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  1. WTVX's only news use was for hurricane purposes and was always an albatross; frankly for as little as we hear about it, WBFS could sign off without any advanced notice at this point and very few people would even remember WBFS existed. As much as political revenue is something to be chased, it's probably an incredibly low amount on your average MyNetworkTV affiliate, and a little more, but still negligible on a CW affiliate since you have your usual mix of low-wattage advertisers giving loyal year-round revenue on court show/sitcom blocks enjoyed in offices, restaurants and medical facilities marketwide. The Dallas duopoly is likely very used to doing multiple newscasts for both KTVT/KTXA and have it down to an art, along with WCBS/WLNY; WBBM hasn't done anything outside of traditional timeslots outside of 'at your desk' shows and social. Station strength plays into it easily, but having the ethic/ability to produce multiple newscasts is likely much more of a factor.
  2. I will say it's bold, and certainly a better line of thinking than sticking with the old-line thinking of going with an every night 8/7 o'clock movie...because repeats of sitcoms and shows found everywhere else certainly isn't working at all. It also feels like a run-up to attempt to compete with Newsy, with more of a local bent than Newsy's national focus, and hopefully is an antidote to the RightThisMinute and DailyBlast-esque 'let's wasted a minute describing viral video' direction these national shows from big station groups have seemed to take. This is the same Nexstar that took one week to cancel Hollywood Today Live after they got Media General, so it's on-point. Hubbing it to WGN rather than KTLA also feels like another move to assure the 'Chicago media is self-destructing and in Big Private Equity!' worriers that they still find brand value in the Second City (though they just cancelled a content deal with Crain's Chicago Business for daring to speculate they'd sell WGN Radio, so double-edged sword).
  3. Hartford and Springfield are two of the few markets which have never had a MeTV station in any way (WZME's tailspin into ShopLC/Sonlife irrelevance over the years can't be counted as serious, especially as they wanted to be NYC-exclusive). Weigel will pay for carriage for sure; it's undeniably worth it in a market with so few signals to begin with.
  4. It's definitely going to work so much better on WGBA (which is a more leisurely newscast with more features that works better with the visual elements) than WTMJ (right off the top; the police blotter and accident roll, where putting a speech bubble atop the name of a robbery victim is incredibly poor taste). Same with a set match; WGBA has the luxury of just keying in new virtual set elements, where WTMJ is stuck with a Journal-era physical design kludged to meet what Scripps considers 'uniform'.
  5. One of the major issues is that Nielsen isn't subscribed to universally any longer...some have that, and some use Comscore/Rentrak instead, and these days, there are so many ways that numbers are 'proprietary information' that no media organization wants the lawsuits that come with printing an xx.x number (Feder basically has to cherry-pick stations in his monthly radio rundowns to avoid the Nielsen lawsuit hammer because there are Nielsen-tracked stations that don't pay the money for that number).
  6. Went to check the WTIC link to see if there was an update and it redirected to a random Cablevision outage story from September and the WBNS 'story' was blank for good reason; Altice has come to terms with Tegna for Suddenlink/Optimum systems, no blackout.
  7. DirecTV and U-Verse, and AT&T TV Now (formerly DirecTV Now). Hearst usually is the type that won't ticker-plead until the eleventh hour.
  8. This dispute also affects WTIC/WCCT viewers in Hartford/New Haven who have Optimum; Suddenlink and Cablevision/Optimum are both owned by Altice.
  9. This pretty much seemed inevitable when you have a conservative talk radio station mix with a television station that seems stuck permanently in a moreass where all the bright people flee for anywhere else having to deal with the senior staff, the station is trying to deal with changing from being able to schmooze corporate a few blocks away to it now being just another outpost, and the weather department is incredibly resistant to any kind of change. I was never much of a 'fan' of Scott I can admit (I'm more of a fan of news folks that just report the facts than way too cheery folks), but he was a good guy, and the entire way they handled the transitions from John Malan and Mike Jacobs were both unmitigated disasters.
  10. It could have easily been thrown at 2am on WTXX to do nothing; DBL should be lucky they even got a slot on the better station.
  11. The Twitter complainers have Internet connections. They can presumably go to ABC.com or Hulu. Or their television provider has on-demand. Just wait until tomorrow. That said, Stan Lee special IS on WTAE at midnight tomorrow and midnight tonight on WEWS and WXYZ. But I am more forgiving of the show highlighting Pittsburgh microbrews on WTAE; they probably thought some sitcom reruns were airing when it was scheduled a few weeks back. But WEWS airing The List-mas Holiday Special, a show every other Scripps station would carry at 6am Christmas Day because it sounds like something forced on them by corporate, in primetime, is a 'general manager should be flayed' situation (WTMJ is burning it off Sunday at 1pm between NBC E/I programming and skiing). Looking up WXYZ, that show is Christmas Across America: A "Small Town, Big Deal" Celebration. Small Town, Big Deal is one of those shows that a station airs at 2am on a Sunday morning or against an NFL game if they don't have one and that has zero fanbase. That is also really dumb scheduling. If you're going to program national syndicated holiday programs in primetime...make sure they're things people will actually watch. One thing to syndicate a different Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, but it's doubtful anyone is going to enjoy A Very Made in Hollywood Christmas or Recipe.tv Hacks the Holidays when they expect much more competent holiday fare from the networks.
  12. It's for the patents. 95% of any of the mergers TiVo and Rovi (the 3rd or 4th name Gemstar, the VCR+ people held before the NEW change to Xperi) have involved patent rights. Maybe they can finally do something about convincing stations to use HD Radio for more than pushing signals out to translators and automated Spotify playlists. I have a $160 HD Radio I bought ten years ago that's done more as a Chromecast Audio box using the AUX jack than actually using HD technology.
  13. Two factors killed CLTV; the first of course is that the higher-quality WGN product is now available through every means possible. Why watch the stilted CLTV newscast when you can get the genuine article and up-to-date-weather from WGN right away through a mobile app? The other factor of course, was Sam Zell. Without him and the rest of his idiots, Tribune is still almost whole, not broken apart for scrap, and CLTV is still a worthwhile cable news service that is what it was marketed as originally; taking the best from WGN-TV and WGN Radio, along with the Chicago Tribune, and probably having adapted it to the web, along with having long ago ending its dependence on being 'only on Comcast'; it may have ended up on channel 9.2 for free, or eventually sold to Comcast and becoming a broader regional cable news channel. After Tribune went private, it absolutely was starved of resources and became 'WGN News While Two and A Half Men Reruns Are On Channel 9". Maybe Nexstar would still merged with them, or Sinclair, but in the latter, it would have been clear that the Tribune people were bringing their strengths in over Sinclair's worst instincts. Nexstar is absolutely going to go even news-heavier on WGN, though, no doubt about it. They don't want to be in the national syndicated production business, and the days of the Deal That Will Never End with the Universal Trash Triad are numbered for the news-heavy stations that use that block to rest the set.
  14. It's a really good multiplexer; I haven't noticed any signal degradation on .1 at all. It helps that the .2 auto-weather feed has the majority of its pixels stay in the same position 24/7, so they just have to worry about two small video windows and a thrice-a-day change in their 7-day window. They don't need to be; I feel like these are shows which would have contracted with networks like CMT, DIY, and Great American Country in the past, but they've both finally gotten rid of any pretenses about being about 'southern living' or 'home improvement.' It's better to outlay money for programming now than three years down the line being stuck running CanCon PPI garbage or like Heartland/TNN 3.0 did, had a 'Be Southern'-?-'Profit!' business plan that ran into trouble when nobody watched has-beens in old Music City Tonight interviews and the licensors and stations gave up on Luken.
  15. In Spanish-dominant markets such as LA, Miami and Houston quite a few English-language stations caption in Spanish via CC3 (and in the past carried translated audio over AM/FM). It's at least something, and any little ratings help doesn't hurt in any way. Also...despite all the cash grabs the TV industry and station groups have these days, there's still room for public services like this. Either way, whatever Estrella's 'official local news window' is, both the 10 and 11pm slots carry reality drivel Estrella allows easy pre-emption for local programming ("Lol : - )", yes, that's its title, is just one of those languageless clip shows like "Just for Laughs Gags" taped in Quebec to grab gobs of CanCon and worldwide syndication cash).
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