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  1. Kinda weird to be leaving a powerhouse like WSB for spectrum news.
  2. here's a longer clip of Christina's live shot posted on KTTV's website https://www.foxla.com/video/690351
  3. This is what was aired live across Australia on 7 Sunrise
  4. Whenever I watch cbs46 (which isn't that often) I have to ask myself: "who are these people"? The turnover at the station is ridiculous. Meredith never gives the station management or talent time to implement a new strategy and let it grow. It's a constant cycle of rebrands and talent/management turnover. After years of Gannett/Tegna mismanaging WXIA, WGCL should be in a place to compete. But instead Meredith's impatience has led to no real significant gains in the ratings.
  5. I know he's CNBC's biggest star, but Jim Crammer is sounding more and more senial by the day. He is rapidly approaching Chris Matthews level's of incoherence. I hope he retires soon.
  6. Campaign picks on tiny owner that they think won't fight back - disgusting
  7. cox enterprises has agreed to buy back the Ohio newspapers that it sold to Apollo https://www.daytondailynews.com/news/local/cox-enterprises-buys-back-ohio-newspapers-day-publication-continues/q4q4JbHSw0fMzS8dZRDF2H/
  8. here is the co-branded midday newscast
  9. WSB has introduced slightly new L3's - also a new bug in the right had corner - the time and temp layout reminds me of the scripps new look https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/cobb-county/suntrust-park-signs-removed-braves-stadium/ENWGR4CLINF7VE4PQILARRGXGM/
  10. WAGA did get a new open with the graphics (same as KSAZ)
  11. the graphics in action I don't like the "comment box" at all in the open It's placement is random. I also don't like the use of the comment box during the newscast either. A simple white rectangle would have been fine. I also don't like the font they are using overall this package is a good starting point. hopefully they can make some improvements before it's wider rollout
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