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  1. Those poor people. Time to dust off the résumé
  2. If I had to bet Gray wanted more money because now KTVK carries Suns games
  3. You can see this from there "hello clinton" special last week, they posted it on their website https://www.kwqc.com/video/2023/10/27/hello-clinton-live-clinton-6-pm-pt-5/
  4. interesting that the Scripps AZ CW stations don’t appear to be involved with this. I guess the network commitments made it impossible
  5. DirecTV is warning cnn that cnn max is risks violating their carriage agreement https://www.nytimes.com/2023/10/03/business/media/directv-cnn-streaming-service-deal.html
  6. And sadly with bean counter Zaslov in charge it’s highly unlikely that CNNi will be able to recapture any of its former glory the gutting of HLN is the most bizarre to me as you could easily make a low cost operation with repeated or repeating news on rotation. Total failure of corporate leadership and lack of vision. Sometimes I really wonder how different things would be of Ted had never sold to TimeWarner
  7. Once they got wpga in Macon (a stand alone metv station with no other purpose) it was clear they were launching some kind of statewide project
  8. Wtoc in action. They’ve appeared to have dropped “live local now” and brought back their old slogan “the southeast news leader” in the open
  9. KTRK has the new graphics https://youtu.be/6zF3AnfFThM?si=XiKVcfXEMtA3Se_I
  10. James Murdoch would be the son that wanted to go more towards a “straight News” approach. He was push out of the company in a power struggle with Lachlan
  11. The Cox stations are still not on Dish, it’s been a year so far. dish really drags things out in their negotiations
  12. What I find interesting is that there will be no prime time news on KTSW, WTOG, or WKBD yet there will be 8pm news on WUPA I’d be really interested to know what kind of viewership WPCH gets in Canada….I doubt it significant.
  13. Probably the end of production for those local shows that WPCH was airing at 8pm
  14. If watl’ prime time news block is broken up for CW then I could see WPCH adding an hour at 8pm to take advantage of having no competition.
  15. Graphics are a downgrade from what they had. They're all over the place and look dated (which is saying something, since the previous package was a decade old). Glad they got to keep their longtime news theme!
  16. Any word on if CBS will make a play for local sports rights for their newly independent stations?
  17. Raycom was producing the ACC games that aired on Bally, they just used Bally’s onscreen graphics for presentation purposes Interesting that 2 ACC homes markets (Pittsburgh and atlanta) don’t currently have a CW affiliate….Nexstar better start making some calls
  18. 4 people fired over pride memo at WOOD-tv https://www.freep.com/story/entertainment/television/2023/06/30/wood-tv-grand-rapids-pride-month-memo/70373754007/ the 2 people that produced the memo and 2 people how spoke out against it
  19. KAPP/KVEW now has a unified brand: Apple valley new now https://www.applevalleynewsnow.com/features/kapp-kvew-unifies-brand-now-known-as-apple-valley-news-now/article_a074d780-1457-11ee-b5b4-2fc19b1c4ccc.html
  20. An anatomy of eyewitness news - 1969 WABC special showing behind the scenes look at newscast production
  21. boy, Chris doesn’t come across good in this price. Seemingly has no idea what the hell he’s doing
  22. WAGA investigative reporter Dale Russell retired this week after 38 years at the station. https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/dale-russell-senior-i-team-reporter-retires
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