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  1. Cox is now in dispute with dish https://www.tvtechnology.com/news/cox-stations-dropped-from-dish
  2. I'm surprised Bell spent the money for them to have an on site presence.
  3. its the desk being in a corner
  4. I agree. I’ve never liked stations that use their “news brand” as an overall station brand (looking at you WFTS) I'm also not really sold on the name “Atlanta news first” - to me it seems too much like their failed clear news branding from 20 years ago.
  5. New graphics, yet still branded as ABC Columbia in voiceover
  6. Are there any Nexstar sets that aren’t set up in a corner ?
  7. Wcia’s studio flooded https://www.wcia.com/news/local-news/an-inch-from-off-air-rapid-rain-floods-wcia/
  8. I don’t see how this could pass regulatory approval
  9. Looks similar to the KRGV graphics
  10. Lisa LaFlamme has joined CityNews to be a special correspondent for coverage of the queens death. She will report from London. it’s unclear in the release of this is only a temp gig for coverage of the Queen, or if this could lead to something more permanent https://ottawa.citynews.ca/local-news/lisa-laflamme-to-join-citynews-as-lead-correspondent-following-queens-death-5798651
  11. Former CTV News anchor Lisa LaFlamme has joined CityNews to be a special correspondent for coverage of the Queens death. She will report from London https://ottawa.citynews.ca/local-news/lisa-laflamme-to-join-citynews-as-lead-correspondent-following-queens-death-5798651
  12. WGCL made announcement on their website https://www.cbs46.com/2022/08/31/atlanta-news-first-coming-north-georgia/ I like how they claim they are the only locally owned station in the market (throwing shade at wsb and Cox)
  13. Sound like Lisa pushed back against Bell executives about news budgets and editorial control https://www.canadaland.com/bell-executive-who-fired-lisa-laflamme-interfered-with-ctv-news-coverage-says-colleague/
  14. This was clearly Bell being cheap and not wanting to keep paying her - absolutely stupid move. Shame on Bell
  15. WXIA’s Chief investigator Brendan Keefe has left the station to be the Chief investigator for WGCL. Non compete will keep him off Wgcl until April
  16. Rachel Aragon has left WBFF to join WGCL
  17. seems like a waste of time and money to put a temp studio across town for just a week. this is obvious Gray trying to promote their new facility at assembly
  18. Wtvc was unable to air morning news due to widespread Covid outbreak
  19. You were right. New anchor at Fox29 WXIA's lifestyle show was 1.5 hours for awhile
  20. I do NOT like the name - it sounds like one of the Nexstar portal websites from a decade ago.
  21. Brian Williams is a free agent if CNN wants him as a replacement for Cuomo
  22. Seems widespread https://therecord.media/sinclair-tv-stations-disrupted-across-the-us-in-apparent-ransomware-attack/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  23. Graphics and set in action. They even brought former anchor Allan Hoffman out to introduce the set
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