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  1. I don't like how all Nexstar sets are essentially "shove a desk in a corner "
  2. CNBC didn't have Crammer do "Mad Money" last night and let Shep have (at least) 2 full hours of coverage until 8pm - not sure about the 5pm hour
  3. It is clear that Nexstar is spending a ton of money to make this happen, and the set looks really impressive but I got to ask......does anyone really think this is going to be a success? There hasn't been anything worth watching on WGN America since they stopped carrying Cubs games. The channel mainly relies on reruns of Cops, Person of Interest, and Blue Bloods for its programming. It's a channel that is hardly watched by anyone and it usually buried deep in the channel lineup in most cable packages. Even if people were interested in watching it will they be able to find it ?
  4. sad day for news in the state of Alaska. KTVA's new operation is top notch and produces a product that quite frankly puts the news operations of some stations in much larger markets to shame. You have to wonder why GCI decided to sell. They basically have a monopoly on cable TV and internet service in the state and in theory had the pockets to make the station profitable......if they couldn't return a profit on the station what is the state of commercial TV in this country? Local TV news might be looking at a similar situation that newspapers are facing.
  5. I kinda like it - it's a unique twist on the package
  6. Kinda weird to be leaving a powerhouse like WSB for spectrum news.
  7. Ad agencies drink too much of their own kool aid.
  8. here's a longer clip of Christina's live shot posted on KTTV's website https://www.foxla.com/video/690351
  9. This is what was aired live across Australia on 7 Sunrise
  10. Whenever I watch cbs46 (which isn't that often) I have to ask myself: "who are these people"? The turnover at the station is ridiculous. Meredith never gives the station management or talent time to implement a new strategy and let it grow. It's a constant cycle of rebrands and talent/management turnover. After years of Gannett/Tegna mismanaging WXIA, WGCL should be in a place to compete. But instead Meredith's impatience has led to no real significant gains in the ratings.
  11. I know he's CNBC's biggest star, but Jim Crammer is sounding more and more senial by the day. He is rapidly approaching Chris Matthews level's of incoherence. I hope he retires soon.
  12. Campaign picks on tiny owner that they think won't fight back - disgusting

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