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  1. Janice Broach retired last night after 30+ years with WMC in Memphis. Given how sudden the announcement was and the fact that she wasn't at all involved in the story (they kept saying she had already "signed off for the final time"), I do hope this was her decision. Either way, the station put together a nice retrospective: https://www.actionnews5.com/2021/09/02/janice-broach-signs-off-action-news-5-after-more-than-3-decades-telling-your-stories/
  2. I feel like the name would be a lot better if they actually did it for every day of the week. You have CBS Sunday Morning and CBS Saturday Morning... have a daily CBS Monday Morning, Tuesday, etc. Something that the other networks don't do, and ties in much better to the existing brand than just CBS Mornings.
  3. WLBT in Jackson, MS, was even running WVUE's coverage in primetime instead of the NASCAR race.
  4. Curiously, the shortened icon version of their logo that appears on WMC's website as one scrolls down has a much less dramatic curve than does the full logo that they seem to be using on-air and at the top of their website before scrolling. I wonder what the story is behind that... personally I like the less curved version much better.
  5. I'm just now finding out about this (recently moved away from the Memphis area). I'm sad to see the steamboat disappear, but to tell you the truth, I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out. I guess that speaks to just how diminished it had become in the WMC-era logo. In my mind, the steamboat was gone as soon as they removed the whistle from the opening, back before they even rebranded as WMC Action News 5. I can't say I care much for the curve, but it seems to add some sort of flair to the logo, which seems to be something they've been trying for (with the previous logo
  6. Agreed, it sounds like this will mostly be used for sports anyway so I can see them having some success with it as long as they get enough exposure. The only potential hiccups I foresee are the facts that their sports director intends on retiring soon (although that may have no effect on this endeavor), and they'll likely be competing with WLMT to get the rights to many of the sporting events they seek.
  7. Can a new hyperlocal channel built on news and sports and distributed on linear and non-linear platforms work in other Gray markets? “First and foremost, it was an idea for Memphis, but we look at it as something that has a lot of tentacles, and it can really help some of our sister stations,” Mitchell says. https://cronkitenewslab.com/broadcast/2021/06/10/wmc-plus-hyperlocal-digital-channel-stays-close-home/
  8. In Memphis, WREG is number one, the sky is blue, the grass is green, etc. https://wreg.com/news/may-ratings-results-news-channel-3-is-no-1-all-week/
  9. Sounds like KAIT will be getting a new set... at which point they would presumably also get a graphics update (finally, though I shouldn't complain as I always liked that Raycom package)
  10. This was already the case with Suddenlink cable for the past three weeks. The stations were pulled January 8 and only returned four days ago.
  11. Reporter Kendall Downing has left WMC after four years. He is staying in Memphis but, from the sound of it, exiting TV news.
  12. Amy Speropoulos has left WATN/WLMT and is now working as an investigative reporter at WHBQ. This means she has now worked at every station in the Memphis market.
  13. Some more Memphis news. Meteorologist Nick Gunter left WMC at the end of last month, while Meteorologist Wendy Nations' temporary weekend role has become permanent at WREG.
  14. Mike Matthews will be retiring from WATN at the end of the year: https://twitter.com/local24mike/status/1313138420982702080
  15. Not sure when it started, but it appears WJKT is now airing newscasts at 6AM, 5PM, and 10PM. I'd assume they're just simulcasts but TV Passport has them titled as Fox 16 News; curious if the graphics are any different. They even have a new logo to match WREG: https://facebook.com/FOX16Jackson/photos/a.1529135443988363/2780424422192786/

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