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  1. If they mean the full-screen bar with wasted space they've forced onto College Hoops/BTN, then yes, this definitely meets that definition; I can't stand that bar at all. The other thing I'm thinking is AR perspective despite most everyone being done with AR as the only ones who have benefitted are advertisers on the field or on sidelines (this won't happen in the NFL for now due to specific field rules disallowing that).
  2. This screams more 'a vacant white dude convinced the brass to get the promotion over him', or a bench with too much talent already (thus him being behind T.J.), rather than his talent being overlooked. I can't blame him; if a company doesn't respect his talent, he can go elsewhere, and that's something to respect.
  3. It's also a news-focused program. If we were still in the Michael/Keke/Sara days, no brainer, go ahead and have Joy come in (not that any of those three had any scandals at all so this wouldn't even be happening without a pandemic forcing them off). But unless the only thing she's hosting is a "Joy's World" opinion segment or Steals & Deals...no, you don't want a comedian hosting a news show. Demarco Morgan deserves the job, meanwhile. Been following him since his WISN days. Pay the man his due and let him lead a network show.
  4. OWN and YouTube carry multiple episodes/segment reruns both in authorized and unauthorized forms, so this isn't like Judge Judy where stations will easily capitulate because their only competition is Judy Justice or JJ reruns on Pluto TV most of the older audience doesn't know about to begin with. Get ready for another gold rush of 3pm newscasts outside of CBSNS, because 'guest updates' and 'wraparound content' just feels like 'replacement for Rachael' content in deadzone timeslots where only the diehards will care (or the few who don't follow the 'cash me outside' girl online wanting their updates about her sanitized). And I get the feeling the multiple investigative pieces about the show's BTS drama comparable to Ellen turned it into a lawsuit magnet neither McGraw or PG wanted to continue.
  5. And it seems we've found out the move isn't related to tax breaks or a change of environment; Kelly has a persistent LA stalker and just wants to get herself and her children the hell away from them.
  6. Yes, and putting on your breaking news banners that DirecTV has 'censored' the network is useless and annoying to other customers of other providers when those DTV/U-verse viewers can't even see the banner or your channel!
  7. Nos. 1 and 3 are basically what every channel these days does; drop the service and move somewhere else (that'll invariably drop it when the network switches to an RTC model rather than 'we'll pay you' or leased access carriage), and show 'service loyalty' by signing a petition. The second option isn't going to do anything at all except make the switchboard or social people miserable; they're the ones who get the 'tell Name McSenator not to support the Puppies Should Listen to Nothing But Screamo Act sponsored by the National Cat Association' calls from the dark money ad folks. Newsmax is a channel not originated as a broadcast network (despite some, again, paid broadcast carriage), so there's nothing they can do to pressure DirecTV to restore it.
  8. Since they added WDJT to my cable system, it's been just either '9' or '605' in the Roledex of my mind so I knew where to tune, and now it's just 'CBS 58' because that's what they've been every day since December 1994 and never changed the branding. Their first priority was to get established, then build a news division; on that front they've been very successful and now you nearly forget that CBS bounced around 6, 12 and 18 for so many decades, and they've got a good syndicated schedule. Meanwhile, WWJ has just...kinda existed. They just pass through CBS-owned content in syndication and outside of a few Lions games here and there and watching CBS, there's really been nothing to keep you there because 2, 4 and 7 are always there in their niches. Same when they purchased WKBD and made it just another bland UPN/CW station. And it's either 62 CBS, CBS Detroit, CBS, WWJ, CBS 62...never any consistent branding. And it didn't help that CBSNS had old guard management at the Westinghouse stations that wasn't changing a thing any time soon, or dysfunctional idiots with battling egos who bought stations to get into a golf club, and in Detroit, just never really tried. Still ended up a better result than getting WADL as an affiliate, though; that entire station is a headache and a half as it is now. Imagine having to fight them every few years on affiliation terms.
  9. This is a basic cable carriage fight where Newsmax now wants RTC rather than paying their way onto DirecTV...and these days trying to stay on a satellite service is akin to planning a hospice stay because they only have a few realistic years left. Somehow Newsmax turned what should have been just a number negotiation into 'censorship' because they're gone. Chris Ruddy, you do know you have your stream everywhere. I couldn't get away from it if I tried and it's probably on the Tesla. Better ratings than News Nation, OAN, RAV and 'Star Wars guys rips the current trilogy for 346 hours because they have women' on YouTube. You are so far from 'being' censored that it's absurd. Just ask for a few less cents and get your carriage back, because unlike OAN (which was bad), you have some respect and names.
  10. And those occurrences were likely limited to when the Rams and Chargers were scheduled on Fox at the same time and got a KCOP bump (and really who was watching them early on specifically for the Rams or Chargers?). It really is sad how depreciated the 'sixth station' in a market has become just by its schedule or offerings.
  11. And with that, Fox has finally found a way to finally deal with their worst case of triskaidekaphobia. Though the decline of KCOP from being a proper competitor to KTTV, and now just being both a glorified .2 and ATSC3 lighthouse is one of the saddest things to happen to a TV station.
  12. I mean it predicted the Eagles in 2022 perfectly, so in that way, the promo did serve its purpose in warning the NFC East about the Eagles (along with just...Eagles fans). But yeah, the fine is justified, if just a little high (it's more of a $100k violation than $500k for me). Just use a generic Morse Code alert next time, Fox Sports.
  13. As we talk about a station group that hates streaming in 2023, it feels appropriate that their broadcast automation is also overly-aggressive and cut off the last few minutes of Fox's Accused premiere last night on several Nexstar stations, which the network really wanted to get eyeballs on. Just another thing for Rupert to add onto the 'I Do Not Like Dealing With This Company' checklist he's kept since the network pulled their Indiana affiliations from Nexstar. I think this is likely just a technical error (I really hope so).
  14. The Mannix and Cannon fans who have their shows pre-empted on WOIO's .2 would love this to happen. Of all the places to burn off MyNet, why choose the Me sub?
  15. It's part of the CW's old Netflix deal so it would easily move there without issue. I do think that Nexstar only really renewed not based on the loyalty of the show (which is great since it has a just as loyal spin-off), but to avoid minority scrutiny if they didn't have a 'black' show somewhere. This is a company that's had major issues with their minority-owned shells, after all.
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