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  1. I am hoping one day CBS will purchase KIRO if COX finally fells apart but I doubt it. I am also hoping NBC picks up KING as well.
  2. I was thinking she would get an overall deal to include the talk moderator/co-host and some CBS News assignment or something. Maybe the CBS News stuff might come later when she is done with Dateline. They did say her reports will go throughout the rest of the year
  3. I wonder if part of the deal she will join CBS news and do reports for CBS Mornings and 48 Hours as well.
  4. Reports are she is joining the talk on cbs. I really enjoyed watching her when she was a regular on Today. Never felt Access Hollywood was the best fit for her.
  5. In the pic bottom right is the former chief meteorologist for Q13 who left over a year ago Jim.
  6. Didn’t they do that in early 80s? What they should do is rename CBS morning news to cbs early morning news and changing cab this morning to cbs morning news. That why it’s closer to their other broadcasts and still ties into Saturday and Sunday mornings
  7. That was Tom llamas. He will be the prime time anchor of NBC News Now and he came from ABC. It wouldn’t have to do with Reno I bet they are burning off vacations since September they normally don’t get vacations since it’s the launch of the fall season
  8. I wonder if they are doing something in the old Orange Room space that they covered with the big screen during the elections.
  9. would be a good marketing trick to put NHL on HLN you could watch the N from HLN move across the screen to front and become NHL
  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if HLN goes the way of NBCSN and Morning Express becomes a CNN+ flagship show. Forensic files and other shows move over to TruTV or sold to networks like Oxygen and Discovery ID
  11. Dan Abrams show is a weekly show and launches Sept 27th a Monday. I am thinking its just going to be a Monday night show at 8pm. On Balance will be Tues-Fri Some sites are stating Dan Abrams will be a weekly show and others weeknights.
  12. What does their morning and noon opens look like? Noticed lately either they are branded "Today in NY/LA/Bay" or its just "NBC Chicago News". Is Boston still calling their noon broadcast NBC 10 Boston News Now or something new?
  13. KNDO-KNDU cancelled the noon news shortly after KHQ purchased them. My neighbor’s mom worked for them during that time and KHQ didnt see the need for the noon and KHQ didnt have one and they cancelled their 4:30pm broadcast shortly afterwards too. i can see KIMA doing away with Yakima within a couple of years and doing what KNDO has done and rented a small space somewhere for a small crew. I can also see KHQ make a weeknight broadcast for the Spokane-Yakima-Kennewick market like their the 6:30 show they are doing in Spokane
  14. I grew up in Yakima and if this was 2001 or so I could see a 4pm broadcast but now it will be a cheap show. KING I could actually see a 3pm newscast. WBAL I could see a bewsbroadcast

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