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  1. A belated post, but former WJBK and KTTV anchor Tamara Iwerks died in a hiking accident back in May. https://www.independent.com/obits/2021/06/14/tamara-iwerks/
  2. I've been watching WFLA quite a bit lately due to the Petito case. Can we talk about how horrendously lit their set is, especially for a major market? The anchors do not "pop" at all. It is so dull. Compare this to their old set.
  3. Let me guess. The set is going to be situated in a corner.
  4. Not much will really be lost here even if they do NewsNet it. These stations add very little to their markets.
  5. The bottom line is: The KTVA intellectual property sale should have never been allowed to happen and cannot be undone. Something needs to be done about the intellectual property license kabuki that Gray and Sinclair play in order to skirt duopoly rules. If the FCC can't do anything about it, one would think the DOJ would be able to under antitrust rules.
  6. Good call. It's too strikingly similar in its rather unique tune to be a completely different theme IMO. Maybe I'm wrong.
  7. It's interesting how similar it sounds to their NewsTracks theme.
  8. Wonder who did the WIS 1991 theme? Seems like way more than production music. Gives me Peters Communications vibes.
  9. I wonder why some Nexstar stations get these ugly forced co-brands (KRQE, WANE, etc) and others don't (WIVB, WTNH, WAVY, etc).
  10. About time. The Raycom websites were some of the worst around IMO.
  11. Another one I've wanted to figure out: the WPBN TVBD-era theme. It certainly sounds like more than production music. Bears a superficial resemblance to the WJBK "Major Theme" IMO.
  12. The promo cut in this: Sounds an awful lot like the early 90s KSAT theme... Production music perhaps??
  13. No doubt the brainchild of some Cox consultant...
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