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  1. It looks like affiliates will also be rolling out new after-break logos during network time, at least. WBAY and WISN changed theirs today.
  2. Probably less that, more to allow it to actually air since 4 p.m. CT has seemed to become the place for live news conferences since local news is now in the 4 p.m. slot for many stations.
  3. It's parallel to the left edge of the '4', which means it'll be used for the dynamic/moving part of the branding.
  4. I'm wondering if they've tried to sell out their rights to other networks, and failed as their program mix skews very old and there's no true place they can go outside Pop. And they can't go to Rewind because they're cable-only rights.
  5. What a waste of channel bandwidth. If there weren't 1A implications where the FCC can't kill a station based on poor content, WRNN's use of their spectrum auction funds could be considered a betrayal to the American taxpayer. You have Weigel, who used their WMLW spectrum sale to expand MeTV to wide main-channel coverage and their sister networks...good use of their money, along with WVCY grabbing full-metro radio stations from poor/terrible owners to expand their reach; don't agree with some of their views, but their heart is in the right place. Then there's WRNN and Richard French
  6. As we discussed the Gray fine...GCI was coming close to their 'drop dead' date of September 3 to light up KTVA again or have the license auto-cancelled. They did; although it's not noted on the network's affiliates list, 11.1 is currently running Rewind TV to keep the license going. Whether this is just for a week to warehouse the license, or just until the sale goes through eventually, is not known.
  7. Noting that the shillfest The Balancing Act was somehow picked up by WBBM in Chicago for two episodes as late-night filler...surprised they aren't repeating ET in late night like most other stations do or just filling it with an hour of paid programming. They probably grabbed it because Montel Williams was added, but it's a 'lipstick on a pig' situation for a show which mainly fills mornings on CW/MyNet affiliates.
  8. Update to WITI: Turns out what we thought was cancelled (Real Milwaukee) was just in mothballs for the spring and summer. Their local show will return on the 27th to fill the 10 a.m. hour. The Wendy site says Wendy then moves to noon, airing back-to-back with Nick Cannon at 1.
  9. Will note this elsewhere...but Real Milwaukee isn't actually dead! It comes back at 10 a.m. on the 27th, now led by Rob Haswell.
  10. The issue is that TV networks are now all 16:9, and outside a few cable systems who kept CBS 4:3 to save customer complaints, they know that most TVs now are 16:9. There will likely be an adjustment in size, but the days of 4:3 framing are quickly going away. That's how I watch shows now; wait a week, or wait for it to hit streaming so I avoid most ads. I swear in the last two years, attempting to watch a film on cable has ALWAYS ended up with me tuning to an ad rather than the actual movies. That some networks basically mock the viewer now (Comedy Central's "Movies WITH Breaks"
  11. Sad about the "Q" going...but very thankful the awkward Sam Zell-era sleazy "Joe TV" branding is finally being buried. They should've just kept the "Q²" branding on that station rather than making the viewer feel guilty for watching the station with their odd "we're a horrible bar you'd never want to go to!" schtick Randy Michaels forced onto them.
  12. Huh...that's the same one which popped up during Steelers pre-season games, so there's a change in the making for sure.
  13. The FCC has never really specified, but going by the WPLG/WTVJ example, it can be merely a month. There was another example where Tribune wanted to buy KTVI in 2013 as part of the Local TV purchase to make the duopoly official with KPLR, and had to time the purchase to a time where KPLR was fifth; usually the CW affiliate can be purchased easily, but with KDNL in the market, they flip-flopped #4 consistently. Once KPLR had a lousy ratings month, Tribune could switch from the Local TV LMA to an outright purchase.
  14. If they go by date of closing (June 27, 2016)...it's possible that KYES was ahead of KTBY, when Fox is in repeats and its sports output was limited to Saturday MLB games. Remember the attempted WPLG/WTVJ merger where they tried to justify that WTVJ was sixth in the market due to Univision and Telemundo, likely picking out a time where the latter two's soccer schedule was strong and just before or after the 2008 Beijing Olympics where WTVJ was at a ratings nadir.
  15. I loved the month I had with Locast in order to get a few channels unavailable to me from Milwaukee due to greed (Journal's 'you don't get our subchannels' policy with Charter that remains borked with Scripps), lack of channel room (PBS World), or 'Spectrum will never carry them' (Ion and LPTV subchannels). And it came in handy when I was traveling and had an Airbnb which didn't have cable/antenna, so I used their Roku app to watch the LA channels. And there are GOOD broadcaster options out there. Vuit was created to allow the Gray stations to offer their station's programming besi
  16. This probably explains why WITI or KCPQ hasn't switched weather graphics from their Trib packages; why do it when the Fox Weather package would be coming after a few months anyways?
  17. A TV antenna outfit called "Mr. Antenna" is claiming that Meredith refuses to air antenna company ads because of them 'cutting into retransmission consent revenue' and placed an FCC objection to stop the Gray/Meredith merger. Personally, this is laughable; I watched a Mr. Antenna ad on KTNV when I was in Vegas a couple weeks ago and it was tacky as hell with an awful mascot (claiming you could get '40 high-quality networks' in the same way those 'as seen on TV' antennas that never work do). I think KVVU just didn't want to take anymore money from a sketchy antenna outfit (they've b
  18. I have no winners or losers in this coverage, at least locally. The Weather Channel and news channels need to figure out there's more than the French Quarter to the New Orleans area already and watching WWL's mobile unit drive past minor damage and scoff as the nationals did their 'look damage and lots of wind see?!' shot early on was pretty much one of the small funny moments in this all. And News Nation on tape after 10? Perry should be sacking folks in the morning. And unfortunately, WGNO's Galleria studio came during the Zell era, so instead of getting a weather-hearty studio l
  19. Every big network logo refresh, Wikipedia gets folks who have to be 'first' to update a logo...and then upload terrible 'point at 80s TV' screenshots, fakes, or tiny 40px versions of the 'new logo' that nobody can really use, or Logopedia-sourced garbage from those false television station wikis that think WNBC was founded by Sony or something. Trying to say 'no, ABC isn't going to revoke an affiliation because a station didn't update their logo' is like taking to a wall with them.
  20. Another article said it was where they 'had channel space in legal states'...which makes no sense, because if that's the case, they'd be voiding their contract with Weigel to get Movies! off KLAS-DT3 and getting it on there at launch to get on the big casino screens in Las Vegas. That, or they're playing a long game with the rollout; roll it out too fast and it might catch the attention of state authorities and the FCC, then the channel has to air multiple state gambling PSAs and can't make money. And going by an uncensored "Pat McAfee Show" on the Pluto feed...yes, it'll be a bit
  21. Looking at some of Scripps' shambolic Morning Blend/advertorial 'sets' (a couch in the old phone bank area for instance), this is a Deathstar compared to those.
  22. KTLA is in hot water for not giving one side of the SAG-AFTRA national elections equal time as Sam Rubin is campaigning on a certain slate, and had candidates for that side on the "Morning News". If the other side doesn't get equal time, SAG-AFTRA could redo their election and force Nexstar to pay for it.
  23. The backend is still all AccuWeather, and they use the RealFeel temperature, but they've managed to get all the signs of Local AccuWeather out of the on-air product. You only notice it's an AccuWeather product explicitly these days if you're up for a late-night reset and it's rebooting a software update.
  24. From my quick schedule checks, some Nexstar stations seem to be the ones shrugging it off; WOOD-TV has ''TMZ'' in the slot, for instance.
  25. He'd have to build from scratch and overcome legal obstacles; their lease is over, and GCI not only gave Gray some of their staff, but there's probably a no-compete clause in there for years like all of the sketchy Hoak/Gray Legacy-like sales in the mid-2010s where the 'owner' just happened to be a woman or minority. At least Major Market Broadcasting (they of KRDK-TV) has been trying their best to push against Gray for all they've done.

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