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  1. Oh, dear. How old are you and why do you give a care about Mandy??
  2. I would pick Option B. Sinclair has made a $500.00 grocery list full of problems and "certain things".
  3. Just out of curiosity, how much is a yeti? I've been wanting one.
  4. I had a funny feeling that Al Ross did a voiceover for WIBW-TV during the beginning of 2000 to 2005.
  5. I think it just got very weird and creepy after this post.
  6. What does that have anything to do with the Out and About Section?
  7. [quote="Raymie, post: 150886, A company owned by the buyer and seller is in the process of buying WABG Greenwood, MS. Would that be Cala Broadcast Partners?
  8. Is this an rumor by chance? Last I heard that Beverly Rogers was running the station and second, does Sinclair already own two tv stations in the las vegas market?
  9. "NewsCenter" is WCSH, Portland WLBZ In Bangor and also WGCI-LD
  10. Still not going to fly. It's going to be a shell. Remember the FCC cracking down on newly formed JSA's? The concept of the crackdown was to put an end to the agreement and gave existing agreements two whole years to wind down.

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