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  1. Drew

    MSNBC Shake Up

    My TV guide states Weekends with Alex Witt expands to 3 hours. Also MSNBC Live on weekends now are title with anchor names again.
  2. Drew

    MSNBC Shake Up

    I wonder if they will expand Alex Witt to 3 hours or put David Gura or Richard Lui at the 2pm hour scratch David Gura is he still with MSNBC/NBC just noticed on this twitter bio that the MSNBC-NBC News reference is gone now.
  3. Within a year I see World News Now going exclusive to ABC News Live. Smaller markets doing what NBC has done when they cancelled NBC Nightside.
  4. They already scrubbed it from their website and replaced with gma3 wyntk. They don’t have to officially cancel it since it’s technically still airing gma3 with a different format and anchor.
  5. Watched it today so far it’s just clips of segments. Like nbc news now before the live news starts
  6. If Greta was placed on CNBC and not MSNBC I bet she would still be there today. I get the feeling CNBC will morph more in primetime to opinion but keep the popular shows as the profit, Americans greed shark tank etc to 10pm and weekends.
  7. Lockup still airs on the weekends on NBC News Now on peacock
  8. Drew

    MSNBC Shake Up

    If it’s true I can see moving Velshi to AM Joy slot and Joshua Johnson to the 7am slot
  9. Pandemic: What You Need To Know has been rebranded to GMA3: What You Need To Know. seems like Strahan Sara and Keke is not returning anytime soon.
  10. Drew

    MSNBC Shake Up

    I’ve only see. This graphic during the 7pm East/4 pacific broadcast of msnbc live decision 2020. I watch throughout the day and still only see coronavirus pandemic or nbc news graphics being used coming in and out of commercials during the msnbc live branded hours
  11. Today's Steals & Deals started at least back to the late 90's when it was a true consumer news segment with former WNBC consumer reporter Roseanne Colletti
  12. Drew

    MSNBC Shake Up

    Deadline: White House has been starting at 3:30pm for the last week so I wonder if this is the signs it might expand to two hours maybe 3–5p. Chuck has also been doing the 1pm hour after Andrea I am thinking they might move. MTP Daily to that slot and make Katy Tur 2 hours between chuck and Nicolle. Put Joshua Johnson in at 5pm.
  13. I’m surprised today and others haven’t announced that they are not going out to the plaza during this
  14. Been working during the hardball hour who’s anchoring this week and is it called msnbc live or just hardball?
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