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  1. KDKA Radio announced today that starting on 11/2 (their 100th anniversary), they will begin simulcasting on 100.1 FM Pittsburgh. Apparently from what I've heard on social media, the FM station won't be KDKA-FM, but instead a low-power translator. (Edit: 100.1FM is W261AX) They've also ditched their Group W logo in favor...something else. https://www.radio.com/kdkaradio/news/local/kdka-radio-has-a-new-home-100-1-fm
  2. In honor of their new set, here's WJZ's site from 1996: "There's only one 'JZ"
  3. KDKA - November 1996: WTAE - May 2000 WPXI - February 2002: Sidenote: www.pittsburgh.com still redirects to wpxi.com. thepittsburghchannel.com also still redirects to wtae.com.
  4. lanman

    KDKA-TV 2015

    KDKA-TV Pittsburgh's new studio, designed by Devlin Design Group.

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