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  1. Dario Melendez moved from Bally Sports Wisconsin to the vacated WISN-TV sports directorship a couple months ago; it's now a de facto 'trade' as WISN's Stephen Watson is taking Melendez's exact former hosting position at BSW. No word on compensation, draft picks, or a player to be named later .
  2. You can just see this staff cursing about KMOV getting a new building, and they're stuck in this nightmare maze of four buildings which are jerry-rigged together and keep having new add-ons every few years, with a fifth across the street because they somehow ran out of room in that four-building centipede!
  3. WITI has consistently aired every hearing, so you can add them to this list. And yet even with advance notice, CBS and ABC are like 'yup the soaps are still on' as they have been since COVID news conferences started. I still don't understand why they don't put "TBA" in listings to avoid calls; even the most 'no TV ever' guy knows when soaps air.
  4. Which means KMBC is one of the few Central Time stations to carry it live with the East Coast. I wonder if there will be more changes like this, because I know a few stations that would be better off airing it at 11 (cough*WBAY*cough).
  5. Hopefully one of the requirements is the new information is part of the public domain; the Nielsen maps being under copyright has always been frustrating.
  6. I do hope a call letter change is also considered; they've meant nothing for so long except longtime failure from a short-lived initiative. I could see them using a variant of "46 News Now" like WXIX, or because Gray owns it, "First Alert 46"/"CBS46, Your First Alert Station".
  7. I'll give RTM this; when every talk show was a bomb right out of the gate in the mid-10s, it helped Disney figure out what to do with 3pm after FABLife laid a rotten egg before they could sign Tamron; it's saved many a timeslot, and for many stations, it kept the lights on where a newscast couldn't or a court show/advertorial would look low-rent. But it was always a transitional program between bringing viral videos to a wide audience before they most viewers just knew where to seek them online without the handholding, making it superfluous.
  8. Part of it can be seen on Google StreetView; they have to have reserved parking in front of the building and keep other vehicles such as a mobile unit that can't fit in the garage outside. For security alone that's a nightmare to keep an eye on and worry about, and if I-44/55 is closed and you have traffic jammed up there? It's a mess. With Maryland Heights, a few cameras and some fencing takes care of all that, and access out is much more reasonable...plus all that natural light. It's pretty much a dead ringer for the new WMTV building, which Gray has favored of late.
  9. The background...why?! This gives me 'Family Video VHS tapes in front of the window for years and years' sun-weathered vibes. I know WAGM has always been low-budget no matter the owner, but the set should be reversed; an LED background on the back (even a cheap Roku TV would be fine!), and they can put some kind of still on the desk.
  10. We have an update to the WZMQ side of things; Lilly is leasing a downtown Marquette building to serve as their studio for an expanded news op.
  11. I know, I'm just shocked that Window to the World put all this work to keeping the license active, and then just turned it back in without any rhyme or reason? I think we'll find out more in the next few months, as there's always something odd going on with WTTW. And I could've seen VCY America pay plenty for the license to extend their programming into Chicago.
  12. So did WITI (it was specifically scheduled in their EPG), though of course they had to air the entertainment lineup after the 10 p.m. news despite it all being reruns.
  13. WYCC is now officially gone, with its 'channel' being replaced by PBS World on 11.5 (I hope 20 days isn't enough to be considered a double-post).
  14. It was totally that decision because police injuries to that station are what they seem to relish covering deeply the most.
  15. I saw this last night on a 10pm show, where a few other important stories which were developing were 'but first, breaking news!'ed for a minor car accident during a police chase...that happened at 5pm and was long cleaned up . If you as the viewer knows the other stories rundown deserved prominence, the news organization has failed to do its job. And highlight pieces from other reporters. I cannot stand only having a few on-camera reporters these days; it makes your organization look too insular and limiting.
  16. Another silent dump of MyNetworkTV; WACY is done with the network as of today in the Appleton/Green Bay market and replaced it with Dateline and Monk reruns. Apparently WFRV is picking it up on one of their subs, but I'm not seeing anything on their schedule yet.
  17. We've still got stations with the searchlights, non-standard text (Boston 25) and some using the Fox logo vertically like KXRM, so I do wish Fox would give them some logo guidelines; though I do laud stations like KHON and WSVN to sticking with no Fox logo. I don't really mind KOKI's logo at all (they do need a graphics update but it's a Cox station so don't count on it).
  18. A lot of 'storm chaser' vehicles usually have a screen on an arm attached to the hatchback door to present a forecast outdoors...but they're usually always set to a very vivid mode and they usually use known brand name sets (often weatherproofed) with a very low-profile bezel. This one is a closeout 720p special (this one, specifically, a 24" 720p model with RCA and VGA hookups, and a '3.4 mm headphone output' (!); the brand is called Furrion, which specializes in RV TVs no sensible person would ever consider)...whoever picked out that unit should be fired; that's unacceptable even for one of those back-set monitors that plays a competitor station for decor. Even a damned iPad mini would be better than that POS. Do better, Fox.
  19. My dream is that Fox uses this rationale to hoover up WUTV in Buffalo and finally makes it a Fox station that's respectable for 2023, not 1988. Including a full-scale news department and no more 700 Club. Sinclair can keep just keep WNYO and their tradition of not trying.
  20. Never recorded it because it's on the Spectrum app, but the ticker's ads were for Elk & Elk and some service in Akron; it took until 2017 until we had Spectrum app access to TWC after the Time Warner merger.
  21. I use my Apple TV all the time and not having it on there (as niche as it is) is a severe oversight. Not even a browser to AirPlay option. I have a Fire TV, but it's just too slow and, Roku's video standards and overall UX are years behind. Like the horrible situation where the private equity vultures forced apart the TV Guide channel and the magazine and it took revolt to bring them and proper listings back together, the entire situation with the Weather Channel's breakup has been a complete strikeout; I'm more apt to ignore the Weather Channel completely because Spectrum never upgraded their local headend for HD (thus I get the same feed as DirecTV in HD), so it's either watch local coverage in 4:3 SD (which I simply won't in 2022), or cue up the Spectrum app and watch the Milwaukee headend's data (with Cleveland ticker advertising for some reason) over reality glurge in primetime the vast majority of the audience doesn't give a damn about.
  22. If KDKA Radio's talk lineup and KDKA-FM's sports hot takes haven't made it clear KDKA-TV isn't a part of them anymore, I don't know what to tell that viewer; there are still misguided radio listeners who call in to yell at WISN-TV for whatever hot take was thrown out by Mark Belling on WISN radio, even though they haven't shared anything, much less weather forecasts, in 20 years besides a callsign. That's definitely a viewer you're glad 'will never watch your TV station again you (whatever insult they have)!'.
  23. Stephen Marks, the owner of WBKB, KXGN, WBUP and WBKP, passed away on May 11.
  24. My apologies for overlooking that, they do simulcast in that direction. I don't know what's stopping them from simulcasting WDCW on WDVM though (contractual against WHP-DT3?), so the point does stand.
  25. Plus it always gives you a backup when you need to push off programming for breaking news or push the bombs off the main station's schedule. Duopoly stations may be the last thing anyone wants, but you're glad to have them not competing with you, or to have a place to put in-house shows. Plus public places or parties still need shows on their TVs during the day that won't annoy everyone and it's free ad money for little outlay.
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