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  1. Shawn Yancy at Fox 5 DC announced she is leaving WTTG after 19 years. https://www.fox5dc.com/news/shawn-yancy-signs-off-from-fox-5-for-the-last-time-exactly-19-years-after-her-first-day
  2. This is all such a shame. I was born and raised in the DMV and waking up to her was such a joy! Fox 5 has made some really bad choices the past few years - it’s a shame to see what’s happening there. Hopefully Allison lands on her feet on tv here again in the DMV.
  3. What did the post say about Allison @CLT-DCA-ORF-PTI? It’s not avail now.
  4. Allison Seymour is leaving WTTG https://www.fox5dc.com/news/fox-5-says-farewell-to-allison-seymour-after-21-years
  5. Long time DC Traffic Anchor Julie Wright let go in Sinclair budget cuts. https://www.facebook.com/TheJulieWright/videos/696836771099011/?d=n
  6. They didn’t as of 4pm. I was really hoping they would get the new opens and switch to beyond. Maybe a super bowl Sunday debut?
  7. It wasn’t even 15 months if I recall right. Too bad - I really enjoyed his energy.
  8. Jessob Reisbeck out at WJLA https://www.facebook.com/189116647918403/posts/1476404655856256/?d=n
  9. Peggy Fox is leaving WUSA after 25 years for a Job with Dominion Energy:
  10. Autria Godfrey out at WJLA
  11. The L3s are now from the main package. All opens for the AM show are new. They previously used L3s that were similar to the KXTV/WTSP look before the most recent Tegna mandate.
  12. WUSA Morning show Get Up DC launches new graphics and welcomes new anchor Annie Yu.
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