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  1. Agreed with this; if there's one good thing about the social era and Media General merger, it's that both combined to finally stop the long regional domain names that sounded cute on-air, but are a nightmare to use as an online handle compared to four call letters and make a shared story in another market look like it was created by a fake website or one of those awful people who goes out to accident scenes and calls their gruesome 'uploaded before the next of kin was notified' pictures 'local news'.
  2. This is going to make Access even more of a non-factor in Milwaukee; the main show airs at 4am on WITI, and the Live annex is on at 2pm on WVTV-DT (the old WCGV), which means by the time it airs, the news will have been 9-21 years old (and an absolute clown show for the extremely delayed Friday edition that currently has 70 hour old entertainment news and weekend show plugs that are wasted breaths)...and I doubt the timelot issues have been addressed with the change in hosts in other markets (they've basically screwed over their non-NBC affiliates that aired Live specifically because it was Live). One season with Mario and NBC will finally put this mess out of its misery, hopefully.
  3. Someone still has a lot of My50 promotional merchandise they want to get rid of...though honestly there's nothing PLUS about that station's lineup to begin with that would make the other branding work.
  4. Goodbye to the awful white maps without any geography...they won't be missed at all. Though my local headend still has never upgraded the HD channel for local conditions, so I'm still stuck watching the SD feed for local conditions (but at least the text on that screen pretty much acknowledges that it's probably going to be stretched out).
  5. It looked so good on Friday, but looking at the scorebar in action that's just so meh and needing of some more flourishes Judging from the endcard of 'Packers Studios', it looks like the team took control of the design and production overall (was at the game tonight and the virtual yardlines were on the stadium screen broadcast, but not the TV broadcast?).
  6. Hopefully this is one of the many cracks to the failed 'produce 6ยข viral video recap shows for syndication' strategy Scripps thought would sweep the industry, but just resulted in viewer/advertiser flight. Pickler and Ben was not a bad show, but it just had a cheesy Mike & Maty feel that just never gelled to the modern age. And TMJ has needed a hit in the 3pm timeslot (before they lost Jeopardy!, they invariably picked up that year's newsmagazine flop at 3pm) since way back in the late 90s...hopefully this finally gives them something.
  7. NBC would be better off just making a deal on WTBS-LD for a subchannel running it 24/7 and rating in aggregate. But...people watch Rachael Ray at 1:07am on WISN, so who knows their strategy? Maybe they're hoping that Dr. Oz finally crashes and burns in the first half of the season and they can switch-a-roo the shows at the start of 2020, or just hedging their bets that Kelly doesn't turn out to be a repeat of Megan Mullally's show (love both Kelly and Megan so no hate here!)?
  8. There used to be no traffic updates until the state DOT added their sensors and traffic cameras during the continuing purgatory that is the I-41/172 reconstruction; it used to be their 'traffic reporting' was viewers calling saying the Frigo bridge was jammed up and someone had to confirm as such. Especially between Green Bay and Appleton, and Appleton/Oshkosh (and a smaller extent Manitowoc/Green Bay), it can be justified; and don't forget the roundabouts we'll never get used to driving around. If anything, thank the states for adding sensors and cams that allow traffic to be tracked in smaller markets.
  9. Looking at the Packers inter-squad scrimmage tonight, and it looks like they may possibly be using something else this pre-season besides the CBS default of the past few years (no scorebug because everything is untimed/unscored. The animation is the yellow bars sliding left-to-right to reveal the graphic).
  10. Blame the networks for not having ever provided a strong way to program 12:30. You've got The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS just eating everyone's lunch otherwise, an hour-long newscast is just repeating the noon all over, or you can go the paid advertorial route and alienate everyone. Someone's going to buy a WORX device and justify the money, and Humana needs to get people to know about Medicare Part D plans at a time they're awake. It's just the way things are and I don't think any lower of a station that does it.
  11. Because Dr. Phil and his son make gobs of money for CBS through his talk show and Bull, so they get to keep that hour no matter what happens (if it hadn't bombed out of the gate, Face the Truth would have had a 'just because' season two itself).
  12. Forget the graphics...leaning into the MSPaint 'paste a Times New Roman 13 onto that Fox logo' design is a design choice...a really bad design choice, but someone has way too attached to that 13 for a long time, and it looks even worse now just rendered flat.
  13. Scripps isn't paying money to go into New York just to run "2 1/2 Men" and "Friends" reruns ad nauseum and make it into WWOR2.
  14. Weigel owns the other half of Movies!, so you can be sure that the deal with Decades solidifies that carriage (along with H&I). I could see it more being a replacement for Light TV, which pretty much has sunk like a stone to an almost-all Christian station base outside the Fox markets. Buzzer at least has DRTV sales to keep them safe (and since Stirr and Pluto overlay the DRTV ads there, they want to stay on over-the-air whenever possible).
  15. Day one of anything (outside of already awful media product that can't be saved) isn't a cause to call it a 'bomb'. You've got staff getting used to a new workflow and probably some new formats to deal with on-air, and technical issues can happen at anything. And it's nigh doubtful that a mere spelling error in a rare breaking news situation is enough to portend the downfall of an entire news operation (and who on earth besides news people follow news directors on Twitter?!). As long as viewers are watching and advertisers are spending their money, the show is fine. It didn't have the best launch. As long as this isn't its MO going into October, everything will be fine.
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