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  1. plnewsfan

    EuronewsNBC starts in September

    And it seems Euronews no longer displays the news headlines on it's english-version ticker. It's now simply displaying financial markets and weather forecasts.
  2. plnewsfan

    WTVD New Graphics, Set?

    It seems that the new graphics have debuted today.
  3. plnewsfan

    International Video Thread

    NTV, Segodnya v Sankt-Peterburge (Local news for Saint Petersburg), Russia, 2018:
  4. plnewsfan

    International Video Thread

    Telewizja Republika, Poland, 2018:
  5. plnewsfan

    Out and About

    Tyler Greever has left WJTV in Jackson, MS to join WIBW in Topeka, KS: [MEDIA=twitter]1011100866491879425[/MEDIA]
  6. plnewsfan

    CNNMoney Switzerland

    The countdown is on. CNNMoney Switzerland will lanuch on January 24th 2018:
  7. plnewsfan

    Sinclair, Tribune Close to Merger Deal

    And the share price of Sinclair at the NYSE after the shareholders vote is down at -1.2%.
  8. plnewsfan

    CNNMoney Switzerland

    The editor-in-chief of CNNMoney Switzerland has been announced, his name is Urs Gredig, a journalist from SRF. The Deputy editor-in-chief of the channel will be Frederic Lelievre, he comes from Le Figaro, where he was Hong Kong correspondent.
  9. plnewsfan

    WSAZ 'Charleston Split' question

    In Italy, Rai 3 Alto Adige airs TGR TAA newscasts at 14:00 CET and 19:30 CET. They have two anchors in Bolzano and Trento which are alternating between stories.
  10. plnewsfan

    CNNMoney Switzerland

    CNNMoney Switzerland has announced four presenters of the channel: Martina Fuchs (formerly of CGTN), Amanda Kayne (formerly of BBC and CNBC), Ana Maria Montero and Hannah Wise (formerly of France 24). The channel will lanuch in October and their studios will be based in Medienpark in Altstetten (district of Zurich)
  11. plnewsfan


    WIVB in Buffalo has brought back the sportscast on the 6pm news after 2 year absence.
  12. plnewsfan

    All about Raycom Media....

    Except the Raycom graphics on WWSB and WTXL soon...
  13. plnewsfan

    International Video Thread

    Telekanal Ukraina (Ukraine), Segodnya (2017):
  14. plnewsfan

    WSAZ 'Charleston Split' question

    CGTN does a 30-minute newscast called The Link broadcasted from Beijing, Washington and Nairobi and it's aired at 10am ET.
  15. plnewsfan

    CNNMoney Switzerland

    Well, Mediago's CEO Christophe Rasch in a interview with french-speaking "Le Matin" said: "Switzerland was an “ideal” location for a CNNMoney channel due to the nation’s high concentration of multinationals, international and sporting organisations, and institutes of higher education." On Sonntagszeitung (german-speaking weekly) Greg Beitchman said: "We will closely monitor the channel’s success. It is not ruled out that there will also be CNN Money channels in other countries, like we’ve launched local CNN International channels". They will have 2 production centers, one in Zurich, and second in Geneva. (EDIT, 08/02) CNNMoney Switzerland website has lanuched: http://www.cnnmoney.ch/ (EDIT, 20/02) CNNMoney Switzerland will include the on-screen ticker with stock quotes, and will stream live at cnnmoney.ch, alongside Cable and IPTV providers in Switzerland and Zattoo

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