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  1. Reporter Kendall Downing has left WMC after four years. He is staying in Memphis but, from the sound of it, exiting TV news.
  2. Amy Speropoulos has left WATN/WLMT and is now working as an investigative reporter at WHBQ. This means she has now worked at every station in the Memphis market.
  3. Some more Memphis news. Meteorologist Nick Gunter left WMC at the end of last month, while Meteorologist Wendy Nations' temporary weekend role has become permanent at WREG.
  4. Mike Matthews will be retiring from WATN at the end of the year: https://twitter.com/local24mike/status/1313138420982702080
  5. Not sure when it started, but it appears WJKT is now airing newscasts at 6AM, 5PM, and 10PM. I'd assume they're just simulcasts but TV Passport has them titled as Fox 16 News; curious if the graphics are any different. They even have a new logo to match WREG: https://facebook.com/FOX16Jackson/photos/a.1529135443988363/2780424422192786/
  6. As an update to my above post, I think I may have finally identified the voiceover artist WMC replaced John Young with in 2018. Sounds like Dan Nachtrab to me, but compare for yourselves: https://www.dannachtrab.com/ http://www.southernmedia-nmsa.com/#1,1,WMC I created a separate thread for this back then, but didn't know if bumping it was a good idea.
  7. Interestingly, The Delta News seems to be providing newscasts for other stations these days. It produces newscasts for KLAX in Alexandria, LA, featuring local reports out of Alexandria but anchor and weather in Greenville (video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72iYRQkD-Vs). It also seems to be providing at least weather, if not news as well, to a station in Eureka, CA (likely KIEM, also owned by Cox), based on recent uploads to its YouTube account (example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggPsZ127Y3E). Ironically, Alexandria is a larger DMA. I think the KLAX agreement began b
  8. WMC replaced John Young a few years ago, if I remember correctly. I think the new announcer still has yet to be identified.
  9. I've only had primetime on intermittently in the background lately, so I've only seen this on two or three shows, all lighter fare from NBC (Game of Games, Little Big Shots, and I think The Wall as well). I imagine it's due to a lack of new programming right now to show ads for during the typically condensed credits. Has anyone else seen this on other shows/networks?
  10. I thought the same thing... my opinion is that SCS's deputy chief of communications, former WMC reporter Jerica Phillips, may have played a role. Just a thought.
  11. Not sure where else this information belongs, but WMC and the Bounce network have partnered with Shelby County Schools to air 23 hours of education lessons per week beginning Thursday. Displaced Bounce programming will move from Channel 5.2 to 5.5.
  12. Camille Connor has joined WMC as a reporter. Over at WREG, longtime weekend meteorologist Austen Onek departed the station earlier this year.
  13. WMC is losing some talent. Erin Morgan, who was only briefly at the station as weekend morning anchor, returned to WMBB (her immediately prior station) as weekday morning anchor. Jessica Holley has left to be a full-time mom to her newborn. And Allie Herrera is leaving to be a fitness instructor. (It's possible I'm leaving people out too, but I think that's everyone) Meanwhile, Cassie Carlson has joined the station as weekend sports anchor, replacing Sudu Upadhyay, who left at the end of the year. He'll reappear soon in Atlanta as a producer/MMJ covering the Falcons on Fox 5, the o
  14. Interesting how both WATN and WREG are in there.

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