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  1. I expected it to be bit-starved because of hosting WSTR's 1.0 signal...but it actually uses more bandwidth than the MeTV sub on 5.2, same with WISN. You'd think a channel which consists mainly of still graphics and mainly still close-ups of jewelry wouldn't need so much bandwidth (WISN thankfully has a 12 Mbps picture on the main channel).
  2. PowerNation usually doesn't air OTA outside the old Raycom base, so probably don't expect it to come there. And it's unlikely PTTVS! will be gone before September at the earliest since they still have talent contracts to fulfill on the publishing and broadcasting sides and to give Gray time to figure out if it makes more sense to keep the show as contracted, expand it chain-wide, and stop carrying ET and Access, along with fitting the existing Meredith advertorial shows more into Gray's verticals like Moms Everyday or Ask the Expert. Also to be noted; it airs on several ad-supported streaming services as part of People's "People TV" channel, so DdM might be willing to keep it going to have content for that.
  3. And for all the harping we do on a number of their stations...there are also others like WFMY, WMAZ, WBIR, KENS, WGRZ, KARE and WNEP where they have taken some of the creative changes, but also blended them in with their traditions and are still a good #1 or competitive #2. Yes, there are disasters among the chain, but every chain has those stations that either just don't work, or still think it's 1996 and the Internet is a fad. The days of 75 shares are over, and you just can't stand pat and stick with that aging audience rather than trying to get new viewers in.
  4. They did sell out WCVI to Lilly for $85k, so they must've needed some quick cash to fight some immorality, or gave up their battle against Satan in the Virgin Islands. But I do suppose you're right there, but still, looking at others like VCY America that took full advantage of the spectrum auction, if it gives them lots of money, they'll take that to spread their message over standing still in their home market.
  5. I think of that every time there's a CW or CBS dispute; CBS Corp. kept that station after the first Viacom split for some reason, and it isn't to give Start TV main-channel status or for their morning weather block. Also in the digital age, LeSea/Family might be a little more willing to take a major network affiliation than they were in the 90s since they can just move their main channel schedule to DT2, so WHMB could have also been a last-second candidate. Can't be pre-emptions, because most of the specials in the UP are pretty much WLUC's provence, and there's no real football or basketball team which would require special coverage. But going too far with sponsorships definitely seems like a good reason, as WFRV is very apt to do that. Green Bay has really taken to sponsorships of individual news and sports segments, but most of the stations manage to keep a good line about their 'non-official' Packers shows, while "Green and Gold Nation" is very close enough to get NFL scrutiny if they go too far. Another possibility? The market is very heavy with casino ads the numerous for regular/Native American gaming options throughout the UP and Northern Wisconsin, and with sports betting in Michigan legalized, they may have taken a few too many risky ads and sponsorships during CBS Sports coverage in local time that made CBS uncomfortable.
  6. My error in haste; I have no idea what Rewind's schedule looks like since there's no affiliate I can get in my area (I only get WFRV through Paramount+ since CBS only assigns WDJT to cable), and that entire network launch itself was confusing so I didn't know what was Antenna-exclusive or Rewind-exclusive. That they were able to get anything as far as unique logos and the tech equipment to get it done in only three days is yeoman to me, even with P+ just being the CBS East Coast feed for Marquette right now (still remember WDJT's quick run-up in '94). Meanwhile, you could sense the shock from WJMN's news staff, and that their logo was so wed to CBS, Nexstar never thought of having a network-neutral version, where most station logos can easily have the network bug easily excised with a click...just so badly done. I also figured the .2 was the easiest place to put it for now, as Weigel was just as in the dark and has to do their own changes on the MeTV, H&I, and Start websites (along with social media notices), so Lilly gave them some time to make sure their side of the transition was clear. There's also getting streams up, both on the website and through Vuit (which means that Marquette can access their news streams outside WJMN on one website).
  7. With WTTV in that group, imagine that Tribune spent all that money to take the affiliation away from WISH...and CBS could have taken it away yesterday and went back to WISH by this morning. This is the poker game they played and lost, AND they also lost most of their staggered contract expirations throughout the country having to accept a bulk agreement. I'm not the biggest VCBS fan, but even if broadcast television is allegedly 'declining', the networks still have all the leverage against station groups.
  8. From the sounds of it, VCBS was hours or minutes away from giving a 'take it or leave it' offer for negotiations that had gone to overtime, and Nexstar tried to see how far they could go...and once they took it from WJMN, they cried uncle. Seeing all the well-in-advance 'we've renewed' agreements for other groups, then this rushed announcement where most of their CBS affiliate body was day-to-day since New Year's...not a good sign for Nexstar.
  9. As for the CBS/Paramount+ feed (thanks, Chrome sensor coordinates!), if you're in Marquette, you're seeing the raw network feed, PSAs and all for now there, including dead air. Still with the WJMN logo.
  10. At least for question #2, it's likely that Weigel has a rock-solid contract for the DT1 channel, but I would think there's wiggle room on that. But more than likely, it seems likely they wanted to keep their MeTV carriage as-is on cable and satellite, so they agreed to put it on DT2 and take new channels for that, though they are taking over the HD channel of WJMN on Spectrum (so yes, they'll have in HD by the morning; it looks like a hasty Wiki edit just to get it in the article). But I think for 1 and 3...at least with WFRV and WJMN, Nexstar has struggled with those stations, and there have been long-simmering transmitter issues going back to the digital transition, with WJMN having an unusual number of CP filings. In Green Bay, WFRV is well stuck in third place behind the WBAY/WLUK horserace, with WGBA/WACY well behind (at least news-wise, but they have the official Packers deal and NBC's ratings), which Scripps seems to be content with, and WFRV was the odd station out; it and WJMN should have gone to Four Points, then to Sinclair, but CBS sold it alone to Liberty, then to Nexstar, and since then the situation has been unsettled, especially with a lack of investment in syndicated programming for both stations. And though this belongs in spec, really, though WBAY is doing just fine with ABC, Gray would be happy to get those CBS Packer games back on WBAY and take back the Eye. With Sinclair having leverage with ABC, them taking it for WCWF wouldn't seem out of left field to me at all, leaving WFRV with either The CW or trying to go it alone as an indie news-heavy station (wholly unrelated to the CW sale). I don't want to say WJMN is making me nervous about moves in Green Bay, but the haste of the WJMN pulling suggests there might be some horse-trading or discontent between Nexstar and VCBS. As to WLUC not getting CBS; it would likely be an FCC no-go, and CBS would not want to be third priority on one station. For WBKP/WBUP, they're probably just fine with ABC/CW and saw no need to change affiliations.
  11. At least they're seeking a local met there too. But it looks like even with Nexstar behind it (and its O&O past, even as a satellite), going by Twitter, CBS just had enough of WJMN's major issues during their programming and wanted a station in Marquette itself again; the issues with its news department we've talked about here before certainly did not help. For WZMQ/Lilly though, if this is all true...it's a major vindication for them, as they built a station up from the literal ashes Equity left behind in their bankruptcy, helped by the Green Bay ownership that got things right before they sold it off.
  12. They currently have weather segments daily done by the WICU/WSEE mets in Erie.
  13. Tried out https://www.cbsmarquette.com. Redirects to WZMQ's website. It was created around noontime, just today. They used privacy tools to obscure who registered it, outside the usual Tucows anonymization address in Toronto.
  14. Looks like a mix of MyNetworkTV and Antenna TV/Rewind TV. I'm wondering if Lily was able to grab the CBS affiliation for WZMQ as part of their regular CBS renewal for WSEE and WENY-DT2. And...I really don't expect that news department to last much longer. No more morning news and just two hours, 6 and 10 on weekdays? That would be a 'why bother' opportunity for most candidates.
  15. From WSAZ this evening; presented without comment outside I hope she is OK once the adrenaline wears off.
  16. Anyone see any signs or promotion of the planned O&O subchannel launches? I expected the switch at least by 1/3, but WITI still has Antenna TV (and picked up HSN OTA on a new subchannel because free $$$), and I don't see that any other FTS stations have done it...maybe they pushed it because of the current staffing situation?
  17. Channel 15 is shared with land mobile radios and hospital radiology equipment, and because of that they have the lowest full-power signal in the market.
  18. I wish I could assume spin-offs here, but knowing how Tegna has played with things in each market in the past, it's possible under Standard that Sinclair-style 'subchannel mergers' will see WATL-DT1 moved to WXIA-DT2 and WJAX-DT1 being DT2'ed onto WFOX, leaving subchannel network farm husks behind, along with the WFAA and KHOU moves onto their sister UHFs being executed to take advantage of the UHF discount (a major Biden disappointment; it needed to be taken care of at 12:01 p.m. 1/20 last year, along with appropriate FCC nominees). They've started to become more common after being tested out on MyNet/CW stations with no provider, regulatory or consumer pushback, Sinclair barely had any notice of their Fox moves from the shell/sidecar stations last year, and I'm afraid it'll become standard (no pun intended) as time goes on.
  19. Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day, so Fox has started a new tradition of HBCU college basketball games on this day, which is definitely laudable. So it's a nationwide pre-emption. Gus Johnson was going to call tomorrow's Notre Dame/Howard game, but Tim Brando mentioned on today's game after Philly/TB that he's ill (no mention of COVID or just something else). Howard is his alma mater (and this is actually a re-try from 2021, which saw it cancelled), so he must be gutted to not be there tomorrow.
  20. I have a feeling that removing the Herring networks is also more about pure viewer numbers among them and AWE and it just not justifying the per-subscriber rate. AWE especially, having a programming model of obnoxious wealth when that's the last thing anyone wants to watch now. But OAN has always had a 'KUSI, but cheap, not over-the-air, and free of basic FCC guidelines' feel where they just have theories and odd news takes that can't be taken seriously, and a 'cheap' design language and layout. As much as I wish for new news choice (especially a straight all-news radio-like option where they just report the news and that's it)...quality is more important to me. Even CBN News with its obvious Christian viewpoint still has quality controls, and I have no problem with their news channel at all. There needs to be basic editorial structure, and seeing as they don't really edit their wire video or scripts, OAN just has never had that basic step either.
  21. Nah, by broadening their umbrella beyond E/I, they're hedging that there's still schedule gaps on the weekends; eventually the E/I facade will die, but then they have hours and hours of programming appealing to older audiences that just needs the literal E/I Band-Aid ripped off the screen to fill the time on stations that don't have an NFL game. Even the trades have long acknowledged no one over the age of 5 or under 50 is learning a thing from these shows or watching them seriously. It's a conveyance to offer products to seniors, and fills three hours that would otherwise go to news, infomercials, or much worse syndicated dregs (Allen Media, Associated Television, Telco, or A&E reality shows you already see on A&E).
  22. MLBN/NHL is in the former MSNBC space in Secaucus in the Hartz Mountain development, where the WWOR studios once were. Fort Lee is up the road by the George Washington Bridge. 6A is also a possibility for WNJU (the old Megan Kelly space), which has been used by The Tonight Show and its Peacock kid's version since then.
  23. As the 'inventor' of the Ring doorbell is a completely known promotionalist (it was a Shark Tank project) to the point of exhaustion, I can believe he only sold it to MGM as a daily strip. The guy goes to extremes to market it, including free devices to homes that install it and let the police know.
  24. With NATPE in Miami cancelled in-person, announcements are starting to come out about next year. First up, MGM, with one great idea and one which makes you question why creatives exist when suits just find the lowest common denominator; Teen Court...yes, a very good idea as it seems that adults forget that their kids have to suffer through court shows that seem to be taking on more adult issues as time goes on. It'll be nice to have a show that's designed for the afterschool crowd and has regular old teen disputes, plus teen 'judges' with 'Jersey attitude' (never a bad thing to have on TV). Should be a good one. Ring Nation...really?!?! MGM is doing five days a week out of this?! We already get enough viral home cam video from local news, RightThisMinute and innumerable magazine shows. Is someone really going to watch 22 minutes of mainly black-and-white nightvision footage of crimes, car accidents and FedEx drivers slipping on ice, and marriage proposals (!?) that basically comes down to 'Amazon Presents: Stretching the terms of service for your doorbell camera to absurd extremes and not paying your users for use of footage'? They're competing with YouTube channels with doorbell footage; never a good sign. And makes me glad I use Nest and Wyze instead. Also...Divorce Court continues to never die, with Star Jones taking the bench after a two-year run with Faith Jenkins. I expect her run on the show, like everything involving The View, to be completely drama free and she'll never appear in the tabloids regarding backstage drama.
  25. The same with ABC; the window where they could have fled KDNL for anywhere else in St. Louis is officially closed. They don't renew that empty shell of a station, they simply end their relationship with that network. The era where the networks were able to strong-arm affiliates for proper terms/programming quality has passed. Also, NBC is stuck on the third or fourth place station in many of those Sinclair markets, and the few high-placing stations they do have are from old owners who never wanted anything to do with SBG but ended up with them under sketchy circumstances.
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