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  1. With reports out the entire cast has been released from their contracts on Tuesday. Do you think the show will be going away? If so do you think they will launch an afternoon edition of Today or a network version of Access Daily? I doubt NBC would give the time back to the stations especially it going to be an election year and all the ad revenue from it all. Thoughts?
  2. My bet Georgie goes back to the evening newscast she did before returning to Today or 60 Minutes since Karl and his new co-anchor are both leaving 60.
  3. Really ?! Do you read anything ever?!
  4. I could be wrong but I thought CBS can’t legally own CW outright due to laws that one company cannot own 2 broadcast networks. CBS had to get a special wavier to own 50%. Didn’t the gov give nbc the okay for Telemundo since it’s not one of the big 4-5
  5. I would like to see Jodi Applegste back on TV
  6. I would say Keith Oblermann might say differently maybe
  7. Problem was never promoted correctly and this time it’s from the mothership so it will more likely do better. Also sounds like it will be more then just online it will stream more like CBSN available in more ways
  8. Drew

    MSNBC Shake Up

    Johnny dollar has a link from mediabistro about MSNBC hiring a executive producer for a new weekend morning show. Good bye Dara Brown and Alex Witt early morning shifts before AM JOY.
  9. They should do the following 7:00 am GMA 9:00 am Live with Kelly & Ryan/Local 10:00 am GMA 11a-1p. Local (somewhere in here the soap) 1:00pm The View 2:00 pm Local But I’m not a programming executive
  10. Or at least they could program it on their me TV
  11. I wish they would update the logo to make it match more with the NBC NEWS logo with the word MSNBC under the peacock.
  12. They could be grooming them to replace Amy since isn’t she moving to 20/20 in the fall?
  13. Around end of last year I believe
  14. I think they purchase the studio 1a area the same time they purchased outright all the floors in 30 rock back in what 2010 or so
  15. They haven’t used that corner of the upstairs in years. They use the production area on the other side of the kitchen. I think they might be pretaping the 10a hour at 9am, so that Hoda is free for 7am west coast open if needed. I could have sworn I saw this on another site
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