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  1. And let's not forget, this is their Plus service, where it's just the best-of their coverage from hours ago. For the real channel if you can't get it on pay-TV, you have to pay for the sketchy cloud TV service they promote that has a bunch of networks you can get for free anyways...except for OAN.
  2. There has always been a sub-basement of awful low-power stations which will air anything as long as the check clears, thus why YTA TV, the Family Channel and Rev'n are still somehow things that exist in 2021. And the American News Network of the 2000s (which had music you heard in the GTA games) lasted much longer than it had any right to based on that sub-basement.
  3. Just think of it just like LodgeNet does for their hotels; the chain usually subscribes to something like the local cable company or Dish or DirecTV, and then to create a 0-99 channel lineup, they have some kind of LodgeNet system around in-house so that instead of the having to figure out that 200 or 202 is CNN, it's on a more logical channel lower channel number, paired with other news channels (especially in rat's nest markets where providers never have changed their maps). There are local and national companies whose entire purpose is wiring places that need multiple TVs and fe
  4. Doubtful since it also serves VA and MD and most regular viewers don't take in the news about station groups' political bents day-to-day. They probably just see a lousy newscast that went from big-city quality as it was dating back to the Star/Albritton days, to something you'd see in a small market. Or there isn't much differentiation between them and WBFF (along with what was NC8) like is done between WCVB/WMUR. ABC's ratings overall certainly don't help their stations that much.
  5. I still hate that 'ding' sting that every Sinclair station uses; it reminds me of both a Windows OS 'ding' and a game show 'ring-in' sound effect rather than something you should hear on a newscast.
  6. The first thing I remember when I hear 'odyssey' on the radio? Adventures in Odyssey, which has been around since 1987 (though Entercom has very few religious stations that carry that show). I will never be able to separate that from what Entercom is now, and even the Odyssey Network on TV that is now Hallmark Channel. They still have Radio.com as a redirect in the app store to Audacy...but again, how do you see that spelled? And they finally built out this incredibly nice site in Radio.com instead of having Joe's Web Hosting/so many random web companies like they had i
  7. They've also had a money printer in PowerNation that Raycom had forever that everybody didn't pay attention to during the merger, so this could be a facility partly to give them a home too. It's a smart move to diversify, especially in Atlanta, and shows that Vuit remains a slow but important asset to them.
  8. Seems like a contractual requirement of the LMA agreement or to fulfill some well-hidden public affairs remit as part of their license. It seems likely Spectrum also isn't happy to be carrying a Dabl station with main-channel two-digit carriage and asked them to air something local on that station. WHAM seems the closest that makes any sense and they already provide weather segments.
  9. If not a station purchase, as WMYO-CD has always tried to program for the Indiana side of the market (including an INN newscast in the late 2000s on their old sister station WWJS-CD), I could see them push for WISH simulcasts on their schedule. WBNA is also a possibility.
  10. How do you not realize that placing a TV studio next to a major highway interchange for a coast-to-coast highway, especially in Texas, where 12-lane highways are always in planning, is a bad idea? Then decide to expand that building without a simple check with TxDOT to see if they plan to expand the road in the next decade? Talk about the ultimate in bad planning. I know there are stations along interstate or equivalent highways, but they're usually placed on stretches where an interchange isn't ever going to go (WGBA or WMTV) or far and overlooking it (WWLP, WVIT, WCVB), not whe
  11. I don't have a problem with it if they only have one other subchannel (all of them otherwise have MeTV); it's never going to be promoted on the station itself, it'll be bit-starved to a contractual minimum, and they get money for it, and usually it can't get carried on cable because ShopeLC already buys five channel slots on a lineup there too. In these times, just take the money rather than packing the regular DT1 schedule with infomercial festivals.
  12. Likely related to Columbus, Cedar Rapids and Dayton; WCHS is Sinclair, WVAH is Cunningham. Both are on UHF, so there's otherwise no technical reason for it.
  13. At least it was to what seems to be a family operation rather than Alden or Gannett (so far at least).
  14. And they're outsourcing to WPLG for now instead. Probably best in the long run, honestly.
  15. WFOR is saying the 'studio is offline' today and tonight...so there are no local newscasts this evening (they aired a repeat of the CBS Weekend News at 11). Perhaps because of their small studio, launching CBSN Miami literally requires a shutdown to get it ready?

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