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  1. Honestly, I never liked the 2000s-era '2' and thought it was a bad design choice from the beginning because it was both offset at a bad angle and was italic, along with the 2000s 'gloss' that just aged badly in 2D form. I would have rather they went back to the circle 2 myself.
  2. There's no way this goes further than a few months. Some of these stations have been carrying double-blocks of The Simpsons, Friends, Family Guy, and Seinfeld in these timeslots since the minute they went into syndication, and have been dealing with MNTV becoming nothing and The CW now being out-rated by the Spanish nets and Ion. I know that the first-run sitcom market is beyond anemic at this point, but risking the last steady local ratings for a national newscast likely to be ignored feels like such a dangerous risk to take, especially in markets where SBG doesn't have a sister Big Four stat
  3. No real advantage to the switch when you just think of call letters over channel numbers these days; there wouldn't be any perceivable advantage to switch cable channel positions either. On Atlanta Comcast, they're on 1046/9, and WPCH is 1017/7. There's really not much point to switch for the sake of switching at this point, which is why when WGGB launched their Fox subchannel, it was easier to just grab 6 from WTIC's old position and keep the market's remote muscle memory from being changed. Maybe if Meredith had closed on WPCH a decade back, it would have happened, but the last t
  4. A little, certainly. But Weigel's known since mid-January their stations would be losing Bounce and something had to be put on in its place. I don't know how long WITI's Antenna affiliation will last yet, but soon Nexstar is going to need a home in Milwaukee for that network when FTS adds their subs to WITI and Weigel has to take advantage of that instability. Don't forget that the channel 49 license was bought by Weigel specifically to use main-channel coverage of MeTV to make Retro TV a public-domain joke when WITI took it.
  5. I realized that just after I posted. What I should've said is their sites/apps will be a lot better than what Meredith has cobbled together.
  6. They're been trying to get it off the ground for years, and now that they're building a station base, why not? At least now I know what'll be replacing Bounce in Milwaukee (since it went to WTMJ and WPXE...thus it's been on three channels the last month).
  7. Eventually WGGB will have an owner for longer than a decade, but at least Gray is a great steward of small-market stations. Only odd thing is that WFSB and WGGB/WSHM-LD's nearest sister is Burlington, but at least they have Boston surrounded with stations now. Best thing though? Meredith's weird 'you can only watch streaming news on our apps or a really hidden site link' strategy is now in the trash. Looking forward to seeing these stations on Vuit for sure, and wondering if this also comes with something for the People TV show involving Gray picking that up for their stations.
  8. A minor thing connected to the sale of the stations to Allen; Charter settled the $10 billion lawsuit a few months ago Allen filed to get his networks on. It's likely that Allen settled because he now owns local stations he can leverage to get his networks on Spectrum, because this weekend, five of the ESN networks have appeared on Spectrum systems, suggesting they have a new carriage agreement for them, the Weather Channel, and any current and future Allen stations (very important for Wisconsin as it's a Spectrum-dominated state), so at least for that part of the deal, there's les
  9. WISN in Milwaukee picked up Shop LC on 12.3 today...they did note it on a newscast, which is how I found out.
  10. I'm still waiting for Roku to settle their tantrum with Spectrum that resulted in their app being removed (though it has stayed on for subscribers who haven't hit 'delete' yet, so I have to be very careful when I need to organize my Roku screen). More and more, I'm glad I decided to go with Apple TV and Chromecast as my main stream boxes.
  11. Who thought I would go from 'Byron Allen produces cheap programming and horrid cable networks' in 2015 to 'Byron Allen is doing his damnedest to save broadcast and digital multicast TV for the next generation, and is doubling down on The Weather Channel and streaming too with the gobs of money he makes from those cheap shows and horrid cable networks' now?
  12. You'd have to figure there would have to be an occasional TruTV game, especially around the time of the NCAA tournament when TBS/TNT are loaded up on games during the Sweet 16/Elite 8 weekend, or in that first month where Turner will be juggling MLB playoff coverage and a few NBA exhibition games in October (though I really forsee that the NBA could be moving to a permanent Thanksgiving-July schedule like this year). I am curious to see now that we know NHL Network will continue if they keep the current MLB Network sub-contraction from Secaucus, or it becomes another channel which
  13. I know Focus on the Family has their radio commentaries...but I never knew they did offer their TV commentaries to anyone to air outside religious stations and WBKB took them!
  14. It should be noted that over the last few years the NHL has tried to add stat-tracking features to the puck (which could presumably feature on-screen tracking), but pulled it for now since the players thought they were wonky.
  15. If you go back to a certain point on WFLD's Wikipedia page before they banned lists of 'non-notable' employees (here, anyone without an article), you might be able to look up folks; hope this link might help you out.
  16. I agree with the blackouts for sure; I don't really need to see them in these types of videos unless they're from before 1990. This is why sports YouTubers like HighlightHeaven, Jomboy and UrinatingTree do a whole lotta sponsorships and give up on monetization rather than play the YouTube 'flip it around, reduce the video window, or zoom in' game you see with cartoon clips and kids shows that somehow get on there. They figure just give the money to the leagues, then make their money other ways. But for news clips, it's just a smaller audience of us overall that's not wo
  17. I understand the building is an albatross, but...wouldn't you just let the real estate side of the business handle it and just keep the move going? Is a real estate transaction in Denver such a big deal for Scripps, they would be bankrupted, give up the ABC affiliation, shut down their news division, and become a Katz subchannel farm if they couldn't sell one building? Also the tone of this from the GM...nobody in the news and old entertainment divisions of the stations designed or built it, and this basically sounds like he's mad at them for his 'collaboration' issues in 2021.
  18. WTMJ has given the death sentence to their The NOW as of May 7. I think we're on concept seven now of trying to fill the shoes of Wheel of Fortune since September 2004, this time, it's Milwaukee Tonight (since they bombed with Wisconsin Tonight and can't re-use that trademark); basically what they tried at 3:30 after the second COVID wave until last month (all positive news), now moved to before primetime. With one of the former contributors of Real Milwaukee on WITI on this show, it confirms the cancellation of the latter.
  19. WTMJ seems to have adjusted show opening graphics; instead of the 'one still picture or drone pan, slogans, then fade in to logo' they've had for the past year, it now features multiple images in the open, then the logo in the background with the show title up-front. Also noticing that they have several new chroma-key backgrounds for anchor stand-ups. ETA - The 5 p.m. open seems to be normal...it looks like the station is experimenting with a new 4 p.m. hour format with Tom Mustin co-anchoring NOW-like national stories from KMGH with local mentions of WTMJ for...some reason? Is thi
  20. Nationalized coverage has become standard with these types of stories on the Spectrum News networks; usually it's hosted out of either NY1 or the Washington bureau, and of course they do simulcasts of items such as the SOTU and press conferences depending on the local op's discretion.
  21. Robert Feder's eulogy talking more about Davis's role in vitalizing WGN News in their superstation era.
  22. Really, does it need to be phrased so negatively here? They're in my market and they could be a lot worse, like WGCL worse or WWJ-TV non-existent, and they have management which is willing to spend. And when WTMJ is in the market continuing to drag it down, I'd rather watch a great fourth-place news operation trying hard than a third-place one we know can do 250% better (and has). They got to 25 years; there were times we were praying they got to 10 or even five, so it's a major accomplishment to me.
  23. And one of the main appeals is that these days...you can throw MyNet programming at 3am on a Friday and nobody will care. It's good summer programming to fill a timeslot, and even better if you're an indie like WAXN/WGN that has no basic schedule to hew to, while WSOC is happy to plug a Saturday afternoon slot that would otherwise be full of infomercials/"World of X Games". Sadly, it rules CW affiliates out because of their restrictions, but it's better than being stuck on Bally Sports South +++ behind a Hornets and Braves game. The good thing also is you're getting national exposu
  24. I still remember locally that Liberty Media had a great website and streaming presence for WFRV...and it was gone the moment Nexstar closed on their deal. In 2021, their video presence is pretty much confined to a hard-to-find link on their website, and their live player is so janky, it's better to just adjust your location on Paramount+ if you pay for it, and stream WFRV that way. I still remember a few years back the WFRV social media guy arguing on Twitter with public @'s towards the holder of the (at)wfrv account who was willing to sell it to Nexstar at a reasonable price (yes,
  25. The Brits have their own soap operas (last night, Emmerdale), so just think of any news in America and the usual folks calling about The Bachelor or General Hospital being pre-empted. It's a universal issue. Also, to me those British ratings Deadline got thier bee in a bonnet about don't look unusually low; it's a Friday, their lowest-watched night. And yesterday after the death was announced, BBC World News in the US basically became BBC1 for a few hours and simulcast their coverage. Folks on BBC America were guided to BBC World News to watch and they didn't interrupt their

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