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  1. Frankly should have been done in 2016 to begin with as Weigel has always had good relations with the network going back to the days when they aired Kids' WB. I assume though syndication contracts blocked the move back then, though. And WPWR hasn't treated the network well (horrid 720p quality that got crunched even more with the spectrum move on a WFLD channel space already laden with Fox and three other subchannels, along with the same 'leftovers' treatment KCOP and WWOR already have). But if anyone can make a CW channel and a new "The U" work (with WLS's news)...it's definitely Weigel. They've got guaranteed carriage with their entire suite of channels, good marketing and they know how to multiplex well (you wouldn't know WMLW was spectrumed onto WBME-CD in Milwaukee because both 720p signals run just fine). Meanwhile, WPWR continues to be the participation trophy of Chicago stations, and MyNet goes back to primetime.
  2. If it were 100% up to him, the set would be an off-Broadway black box theater with folding chairs and a Cosco plastic folding table; if you were to blank out all of the television elements, an average person would call it describe this picture as a 'new overly shiny urban McDonalds'.
  3. The ticker though...that's always the same. I expect them to get the standard Gray ticker in due time (never understood why the ticker is standard for them but not the rest of the GFX).
  4. You know a show is a complete bomb when WDJT (one of CBS's most loyal affiliates and DTD distributors) kills the late night rerun after a week for Andy Griffith reruns and puts zero effort into further promos on WMLW. Face the Truth was an awful concept with horrid panelists and should have never come to the air; hopefully this is the final death knell for the "paternity test talk show" genre. It works as a segment on Maury, but is just too pathetic to work as a daily hour-long series. As for The Doctors...it fills an hour of TV for some stations and give that gang their house/car payments. It has lost most of its prime slots in the last year, so it seems like it's solely a renewal to assuage the team on that show that the FTT disaster wasn't their fault, and to keep Dr. Phil from breathing down the necks of the CBSDTD execs.
  5. Forgetting to do traffic in New York is like ditching the farm report in Nebraska; you just don't do that! Just print out some observations and have the weather person read off the times and show off the map.
  6. Or at least a fire sale of their lower-tier content ("Divorce Court", "Dish Nation" and "True Crime Files"...plus the pre-Paramount Network seasons of "COPS Original Recipe/Reloaded") to another syndicator. With the DM shows headed to CBS, you have to wonder if our old friend Byron Allen is chomping to get those shows for Entertainment Studios and Justice Central. But the sitcoms and dramas will definitely have some transition to Disney-ABC. Sadly, not surprised about "Page Six TV" though (with the Murdoch connection severed it was forgone that DIsney wouldn't take it to a third season). It was a great format with good hosts, but its main default scheduling was often with "Daily Mail TV" leading into it...which might be scheduling-smart, but is show-profile dumb overall.
  7. If that would have been a possibility, it would have had its own Stirr channel at launch. I knew it was doomed the moment it didn't have one. The problem was all of the Euro content, which is just too esoteric to market to American children in the right way because American kid's networks run on the 'merchandise first, market second, quality last' model. These shows were never the 'We have a new episode, and it looks like the characters are in some pickle! Will they get out of it?' type of show to market, and that's not what's 'in' right now. And trust me...if it was up to station's general managers able to cancel out corporate, paid programming would have been the only thing airing in that time and they would have refused the shows. WVTV in Milwaukee never found any local advertisers and it was a PSA/in-house vortex of zerors coming into the station. And as it is, TBD's promo department is clearly the folks trying to work their way into the main networks like Comet and Stadium.
  8. GMA has just lost the coveted 18-54 claustrophobic demographic . Who thinks making a set look even more confined is ever a good idea? Then again, I'm sure someone out there is ranting about this set not having an American flag over a fireplace because of over-nostalgic tradition.
  9. I'm not saying I hate it; kids aren't the primary audience for morning newscasts by any means (before school live TV and kids are a buried-and-dead audience when Snapchat and Instagram exist, no matter what Sinclair and the kids cable networks think). But the use of Internet slang by adults who you associate with being completely sober talking about a house fire up in Maumee is just plain jarring. And television stations have good cooperative relationships with local school districts (see WITI's decades-long segment with Milwaukee Public School students who get to read the lunch menu and any 'weatherman comes to your school' initiative). But if this was the Toledo schools coming in and specifically asking for this kind of encouragement...it was a swing and a miss by that district.
  10. So...is this a record for TEGNAization with WTOL's morning show crew, even without the Newzatonix chanters and graphics? 'Enjoy' this painful 53 seconds of 'how do you do, fellow kids?' where Gray HQ is like 'yup, we made the right call in keeping WTVG'.
  11. Was (thankfully) an exaggeration. I would say they would love to move Wendy to 11am, but MG did some weird things in the markets where only one station existed in their state with their scheduling, and WBAY is still recovering from that. They did indeed have The Chew on a one-day 11am delay (it actually dated back to their 1992 affiliation switch with All My Children) but got permission later on to move it to 2pm same-day because viewers were complaining about recipes being useless on tape delay. To be fair though, Green Bay is an odd market where you do have a smaller African-American population than most 1-100 market cities (basically it's a split in the main cities between A-A and Hmong Asian residents for the main minorities, with Latinx following behind), which is why you get a lot of A-A-targeting shows ending up on WACY out of nowhere else really to go, Wendy in late night, and Bounce pretty much existing in an unpromoted limbo on WFRV-DT2. And for some reason, I guess those advertisers are more assured by Pawn Stars reruns than Wendy. I will say though I think this is off-topic and could do with a topic break if a mod would do so for sure.
  12. RTM is about as low-effort a show as you can get, so it'll probably take a Daily Buzz-like slow fall where eventually it'll be stuck in late night and fade away as the talent departs. The only reason it seems to stay on the air is because it's produced by ASU kids and that can be used as a lazy way to say 'hey, we're giving kids a leg up here in the broadcasting industry'. I see Gray pulling out as soon as possible though, going by how fast they downgraded Me Time and killed Hollywood Today Live on the stations they acquired in the Nexstar/MG deal the first moment they could; they have no mercy for a show if it does lousy unless it's stuck there by contractual force (aka the 86-year deal for Pawn Stars and Just for Laughs Gags reruns WBAY is stuck under from their MG period).
  13. Should also be curious if one of their first moves is to either kick out DailyMailTV or take in more of a stake in the series with CBS to keep using the WPIX studio. The show is incredibly down-market for Scripps, but at the same time it's successful in the ways that all of Scripps's in-house syndication has not been. It's free ad money to run a bunch of syndicated product that easily captures both the in-home and public area crowd that can't stand news or soaps in the daytime. The station probably is profitable in ways that WSBK cannot be and still has a CW affiliation that brings a good viewership. Either way, it probably would have eventually been sold or in a limbo where Tribune wasn't doing much more with it than Sunbeam does now.
  14. WDJT used the LMAD pre-emption to fit in Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! this morning rather than deal with a late night airing/bump to WMLW, so definitely a 'fit in prime programming' opportunity.
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