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  1. Here are some other opens for comparison
  2. Well that was sudden and unexpected. Given WGCL's history it's hard to say whether this is just the typical WGCL revolving door or if he did something bad.
  3. The open, transition graphics, and weather graphics were the only part of the 2012 graphics still in use. The Lower 3rds and bumper graphics were refreshed about 2 years ago. open looks great
  4. So who in the world is Apollo going to go after now in order to build "scale" with Cox assets now that the biggest get out there is gone?
  5. I don 't know what to tell you. I'm on the site right now and it's the new look
  6. KLAS has the new website (same name unfortunately) KTVX and WCIA still have the old site, but have dropped the stupid nexstar names.
  7. The Cubs denying that Sinclair has officially been chosen as a network partner
  8. I'd like to nominate this mid 90s KDBC open
  9. WWSB has updated their website to the new raycom platform
  10. Megyn Kelly never belonged on morning tv. She was a cable news attack dog known for her confrontational style and opinion. She never would have been welcomed by NBC News or MSNBC viewers due to her FNC baggage. If she wanted out of the FNC toxic culture so badly she should have gone to CNN. Her style would have been better received and she could have shed the Fox News bagged like Alisyn Camerota has. Heck she probably would have been a perfect Nancy Grace replacement at HLN.
  11. interesting that they are calling themselves Spectrum news1.
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