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  1. I thought the same thing... my opinion is that SCS's deputy chief of communications, former WMC reporter Jerica Phillips, may have played a role. Just a thought.
  2. Not sure where else this information belongs, but WMC and the Bounce network have partnered with Shelby County Schools to air 23 hours of education lessons per week beginning Thursday. Displaced Bounce programming will move from Channel 5.2 to 5.5.
  3. Camille Connor has joined WMC as a reporter. Over at WREG, longtime weekend meteorologist Austen Onek departed the station earlier this year.
  4. WMC is losing some talent. Erin Morgan, who was only briefly at the station as weekend morning anchor, returned to WMBB (her immediately prior station) as weekday morning anchor. Jessica Holley has left to be a full-time mom to her newborn. And Allie Herrera is leaving to be a fitness instructor. (It's possible I'm leaving people out too, but I think that's everyone) Meanwhile, Cassie Carlson has joined the station as weekend sports anchor, replacing Sudu Upadhyay, who left at the end of the year. He'll reappear soon in Atlanta as a producer/MMJ covering the Falcons on Fox 5, the official station of the team.
  5. Interesting how both WATN and WREG are in there.
  6. A few days ago WMC weekend sports anchor Sudu Upadhyay announced on social media he'll be leaving the station after year's end. He'll be headed to Atlanta.
  7. In Memphis, WREG won again, as usual. WHBQ has taken second place for a number of timeslots as well. https://wreg.com/2019/12/03/wreg-no-1-in-news-again-in-november-sweeps/
  8. Not sure if this deserves its own thread, but this graphics package has (for better or for worse) been immortalized on network TV thanks to NBC's Bluff City Law, which has so far used WMC's set, live van, mic flags, and, of course, graphics as part of the show. The only thing not included... actual station talent. To echo one of the tweets below, it's impressive how much effort was put in to make the scenes feel like they really came from WMC. Although I can't say I care at all for the show's use of Calibri over the supplied blank lower third. (Can't believe I'd ever think the Helvetica looks better!) I'm sure better screengrabs can be taken from the show if streamed live on nbc.com, I just haven't had the time to watch it. (Frankly, this interests me more than the show itself, haha) https://twitter.com/JaredJayBBoyd/status/1179027816043692033 https://twitter.com/kendall_downing/status/1178859750307565570 https://twitter.com/MemphoNewsLady/status/1184973449904754689
  9. Update on WJKT... all newscasts have been removed from their schedule. It would seem WREG isn't going to provide newscasts after all. (Either that, or they'll take a while to get some set up...)
  10. It's been a while since Andy Wise left, but WMC is now relaunching its investigative unit with Jessica Jaglois. Facebook post
  11. This was a new one for me. Right after introducing the headlines for tonight's show, WMC went to a 30-second ad running on a split screen with views of the anchors taking their seats. Reminds me of something you'd see on a network morning show more than a late local newscast. Are there any other stations out there that do this? Perhaps this is a new thing for Gray? Or just WMC specifically?
  12. This doesn't answer the newscast question, but the official Nexstar page for WJKT now links to WREG's website instead of that of WATN/WLMT. https://www.nexstar.tv/stations/wjkt/
  13. Not sure if anyone else caught this (or if it would be better suited to post in the Gray thread), but Full Court Press with Greta has stations and airtimes on its website. It shows 11:35AM Sunday for WMC in Memphis, but based on current listings, it must mean 11:35PM, as it's slated to air after the newscast following Sunday Night Football. I doubt that will be a permanent slot, either. Curious how affiliates will work around Sunday morning newscasts, network politics shows, E/I, and afternoon sports with this program.
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