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  1. Once again, Broncos/Pats in danger...
  2. There just seems to be no justification to show the video, nor name the involved, except that it was on camera. This could have easily been a story where the anchor just said someone broke in the door, police were involved, and that they hope they seek proper mental health services (why thank the police and not mention mental health outside of it derisively?). It also behooves Nexstar/iHeart at this point to re-design that bizarre split entrance if this is now a regular occurrence; why isn't there an entrance foyer with a second door, or reinforcement with that door rather than just this two-door pair? Some kind of security besides a higher-quality Nest cam?
  3. I've seen better newscasts from the Atlanta-based American News Network (them of the same production music 'news theme' used by the GTA games). Also it should be noted that clicking any of the social links on the Your Alaska Link page (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) now bring you to two 'this account no longer exists' pages...while the YT page was removed by that site as "we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted". Finally, I hope Dorene Lorenz (who seems to be the only one posting web content right now and the only employee left) is doing well despite all the dysfunction going on around her.
  4. The Reserve Square space was formerly a twinned theater, and it was probably like all the other suddenly new CBS affiliates in 1995 which had no new building capital but the requirements to build out news; just find a huge empty space and make the most of it you could at the time (which is how WDJT ended up in a former industrial building where they could build what they needed to in its shell). I don't know what WUAB's building age/situation was at the time so I don't know if staying there was right at the time, but since their competitors were in downtown/thereabouts, it made more sense to be there than southeast in an area where expressway access was farther away. And WOIO isn't optimum...but at least they are far away from the continuing disaster that is WGCL.
  5. For ABC, the difference between their ratings and that of its predecessors (RightThisMinute and the mess that was FABLife) and the quality of who is watching probably played a factor in renewal. Lower bars for syndication overall also help.
  6. Giants/Vikings in 2011 after the Metrodome roof collapse moved that game to Detroit; Fox stations in New York state and Minnesota carried the game.
  7. And WISN-TV in Milwaukee (Green Bay has a dual-market setup). I don't think either station is perturbed at the NFL or CBS; it's a completely different conference game, so it's of little interest to Green Bay or Atlanta viewers anyways.
  8. It seemed to arrive on the platform before Viacom bought Pluto TV out, so it might be an issue where they have to wait out the contract because Langley Productions hasn't breached the agreement and VCBS isn't willing to breach it on their end. And I pretty much assume that there will eventually be a low-tier broadcaster or subchannel network who will pick up the new episodes because 'any publicity is good publicity'.
  9. Fox still uses New World Communications for some of their licenses, with Gannett using Pacific & Southern, which most of us have never known as an active company (it was swept into Combined Communications in the early 70s and Gannett purchased Combined in 1979, then they Katamari'ed Multimedia in the 90s, Belo and even King Broadcasting for the KING stations, and everything stayed the same with the spin-off into Tegna). If they keep Tribune as a licensee for years, there won't be a problem; all the mail eventually gets to Nexstar.
  10. The affiliates I know went with their own coverage. Many seem to be weary of their coverage being just an FNC feed and learned over the years to judge carefully. I still can't believe CBS's only 'coverage' last night was merely a ticker during Corden (at least in CDT; I didn't know how they handled it out west at 10PDT); it was incredibly disappointing while ABC and NBC knew what to do (and I'm sure Seth Meyers was completely fine with his show being pre-empted in the East).
  11. As much as the industry would hate it...it may be time to go to a gametime-only model with these networks (or to just have league packages). The long pause between March and July showed that without any live programming, the FSN networks are a dearth of programming stuck with outdoors shows, senior tennis tours to justify the Tennis Channel purchases, and 43 golf tour shows.
  12. Can't be an NFL season now without at least one power knockout for a Florida team's home game (since this happened last year in Jacksonville).
  13. Just noticed this in the last couple days because both schedules never updated for Green Bay, but WBAY lost Wendy Williams, which they had been airing at 12:05am (only a few hours before WFRV-DT2/Bounce did!), and WACY picked it up at 2pm, so a good upgrade there. I assume they were supposed to get Nick Cannon, because they're airing a post-midnight infomercial block instead (though it does help as a backfill timeslot if General Hospital gets pre-empted by the governor for now). ETA - Turns out they picked up the weekday Monk syndicated package for the 12:05 timeslot.
  14. The entire show is existing transcripted court cases acted out by SAG-card newbies, so it's one of those shows where all the season's shows are filmed in a month or two and Judge Ross has the rest of his year free. For all that some of Byron Allen's content is no-effort, this fills timeslots (and his cable networks) fast and cheap.
  15. It was only there because Young was cheap and Counterpoint was pulled en masse at the start of 2006. And they only used five cuts of the theme that I can hum from memory easily. It's one thing if it's been there since the mid-90s...but it was a rush replacement to retain some kind of news music from a company that had zero leverage from anyone (and under Media General later, WBAY was their literal Siberia with no sister station 250 miles around; only now, Gray has finally given them some TLC), though honestly the replacement to an average viewer who doesn't follow news themes can sound like just an 'update' as it has the same tempo and beat (and why that cut of Guardian was specifically chosen rather than the main version).
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