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  1. They did have one online during the Pipeline era as a map-only feed (CNN online video failure isn't just limited to now), so it's been done.
  2. The HBO and Cinemax suite is understandable; you're paying for that on your own (though those multiplex nets will die the same way PPV will, slowly as every movie is accessible on-demand). And they do have a perfectly broad Spanish-language portfolio that shouldn't be touched. Some networks (especially sports) are regional-only, and don't forget that it's WBD that also manages NBA League Pass, so TEN more channels there. But the only time anyone thinks about TruTV is at tournament time and it's basically a 90/10 ownership split between the Practical Jokers and WBD . There is so much bulk you'd think could be cut as a section on HBOMax like Motor Trend (itself just a rebranding of an HD demo channel), the Travel Channel (a misnomer for over a decade), the Science Channel (which has really suffered under Zazlav's departure from educational programming), Destination America (a hurried rebranding that might as well be Things that Occur In America rather than actually focused on American stuff), and American Heroes (which mostly highlights criminals and is the actual subject of Taylor Swift's "Anti-Hero", girl just wants to watch stuff about Patton, Teddy Roosevelt and Patrick Henry ). And there are entire papers written about how TLC's shows have damaged the kids who have been forced onto it and those who want to be the next big numbered heavy person to get a show on it, while Animal Planet seems to think just having an animal is excuse enough for human-focused junk to be on that network. Discovery Life and Family just seem to have no purpose any longer outside the Hasbro contract and as a burn-off network for old producers they don't want to work with any longer. The true untouchable of course is TCM and the others on top like HGTV, Food, ID, CN, Discovery, and you keep OWN because you aren't dumping Oprah. They should just fold TNT into TBS if they don't intend to keep their former drama/comedy split and just want a sports/big show cable network.
  3. This was exclusively Fox Television Stations thankfully (also lol MyNet is a complete afterthought). Also note that FNC and Fox Business are under a different agreement, so they were never in danger.
  4. If NewsNation blows this chance to get her on Morning in America they're completely lost. This is one case where you go for it, current talent be damned. And why Discovery is still not considering winding down networks continues to be beyond me; I know the RTC is why, but there is no reason for Destination America and Discovery Family to be on the air. Now with HLN there are 5-6 channels that should be gone.
  5. What I could see is that Fox was thrown off by KTTW's sale and never has liked being DT2ed without warning onto KDLT when KTTW's ownership decided to get out (Fox could literally do nothing about it since the schedule and affiliation as-is were sold off wholesale), so they've said to Forum if they get the KVRR/KQDS deal done, they'll get Sioux Falls too; thus the news op launch so they don't have to be stuck with Nexstar or Gray providing a show, and finally have an affiliate that isn't a complete market afterthought like KTTW was (and KDLT-DT2 currently is).
  6. They took that channel in '09 because of early thoughts that mountainous terrain would be V-Low friendly which proved horrifically incorrect.
  7. It was a 'run for fun' station which barely made any market impact (it still carries YTA as a primary in 2022!), so it sounds like transmitter work/relocation needs to be done and it has half the signal of KSFY and KDLT. It's doubtful they get any of the big four, but we'll see if this works out (though with KELO's domination, it feels like a lost cause without any affiliation).
  8. Limit the area where the cut-in is inserted to the actual warned area; it wouldn't need to be vaguely a zip code any longer and could be by certain coordinates. I do like another idea though myself; the WSI weather apps have a feature where a warned area can be drawn out on a map by the met and a video or text warning only goes to users affected by the warning in that specific shape (of course, if they allow the app GPS access). Only a few stations really take advantage of it, though. That honestly seems where things will end up going as we go into this transition.
  9. Accessibility guidelines for those with visual or hearing impairments from the FCC themselves literally spell out what is required for a weather emergency. It can be an ADA violation not to do so because you're putting those without the ability to hear a NOAA radio warning or siren warning in danger, and in a professional manner, can get your AMS/NWA seal revoked. Also if you REALLY need to watch or hear the game uninterrupted, Paramount+ has an NFL-only stream and Westwood One radio and the local radio calls are accessible in many ways. That, and the end of the game was immediately recapped after the game. Public safety>>>>>>degenerate gamblers. Hopefully (and with how many times it's been promised since digital television started, it just needs to happen), ATSC 3.0 actually takes the 'zip code-based cut-in' carve-out seriously and will end these situations once and for all.
  10. I actually see no issue at all with this. There wasn't much going on with the weather that deserved actual live coverage (it takes two seconds to say 'NextWeather Doppler is clear'), and the presentation seemed fine enough to me. But likely, it was pre-recorded because you never know how long the college football game beforehand goes at all; usually there's no Saturday 6pm newscast and the postgame overflows the timeslot, so your meteorologist gets all nice and ready...to do absolutely nothing. A nice and short two-minute forecast can be recorded to fit into a commercial break, and if you need to be on-air, then you just wait it out and justify being there. But for an above-average Black Friday with not a cloud in sight, it just made more sense to record it without having to appear on camera.
  11. I've known gambling ads for years as a fan of international cricket and rugby, which is inescapable, but at least there, a regulatory authority is there to limit the most absurd things like 'free 'money' to bet, which is actually just site scrip you can't turn into cash very easily'. Here we just have a wild west where outside of states that know what they're doing because they regulate ring sports, states barely regulate take and the word of companies who likely have a bunch of staff known for breaking fingers. It's like the mid-90s where greasy guys bought time on USA Saturday mornings to prognosticate, except they now shave and talked women into joining the racket.
  12. I think this is the perfect time to step in and say we don't need to know what Fox stations are doing during the World Cup, because there's a universal blanket statement... If they've got a sister station, or a subchannel network which has actual viewers, the morning news/advertorial show will air there, and if not, it just won't air, and any pre-empted syndicated programming will move to overnights where they overlay old sitcom reruns or infomercials. And every station and network in the known world (even Fox) would've rather this tournament was occurring in July rather than November, and all hope this never happens again. We don't need every single update. This is a syndicated programming news thread, not a list thread. Please keep it as such.
  13. Never expected to re-boost this thread, but Iger's back, Chapek's out, effective immediately (obviously a thread title change needed).
  14. Or as its put in the newsroom; 'former colleague with smelliest lunches in employee fridge finally gets her just desserts'
  15. Pretty darned good temp setup despite the 'job fair booth' vibes of that background, and it looks like they even have the 'fern couch' to the right for community interest/advertorial interviews.
  16. It's a rock and a hard place situation though; the Illinois Gaming Board likely requires casino land to be purchased outright and owned (and for some part of it to touch some form of water; even the Des Plaines Rivers casino has stilts with water below its original building), and they've been extremely strict about where casinos in the Chicago area can go and this one will have to be over some water, thus this location (this in-city license was being talked about in the 90s and been under consideration that long).
  17. I would not have thought a printing plant sale to fund a television network resulting in a Chicago paper being printed in Milwaukee and Milwaukee paper being printed in Peoria would have been a result of the Tribune/Nexstar merger...but here we are!
  18. First thing to handle is getting off VHF 4 (they have a translator but it can only do so much heavy lifting and you can't have everything in the market on an LD). Then accommodating those who don't want to lose a 'safe/religious' viewing option via a sub (its DT2 high school sports sub is already in wind-down mode).
  19. And if you're checking on 'maybe Lions lead-in?' for WWJ...Thanksgiving is the realistic last CBS Lions game for the season. Expect a promotion/launch date announcement then if not before, but it won't be on that day.
  20. It's a very close Canadian Border Zone station and the allocation conflicts with CTV2's CIVI-2 up in Vancouver; CTV didn't want to move, petition would be denied (orange mark is CHEK on adjacent 16; same with KNDO).
  21. Speaking of Kelly, one of her constant guest hosts is Jay Leno, and you may have heard he was burned by gasoline in a garage mishap yesterday. He should be okay (befitting his work ethic he says he'll be out for 'a week or two'), and You Bet Your Life taping is done for the season already, so any effect on that show won't be seen for months.
  22. I assume it was overall station budget limitations that nixed a set upgrade during the tech upgrade. Plus both on-air and off-air staff learning new systems is a 'chicken with head cut-off' situation that would be a disaster to occur at the same time. It wasn't optimum but it probably worked out better this way (though uggh I still hate the WBAY logo copy they ended up with).
  23. Probably more to do with World Series scheduling issues than anything else; those shows don't want to be off so long (and it's more apparent as Manfred will eventually gift us a December World Series the way things are going). I wouldn't read too much into it (and KPDX was likely running coverage in lieu of KPTV).
  24. At least the corner set part is just for the weather center this time? But I just will never understand the point of the Perry Pillar; it's supposed to be a statement piece for Nexstar, but why? It's limited vertical space, you can't use it for a weather forecast, and unless your news operation is planning a full-scale move to TikTok it just seems like a useless appendix.
  25. Peacock is adding affiliate stream access to the $10 premium plan at the end of the month (NBCU-owned stations are available now to start), which is equal to what Paramount+ provides on their own tier (Fox and ABC don't provide the same, and Fox is limited to owned stations besides KCPQ and WITI because of contractual issues). As someone who finds the NBC app's affiliate stream with TVE a nightmare just to get to, this is a better way to get it.
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