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  1. AJClementeFan69

    WISN Cutting 10:30 News

    They are. https://www.wisn.com/article/abcs-jimmy-kimmel-live-nightline-to-air-30-minutes-earlier-beginning-jan-14/25836618
  2. AJClementeFan69

    New KOLR Graphics / Possible New Nexstar Package?

  3. AJClementeFan69

    November 2018 Sweeps Results

    Seeing as Gray's MO when acquiring good stations has been to strip them to the bone, I think WSOC will do just fine ratings-wise if Tegna and its reverse Midas touch isn't involved.
  4. AJClementeFan69

    Dec. Article about WTHR/Dispatch

    https://www.ibj.com/articles/71618-in-an-era-of-tv-merger-mania-wthr-still-standing-pat This could all be blowing smoke, but... Obviously the latter is Speculatron fodder...but interesting nonetheless.
  5. AJClementeFan69

    MI News 26 Founder Starting National News Network

    Thoughts of watching about as much of this as I could bear: - As has been said...lots of VOs/still images/etc. -- horrible. - Seemingly ALL of the reporting is CNN packages. I wonder how CNN feels about a "competitor" (at least in its own mind) using its content. How does this interface with CNN market embargos? Would video shot by, say, KTRK, violate it if it airs on the Houston affiliate? - Also: does NewsNet have a license to use Elevation nationwide? "High school announcements with fancy graphics" about sums it up.
  6. AJClementeFan69

    FOX/UPN/CW with Eyewitness News or Action News

    I don't think there's ever been an example of a Fox or otherwise affiliate becoming EWN/AN as a Fox affiliate. The new world stations using the EWN brandings (WTVT/WJBK/WAGA) inherited over. In fact, none of them initially branded as "Fox # Eyewitness News" until about 1996. The "Fox # EWN" brand became, whether it was intended to or not, a transitional brand to full Foxification. Otherwise the only examples of it currently are duopolies (think of WFOX/WJAX, the Nexstar duopolies that brand as "Eyewitness News", etc.)
  7. AJClementeFan69

    WISC (finally) getting a new set

  8. AJClementeFan69

    New KOLR Graphics / Possible New Nexstar Package?

    These Nexstar logos are so formulaic. Blech. They're making the Quincy logos look good by comparison.
  9. AJClementeFan69

    November 2018 Sweeps Results

    I can tell you which one the people who pay the bills are looking at.
  10. AJClementeFan69

    November 2018 Sweeps Results

    Once again, Pittsburgh remains a competitive market and one of the few left IMO with three very solid news operations.
  11. AJClementeFan69

    WISC (finally) getting a new set

    I hope they keep the graphics. Probably one of the best mid-market packages out there.
  12. AJClementeFan69

    WISC (finally) getting a new set

    After almost 18 years, looks like WISC in Madison is finally getting a new set. They're on a (very dark looking) temporary newsroom set right now.
  13. AJClementeFan69

    MI News 26 Founder Starting National News Network

    Lol. Even calling any of this quixotic would be kind and generous. The only reason MI News 26 has "succeeded" is because its audience is, frankly, a bunch of yokels who have no idea what news is. I've watched the product and it's not like there's a whole lot of boots-on-the-ground reporting aside from the segments that essentially amount to Nonprofit of the Day. It looks good to a lot of people on here because a lot of people on here don't care about anything beyond nice graphics.
  14. AJClementeFan69

    Discovered composers & publishers of music themes

    Anyone know if this is a cut of Total News by Cue11 or a different pack (potentially also by them)? A really sexy open regardless.
  15. AJClementeFan69

    November 2018 Sweeps Results

    I truly believe Tegna's business philosophy ignores ratings. I don't think they care they run a #2/#3 news operation if they can keep the labor costs down (i.e. no old anchors commanding paid for experience, use of MMJs in large markets, etc.) to a level where they can run higher margins.

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