for Scripps to piggyback their network growth on top of their own growth plan.
  8. This opens up an alternate scenario for the WHDT purchase. They make WHDT a new Court TV affiliate and they instantly get clearance in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Boston in one fell swoop. Or it could be a complete coincidence and they just toss a bunch of syndicated shows on it.
  9. Do you think those are the only two stations they bid on or tried to negotiate a deal for? Obviously, they placed a different valuation on the ABC affils than the other groups did.
  10. The more individual transactions, the more of a general pain in the ass it is and the more very expensive billable hours they rack up with separate filings with regulatory agencies.
  11. What would be interesting would be if the group that buys the conflict stations sees Tallahassee flanked by Dothan, Panama City, and Albany. I think all three of those small market stations (smaller than Tallahassee anyways) Graycom is flipping have no news departments of their own. It would be interesting to see that new station group expand the news department, centralize operations and run the three as semi-satellites run out of Tallahassee with news coming from a second studio in Tallahassee. Two of them being Fox stations helps that logistically since you can run news 10-11. With WSWG, yo
  12. Consolidation is happening in TV the same way it happened in radio for the same reason it happened in radio and newspapers. Declining revenue and declining margins due to a dwindling customer base. Fewer people are watching local TV because of ever growing options and an increasingly fractured public. Fewer clients are buying ads. And when they are, they're paying less money because they can do math. This is the reason every station group is decreasing staffing levels. Why every station group is investing in technology that helps eliminate jobs. Why everybody's favorite anchor is now work
  13. We may have reached peak TVNewstalk forums! Congrats everyone! They aren't going to unload a duopoly in a swing state. And they certainly aren't going to do so with a rationale that market 68 is too small for them when they just specifically went out and got WKBW a few years ago in market 53. They've held onto KJRH in market 60 for decades. And Tucson and Omaha are looking up at Green Bay. The entire industry is getting lean. That's not a trend that is ever going to reverse. Everybody is going towards consolidating things like graphics and traffic.
  14. I can't speak to the nature or severity of errors, but stating that Ignite is bad still does nothing to distinguish them from every other group out there. It might be the market leader in that particular technology, a technology that as stated earlier, almost every group has purchased.

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