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  1. The show tapes out of the CBS Television Center, so unless Sony can figure out some way to get her and her staff a telework setup (which with her cancelled would be a money furnace), the de facto finale has already aired.
  2. Should mention too that they also agreed to cease-fire with Cox involving the ex-Northwest stations.
  3. They know it'll be preempted by some kind of Tri-State governor's statement, so why prepare a noon show? They have more important things to worry about (not having a functional building/newsroom) than preparing a noon show that'll probably go in the shredder anyways. These are unusual times and there are stations placing their E/I burdens on during weekday noon hours in order to get them in if 45 preempts them on the weekends and provide something to kids knowing they're a captive audience. Honestly, FTVLive's usual 'news grump' act looks kind of petty right now; I don't give a damn about their whining about some reporter having their regional Emmy in their home shot.
  4. Expect to see this a lot more temporarily on many more stations, since the early shows are designed to be mainly traffic/weather checks for early commuters who are simply not commuting. The crews or hired stringers aren't out there covering every late night fender bender or fire like they usually are, so the time-filler at that time of morning just doesn't exist right now, either.
  5. And in the most extreme of pinches they've got multiple facilities with WCAU and Comcast in Philadelphia and WVIT in West Hartford (along with the Stamford conglomeration which includes NBCSN and their talk shows shooting in the downtown theater complex), along with SNY now at 4 World Trade. You could say they have way too many options. ABC also has multiple options with the ESPN Campus and their studios counted. But I'm also worried about Fox; if the Fox Corp building ends up out of commission due to their building diagnoses, you either run everything out of DC, begin to try to juggle with WNYW out of the Fox Television Center, and that's it with the closest option being WTXF in Philly unless you then have to utilize West Coast and Midwest stations.
  6. ET is already in repackage/re-edited weekend episodes mode and will be for quite awhile.
  7. Daily Show is definitely another possibility now that they're dark.
  8. I'm beginning to wonder if it wouldn't be a bad idea for Nexstar to begin to air WGN's shows on WGN America. With News Nation coming up soon, outside of one Cancon import in two weeks that's new for them, it may be better to do for now than their reruns (and at this this point, the FCC enforcing that Syndex provision is as low a priority as possible in an emergency situation).
  9. Let's just hope she's made sure to keep all eye-seeking toys from her kids out of the room.
  10. Related to GMA, repeats of the noontime GMA3 have been suspended as of Wednesday for an hour-long update regarding COVID-19 developments produced by ABC News Now.
  11. Every other news op in the country is busy with their own stuff going on. And just anchoring outside just throws people out into public areas in an unneeded manner, putting people at risk for absolutely no gain. We're in an uncertain time where the entire 'virtual set' model is showing so many cracks in the social distancing situation it may have been killed, we're seriously going to have to see so many on-air personalities in different shifts to keep everyone sane, and station groups may even have to en masse regional newscasts together. ESPNU literally showed a still screen for three hours because it's too dangerous for the Dan Le Batard Show to air as normal with everyone massed in a studio (everyone called in via Skype and such), and the CBS Morning News went without graphics. As long as information is being presented, that is priority #1 over not seeing your 'news family' in that close around the big desk for the next few weeks.
  12. And because of the situation, a number of taped interviews with Al and Craig usually presented as 'live' through the day had a subtle 'Pre-recorded' bug in the corner.
  13. Today's IE was compiled from LA, (IE tapes at Broadcast Center) with Deborah hosting the show from her home kitchen.
  14. Along with every single spring and winter championship to boot, including the College World Series. ESPN and the RSNs just found so many timeslots opening up. And the high school bodies are continuing to follow suit. ESPN and their conference partners/nets will deal fine, but if you're Sinclair or the Pac-12 Networks right now, you are looking at THE ultimate disaster scenario.
  15. And Gray can't acquire it now; the station failed so no FSW can be filed if Gray files a CP for a new station on the 27 allocation (unless Ajit's willing to look the other way on even more stuff).
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