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  1. In honor of their new set, here's WJZ's site from 1996: "There's only one 'JZ"
  2. KDKA - November 1996: WTAE - May 2000 WPXI - February 2002: Sidenote: www.pittsburgh.com still redirects to wpxi.com. thepittsburghchannel.com also still redirects to wtae.com.
  3. I was able to Shazam the music (with the extended part in that ad with no VO). Looks like WJZ's theme is a real song:
  4. lanman

    CBS O&O changes

    I'm surprised they don't put the CW logo in the open, or change the text from "KDKA-TV Pittsburgh" to "WPCW Jeanette".
  5. lanman

    CBS O&O changes

    I also noticed that KDKA is no longer using the "bed" version of Enforcer Metropolis. They're now using the full version.
  6. lanman

    CBS O&O changes

    They had a tunnel open on the last graphics package.
  7. lanman

    CBS O&O changes

    It's safe to say that KDKA won't get the graphics today. I do remember that when they got the 2010 package they debuted on September 1st. Maybe that will happen again for this new package?
  8. lanman

    CBS O&O changes

    KPIX got to keep their "5"...
  9. lanman

    CBS O&O changes

    Any word on when KDKA will get the new look?
  10. You'd probably have to have something like what news stations have for "virtual reality" greenscreen studios. As far as free software for doing this, you could try a video editor such as Kdenlive (open source). For live streaming, you could try OBS, also open-source. https://obsproject.com/index
  11. That makes more sense. For some reason I took the post as sarcasm, but maybe it isn't.
  12. I have no idea and sadly I didn't watch the news tonight.
  13. Bell's Facebook page might be history, but her Twitter page isn't. Tonight, she's upset with KDKA: [MEDIA=twitter]715647852198903808[/MEDIA]
  14. Interestingly, WTAE does these editorial segments now all the time, and they are always hosted by the GM.
  15. lanman

    KDKA-TV 2015

    KDKA-TV Pittsburgh's new studio, designed by Devlin Design Group.
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