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  1. Yep, it's a smart business move. If you've got the channel space, might as well put it to use if you can make some money off it.
  2. This is probably because Nexstar is requiring its stations to burn in a "News Nation" courtesy on certain videos submitted to the network news services in a lame attempt to promote it. It's goofy, like everything else associated with News Nation.
  3. So you two think NewsNation is a good product? Seriously? https://www.thewrap.com/newsnation-ashleigh-banfield-ratings-relaunch-wgn-america/ Despite the amount of promotion they've done on their local stations and elsewhere, despite the fact that WGN America has been available on literally the most basic of basic cable packages for a long time, they are managing to rack up about as many viewers as their mid-market stations probably get at 10/11. I would venture to guess more people watch WTEN, WHO, or WHTM's late news on any given night than watch NewsNation right now.
  4. Money I'm sure. Bet you he ends up back in Portland on KOIN when this is all said and done. It'll be spun as wanting to "go back 'home'" or something.
  5. The writing on the wall should have been seen early on. Just look at this post from one of its consultants. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/9/25/is-this-why-news-nation-went-so-soft-on-trump Full of conservative tropes about how everyone else is biased, "the possibility of a rigged election", etc. And you look at the other aspects. Talent opens, emphasis on WX, anonymous local news talent (sorry--your weekend guy coming from Little Rock is not network level) just goes to show what a clown show it is. They tried to format a national newscast like local
  6. This is basically the M.O. for Sinclair/Gray/etc to skirt duopoly rules. Strip the intellectual property from one station, put it on a .2 on the senior partner and/or an LP, and now you have a duopoly without actually having a duopoly in the eyes of the FCC. It's bad news, because it's already happening with Big 3 stations with separate news departments (KTUU/KTVA). I do wonder if a Biden DOJ will figure out a way to crack down on the license kabuki, because it doesn't appear the FCC can.
  7. Also, the KCTV logo is bad. I wasn't really a fan of the logo they've used the last 20 years or so, but in making something new, they had the opportunity to try for something unique or interesting, but instead did...that. Really unfortunate. It's pretty much along the lines of what Gray and Nexstar do when they change a station's logo. I'll give a group like Morgan Murphy credit on their redesigns. Some of the logos (WISC) were a miss, others were pretty good (KXLY)...but at least they tried something original. Not just slapping the network logo next to a generic sans-serif channel
  8. The graphics are good although I do wish they came in more colors than red and blue. Talk about extremely overused. Remember when stations had logos and graphics with purple, gold, teal, etc. Now it's all either bright red or bright blue. Lame. That's where Tegna gets some credit, actually. I've never had a problem with the graphics so much as the music. I think people associate the two though.
  9. Well...consider the fact that the purpose of the "newscast" is only to fill time between political ads...
  10. Watched some clips. This is everything News Nation was billed to be (but isn't, and never will be). Wish Shep the best.
  11. What do you disagree with?
  12. It's really sad how much of a joke this has turned out to be. They are tripping all over themselves to not appear "biased" that it hinders their ability to deliver facts--if that's what this was ever about in the first place. Instead of catering to the people who think FNC/CNN/MSNBC is overloaded with partisan crap, it seems they're catering to the people who think the network newscasts are equivalent. I overlooked the Compton-Trump connections at first, but in hindsight, I think those have should have been a bright red flashing warning sign. Even discounting the tepid coverage, th
  13. Turns out the inspiration for this thread also did WILX and WSJV. So he's done those two in addition to WTEN, WKBT, WTVO, WFRV.

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