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  1. In Spanish-dominant markets such as LA, Miami and Houston quite a few English-language stations caption in Spanish via CC3 (and in the past carried translated audio over AM/FM). It's at least something, and any little ratings help doesn't hurt in any way. Also...despite all the cash grabs the TV industry and station groups have these days, there's still room for public services like this. Either way, whatever Estrella's 'official local news window' is, both the 10 and 11pm slots carry reality drivel Estrella allows easy pre-emption for local programming ("Lol : - )", yes, that's its title, is just one of those languageless clip shows like "Just for Laughs Gags" taped in Quebec to grab gobs of CanCon and worldwide syndication cash).
  2. I hope that renewal comes with a budget raise for 25 Words; I love the concept and the execution of the game itself, but the set looks like it was constructed to host a student production on a PBS station. Two random backgrounds, TGI Friday's booth seating for the players, the middle lectern and the cheesy letters atop the set? I've seen a Mexican game show that has to use another show's set and they do a much better job making it their own compared to 25 Words (the 'consolation prize' being a HomeGoods gift card should be a prize on a local advertorial show, not a national game show).
  3. Also, most stations carry a midnight mass instead of late night talk shows because the networks don't provide talk shows on Christmas Eve, and a station not providing a newscast on Christmas Eve or morning is never a bad thing or portends the end of its news department. News folks are humans too and should be with their families if they can (I don't know how many times I've seen posts other places/Wikipedia edits that find not having a newscast on Christmas morning as a personal affront to their moral compass/a travesty). Surprised there wasn't another bump to The U--er, um, I mean CW26, or even to 7.2. I also enjoyed reading the PR, which outside of Echosmith is a 'who's who of huh and oh they still exist?!'
  4. And is it still going to be out of the old Sun-Sentinel auditorium? They need a new facility meant for 2020s broadcasting, and especially for hurricane season, nobody is going to criticize a simulcast with WPTV while they find proper people to helm the weather department. I do suspect though that this news department may have Newsy-influenced touches, but not to the point where it's a Ctrl+C of the NewsFix attempt. It's a positive though; there needs to be a 'quiet' option in Miami news, because the current four options are FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) factories, with WSVN somehow being the most 'quiet' among them all.
  5. Heard new music on WTMJ this morning..could be related to above (or just Daybreak-centric), but it looks like other parts of the day still have Inergy, along with the 7-day cue. WGBA is sticking with Inergy full-time for now at least.
  6. A few of those stations will keep the searchlights because they're part of a duopoly where logo design is at priority #543; it's doubtful Disney is going to file a copyright lawsuit denying them use of the searchlights simply because of 32 years of 'prior art' where you associate the Fox network with them. It's the same reason about 10-20 UPN affiliates put in the least amount of effort when they switched from the shapes to the disc logo. Fox began to downplay the searchlights in the 2000s already and had mainly used the middle pillar of the 'O' and the angle of the 'X' as part of their branding since then; it's just finally leaning full on into the abstractness of their letters to go all-in. I wouldn't be surprised in a few years when they have this established if they try to use the abstract letters as their main brand, though it's not going to happen outside the main network because Sports and News would never go for it.
  7. Should have given OTM two years so it could've gotten to 50 years in syndication, but it was expected; most stations, I see it now in the Byron Allen primetime of early Sunday morning, well before sunrise, because everyone just uses their phone to get the latest business news tailored to their interests, and it's a show by design where you're never going to find any kind of cable news-ish confrontation. And I'm surprised they did keep NBR going as long as it did; with the way Fox Business is going, CNBC has to focus 100% on improving their product on their own network instead of continuing a format that's just aged out (the CNBC transfer seemed to just bring back the format of their 90s attempt at a 'business newscast of record', BusinessCenter).
  8. And still you know soap opera fans won't get proper notification, their social accounts will cheerfully say to 'tune in tomorrow', and your social/switchboard folks suddenly developed some kind of flu to avoid those folks insulting them to death on those days.
  9. WCCB is probably like "Hate to Say I Told You So"; they did lose the Panthers, but they also lost the Jerry Richardson/Cam Newton headaches that team has had since they were forced from the Fox affiliation, and are much more free to experiment with their news as a CW affiliate with no network pressures, while WJZY ended up under a smaller-market cursed situation like WFLD/WPWR does (it should be fun to see how Nexstar runs a NINE-SUBCHANNEL station, which WMYT might as well be itself). This probably also scares off networks from trying to play 'small-ball' with their news when they launch a new station (despite their struggles, you know NBC Boston decided to play it safe and just stick with NECN-like newscasts rather than trying a WJZY revolution). Fox also comes back to a WITI which is relatively unchanged from where it was when they let it go in 2007; they skipped the worst of the Sam Zell era before the Tribune acquisition, and Tribune pretty much seemed to treat them as if they merely existed throughout their entire run (having WGN-TV nearby really helped there), letting them have free reign. They'll probably also get to keep their logo easier with Fox playing down the kiteboxes, and Fox has to outlay $0 on new set tech. KCPQ also was able to let their distance scare off most of the Zell-ovations (which they were able to foist off onto 'JoeTV' where they all died with a well-deserved whimper, including a nearly non-existent MyNet affiliation bumped to 1am) and if not for the rise of the Seahawks and that KBCB deal dying (still amazed that there was a world where that station's first day as a Fox O&O would have been mayhem with the Seahawks in the NFC Championship if cooler heads hadn't prevailed), we'd be talking about how terrible 'Fox 24 News' from Bellingham was being beaten by KCPQ and Weigel's MeTV station. KCPQ and Fox's patiences won out in the end.
  10. Just happened to be up for Live today, and Kelly and Ryan had a couple minutes towards the end of host chat to say that Tony is indeed retiring, and paid a very nice tribute to him.
  11. It seems like the same problem that seemed to freeze them from switching to the O&O kitebox in 2007 (that was probably for the best though); the 4:3 logo was so frozen in so many places around the station and the 13 years before had a 'too many logos' issue, that they compromised with the version they have now, and they don't want to lose whatever equity/stability it holds. On another note, they were using Studio A for WakeUp.
  12. It's not a graphics package with 8 variations of Arial and Helvetica . That's a win in my book. And from where they could have been 18 months ago, they dodged whatever blandness and flag-waving dullness Sinclair would have forced upon them.
  13. That looks so much better; the Bell Gothic and stretching just seemed like a completely horrid design to begin with that screamed "2002" and only worked with MySpace profile logos. This looks so much better.
  14. I look at this situation this way .. Madam Secretary is in its last season and under an aggravating situation where any NFL thing earlier in the day throws off its entire schedule for the night, whether it be a bump of a new episode to next week or to a 9:48pm start. It was airing on time for once at 9pm, and KTVT wanted to see if the tornado developed before going forward because the viewers of that show already get enough aggravation from CBS's scheduling as it is. They went forward when it was clear it was time to jump to live coverage and could argue to viewers 'we tried to air it but it just wasn't going to work out'. They made up for it by staying on late into the night, at least. Meanwhile, KDFW's 9pm news was only delayed by one minute and they rightfully bumped right into weather at 9:01...while The Rookie is a dog on ABC's schedule, and WFAA probably felt 100% confident 'it'll be on Hulu the next day' would work on that show's viewers (Madam doesn't really have that choice due to CBS All Access). KXAS of course was 100% dumb, and even dumber when you see their only acknowledgement was a 'go to our website/Facebook' message...nobody was going to be pissed because their show on Cozi was being pre-empted by football! Redirect people to 5.2/whatever cable positions it's on instead of the clumsy NBC local streaming player.
  15. They've originated the majority of TV technology through the years as a testing ground...and they also have WRAL-EX, a separate station broadcasting 4k content and 1080p NBC. So yes, it is an investment that will show on the air and not just bragging rights.
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