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  1. Appropriate username, as I did make that error; thanks for the correction. The CBS relationship dates back to the days of King World well before Sony Pictures Television ever existed and Merv Griffin Productions needed someone to distribute their shows, so it's probably more not wanting to shake things up rather than going on their own.
  2. I don't know if anyone has noticed this, but it looks like CBSTVD is doing the same tone deaf thing with the late Jerry Bishop on Judge Judy that they did with Charlie O'Donnell on Wheel of Fortune when he died. They seem to be trying to fill the absence of VO's he couldn't do before he died with someone doing a really appalling imitation of him that is sub-Darrell Hammond as Don Pardo (and it was a newer episode; Judy had a reference to the Iowa caucus disaster in this one). I know WoF just decided to cover up CO'D's VOs with their guest voices (which was ill-advised), but this wasn't much better; couldn't they have just given Judge Judy's promo guy the work instead to maintain some continuity?
  3. There was a notice that they were moving the NC channel positions to 1 today and renaming it...seems like they're going to make Channel 1 corporate-wide the Spectrum News home.
  4. It'll probably come in fall and become Fox 13 Plus so they don't have to burn money/labor on promos that'll be useless by September; there's no way they're keeping that embarrassing branding (sane-era Tribune only kept it because KZJO is so lowly-rated that it would've been pointless to rebrand as they tried to keep Fox happy with KCPQ).
  5. With the way things are going, it just might become permanent by default, which is a good thing; news in the afternoon that doesn't have a 'deal of the day' or pundit battles going on is desperately needed, and it's going to be a long time before the NYLA film/TV/book junket tours that give these shows oxygen return, now that it's been proven you can do it a lot easier and personal through videoconferencing. You also can have a local station justifiably break in with news much better with a soft news show than a soap or talk show.
  6. They actually have the same logo now and use it on their international feed in addition to domestically; I assume they have loose permission to use it since they're a news partner with Univision, thus why they were able to license the music/graphics.
  7. That's why you have stations airing those EEO compliance notices all the time (including a year-end doc involving which channel the accepted applicant came from); it's an FCC requirement, even though most of the time nobody attending a mass general job fair will get a job with a television station. For most of them, it's community lip service to satisfy license requirements, at best.
  8. The WRNN channel sharing deal (another example of a New York station that has no real reason to exist now that their FiOS deal is dead) probably makes them enough to justify not changing the schedule either. If not for the Buzzr and H&I subchannels or hospitals needing non-news content for their waiting rooms, WWOR is a non-entity in the entire Tri-State...a fall from where it was a superstation in the 80s.
  9. The Main Studio Rule; the FCC repealed it, allowing Fox to finally move WWOR in full to the Fox Television Center in Manhattan; WWOR's studios were razed last year.
  10. Nobody will miss it, not even the NJ congressional delegation who thought of it as hilariously pathetic to fulfill WWOR's 'eh, here's a show about Jersey, now get outta here!' requirements which the MSR repeal has now killed (I've given up hope regarding a NJ commercial station existing to serve NJ that's nothing more than a low-rated subchannel farm).
  11. It's Morning Save too...which is showing up in the middle of late night ad breaks on Scripps stations after conquering the last segment of The Talk, The Real, Dish Nation and DBL; how much does your dignity cost to sell this 'discounted' junk for small commissions?
  12. Seinfeld isn't moving anytime soon; like MASH was to them in the 80s-early 2000s, Seinfeld still gets plenty of steady ratings and good promotion on WITI for them (honestly I expect more a swap of TMZ/Extra before primetime soon in order to harmonize with their other stations more than a Seinfeld ditching; at worst, Seinfeld fills the midnight hour for a TMZ/Extra/Access block beforehand). But that 1pm timeslot isn't going to keep WWTBAM for long, it's definitely a summer band-aid for sure.
  13. WITI (now Fox owned) is filling the 1pm Live/COPS block with WWTBAM repeats; as for the midnight, it took this situation for Access Hollywood to finally get a good (good, being a relative word here for a show at 4am) timeslot again; Access at 12:05am, a TMZ repeat at 12:35am. They've also been doing all-night blocks of COPS on weekend overnights the last couple weeks, presumably in order to get in the ad orders meant for that show done and dusted in a timeslot nobody cares about.
  14. Blame Washington on this one; the STELA act, which allowed out-of-market signals for certain cases (distant markets and vagabonds/retirees in RVs for instance), wasn't renewed, thus networks are free to do whatever they want. The other networks made secondary agreements with the other networks; Disney chose not to; I assume because they figure it's 2020, everyone has broadband, and they've been allowing local viewing of an ABC affiliate where available with provider credentials through the app or they can just call up whatever affiliate they want for their newscasts online. Satellite is a dying business and I guess that's what they figure.
  15. Like NBC trying to continue to make Universal Kids a thing with the dregs of kid's television, if it hasn't happened for CNBC for 30 years, it isn't going to happen now. People watch only the business day and later on, for Shark Tank repeats and the Jay Leno Contractual Obligation Hour. Why don't they just merge what they show on CNBC World at that timeslot and call it done? Conservatives are over-served by AM radio, the web and several cable networks and there's eventually going to be a bust cycle for talk programming in general.
  16. They do have a voiceover now on the 5pm show (I did point out the launch but the WSFL launch buried the news ).
  17. Syndication contracts would preclude a station from doing so at this point, and with a thin bench as it is, you can't plug in an infomercial as a replacement easily. At least here, this is a case of 'only a few care', and it's usually in a late or early afternoon slot where the station is just looking to break even against other competition. Viacom/Paramount has been looking for a death knell for COPS anyways and barely promotes the show outside of Monday nights in the first place (and there's always another bottom-feeder like Reelz that'll restore it if Viacom nulls the contract).
  18. WGBA/Green Bay has them now...they're interchanging a 26 and Peacock alone as their bug/weather imaging in some GFX with their longtime wordmark logo.
  19. I had been using the CBS Local app to stream WBBM's coverage of the press conferences after Nexstar trashed the WGN Apple TV/Roku apps and noticed their 'notifications' just opened up a Safari page, no better than the Scripps 'web wrapper' apps before their redesign. The new app just opens to the start page no matter the notification, which is even worse design. The problem was Viacom was never going to allow CBSN Local to go forward. A company whose pandemic network responses has been to rerun shows to death 24/7 was not going to invest any longer in original local content. And not running it on their DT2s (or 3's or 4's because Dabl somehow became a thing; at least Start TV is justifiable) was beyond inexplicable.
  20. NOBODY should be losing their job. If there's anyone to blame, it should be Viacom for as usual bringing their corporate idiocy anew to the CBS side of the coin because they keep taking on debt and continuing to operate as if it's February 2005 and that pesky YouTube will be knocked off the web soon.
  21. The FCC saw through GIG's charade, told Gray that 'you really couldn't check if 27.1 was on the air the last six years?!' and has dismissed the petition. KCPM is in all intents and purposes, television history.
  22. If it gives even a 10% boost in ratings to what WGN America's schedule as-is right now (which is made up of repeats mostly found easily through streaming), it's a success. They need to do something, because come next retransmission consent negotiations, Spectrum isn't going to accept WGNA carriage again in the all-repeat 'basic cable Netflix with commercials' state they are now.
  23. The only true advertisers still getting any oxygen are home improvement companies (the type who film a bunch of local ads in some studio in Nashville or wherever who burn a minute during mid-afternoon talking about the local division of their gutter/window systems and offer restaurant gift cards that can't be used for months) who bulk-bought their time months ago, along with the usual home warranty and senior-targeting vultures you usually see stuck on daytime CW/MyNetworkTV affiliates swooping in for penny ante ad time. Quite a few stations have gone very promo-heavy lately to fill ad slots they can't fill, and with the building number of pre-emptions for news events, make-goods aren't also guaranteed. Even law ads are either being cut or taking their own 'stay home' tactics because screaming about talc lawsuits when you can't get into a lawyer's building for months is kind of pointless. Then of course your local advertisers who loyally come to sales and film their usual ad per month in front of the weather greenscreen or at their business, or get a bunch of people in to sing a seasonal jingle...that isn't happening right now, either, since only essential personnel are allowed at the studio, a TV station isn't sending a precious crew out just to make a commercial, and two people in a cramped studio booth cant' happen right now.
  24. I would have rather seen forced sales than revocations (of course not involving Cunnigham, Deerfield, Stirk, New Age or Max Media) since it was corporate level chicanery for the most part rather than the local level and the station personnel doesn't deserve the ill effects of their bosses.
  25. The postscript to the Sinclair/Tribune merger failure fallout is in from the FCC; SBG will be giving up a 'voluntary contribution of $48 million to Treasury', but escapes any license revocations. Also included in the fine is yet again, undisclosed VNRs (you'd think they'd have learned this in 2006) and other paid sponsorships and programming. Any other time, this is pretty much just a write-off for a normal 2Q, but it really doesn't help their financial straits overall at this point.
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