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  1. Lockup still airs on the weekends on NBC News Now on peacock
  2. Drew

    MSNBC Shake Up

    If it’s true I can see moving Velshi to AM Joy slot and Joshua Johnson to the 7am slot
  3. Pandemic: What You Need To Know has been rebranded to GMA3: What You Need To Know. seems like Strahan Sara and Keke is not returning anytime soon.
  4. Drew

    MSNBC Shake Up

    I’ve only see. This graphic during the 7pm East/4 pacific broadcast of msnbc live decision 2020. I watch throughout the day and still only see coronavirus pandemic or nbc news graphics being used coming in and out of commercials during the msnbc live branded hours
  5. Today's Steals & Deals started at least back to the late 90's when it was a true consumer news segment with former WNBC consumer reporter Roseanne Colletti
  6. Drew

    MSNBC Shake Up

    Deadline: White House has been starting at 3:30pm for the last week so I wonder if this is the signs it might expand to two hours maybe 3–5p. Chuck has also been doing the 1pm hour after Andrea I am thinking they might move. MTP Daily to that slot and make Katy Tur 2 hours between chuck and Nicolle. Put Joshua Johnson in at 5pm.
  7. I’m surprised today and others haven’t announced that they are not going out to the plaza during this
  8. Been working during the hardball hour who’s anchoring this week and is it called msnbc live or just hardball?
  9. Drew

    MSNBC Shake Up

    They said on the broadcast it was the last "Hardball". I wonder if it will be another MSNBC Live for a bit. I wonder if they will blow up the schedule soon then later. Maybe moving Deadline, MTP Daily (or cancelling). Adding Josh Johnson etc.
  10. Drew

    MSNBC Shake Up

    Is Chris Jansing the new 1pm anchor? Who took over at 3pm?
  11. Side note they billed Andrea Mitchell today as the NBC News Senior Washington Correspondent. Are they switching up the chief foreign affairs correspondent role now?
  12. they should have given the 4th hour a audience from the very start with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Their part always seemed better with an audience. the name on thurs and fridays seems like they have too many &’s in it though
  13. Drew

    MSNBC Shake Up

    I have a feeling Johnson will take weekdays at 3pm. I heard MSNBC Live might be expanding more into primetime on Saturday’s. I wonder if they will shake up weekday daytime and put Stephanie in for 2 straight hours and move everyone around. I’m surprised Craig Melvin is still doing MSNBC after his role grew on Today.
  14. Drew

    MSNBC Shake Up

    I wonder when the new MSNBC weekend lineup is coming: they have hired 3 new anchors for it already. They also have Kendis Gibson and Alex Witt
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