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  1. WISN and WITI pretty much have all the momentum now and there's no stopping them. The 4:30 half-hour was only two-staffed anyways and never could justify itself. And it took them about nine years to get to it, but Scripps finally covered up the Journal Broadcast Group logo label scar that's been on the front of Radio City for years and was never replaced; this flat sign just felt like they could've done MUCH better, but it feels like the least they could've done was light it (even for a basic lightbox sized to the logo LEDs are nothing now). Were they seriously waiting for the radio side to move out before finally replacing it?
  2. Watching the WGBA version, it comes of as 'thin-staffed small-market Gannett newspaper operation' where only weather has money put into it instead (as it should, it's their main and only strength) and they're reporting about evergreen topics like 'how did my high school mascot get their name' rather than anything investigative or current-day, and like the Gannet example, struggle to fill 35 minutes the same way they struggle to fill twelve pages (and ten of them are pre-filled with USA Today filler and one page of classified/legal notices). It's fine for what it is, but if what it was was already kind of a mediocre product to begin with, it's just making it even more unremarkable.
  3. I'm wondering if they're just testing for now so they don't run into the situation they did when WIFR-LD shifted and had to deal with WISN's interference; plus it is on VHF in a UHF-heavy area so they may have an educational campaign to ramp up before shifting CBS there. Only a few people will be concerned with the CW going away on UHF.
  4. Did they look at the negative ratings records they set with CW Now before they ditched that timeslot and decide 'we can do much worse'?
  5. For all the criticism we throw Sinclair, at least they began to consolidate their Fox/MNTV/CW stations on their own signals so that what are now subfarm husks aren't really painful losses if the lawyer stuck doing the Vaughn or Cunningham negotiations gets a hair up there and the customer loses TBD or Dabl. Nexstar really needs to get these companies in order and on the same page, or the FCC will do it for them.
  6. If you're not an ABC affiliate who was supposed to carry the local Monday Night Football game in syndication you're not a happy camper today after it was announced the entire season will be simulcast on ABC. I don't expect this is 'temporary because of the writers strike' either and will become permanent. (makes way for the Wheel and Jeopardy watchers and agrees that there's no need for a 7:30 pregame show either).
  7. I'd say she bowed to the pressure of Paramount Global to keep the show on the air in the first place in business as usual mode rather than the strikes. The problem here was PG forcing the show back into production without writers and a limited guest pool (pretty much Broadway and unscripted, along with PGs deal of the day hucksters, the exact same as The View minus politicos). This is all on them and she's the front liner to take the blame while Bob Bakish would prefer she come back (and hired the goons to take away WGA buttons from audience members) and gets none of it. ETA - The Talk will also stay dark. My point stands; CBS's executives and Bob expected the talent to take the brunt and it was clear they would give with pressure because it should not be an exec's choice to force them to come back.
  8. I mean they won, so I feel that's still better than the Ion Episode Picker 9000 choosing what episodes of Criminal Minds to run that night (and the problem is trying to get both ESPN and TNT's permission for earlier rounds). If it's fine for the NHL Network to do, why not their broadcaster until games start?
  9. Gotta assume the iStock search for 'Jackson skyline' came up empty, so they Fiver'ed a quick fake while they had to dig it up on another stock photo site.
  10. He locked them in his darkness retreat and told them to come out when they had a deal...or else they'd have to do Pat McAfee's show. As for the 700 Club, with Pat gone, you bet Bob Iger is pressing his son to give up the slot for less than $40 million now. With Grownish almost at its natural conclusion, the network is pretty much in winddown mode, and it's only been a question of if, not when, Disney XD is wound down either since it's down to two markets worldwide. Same with the extra FX channels, which basically telegraphs a move of Sunny back to FX sooner than later.
  11. Paramount Global has this huge library of shows to draw on, but they go with a show they literally have to pay nothing for moldy standup programming that hasn't been updated since like 2009? What, did Rob Dyrdek somehow reject them playing Ridiculousness repeats? You might as well just give the time back to the affiliates for 1am news or informercials or something.
  12. But when the same network partners with you on primetime episodes there should be some basic considerations made to make both camps happy. At the very least you can bump up Kimmel a half-hour currently with no issue, so why not do that to get WoF in a viewable time slot?
  13. Official Disney PR. They'll no longer carry a number of networks whose content was already on D+ and Hulu anyways, so put Freeform, FXX/FXM, Disney Junior/XD and Nat Geo Wild on deathwatch as far as other providers. In return, Spectrum customers will eventually get D+ and ESPN+ included in their subs and the ability to have an ESPN-free cable package.
  14. And the social person too; last post was on Saturday on both Twitter and Facebook, and they seemed to be one of the few TV stations that took EM-era Blue seriously with bolding and extended posts (all very editorialized). The Herrings are probably getting HR ready for a few OAN interviews as we speak.
  15. It's doubtful anything changes, as most providers just seamlessly transitioned to the new Fox subchannels a few years ago when Sinclair transferred affiliations from their shell company stations while dumping whichever subnet was the new primary affiliation on the shellco which was mainly used as an ATSC 3 lighthouse (though some like Dabl already have carriage on the services). Same with WCGV when it became WVTV-DT2. I wouldn't see KOCB removed at all at this time.
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