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  1. Looks like they are finally going to brand alison’s slot as Evening News Now. Saw the name on the press release for the Inauguration coverage. With the new anchor coming soon I wonder if the midday coverage will be call Afternoon News Now or something.
  2. So when they bring back Inside Politics branding to weekdays are they going to do the same for CNN Right Now & At This Hour? All have been under the CNN Newsroom branding
  3. Before you talk about getting her own show she will need to start subbing ev n on the weekends but I’ve only seen her do that a handful of times in the last 4 years. I wonder if she wants to be a corespondent and not an anchor
  4. The way they were talking sounds like they are staying in dc
  5. Weekend Today debuted today in N5. Surprised they didn't open with the windows behind them.
  6. I was guessing inauguration but weekend today announced it was going to debut a new studio this week. But Peter Alexander was in close contact with someone that tested positive at the White House this week so that stopped it.
  7. From what I understand Meet the Press didn't use the window studio today correct? They also have one more upstairs studio left to debut as well.
  8. on Weekend Today they announced they will be broadcasting from a new studio closer to the capital starting next week.
  9. Saturday edition wasn't updated
  10. If you looked around that newsroom didn’t have that many actual workers. It was like msnbc newsroom set had maybe 10-15 total. Their actual newsroom was a floor up. On Diane sawyers last night it showed it.
  11. True but I think they will be cutting back this time around too
  12. Now that the election is over and Biden has won I expect to see the following changes Political teams especially White House beat changing correspondents White House/political beat teams being reduced. Networks said they hired more during Trump administration and if Biden is like other previous admins they will not need as much, Cable Networks programs switching up and new anchors
  13. NBC used to have great Election sets back when we had Tom Brokaw, Tim Russert & Katie Couric days. I loved how they redid the old Dateline NBC studios for Decision 2000 Election Night etc. NBC News usually used the Dateline NBC Studios for Election until the following: 2008 & 2012 elections they used the old Football Night in America studio. 2016 the Newsroom studio of MSNBC (NBC debuted it for Election Night
  14. Election Coverage is rolling on tonight. Slowly all networks are announcing some type of primetime coverage
  15. Saw that too. I wonder if it will be optional for the stations or if he was talking about NBC News Now or MSNBC.

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