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  1. It's pretty much late night or football filler and inexpensive like Byron Allen's shows, and they'll definitely make as many as they can to fill up an AVOD Freevee channel (same for Byron/Local Now). On this one, there's no realistic ratings payoff needed because the entire point is 'all publicity is good' for Ring. I will say though sticking the interviews in the first half-hour makes the show flow a lot better than the second which used to lead the show.
  2. Not to derail, but I always though the true World News Tonight format of London/New York/Washington/Chicago was perfect, though it didn't really account well for the West Coast just because of satellites at the time, and then when everyone shifted to New York, East Coast Bias became too overwhelming. Then CNN bailed out of Atlanta (itself a developing city) once TW bought it, and lost its way to become another ECB outpost. DC is just way overcovered as it is. Like the "TOM" problem of Canadian news where everything along the 401/A20 is over-covered to death and establishing a Vancouver evening news presence just hasn't worked, I'd love to see a true Western Edition, from Los Angeles. Maybe we'll get that this decade; they already have begun to air the Eastern feed live, so that seems like the next natural step.
  3. The Good Karma-owned radio side of WTMJ, WKTI and WGKB is moving out after today. It's amazing how much empty space involving studios and offices the merger with Scripps left behind when you also consider the Journal Sentinel moved out of 4th & State after being Gannetted, and they already had an entire building which used to have the Sentinel pretty much emptied before then. Honestly I can see WTMJ (not counting WPXE as that's really just an IPTV rack) do what WDJT and WVTV already did and eventually relocate into a more appropriate and existing building they can mold the space into over remodeling Radio City, even with all that space now vacant.
  4. Dude...just move on before your only options to be on TV are The Balancing Act or a 'you might be entitled to compensation' lawyer infomercial for a rice cooker recall. You steamrolled the prompter and had to know what the consequences would be, and all of this could've been on a Facebook group locked to the bosses.
  5. I didn't mean to be so critical of church programming in my original post; I do agree that televised services and Mass for Shut Ins like what's done in the northeast and reasonable asks for donations...I never have an issue with that. But I just loathe the national tele-preachers who push multiple products and giving pleas onto their viewers. And for Osteen, who literally bookends his shows with Lifelock/Norton ads, nobody needs that.
  6. It doesn't really shock me that somehow Sinclair would buy a show about Hot Wheels for their kids block...and then forget to keep the Hot Wheels commercials out of the Hot Wheels show! And this isn't like those cases with syndicators and Kids WB where it was mostly inadvertent and good faith just forgot to get the ad out, before broadcast automation let you see an entire log for a show. Sinclair was the producer and distributor and 100% screwed up here. This also ensnared Nexstar, but again, they have the logs and could've easily blocked them out, but just didn't. It's no wonder kid's broadcast TV doesn't go anywhere near toy franchises any longer.
  7. Even more sludge like The Balancing Act/Daily Flash, or worse, Copeland, Robertson and Joyce Meyer and their ilk get higher-profile timeslots. But hopefully more stuff like the 'Very Local' preview hour Hearst aired on their stations in the week between Ellen's end and Jennifer Hudson's launch; it was actually pretty good content On another note, way too late, Scripps is finally adding much more prominent 'these people pay to be on TV' disclaimers to their advertorial shows at the start in actually readable text rather than shoved onto the end in mice type.
  8. If those 1/2 million were a majority 54+, then they've done their job in making the audience younger, or at least made the 70+'s flee the timeslot. Plus it's a soap opera site so of course they're going to be giddy about it losing women; NBC likely wants a 50/50 mix.
  9. I'm glad they were aware of it and got it fixed.
  10. They probably had to give the Campmeeting guy and Joseph Prince make-goods though; I wouldn't be shocked if they got higher ratings at 5am than the primetime lineup does on a dead news day. But hiring scandal-plagued anchors and covering non-newsworthy stories looks really bad when you have a station afflicted by multiple issues/scandals already as-is end up like this last night:
  11. I hope something; CBS does so little regarding WSBK you've had to get very exact on Google to find a TV schedule for the TV station, not the World SuperBike circuit, or for WBFS, to avoid links about a Wii ROM file format. Still, better that filler programming than Chicago/Dateline reruns on MNTV competing against Chicago/Dateline reruns in syndication/cable/Ion/True Crime Network.
  12. The Paramount Decree is no longer in effect, so on that end it would have to depend on the SEC regarding the film studios. That's why they'd test the waters with this merger attempt. For the TV side, a lot of channels would be cut by Comcast. Discovery, TLC, HGTV, Food, USA, ID, Bravo, TBS and TNT are safe no matter what, but by then Oxygen will have completed its OTA move and networks like Discovery Life, Travel, Discovery Family (why WBD didn't shut this down on day one makes no sense), Animal Planet, TruTV and Destination America and their ilk will be gone. Universal Kids is pretty much a YouTube playlist on autopilot running out the string at this point.
  13. It's a stadium scoreboard shot (the venue is the former home of the Taxas Rangers, which doesn't have football-specific boards despite their football conversion), so there's not much they can do about it.
  14. HBCUGO's scoreboard situation was indeed a one-week issue; we've got a much more robust one this week.
  15. It feels like it's only there 'just in case' they can't do a national newscast at 30 Rock or Universal City so they needed to throw that on there just in case someone didn't know the set was in Chicago (which can be noted vocally, onscreen or in the background). Totally feels like some boardroom compromise made to get the light-up desk approved by corporate. And ugggh, I remember the weird period in the late aughts and early teens where NBC tried to turn their local websites into Flash-heavy 'everything local' with that rude LOCALS ONLY. slogan and the news buried deep down (and given 'casual' prose) for a failed attempt at 'cool and with it!' blogging instead. And of course, pre-Facebook reactions and hideous logos like the infamous PacMan one they used for Chicago.
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