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  1. Speaking of Kendis - he seems to have gone MIA in MIA...
  2. So do we know why both Top Story and The 11th Hour are BOTH coming from Miami this week. Are Tom and Stephanie on Spring Break? Stephanie will need to be careful - there is a 12a-6a curfew in Miami Beach starting tonight.
  3. NBC News NOW is also running Sky News when they are not in their own live programming.
  4. Another MSNBC exit...
  5. Where is Kendis?? Still don't know. Where isn't Kendis?? @MSNBCWeekends updated their twitter - no more Kendis there.
  6. Yesterday - Garrett anchored the 1pm hour under the generic MSNBC Reports banner - NOT as MTP Daily.
  7. Tuned in late - Where is MTP Daily?
  8. Chris Jansing is a solid journalist and anchor - a good choice but not an exciting one. Shep, Tom Llamas, or Katty Kay would all be good options, as well.
  9. Wouldn't it be a kick if tonight we found out Kendis Gibson was actually in "The 11th Hour" rehearsals this whole time?!?!?
  10. Brian Williams - a CLASS ACT until the end.
  11. Day 16 of "KendisWatch" - Where has he gone? 2 Days left until Brian bids us adieu - Where will he go? Who will replace him? That is our update for this Tuesday night with our thanks, of course, for being here with us. On behalf of all our colleagues of the networks of NBC News, good night!
  12. As everyone tries desperately to get their farewell messages in on-air right now - I finally looked back at last Thursday's 11th Hour transcript - Yes, MSNBC does post them - and Brian's last day is THIS Thursday night. Transcript: The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, 12/2 - WILLIAMS: Thank you, my friend. Thank you, my friends. I will be taking my leave a week from tonight. This has always been about gentlemen like you, it`s always been about having smart people on this broadcast. So a dumb guy can sit here and return your toast. Thank you. We`ll be talking along the way, Baratunde Thurston, Bill Kristol.
  13. Where is Kendis Gibson?? Not on air since 11/21. Barely on social media (No Kendis, No George, No Tito). Gibson & Reiser Reports gone. Lindsey doing split-shift solo - no mention of Kendis. What Gives MSNBC?? Anything else you need to tell us - Is Kendis following Kasey, Rachel and Brian? If this is a trend - Is it worse for a network to publicly fire their anchor or for another to have their team running for the life boats?
  14. If I heard him correctly...Brian Williams just said he will take his leave one week from tonight. Coincidentally, Canadian sportscaster Brian Williams announced his retirement today after a distinguished five-decade career. Canada's Brian Williams "covered just about every sport imaginable over his remarkable sportscasting career. The Olympics and the CFL were two of his mainstays as a principal studio anchor and longtime host with CBC and later CTV and TSN," according to The Canadian Press.
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