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  1. I was suprised to see that they add with Wolf Blitzer since this is temporary show
  2. I wonder if this will be a simulcast or reairing of the already announced The Hill Sunday that is set to debut in April I believe on Newsnation.
  3. I wonder if Poppy or Phil will take over CNN Newsroom weekend shifts now being left open by Jim. I guess this also means CNN This Morning Weekend gets a new name as well. At this point CNN Newsroom US should just be renamed CNN News Central
  4. Way back in the day with Katie & Bryant/matt it was shown as a green marble column and they would pull up the screen that said today all over it when they started the show and then pull it down to show the window. Then when they went HD is when the different tv screens came in. They dropped the fabric type screen when they remodeled again and add the now dropped Orange Room
  5. Today it was broadcast out of the Doubletree by Hilton in their ballroom. They typically use this same location of years. The location was laid out in their press release when annoucing MTP was going on location.
  6. I think its in line with the launch of the 7am edition of TINY on streaming that I saw in a report on TVNewsCheck.
  7. They should go for big names for Morning in America because right now it really lives up to its abbreviation of MIA. I know it will never happen but Amy Robach & TJ Holmes are free outside of their podcast. It would be in the ratings at least for a short period. Elizabeth Vargas & Chris Cuomo could make appearances and be like the old GMA of the mid 2000's to 2020.
  8. Best of msnbc prime should be after Ayman and switch in and out with specials. I agree they should have a morning newscast at 7am. Is Lindsey resier just a correspondent/fill in anchor now?
  9. Seems to me CNN should have placed Chris and Christiane shows in Saturday primetime or something. Move first of all after Smerconish and leave CNN This Morning the regular full hours
  10. Wouldn't be surprised if Univision just becomes a digital channel like Telemundo Seattle is on KIRO's sub channels.
  11. Seems 8am-10am will be a rotation between Fredricka Whitfield, Jim Acosta & Amara Walker. CNN MAX only has 4 hours of their own live shows, rest is all CNN US & International. CNN Press Release from today: CNN Max Launches In An Open Beta In The US Offering 24/7 Live News
  12. Looks like tomorrow it will be a special edition of Velshi in place of American Voices with Alicia Menendez. But Sunday still shows American Voices in its regular spot.
  13. I thought this was announced back when Somara joined from NBC doing Saturday Today weather
  14. Today had a mascot that they launched shortly after a Olympics maybe 6 years ago
  15. Has the WLNY logo changed at all from the Circle and 10/15?
  16. I might be the only one but I like the old logo more
  17. I don’t understand all this work to make it look like 1A. Just tell the viewers it’s coming from Miami. I remember when I was a kid almost all the weekend shows come from dc on abc and NBC.
  18. He left NBC News Daily a few months ago. I noticed when they changed the name on Hulu. He seems to be doing generic correspondent work. Kinda seems like they have him doing little stuff until his contract ends. I would have thought he or someone would have taken over the slot on NBC News Now that reairs Morning News Now before NBC News Daily starts.
  19. I thought jurors owners just renewed a year ago but I could be wrong
  20. Seattle does not have a Nexstar station. They briefly had Q13 until FOX purchased it.
  21. Now that Rush Hour will be gone by the end of April do you think Nichole Berlie will be moving to the dayside after Marini?
  22. Savannah has Covid they announced it later in the show
  23. I could see Comcast/NBCUniversal looking at purchasing and merging Peacock into Hulu.
  24. It should have a little change up in the anchors to make sure they find the best anchor team possible especially coming out of the Robach/Holmes thing.
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