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  1. It's been a while since Andy Wise left, but WMC is now relaunching its investigative unit with Jessica Jaglois. Facebook post
  2. This was a new one for me. Right after introducing the headlines for tonight's show, WMC went to a 30-second ad running on a split screen with views of the anchors taking their seats. Reminds me of something you'd see on a network morning show more than a late local newscast. Are there any other stations out there that do this? Perhaps this is a new thing for Gray? Or just WMC specifically?
  3. This doesn't answer the newscast question, but the official Nexstar page for WJKT now links to WREG's website instead of that of WATN/WLMT. https://www.nexstar.tv/stations/wjkt/
  4. Not sure if anyone else caught this (or if it would be better suited to post in the Gray thread), but Full Court Press with Greta has stations and airtimes on its website. It shows 11:35AM Sunday for WMC in Memphis, but based on current listings, it must mean 11:35PM, as it's slated to air after the newscast following Sunday Night Football. I doubt that will be a permanent slot, either. Curious how affiliates will work around Sunday morning newscasts, network politics shows, E/I, and afternoon sports with this program.
  5. Just saw an ad for The Kelly Clarkson Show on WMC, but no time was announced. I'd guess 2PM, which displaced Right This Minute. The question then becomes, where does that show end up?
  6. If you'll pardon the poor quality, here are some pictures and video from the 10PM. In addition to Helvetica on the regular graphics, I think that's Arial on the weather graphics. Also not a fan of how unnecessarily blocky and screen-clogging the weather scroll is. As you can see though, the rest of the weather graphics rely heavily on the old Raycom look. VID_20190708_003008~2.mp4 VID_20190708_003929~2.mp4
  7. I'm afraid I won't be of any help with recording an open. But some videos from the 5PM have been uploaded to the app/website. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the font is Helvetica. And the lower thirds really need some help differentiating between the headline and the secondary text. (Accidentally posted this before with "hide post" selected and for the life of me can't seem to undo it. My bad.)
  8. Just caught the final seconds of WMC's 5PM and saw the same thing. Here are a couple photos. I hope the custom backgrounds on the weather graphics aren't done with (even though they appear to be, if the 7-day is any indication). I always thought using local photos was a neat idea.
  9. WATN weekend meteorologist Brandon "Chase" Arnold has left the station to move to Milwaukee with his fiancée, Mary Jo Ola, also from WATN weekends. It appears his replacement is Ed Echols, formerly of WHBQ. I'm not 100% familiar with the situation here, so maybe someone else can fill me in... when/why exactly did Ed leave Fox 13?
  10. I agree. Besides Dateline, which airs at 2:05AM, and Live with Kelly and Ryan, WMC has nothing in the way of non-Raycom syndicated fare. Frangela forced them to drop Ellen this year.
  11. Regarding Frangela, looks like WMC has dropped it from their schedule *entirely* as of last Monday (1-28). They've replaced it with a repeat of their lifestyle show, Bluff City Life. That means two repeats of Bluff City Life now air on weekdays... this new 2:30PM timeslot, plus the existing 1:30AM overnight airing. (New episodes air at 3PM.)
  12. WMC weekend morning anchor Jerica Phillips has announced she's leaving the station to become Deputy Chief of Communications with Shelby County Schools. Her last day on-air will be March 7th. Jerica has been with WMC since 2008, except for a two-year break somewhere in there where she went to work as a Social Marketing Coordinator for Shelby County government. According to her bio, though, she still freelanced for WMC during that time, before returning full time. Former weekday evening anchor Ursula Madden is also a communications officer these days, working with the current Memphis mayoral administration.
  13. NBC's report was actually hosted by Steve Kornacki. The obituary was with Lester, though.
  14. Dang. You'd think I'd have remembered that, then. Thanks! Strangely enough, they updated on Monday to the new upper thirds and doppler radar (assuming that's a result of the new WSI boxes as well), and had the current Raycom icons on the graphics through at least Wednesday. Not sure what prompted the switch. I like the current icons better, at least as far as ease of visibility against the background goes (but I do prefer their design, too).
  15. WMC has slightly updated their weather graphics. The upper third was extended across the screen to better match the lower third... but the weather icons were switched to this new style that I don't recognize. I would think that the extended upper third would imply that they are going to stick with the Raycom graphics a little while longer, but then again the fact that they've switched the icons has me wondering if that won't be the case after all. Anyone recognize the new icons at all? They're not from Gray, are they? (Related... I saw it confirmed on Twitter that the new website and app designs being rolled out across Raycom stations are indeed from Gray.)
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