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  1. While the virtual 1A is a bit jank, honestly so glad they finally did this, the Saturday editions with the insanely tight shot the entire show was always horrible, it didn't look like the level of quality you would expect from a national network. They didn't necessarily need to make a full blown virtual set but the camera was always way too zoomed in and you could tell the lighting was not great. The new virtual set: Looks 100x better than the old setup:
  2. I mean with how many editions Lester does from LA, DC, etc. it's hardly uniform as is already
  3. Honestly I like everything here except the actual intro part, cutting to the beat of the music? Cool. Doing it with a song that fast where every scene only gets like 1 second? Not so cool. It would work better if they just slowed down the music just slightly, like an in-between of how long the intro took before the Headlines was added and now's way too fast version. The graphics look great and I've always loved the whole idea of the EyeOpener and always thought it made sense on Evening, especially considering Evening is 30 minutes while Mornings is 2 hours, you need as much extra time as possible so it makes loads of sense to try and cram as much headlines in as you can in as short of a time instead of being like ABC taking a whole 2 minutes on teases That's a whole 1-2 more stories you could've fit in the main show and the montage format allows stories to be shown that don't need a full segment, just a few seconds. Same reason why I also don't get the complaints about "it's too rushed", of course it is, how else can they properly inform people of everything they need to know when they only got like ~22 minutes of total time after removing ads to cover the news. If it was longform reports, you might only hear 4 stories a night and be missing a lot of what actually happened. We have plenty of outlets today for longer stories that people can check out 24/7, the evening newscast should be a quick summary of everything for people that don't have time and then refer people to watch them on streaming if they need a more full story. I said this before in the Discord a long while back but tbh, I think one of the Evening News programs really needs to completely blow up their format and CBS would be in the best position to do that since they are always last. As someone on the younger side (25), basically none of the news shows on TV currently really are something my demographic would watch. Even a lot of the streaming ones are basically "just take the existing format and shove it on online". The ideal format imho would be essentially: Younger host that would be a bit more relatable (ABC and CBS both have anchors that are almost 50, Lester is 60, PBS's co-anchors are early 40s) For CBS specifically, this would also help shed the common conception that CBS is the network for the elderly, not something young people want to watch. Less teases, we don't need 2 minutes straight of just saying what's going to be in the show a minute later. Stop calling everything Breaking News, stuff you talked about 6 hours ago on your streaming network isn't breaking. If it didn't happen during the show or like at most an hour before, it's not breaking. Fit in more stories that might not need more than just a passing mention, not everything needs a 1-3 minute package with reporters on the ground. Maybe have a 2-4 minute segment during the show that's basically just Newspaper headlines, each topic limited to just 20-30 seconds, just enough to get the point across, or spread it throughout the whole show. A better balance of positive to negative news stories. Currently outside of the final story usually, there's almost no positive news nowadays (obviously if something major like a mass shooting happens, it's understandable if they pare it down but there's many times nowadays where you have slow news days that could easily fit in some more uplifting news stories and they still only talk about the nonstop doom and gloom) Incorporate more stuff to help the viewer feel connected to the newscast. Something as simple as asking people to think about a story and share thoughts online with a Hashtag to maybe like voting for a big feature story to air at the end of a week or maybe even pulling a note from TODAY's MyPlazaCam and featuring photography at the end of the show to show off all of America (since all the current shows are too New York/Washington centric) Legit at times I feel the reason this country is so polarized and all the constant hatred and shootings and stuff is cause that's all people see in the news, maybe if they saw that the world wasn't always that bad more often, maybe people would hate less than they do seeing everything fall apart 24/7.
  4. This was pointed out on the Discord, the music is almost identical to the NewsNation package made by SAM (4:59 in the video below), possible expansion for local stations?
  5. Looks like they already did, a different hour of it ended with this instead Also my local station KMOV airs like 20 minutes of Overnight News "in progress", cuts to an exact recording of the Evening News with their graphics and exact ad break from earlier in the day, then cuts back to Overnight "in progress" so I didn't even see any parts with Norah actually branded as Overnight News.
  6. How the Overnight News looks with the new look Only bit of old branding is the end of hour copyright
  7. Some other pictures from them Also it's confirmed the new music remix is by AntFood, the same people who designed the new CBS Mnemonic. No more Man Made Music.
  8. Hopefully they fix this before it goes to air
  9. Still looks way better than literally every single Gray package in this thread. WOIO is the only one even close and that was technically made pre-Gray even though it debuted after Gray bought them. Although I will say, even the current Meredith look isn't as good as this was, such a shame this got dropped after only 2 years
  10. It's not the actual logo, they were making a joke. The actual logos:
  11. This is KMOV/News 4 STL's Election coverage intro from the 10PM News.
  12. So this just aired and it's one of the most awkward hour-to-hour transitions I have seen on KTVI. Normally, right after they say the next hour is starting, the opening plays instantly or they play 2 minutes of ads (from :57 to :59 usually). Here it goes to black for about 10-30 seconds, cuts to them not knowing the camera is on, back to black for another 10-30 seconds, then the intro happens, cut to black for a second, then they put the wrong camera in the shot.
  13. Yeah but if that did happen, the appending of News or Finance would be a compromise as unless you combined the channels, you don't want two with the exact same name. Also, I doubt many people even know that it's an acronym to begin in the general public. It could be CNBC 1 and CNBC 2 but that would be weirder than the redundancy. Either way, I was honestly just typing names as I thought them without going back and removing weird ones. Like the NBC Verge one was because I was on The Verge looking at Tech news at the same time.
  14. Maybe if they keep the opinion shows for primetime they can do a dual-branded channel. This would be similar to what FOX did for their movie channel a few years ago. (FXM for current, edited movies and Fox Movie Channel for Classic, Uncut movies). Otherwise, I think some name options could be: NBC Shift (after the online-only Network) NBCN (too close to CBSN) NBC News or News NBC (straight forward) Universal News (since they have rebranded some NBCU channels to Universal branding) Partner with another online site for a name (Y! NBC anyone? LOL) NBC Verge (an edgy news name) Use their BreakingNews.com Brand NBC Dispatch NBC News+ (after the old NBC Weather Plus channel) CNBC News (and rename CNBC to CNBC Finance or CNBC Business)
  15. Nice to find somebody who likes the exact same stuff! GF, SvtFoE, News, Design, and Tech.
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      You do too? Awesome!
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