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  1. At least they have an anchor named Cash Matlock to spice up that set. Now that is an anchor name !
  2. mrschimpf

    The "3" Thread

    That sweet Medicare Part D ad money from Humana and the like is too irresistible to refuse. It's free money until December, why not take it?
  3. WITI is a station that could use standardization (they still occasionally use cues from Magnum and Extreme after 21 years!)...though it would be hilarious if they took up Locals Only three years after WTMJ abandoned it since Aerial is with WDJT. It's the perfect time anyways, with off air periods as Milwaukee is the lucky market for spectrum reallocation next week.
  4. Possibly that was the truck the Raiders TV network used in Winnipeg for the preseason game with the Packers? The Packers network only uses the blue/yellow lines. Just spit-balling a hypothesis.
  5. Knowing how the station deteriorated without ABC, it can be said that this was a huge loss trying to wage a culture war for this station. Over ten years and likely around $10 million to carry ABC, to be sold off for couch cushion money ten years later just because the owner hated Grey's Anatomy because it dared to tackle LGTBQ+ issues feels like karmic justice, and that nobody is willing to follow you to 'family friendly' disasters like RTV and the other Luken nets (whoever steered the way for him to carry Weigel probably saved the station from just going dark completely).
  6. Honestly considering the programming of those networks outside of games, it may just be the best direction to have four master schedules to work off from and a few hours for the usual local stuff like outdoors shows and high school sports and cut the lousy hangers-on who should just move to YouTube already. And the DMA thing is definitely going to be hamstrung by whatever the NBA, NHL and MLB tell the networks; I know the NHL would be unhappy to lose the Wisconsin market that currently gets Minnesota Wild and the MLS Loons due to a lack of franchises for those teams in the state.
  7. I wouldn't even curse a Luken net with that disaster of a TV station; they still run everything in 480i 4:3 and are proud of their affiliation with AMGTV. Gray buying them would be like moving from a Super 8 to the Ritz-Carlton.
  8. I handle my own cable bill, but the problem is the way bundling works. I watch nothing on Showtime and only a few shows on Starz a year, but Spectrum won't let me unbundle them from their package (I only got rid of the 'I never watch' Epix when they got new ownership and a new carriage agreement that stopped the bundling), even though they're premium channels that should be optional. I have channels on the higher tier I can't get on the lower tier because Viacom thinks that TV Land is a 'premium' service rather than an ad delivery platform occasionally interrupted by sitcoms, and I watch Younger because it's a favorite show. I like soccer, thus I pay $8/month for the Spanish tier because very few Tigres games are on FS1, even if I never watch the Spanish music video channel. Equipment costs have also gone up; I'm getting rid of their useless DVRs with a TiVo/TiVo Mini system, but that comes with a learning curve with everyone else in the house despite the $25 savings. I'm preparing to move my 25 year-old landline number from Spectrum to Google Voice, but that has to come with a week of AT&T prepaid because a landline/Google Voice transfer doesn't exist. Companies make it hard to switch or move to providers on purpose.
  9. These days when you can get a ticker check on your phone, just having an overwhelming amount of graphics doesn't seem to work any longer (Bloomberg still looks like a text version of a Hoarders episode with so many undecodable graphs and abbreviations). It now matches up exactly with FNC, but in this case it's not exactly the worst thing in the world to have a united graphics look.
  10. WFAA used to have "Let Me Speak to the Manager" before the TEGNA takeover, of course.
  11. Still on WVTV as far as I can see for their new fall promos/time shifts; maybe they're limiting him to the smaller stations at this point?
  12. WGN Radio and CLTV have a good chance to stay with Nexstar considering they're all-local and WGN isn't just regurgitating the Premiere standard schedule (it also helps that iHeart and Cumulus are unlikely to be buyers in Chicago at this point, and Entercom won't dare sell WSCR or WBBM to pick it up). WGN America is likely to be sold to a highest bidder or a lower-tier network who will buy out the satellite slot to get a leg up, and at this point the Food Network stake is so silent it's a 'oh yeah, we do own that' part of the transaction they're unlikely to change. This TV is a dead network walking, but as seen with the sudden dumps of MeTV being listed in O&A, it looks like Nexstar has something in the works for Antenna TV.
  13. Because there's so many better shows in syndication they can carry than a viral video rundown show. Like Nexstar with Hollywood Today Live, it just makes no sense to carry that show if it gets no ratings and costs more than it's worth; apply the same argument to the ABC O&Os.
  14. I would have thought this is the year that Gray's WBAY might have moved her to 11am, but they're keeping her on at 12:07am; 11am is getting Inside Edition and Pawn Stars (down to one airing a day), and 9:30am/1:37am is getting 50 Words. At this point she better have an amazing season or only FTS is going to keep her as-is.
  15. No, you don't mess with the Bachelor Nation...they aren't going to be happy with watching at 12:37am ever, and in the third largest market? Too much collateral damage. The move is more than justified here. Plus The CW is in full Cancom Hashmark Summer mode that evening (Pandora and Mysteries Decoded) and knows that this will be the last time this should happen, ever (unless Marquee becomes the new Sportsnet LA and no cable system will pick it up). There's just no issue with this at all. Finally, DirecTV is suicidal to think their viewers could survive without ESPN. At this point, satellite, like its internet counterparts at HughesNet and ViaSat, is quickly becoming a 'I'll subscribe if I'm desperate/relocated to Western Nebraska' kind of service with a declining channel lineup.
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