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  1. Oh, I knew he couldn't resist it and I'd see a story this morning, there was no doubt!
  2. This is no Charlo Greene/KTVA "(Bleep) it, I quit" situation...at least there she was in control of her story (and was successful). This dimbulb was quickly forgotten by most of the audience who cared more about ERCOT than whatever comes out from some fringe site tomorrow. Also, on the one week in seven years FTVLive takes time off.
  3. The FCC approves event licenses for stadiums to broadcast radio audio on VHF channel 5, like the Packers do (they say you have to buy a 'special radio' but all you have to do is get a tuner like one that gets the Japanese band or an old Walkman with TV audio to listen to the 'stations' they air over the 6 MHz of channel 5). I don't understand why the FCC just doesn't abandon 5 and 6 for TV and expand the FM band. Outside a few TV stations in limited regions, it's not a good frequency for digital TV, but it would create a new land rush for radio, be it analog or digital-only...and i
  4. Already questioned this on Wikipedia; there's no way it would be stuck on a .8 channel where cable providers can reject carriage. It will be on there as a .2 or .3, probably replacing Charge. WJZY/WMYT's map has always been a mess, and that long-term agreement with Capitol to carry SonLife before they sold to Fox certainly didn't help.
  5. Since Japanese primetime is during Today, you really don't want the diehards to have to wait twelve hours to watch. You want it edited with 43 video packages, watch NBC...otherwise just watch USA.
  6. Kari Lake, ex-KSAZ'er, is running for AZ governor. Of course, she totally expects to win the race by refusing to talk to any media, so we'll see how that goes.
  7. Put the blame on John Huston...it's a quote from The Maltese Falcon. As for this first logo...very deep Powerpoint/WordArt vibes. They'll fix it later in post.
  8. Along with COVID protocols...two weeks quarantine to get into Canada, so it would cost much more to get a crew in there than to grab the CBC feed, even if they were tele-calling it from home.
  9. Didn't specify if the daytime CW slot give-up was part of the negotiations, but the CW and Nexstar have indeed renewed all their stations.
  10. The TVNewser spin that "tapping the former executive in charge of GMA to run the newsroom will put any fears among staffers to bed" is...not great at all. I was hoping for just a 'news and weather' basic morning show, but now all I see is "NewsNation's STEALS and DEALS!" and yet another news outlet amplifying minor local crime stories to national 'outrages' like Today and GMA already do. There's just no real direction out here outside of 'offer big contracts to network talent and hope they move the sticks'.
  11. WFRV in Green Bay is an example of this extreme; their only syndicated programming on weekdays is a throwaway hour of Friends against Ellen, Dr. Phil, and Family Feud, and mostly low-tier sports shows and NCIS on the weekends. Nexstar clearly sees them as a news station that will only use syndication when they have to, or whenever they can't get someone to pay for infomercial time.
  12. I completely forgot that and stand corrected about the PGA Championship...though if there's any trouble to come with the current PGA rights deals or NBC would retract the wireline Golf Channel like they're doing NBCSN, it seems like GolfTV would be ready to make an American splash.
  13. It's a ten-year agreement, so it's at least going to take them through the thick of the 3.0 transition.
  14. Discovery has a lot of sports rights in Eurasia (including B-rights for the Olympics across Europe and Eurosport) that most of North America has never heard about, so the deal is more natural than you'd think, especially for TNT's golf rights for their GolfTV service. But really, this sounds like more of AT&T still never figuring out why they really needed Warner and Turner outside 'streaming, I guess'; it's DirecTV and U-verse all over again (and they'll have to make new licensing deals once DirecTV is spun off anyways).
  15. Yet another network that GOLtv, a network which pretty much carries niche Portuguese and South American soccer, has lasted longer than. They've outlived Fox Soccer, and now undoubtedly beIN.

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