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  1. I thought jurors owners just renewed a year ago but I could be wrong
  2. Seattle does not have a Nexstar station. They briefly had Q13 until FOX purchased it.
  3. Now that Rush Hour will be gone by the end of April do you think Nichole Berlie will be moving to the dayside after Marini?
  4. Savannah has Covid they announced it later in the show
  5. I could see Comcast/NBCUniversal looking at purchasing and merging Peacock into Hulu.
  6. It should have a little change up in the anchors to make sure they find the best anchor team possible especially coming out of the Robach/Holmes thing.
  7. They should just rebrand it back to Good Afternoon America and bring back Josh Elliott & Lara Spencer. From what I understand it had good ratings.
  8. They would be good for CNN’s CNN This Morning and thrn move Don back to nights at 9pm. Poppy/Kaitlin and add them to daytime shifts.
  9. They are both good anchors but their future is now in cable news only at least for several years since the broadcast networks will not touch them. I wonder if their buyout of their contract will still have a non complete clause for a year or so. Amy should have stayed with NBC News Group.
  10. I would be surprised if Paramount cut ties with CW on their stations. I bet the sale of the network to Nexstar it had something about not pulling the affiliation for a certain length of time or something similar.
  11. Jose Diaz Balart Reports is on the tv grid for tomorrow. A lot of anchors take time off this time of year. On the shows twitter states others are filling in for him.
  12. Outside of news broadcasts what does the logos look like? KCAL still the circle with the 9 or is it just KCAL in a square with no news inside the box? CBS2 still CBS2 or just cbs Los Angeles?
  13. It will air 4a-11a on KCAL and will also air on KCBS 6a-7a only
  14. Main page of cbsnewslosangles has an interview with new KCAL NEWS MORNINGS co-anchor showing some new graphics and logos.
  15. Most of the cnn international newsroom shows are in Atlanta
  16. I’m not up at 3a to see HLN since I’m in Seattle but did they address the 5th is their last broadcast?
  17. Hopefully that is in error. I get it being KCAL Mornings for the morning shows and the 11am but afterwards it should be something like CBS NEWS LOS ANGELES at xx:xx or whatever. I wonder why the weekend morning shows arent just KCAL Moenings as well.
  18. Why not just the CBS Eye instead or just extend the monitor
  19. I wonder why Robin never went to the big ship is she didn’t want to live from Atlanta and go to NYC. I have a feeling she might just focus on her music career for while. I’m Surprised it took this long for HLN to leave the CNN Group and go to another segment. it shouldn’t have been under the news networks if all they have had is a morning show. I bet the CNN this morning will run for 6 months and then go away and just air crime and a name change to follow
  20. Instead of GMA3 it should have been called Good Afternoon America like the brief summer show it had in-between Katie launch
  21. 99% of the time I bet they just say Welcome to This Morning on KCAL or something close or coming up on This Morning. Your watching This Morning on KCAL &/or CBS2 etc
  22. Growing up I still remember when KNDO had its own newscasts and its own weather anchor
  23. What is Jonathan’s numbers? I thought he was doing better then Tiffany. They should just add an additional hour of Ali velshi and then make the Sunday Show with Jonathan the “weekend show” or something. Maybe add another msnbc reports hour for Lindsey reisner or so
  24. The release from CNBC is he will not take another role on any other NBCUniversal News network (cnbc.com). In another press release from CNBC they updated the programming guide and took off The News with Shepard Smith for today and tomorrow. (nbcumv.com)
  25. Agree growing up in Yakima left around 2009 I can see a day coming that WA state has just KING 5 and KHQ and so on.
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