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  1. I do NOT like the name - it sounds like one of the Nexstar portal websites from a decade ago.
  2. Brian Williams is a free agent if CNN wants him as a replacement for Cuomo
  3. Seems widespread https://therecord.media/sinclair-tv-stations-disrupted-across-the-us-in-apparent-ransomware-attack/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  4. Graphics and set in action. They even brought former anchor Allan Hoffman out to introduce the set
  5. It's official WZDX and WATN have switched. Interestingly they retain their Nexstar web domains. localmemphis.com and rocketcitynow.com
  6. CityNews in Toronto has refreshed graphics. They have brought back an actual open with an announcer and music. Also back is City's "Everywhere!" slogan. Guess we'll see this rolled out on the other CityTV stations as time passes. L3's remain the same new: old:
  7. Spurs open is the exact same as the Heat open. Again giving more credence to my suspicion that this is going to be the generic open for all sports coverage regardless of team and sport
  8. There's also nothing special about the graphics tied to either the team or the sport. There is nothing in the open showing the Heat logo and you see the words "baseball", "hockey", and "basketball" displayed; along with things like a baseball diamond, a basketball court, and a what appears to be hockey rink faceoff circles.......this leads me to suspect that this is the generic open and theme to be used for all teams and sports. Which, if correct, is a major downgrade from the NBA, MLB, and NHL themes FSN used and also much blander than the custom team opens that FSN used as well
  9. Name a more iconic duo than Hubbard and cheap lazy graphics
  10. Robin Reed celebrates 40 years at WDBJ https://www.wdbj7.com/2021/03/13/robin-reed-honored-with-day-in-roanoke-as-he-starts-40th-year-at-wdbj7/
  11. New graphics as WFXR Roanoke - they are using the nexstar "ABC" package. Graphics also appear to have updated the Station logo slightly as It's now a rectangle instead of a parallelogram (morning show appears to have been using the old ticker and bug )
  12. What Golf channel has working for it in it's favor is that it's audience is wealthy (golf fans aren't exactly living in poverty) so that probably helps with adviertisers. Plus like others have said they have consistent programming, whereas NBCSN seemed to struggle to find programming to fill time outside of NHL and NASCAR season. I see this as a missed opportunity where NBC should have gone more aggressively after college sports and MLS instead of letting ESPN and Fox (and to a lesser extent CBSSN with college) gobble them up
  13. New graphics at WINK - looks like in house job
  14. Clearly demotions for the news people so they can have another opinion host to throw red meat to the fox news base
  15. KTVK and KPHO have switched KTVK/KPHO simulcast KTVK KPHO
  16. appears none of us noticed this last month but KRGV debuted new graphics and a new set https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIFlxSo0sU8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkaSQbdrJI4
  17. I don't like how all Nexstar sets are essentially "shove a desk in a corner "
  18. CNBC didn't have Crammer do "Mad Money" last night and let Shep have (at least) 2 full hours of coverage until 8pm - not sure about the 5pm hour
  19. It is clear that Nexstar is spending a ton of money to make this happen, and the set looks really impressive but I got to ask......does anyone really think this is going to be a success? There hasn't been anything worth watching on WGN America since they stopped carrying Cubs games. The channel mainly relies on reruns of Cops, Person of Interest, and Blue Bloods for its programming. It's a channel that is hardly watched by anyone and it usually buried deep in the channel lineup in most cable packages. Even if people were interested in watching it will they be able to find it ?
  20. sad day for news in the state of Alaska. KTVA's new operation is top notch and produces a product that quite frankly puts the news operations of some stations in much larger markets to shame. You have to wonder why GCI decided to sell. They basically have a monopoly on cable TV and internet service in the state and in theory had the pockets to make the station profitable......if they couldn't return a profit on the station what is the state of commercial TV in this country? Local TV news might be looking at a similar situation that newspapers are facing.
  21. I kinda like it - it's a unique twist on the package
  22. Kinda weird to be leaving a powerhouse like WSB for spectrum news.
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