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  1. And it seems that NewsNet will run some content from CNN.
  2. NTV, Segodnya v Sankt-Peterburge (Local news for Saint Petersburg), Russia, 2018:
  3. Telewizja Republika, Poland, 2018:
  4. Tyler Greever has left WJTV in Jackson, MS to join WIBW in Topeka, KS: [MEDIA=twitter]1011100866491879425[/MEDIA]
  5. In Italy, Rai 3 Alto Adige airs TGR TAA newscasts at 14:00 CET and 19:30 CET. They have two anchors in Bolzano and Trento which are alternating between stories.
  6. WIVB in Buffalo has brought back the sportscast on the 6pm news after 2 year absence.
  7. Telekanal Ukraina (Ukraine), Segodnya (2017):
  8. CGTN does a 30-minute newscast called The Link broadcasted from Beijing, Washington and Nairobi and it's aired at 10am ET.
  9. I think it wouldn't happen because of owners, Walt Disney Company, and that their stations are #1.
  10. Relanuch alert from China: CCTV 9 Documentary, CCTV News have relanuched as CGTN Documentary and CGTN:
  11. Nowa TV (Poland), 24 Gdziny (2016):
  12. Jordanian State TV, News at Ten (2016):
  13. Rai Tre, Lunchtime edition of TG3 from Milan (2002): This is the one of the two lunchtime editions of TG3, the second one is aired at 14:20 after TGR (Regional news)
  14. Don't know why, but this video shows Bloomberg TV in 1996: [MEDIA=internetarchive]height=480;id=tobacco_kwb77c00;width=640[/MEDIA]
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