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  1. BEin is consistently in the bottom ten of all networks, so eventually the parent company in Qatar has to give up on it ever getting an American foothold (not helping right now is the disaster French soccer is going through for them). And if not for their Sinclair retrans where it now has to be carried to get local stations, Tennis Channel would've been gone long ago. And there will be some networks down the line like Outdoor Channel whose ratings are so low, they can't even justify 'pay for carriage' any longer. Eventually, the 'Golds' and 'Pluses' will end up claiming the niche sports and put
  2. Around 2013, people noticed an NRA-bought show killed an elephant, and then the host brought out the 'Hitler' analogies when he got called on it, so NBCSN stopped airing the show. Then one by one, they began to go away when NRATV launched and other outdoors channels picked up their content with the promise of lack of censorship. The other problem with college football is that NBC tried, and tried to get conferences. Their last attempt at getting a conference, the Pac 12, went away when they decided to start their own network (that network might being going itself as the commissione
  3. At least with those channels you have guaranteed content you have to air all the time, along with studio shows. NBCSN has so much 'dead time' where you've got Mecum auctions, motocross circuits, time-buy blocks like PowerNation, Sky Sports News rebroadcasts, American Ninja Warrior repeats, and late night infomercials blocks. It just makes more sense to move the 'live time' programming to USA and kill their dead time where sitcom and reality repeats go themselves (NBCSN also killed their time-buy outdoors blocks as those folks 'took their ball and went home' to more friendly networks once you-k
  4. Pausing it before the ABC disc comes to view, it's just beyond ghastly. I'm surprised they didn't Ctrl+C the Baltimore 'circle 45' or just Helvetica it up like they do in Dayton.
  5. Everything CBS is getting the same logo look as part of Viacom's standardization attempts (a few days ago, the CBS Television Distribution closer made way for "CBS Media Ventures").
  6. It's pretty much a certainty after this next retransmission cycle, Disney Channel and Disney XD are done. They've already killed the channels in Europe, Australia and Asia for a Disney+ focus, and it's only accelerating since COVID-19 (the only advantage Disney Channel has right now is its live-action shows are closed-set by design). Cartoon Network is losing product to HBO Max, and Nick is surviving on SpongeBob reruns and stunts. Qubo also tried the multi-gen strategy with the Filmation library earlier in their history, but for the most part the nostalgia of He-Man was of the 'on
  7. Ion Plus; guaranteed to be closed. Their schedule is just second runs of crime series and Cancon already on the main Ion, so the 'waste of spectrum' comment is on the nose. Qubo has pretty much become the last resort network for children's producers to take their shows, so outside of mass E/I credits to keep the main Ion schedule kids-free and little cable/sat pickup, it's probably done too. And not commented but for sure done; Ion Shop. The days of all-informercial channels are best left to cable systems now. Also expect them to reel back paid religious time solely to Sunday morni
  8. The question is, will other radio groups that carry Cumulus content agree? The Premiere standard lineup has many of the same issues, along with regional monopolies like Midwest Communications that use these shows to fill most of their schedule and have the same deniers in their psudo-'local' lineups. You'd think this would have an effect down the line with other groups...or it could backfire. And there are always lower-tier bottom-feeder stations only happy to take on these shows.
  9. February 3, TBD on 28.2 moves to 28.1.
  10. Spectrum News has the advantage of being a 'start channel' on Spectrum boxes that many viewers don't change because they don't know what that feature is on a Spectrum box, and thanks to the Weather Channel's programming strategy, the one place you know you can get the weather at fixed times, no matter what. It does serve a need, and does have an audience...and it also has sports team tie-ins, so the viewership is there. Meanwhile NewsNation has to market to a bunch of out-of-demographic cranks who took the removal of Blue Bloods and In the Heat of the Night reruns in primetime as a
  11. It was definitely the blue FNC cable feed, not the white no-clock Fox logo that was part of the SR all day. WITI aired regular Fox primetime beforehand.
  12. Anyone seeing FNC and Laura Ingraham tonight on the O&O's after Fox primetime (or before on the West Coast)? I put on WITI to get the weather, and saw FNC on the air rather than the local 9pm show. I don't think this is the smartest thing to do tonight by any means.
  13. There was a rest in the access hour and J! and WOF aired as scheduled on WDJT in Milwaukee (that was assured because of J!'s circumstances; I assume the same for WLUK). Somehow, ET also aired on WBAY in Green Bay, and had new content. But otherwise all the other syndicated shows in those markets were a wash today.
  14. NewsNation is up and live right now during the Capitol situation.
  15. A Fox affiliate newscast in a market where WLAJ long ago tapped out helps for sure, and people will be happy for an alternative to Gray/Nexstar (and Journal was a hamstring to them until Scripps finally came along). Miami is an extremely over-newsed market where an NBC-owned station struggles and the Spanish stations dominate. It would've likely launched already, but with The CW literally carrying what is usually Saturday afternoon sports filler in CW primetime in months because of production stoppages with their regular shows...do you want your newscast lead-in at the start to be

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