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  1. I have never understood FTS's stubbornness about keeping the old-old-old Fox Television Center over WWOR's much more modern facility, especially with NJ's tax climate. But the pride of being in NYC always overrules some common sense... The moment the Main Studio Rule was repealed, FTS no longer had to maintain the fiction of having a Secaucus studio that just existed after 2013 to relay a signal to the other side of the Hudson (NJ's senators are still pushing at the requirement to be restored specific to WWOR, but it isn't returning without a Democratic-friendly FCC). Best case scenario, they keep a small office in a suite somewhere for a Chasing News jockey to call in on Skype and consider that 'public service to New Jersey'.
  2. TV season ended Wednesday; nobody watches on Saturdays without network programming, so that's pretty much a standard operating procedure for that night. Plus it's Memorial Day weekend, so it seems like advertisers don't want to burn money on a message that won't go out to many people.
  3. And Sam couldn't help the disaster that was The Weather Company breaking everything apart to highest bidder clients at the time, along with whatever the hell TWC called a 'programming strategy' (for all we were skeptical about Byron Allen buying it, he's put the focus back on the weather first and the reality stuff is now back to mainly being non-prime time filler for the most part). He happened to come onto the network at the worst possible time with the worst possible executives. Nothing he could do there except grin and bear the situation.
  4. Sinclair Fox affiliate KDSM/Des Moines had their tower transmission line burn out on Friday, taking out their over-the-air and satellite coverage, and today a tower worker trying to repair it fell from the tower at around 1,000 feet and died. They had already had to delay the repairs a couple days due to strong wind gusts.
  5. With the gymnastics to keep the million from being rewarded/budget wrecked and the declining tax incentive-influenced tape locations from New York>Stamford>Vegas (next stop could have been the old Pickler & Ben studio in Nashville down the line, and eventually Toronto), this was a mercy killing at this point. Not syndicated, but pretty much awaiting news on Strahan & Sara...that has to come next week.
  6. Sadly most of their coverage will be the overhyped circuit court murder cases that are the Today/GMA 7:30 block's bread and butter. Those two are federal trials and the Supreme Court and other federal courts are content to refuse video of those proceedings.
  7. They seem to operate on the same M/O as most political talk radio where everyone screams into the microphone to seemingly try to overcome AM static (I have a certain painful reaction to Mark 'PPM Murderer' Levin), so yes, this is sadly the FS1/ESPN panel show norm.
  8. Right now, UDN is technically known as the "Univision Deportes Network Televisa Deportes Network" (never used on air of course because why would you ever?) because Televisa gets their "TDN" logo wedged into that of UDN as part of the rights deal Univision has with Televisa. I'm glad they finally found a way to shorten that monstrosity of a network name.
  9. With their CBS TVD deal across Me and Start, it probably doesn't cost all that much to run since all the outlay was made three years ago for Through the Decades and Bill Kurtis's services, and it's basically turnkey at this point and a helluva lot better than dealing with the overzealous contract demands Retro TV still somehow insists on having in 2019 to carry their Cancon/public domain product. Plus with their small station purchase spree, Weigel can justify to providers that their stations have a good selection of programming. It's MyNetworkTV Syndrome; nobody actually likes the service, but it fills time and the DRTV revenue must be something to continue justify its existence.
  10. QR codes haven't really outright bombed...they've just found a perfect niche as a 'for more information scan the image' type of technology to quick-link someone to a website or app download page with print and billboard media, or to link some kind of device. They certainly did leagues better than CueCat. Here though...this is definitely not the optimum use for it. You basically have to 'stop the show' and keep the code on screen for at least a minute while the consumer digs up their phone, opens their camera app, scans the image and clicks the prompt to go to the website. And if they would have been perfect for that purpose, HSN/QVC/JTV/evine would have picked them up years ago without much ceremony. But they haven't because it's just easier to Google the on-screen product number/name like most sane people do and buy the item that way. Finally...ugggh. This is just idiotic in general because it shows more that Today is in a race to the bottom with GMA with these dumb deals and steals segments on junk no real person actually buys. There's a reason Nexstar and most local groups dumped the 'deal of the day'/.biz site model for their advertorial shows very quickly; because it made them look like they were nickel and diming every part of the screen and was generally offering very chintzy products or services.
  11. A quick boost to this to say...KWQC indeed debuted their new set this evening...during breaking news coverage of flooding in downtown Davenport, so not really time to show anyone around the new surroundings for obvious reasons.
  12. I swear I've gotten more inane 'distant police chase' breaking news notifications on my Tribune stations than about actual local breaking news lately. I know why though; same reason Real TV and the police chase shows lasted so long; there's people who will tune in for the likelihood of gore, but that threat (and the 'Day in 45' hyperfocus; can't deny those pundits that sweet, sweet airtime) has made them verboten on cable news now.
  13. Frankly should have been done in 2016 to begin with as Weigel has always had good relations with the network going back to the days when they aired Kids' WB. I assume though syndication contracts blocked the move back then, though. And WPWR hasn't treated the network well (horrid 720p quality that got crunched even more with the spectrum move on a WFLD channel space already laden with Fox and three other subchannels, along with the same 'leftovers' treatment KCOP and WWOR already have). But if anyone can make a CW channel and a new "The U" work (with WLS's news)...it's definitely Weigel. They've got guaranteed carriage with their entire suite of channels, good marketing and they know how to multiplex well (you wouldn't know WMLW was spectrumed onto WBME-CD in Milwaukee because both 720p signals run just fine). Meanwhile, WPWR continues to be the participation trophy of Chicago stations, and MyNet goes back to primetime.
  14. If it were 100% up to him, the set would be an off-Broadway black box theater with folding chairs and a Cosco plastic folding table; if you were to blank out all of the television elements, an average person would call it describe this picture as a 'new overly shiny urban McDonalds'.
  15. The ticker though...that's always the same. I expect them to get the standard Gray ticker in due time (never understood why the ticker is standard for them but not the rest of the GFX).
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