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  1. boy, Chris doesn’t come across good in this price. Seemingly has no idea what the hell he’s doing
  2. WAGA investigative reporter Dale Russell retired this week after 38 years at the station. https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/dale-russell-senior-i-team-reporter-retires
  3. Wabi has the new gray graphics, also ditched their custom news theme
  4. Root Sports in Seattle is majority owned by the Mariners. I think the most likely outcome there is the Kraken buying WBD’s share and having a NESN joint ownership situation.
  5. KRON has a 3 hour prime time News block from 8 to 11. KONG has a 2 hour news block at 9pm WPCH has a 2 hour news block at 9pm WATL has a 3 hour News block at 8pm WTTA has a 2 hour block of news at 8pm The question these stations need to ask is if low rated CW programming is more profitable that what they are already doing. With the election next year and the political spending going to be really high having complete ownership of your advertising is very significant (especially for the Atlanta stations considering Georgias swing state status). Personally I could only see KRON and WTTA adding CW, and that’s simply because nexstar will make them
  6. What in the world is going on in Alaska ?
  7. shame WVIR couldn't have gone to Hearst too. Probably too small of a market for Hearst to care about
  8. So much better than the old package
  9. 1980 behind the scenes special of action news at WSB
  10. spectrum w/the LA networks, plus team owned networks MASN, marquee, MSG, Altitude, YES, SNY, and NESN
  11. No one wants these RSNs. They’re an albatross that NBC, Sinclair, and WBD are stuck with and can’t get rid of.
  12. interesting. What use do they have for a metv station in Macon?
  13. What i hate about all the evening newscasts (WNT, NN, EN) is that they all feel so rushed. From the opens, to the stories, the bumpers, everything. It's like watching at 2X speed of normal. I'd wish they'd slow down and let the stories breath instead of cramming as much into 20 min as possible.
  14. The touchdown graphic looks like a comic book action sequence “bam”, “pow”, etc. the flag graphic looks like a breaking new alert you’d see on cable news. and they are still using those stupid player cartoon illustrations. not a fan
  15. I could see Comcast buying Hulu and peacock transforming into a FAST platform to compete against PlutoTV and Tubi
  16. WSVN debuts their “data center” - showcasing their connection to the information super highway. 1994
  17. 11pm and morning shows to see them in action
  18. New graphics at logo for 9&10 news in northern Michigan
  19. The 6pm show
  20. John Williams has written a new theme for ESPN’s coverage of the CFP national Championship. It will debut Monday night https://variety.com/2023/music/news/john-williams-writes-new-theme-for-espn-college-football-1235480841/
  21. How in the world do they think this will work in markets like LA and Chicago? Like they could probably get away with this in Minot - but in their large markets this has disaster written all over it. Perry seems to think that the cable bundle is the way of the future - not even Sinclair is that delusional.
  22. ABC 20/20 report from 1982 about the competitiveness of local news - mainly focusing on KSTP
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