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  1. Severe Weather Channel just started airing WALA.
  2. AT&T UVerse (and presumably DirecTV) has launched its Severe Weather Channel. It looks like WEAR is the only station being simulcast as of now.
  3. [QUOTE="Info Junkie, post: 219655, member: 3593"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBEcO4Nta9Y Hey @SoFloTVClassics you wanted it, you got it.[/QUOTE] It seems that Scott Chapin didn’t last long as the voiceover talent (at 3:45).
  4. It slightly resembles the logo for Tegna’s KTHV.
  5. As of 12AM ET Sunday, the U-Verse severe weather channel is just showing the U-Verse slate.
  6. The first and only time that’s been said on this board
  7. Here's another standout design from the 80s. Notice the lack of duratrans. The WTVQ and KOTV designs look very similar. Not sure if WBAL's set was done by the same designer. Anyone know who designed these? Any other stations that used them? WTVQ 1989: KOTV 1985: WBAL 1988:
  8. This was a relatively short look used by WLEX beginning in 1998. The refurbished set lasted until 1999 when the station moved into its new building. The graphics lasted until the introduction of LEX 18 News in early 2000.
  9. Could we see a logo revamp too?
  10. I had no idea KTRK ever looked so flashy, especially in the Live at Five clip. The cold opens certainly resemble a watered-down WSVN. Of course, this is during the time KPRC ripped off WSVN’s look. How long did KTRK use the newsroom as a studio? Was it only for Live at Five?
  11. I’m pretty sure Hearst didn’t start hubbing graphics at WESH until after the diagrid launch. Today’s hub started sometime around late 2012/early 2013.
  12. That time and temp bug reminds me of the one KTLA used during the same era.
  13. Some IDs and promos from Lexington in the late 80s and early 90s. WTVQ, WKYT and WLEX. This Kentucky Derby promo would have been from 1991, judging from the revised logo and the date. May 4th fell on Saturday in 1991, not 1988. The derby is always the first Saturday in May.
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