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  1. New cnn boss looking to cut anchor salaries as part of savings https://www.thewrap.com/cnn-looks-to-slash-budgets-star-salaries-as-mark-thompson-digs-in/
  2. I do see your point. However I would argue that CNN has failed in the mornings for 20 years and so maybe the lighter flair of Robin would have led to something more successful than what CNN has been doing. I’m sure robin could be serious if the situation called for it.
  3. They could have saved so much headache if they just moved Robin Meade to CNN instead of letting her go.
  4. a reminder that Cox has been in dispute with dish since October 2022. Don’t expect a quick settlement
  5. Dish has dropped KASW. I can only assume this is because Scripps wanted higher retrans fees for the station now that they carry Coyotes games and Dish told them to take a hike.
  6. yeah - the talent opens aren't that good. The transitions don't match the music and it's too busy / crowded. Why WABC insists on holding onto them I'll never know. They did the same thing with their 2012 package, butcher a good open by cramming talent shots into the open.
  7. remember when Tribune rebranded all of their CW stations to deemphasize The CW affiliation? It’s never been a ratings winner and never will be
  8. Those poor people. Time to dust off the résumé
  9. If I had to bet Gray wanted more money because now KTVK carries Suns games
  10. You can see this from there "hello clinton" special last week, they posted it on their website https://www.kwqc.com/video/2023/10/27/hello-clinton-live-clinton-6-pm-pt-5/
  11. interesting that the Scripps AZ CW stations don’t appear to be involved with this. I guess the network commitments made it impossible
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