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  1. So maybe late snow is the 1pm eastern anchor and say west coast it’s Aaron since he anchors from 2p-4p eastern and if a station takes 12pm it’s Morgan and Vicky since they anchor 11a-1p eastern
  2. Sounds like it will be in the newsroom studio NBC News Now uses since it will be produced by them anyways
  3. On NBC's offical news release it states local NBC stations can add in local news. Think of Ann Curry's old Top Stories News segments on TODAY but it will be your local NBC Noon Anchor doing that.
  4. Surprised they don't move some shows over to HLN but I wonder if HLN isn't long for this world either. I wouldn't be surprised if Kasie Hunt's show takes over an hour of Newsroom. Chris Wallace and other CNN+ shows take over 9pm hour Mon-Sat and have one slotted a different day each week. I doubt they would do Sundays since that's usually the 2 hour documentary. The Don Lemon Show to take over second hour of his 2 hour show on Fridays.
  5. I live in Seattle its just the opens that changed
  6. MSNBC Prime will the temporary new show Tues-Fri and I wonder if it will start this Friday for the month of April.
  7. It wasnt in the release that it was moving. I believe they said it was staying as is
  8. Hopefully they bring back White House Reports and just alternate Peter & Kristen to anchor or something. Kinda like the old Chuck Todd/Savannah Guthrie show.
  9. Outdoor stuff could build back up more much like today is slowly doing so with the Covid changing more and more
  10. Correct but on the Q they have been airing bits of the weekend morning show as well.
  11. But Craig Melvin didnt anchor again
  12. I can see this happening more if the views are higher then dateline reruns. Also the Queen announced she isn’t returning to London to live and she’s getting older I would say lots of London coverage soon since she’s 95 or so
  13. The ticker is sky news they can’t drop it only cover it but why would they do that? I agree they could use more Chris Jansing and others
  14. Ali used to and he stepped away to work more with the college he teaches at and spend more time with his wife since the college and wife are in Philly or Boston I believe
  15. I always felt this should be a show on MSNBC live from the white house. Hallie Jackson did this a couple of times. It would be a great show to replace Craig Melvin's hour so he can just work on TODAY and other reporting work
  16. Each market is different seattle is weekdays at Noon & weekends 3am-5a
  17. CBSN is now CBS News on the web. All CBSN have been renamed. CBSN AM is now CBS News Mornings CBSN Originals is now CBS Reports
  18. Looks like the Lindsey Reiser newscast is becoming "Lindsey Reiser Reports" starting this Saturday
  19. Tamron Hall should have been mentioned more in the 3rd hour since she was the first for the 3rd hour not the main 2 hours
  20. Matt was in several clips along with Ann on the history
  21. In an interview with tvnewser they said they will air clips with Matt layer since he was on the show for so long. I doubt any interview but will see him in clips
  22. Already seems like the “chief Anchor” type role at MSNBC will be split type role. Rachel Maddie for election type nights with Nicolle Wallace thrown in. General news type events such as Bob Dole funeral type events Jose Diaz-Balart.
  23. I like Chris Jansing but I dont see her doing an 11pm newscast nightly. I could see her regaining an hour of MSNBC Reports before that or getting a newscast on NBC News Now. I do miss seeing her daily on tv though.
  24. Brian is doing a 2 hour 11th hour tonight
  25. I am hoping one day CBS will purchase KIRO if COX finally fells apart but I doubt it. I am also hoping NBC picks up KING as well.
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