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  1. And Scripps dumped it after one season, for the most part (mostly as overnight or post-DOOL/GH timefiller) . It was 100% indistinguishable from RightThisMinute or The List, at least the 'Grandma's Viral Video Rundown' segments.
  2. She's been back in Los Angeles since Memorial Day in order to produce the summer episodes of her show without it having to be co-financed with HughesNet or ViaSat due to a lack of good Internet in MT. She has The Voice in LA and got a lot of steam in her first season, so whatever is happening with her husband (including him having an EP credit that'll have to be dealt with down the line), it won't affect the show at all. And it has helped that she's kept her show staff as-is as much as she could without blowback, compared to Ellen's situation.
  3. mrschimpf


    They have; the section on the site was kiboshed in March, they stopped using it on-air and seems to only exist at this point to preserve the copyright in case Tegna completely loses their wits and tries to bring their wacky morning news brandings to New Orleans. But honestly...I think Nexstar is giving the station a one-year probation period, seeing which staff works, how to centralize it with the rest of their TX/LA/MS/AL stations, and give it a better relaunch where it can leave behind its past baggage. It really didn't help that Katrina just gave a runway to the Sam Zell era of Tribune and that management screwed up the station worse than if the hurricane never came, and their transmitter situation until June 2009 didn't help, along with a studio situation which was 'best we could get for the money' after the downtown mall location they planned to go full-throttle from was torn down post-Katrina. Related to this, Tribune's undermanagement of WNOL can best be described as a miscarriage; they should've had a permanent 9pm newscast from WGNO launched back in the WB days, and kept even with low ratings (another thing that needs to be kiboshed on those stations it was tried is delaying the CW lineup by one hour, which WNOL still does). And if the current management is fine being in fourth place...I'm pretty sure Nexstar has boxes ready to go for them to clean out their offices and will bring in people ready to compete. A one-year pause in Mardi Gras should help them focus on building a strong hard news operation better than most years.
  4. It's just faster and more efficient to assume non-license assets and IP than hassle with a COVID-hampered FCC at this point. Gray already had to deal with the Wyoming situation and does not want a repeat, and GCI has physical assets like cable headends and satellites (e.g. Time Warner/AT&T/WPCH) that would make a traditional sale/swap a major headache to deal with.
  5. Basically sounds like a WSJV situation...except that KTVA's news department will likely be kept. WSJV still exists since it never got spectrum-baited, and is a non-competitive subchannel farm only existing to allow Quincy to collect free DRTV revenue, so this is likely KTVA's fate, in the same way KRDK ended up the same in Gray's Fargo shuffle. Another likely fate.
  6. Just going through SBTV, they've all finally hit that site, including VOD of newscasts.
  7. It's not quite the number font on the Seahawks uniform, but it's darned close to Fox Sports' font if you look at their pre-'18 packages and score numbers. I actually like that look better.
  8. As of 1pm CT this afternoon, the proprietary Tribune Media system is completely depreciated; WITI has its new website and apps up. You have to download the new app and delete the old one. No graphics changes, nor do I expect any in the next few months. So long, Local TV and Tribune.
  9. Eric Bolling is as much a journalist as Mike Lindell is a somnologist. It's one thing if they just have one of their local reporters or a neutral anchor examining the researcher's claims. Bolling has a certain agenda, along with the show and thought they could get it by viewers...but news alerts caught their PR and those who do follow that researcher called them out immediately (the show is usually webcast Wednesday evenings before it ever airs on the weekends; SBG forces their stations to push-alert the live stream). You don't give oxygen to claims like she's making, nor do you give her a platform where you can mock her, because someone won't get the joke. You don't put people like that on anything. Simple as that. But let's be honest; ATW is in reality an obligation show as non-promoted by Sinclair stations as the Armstrong Williams Show and Full Measure with Sheryl Atkinson and is usually shoved to late Sunday nights after a Ring of Honor repeat to be watched by few, outside the important stations which Sinclair forces it to run as a Sunday morning show. This was another failed attempt to build their credibility.
  10. Just got a scroll that Scripps stations may be gone from Dish at 7 p.m. ET Friday night if a new deal won't happen (and knowing Dish, it won't)...so that's also happening.
  11. That's the way the NFL blackout policy worked until 2015...thankfully Green Bay always sells out so we never experienced a game blackout locally, but it always sounded embarrassing that a local TV station (this always occurred in bad Vikings years and for at least a decade, for the Lions) had to buy out blocks of tickets so they wouldn't have to carry TV offal instead of their local NFL game on a Sunday afternoon. The main reason for the Indy blackout though is to make it an event you have to see, not just a distraction you can easily access on TV and have bars just Hoover up money with their watch parties that the track would rather have in their own pockets. This year though, you want home eyeballs live in Indy for sure on TV.
  12. Maybe a remit to keep 'bleeds it leads' crime roll stories to a minimum?
  13. WVTV-DT2 is also carrying Opry on delay, even though they don't carry the network (they don't have the room to due to thier subchannel setup). I would have assumed a Weigel station could also carry it in Milwaukee, but they're at full occupancy themselves, so it may eventually end up on the HC2 station or WIWN/WMKE-CD.
  14. The problem with Chicago syndication is, outside Judge Mathis, Chicago is now looked at as a 'budget' option for shows you'd rather just test rather than the full-budget programs you get in New York or Los Angeles, or as Chicago learned with the Universal Trash Triad, Connecticut's tax credits are much more worthwhile to go for than trying to work with the Illinois Legislature on anything without arm-twisting. The last non-Harvey talk show effort from Chicago, the second corpse-shambling version of iVillageLive after its failure as a Universal Studios-originated show, bombed and never got non-NBC pickup because everyone just saw it as an infomercial for the Apprentice and the contestants who hosted that show, likely cheaply. Outside NBC and ABC, you just aren't going to see anyone else interested in Chicago syndication as they don't have a presence or the studio room to do so; Tribune is gone and Nexstar is all in on News Nation, CBS's Block 37 adventures haven't got them out of the basement, and Fox's studio presence is just as much as they need for WFLD's news department and the Fox News Chicago bureau, with Weigel just happy to get the spectrum-bait stations across the country to spread their O&O subchannels onto owned presences rather than producing new programming.
  15. One large pre-emption comes to mind of course; when the Up to the Minute team broke into the last minute of a new CSI:NY to relay the death of Yasser Arafat, which boiled the execs at CBS News who had a 'do not break in, just crawl it' order on that death (it happened minutes before 11 p.m., where local newscasts easily could have relayed the news without issue). They did, and the UTTM team apparently lost their pre-emption privileges completely the next business day, with the shot-calling producer fired.
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