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  1. I see no reason why it wouldn't stay. SBG gets the benefit of having a news product with zero capital/employee costs and WWBT gets money to air a 10pm newscast on Fox rather than a lower-rated CW station. Remember, besides WWBT/WUPV, other Sinclair-Gray arrangements include WKYT/WDKY and KFVS/KBSI. I don't see SBG eliminating those or the WISC/WMSN or WHO/KDSM arrangements. If any of those were to end, Sinclair would almost certainly use the South Bend model and farm out the anchoring/production to a sister station. I don't think we'll ever see Sinclair build a full-fledged startup operation. You just hire a few low-paid MMJs and voila! You now have a "news operation."
  2. Looking real nice...for 2009. Never change, Morris.
  3. Probably even cheaper. Aside from the mandated political garbage, KOMO, WJLA and even WBFF put on an attractive product, just to name a few.
  4. I wonder if some of these rankings are a bit of a correction from last year's major shakeup that had things all over the place. I find it a little strange that Youngstown is up 10 market sizes and gained households...that is unless they got another county (Lawrence PA?). The household numbers don't make a whole lot of sense in general. Would be nice if Nielsen ever put updated maps out publicly. Kind of shady that the FCC can use them as a legal standard for TV markets yet the public doesn't have access to them.
  5. Good call on that! Should have said a WFTV inspired look then...
  6. WOIO inspired? With a 24-hour clock?
  7. Nice. Surprised to see Nexstar removing an affiliation co-brand when their MO lately has been to shoehorn them into existing logos (WKBN, KRQE, WANE).
  8. I think Malmos does MeTV still? Surprised SBG would drop him. I immediately think Sinclair when I hear him.
  9. The same thing that got Chris Corley. RIP Ed. We've so many of the great VOs this decade. Chuck Connors, Nick Michaels, Doug Paul, Chris Corley, Ed Hopkins.
  10. Don't forget Rob Lopicola from WPTV, although I think his arrest/conviction happened after he quit TV.
  11. It's nice that Nexstar isn't forcing affiliates to use certain packages (Especially the CBS pack, which is probably the worst of the three network-linked ones IMO). Slick graphics and set. Is this a new gfx pkg for Nexstar?
  12. https://www.newscaststudio.com/2019/09/04/kcci-new-set/ Bit of a surprise here...unlike nearly all of the other new Hearst sets, Devlin didn't design this one. Z Space Creative did.
  13. https://www.kcci.com/article/tour-the-new-kcci-news-set/28897985 The latest Hearst set. Looks to have a CBS theme (with the Cronkite world map and all) rather than a location theme like WVTM.
  14. Nice...too bad the account isn't particularly active. If there's a great place to do drone shots, it's that market.
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