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  1. would be a good marketing trick to put NHL on HLN you could watch the N from HLN move across the screen to front and become NHL
  2. Wouldn’t be surprised if HLN goes the way of NBCSN and Morning Express becomes a CNN+ flagship show. Forensic files and other shows move over to TruTV or sold to networks like Oxygen and Discovery ID
  3. Dan Abrams show is a weekly show and launches Sept 27th a Monday. I am thinking its just going to be a Monday night show at 8pm. On Balance will be Tues-Fri Some sites are stating Dan Abrams will be a weekly show and others weeknights.
  4. What does their morning and noon opens look like? Noticed lately either they are branded "Today in NY/LA/Bay" or its just "NBC Chicago News". Is Boston still calling their noon broadcast NBC 10 Boston News Now or something new?
  5. KNDO-KNDU cancelled the noon news shortly after KHQ purchased them. My neighbor’s mom worked for them during that time and KHQ didnt see the need for the noon and KHQ didnt have one and they cancelled their 4:30pm broadcast shortly afterwards too. i can see KIMA doing away with Yakima within a couple of years and doing what KNDO has done and rented a small space somewhere for a small crew. I can also see KHQ make a weeknight broadcast for the Spokane-Yakima-Kennewick market like their the 6:30 show they are doing in Spokane
  6. I grew up in Yakima and if this was 2001 or so I could see a 4pm broadcast but now it will be a cheap show. KING I could actually see a 3pm newscast. WBAL I could see a bewsbroadcast
  7. Seems like these graphics should be on NBC.News Now instead of MSNBC.
  8. My thoughts as well. If anything team some of them up together for a 2 hour block. Like Katy & Ayman they worked great during election week.
  9. It really hasn't been used in name in years. But I still think they could have chosen different names then all FIRST LAST NAMES Reports. Weekends I think they could have kept Weekends with Alex Witt and something more catchy then Gibson & Reiser Reports. I bet we will have brand new graphics launching tomorrow. Maybe a redesigned logo for the network that has MSNBC undder the peacock like NBC News does.
  10. Looks like MSNBC Live is gone. Starting tomorrow all shows are now Stephanie Ruhle Reports Hallie Jackson Reports Craig Melvin Reports Andrea Mitchell Reports Katy Tur Reports Ayman Mohyedlin Reports Weekends Gibson & Reiser Reports Alex Witt Reports Yasmin Vossoughian Reports I get renaming name but a little more variety between them would have been better.
  11. Show website already 404 when they still list fFBN AM and Bulls & Bears when they last aired March 20 2020
  12. It was never national. I remember wayback some report somewhere that they didnt do it national since some of the segments couldnt be cleared naitonal since other stations get them. I am assuming reports from CNN Newsource and others.
  13. I see but still 6 days a week. If I ran telemundo news I wouldn’t want one of my main anchors off during the week.
  14. I don’t see Kate Snow leaving Sunday Nightly News anytime soon. I could see Jose leave Saturday’s since he has his weeknight newscast and Sunday morning public affairs program on Telemundo. But I see Tom more as a chief correspondent and maybe a weeknight show on NBC News Now

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