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  1. That wasn't meant to be a negative or poor reflection on her. Instead it was meant to be a negative reflection on an industry that now sees experience as too costly to be worth it.
  2. I highly doubt today's Scripps will want anything to do with a highly-paid, older anchor. Sad but true.
  3. I will say, despite being derivatives of a common design, the sets manage to be unique enough to fit the station, unlike the Quincy copycat set-in-a-box model where every station has literally the same set.
  4. Don't forget the set, the bones of which are the same as when the station switched buildings back in 2001. It's had significant refreshes since, obviously...but still. And it took them how long to go HD? This is a station needing some serious TLC. It's amazing how cutting-edge they looked for a small-market station back when they moved...and how Calkins essentially let it languish.
  5. It's okay. I'm pretty sure most of Tampa missed this too, along with everything about WTSP's news product.
  6. They certainly were able to last longer without looking horribly dated. Both KXLY and WISC's newsroom sets held up well despite their nearly two-decade ages.
  7. Hmmm...this color scheme looks awfully familiar...
  8. Eep. When he dies I have a feeling that will be the end of SNN, barring a Nexstar purchase to further integrate it with WFLA.
  9. I bet he still has SNN because McDermott didn't want to take it on. WWSB cleans their clock product-wise, and that's a station with a pretty lackluster news product itself.
  10. Strangely, in this classic open, WNWO seems to be using Don Alhart as VO and some version of the Ackerley graphics, without ever being owned by Ackerley. A real oddity here.
  11. KOVR 95 theme composer hypothesis? Compare this to "Newscast A" by Sonoton, used by WKCF. I hear some similarities, especially at the end of the KOVR open.
  12. The open (or rejoin) is chopped up because it wasn't posted for us... But here's a peek at the previously-unseen-online KPLR Impact era.
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