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  1. The FCC saw through GIG's charade, told Gray that 'you really couldn't check if 27.1 was on the air the last six years?!' and has dismissed the petition. KCPM is in all intents and purposes, television history.
  2. If it gives even a 10% boost in ratings to what WGN America's schedule as-is right now (which is made up of repeats mostly found easily through streaming), it's a success. They need to do something, because come next retransmission consent negotiations, Spectrum isn't going to accept WGNA carriage again in the all-repeat 'basic cable Netflix with commercials' state they are now.
  3. The only true advertisers still getting any oxygen are home improvement companies (the type who film a bunch of local ads in some studio in Nashville or wherever who burn a minute during mid-afternoon talking about the local division of their gutter/window systems and offer restaurant gift cards that can't be used for months) who bulk-bought their time months ago, along with the usual home warranty and senior-targeting vultures you usually see stuck on daytime CW/MyNetworkTV affiliates swooping in for penny ante ad time. Quite a few stations have gone very promo-heavy lately to fill ad slots they can't fill, and with the building number of pre-emptions for news events, make-goods aren't also guaranteed. Even law ads are either being cut or taking their own 'stay home' tactics because screaming about talc lawsuits when you can't get into a lawyer's building for months is kind of pointless. Then of course your local advertisers who loyally come to sales and film their usual ad per month in front of the weather greenscreen or at their business, or get a bunch of people in to sing a seasonal jingle...that isn't happening right now, either, since only essential personnel are allowed at the studio, a TV station isn't sending a precious crew out just to make a commercial, and two people in a cramped studio booth cant' happen right now.
  4. I would have rather seen forced sales than revocations (of course not involving Cunnigham, Deerfield, Stirk, New Age or Max Media) since it was corporate level chicanery for the most part rather than the local level and the station personnel doesn't deserve the ill effects of their bosses.
  5. The postscript to the Sinclair/Tribune merger failure fallout is in from the FCC; SBG will be giving up a 'voluntary contribution of $48 million to Treasury', but escapes any license revocations. Also included in the fine is yet again, undisclosed VNRs (you'd think they'd have learned this in 2006) and other paid sponsorships and programming. Any other time, this is pretty much just a write-off for a normal 2Q, but it really doesn't help their financial straits overall at this point.
  6. Expect it to drag on even longer (this is the Gray deal to buy KCPM in Grand Forks/Fargo that we thought was dead in March); the shambling remains of GIG and Gray are campaigning to restore the license and use the backup KVLY transmitter as the new KCPM tower to broadcast local COVID news conferences, tele-learning from local school districts and Gray public affairs programming (they also argue it's Grand Forks' only station, which must mean the entire market has hallucinated the existence of WDAZ for 60 years despite its Devils Lake COL). With a month left in the school year. In an area with a low number of cases right now. Of course a sane FCC would just say 'you've got MeTV on 11.3, just use that', but this could probably be approved even though many MyNetworkTV stations can barely get an advertiser an ad break at this point.
  7. Three words; The Station Nightclub. WPRI's reputation, even in a quiet market like Providence, was killed for over a decade because they decided to promote a reporter's venue for a simple story about nightclub safety that could have easily be done somewhere else, and their error of having a cameraman there trying to get 'the shot' cost them $30 million and a number of lives. If you're at SBG you're ready to put someone like that on an indefinite suspension for questionable overall judgement.
  8. WITI will have the Packers for years, and has outside of a couple of months since 1976. Fox isn't giving up a free ATM of money and a solid news department because of corporate boredom.
  9. Still waiting for WITI and KCPQ to switch over to the Fox system; I get the feeling even without current events, it won't be until summer until they untangle the old Tribune backend, and WITI still hasn't gotten a stream on FoxNow like the rest of their O&O brethren (they still have the time and temp bug from two graphics generations ago going peek-a-boo at times during breaking news situations).
  10. On the same day that somehow Tegna had the gall to crow and announce their stockholders would get Q1 dividends too. If you're a furloughed employee, you should wonder if the viewer or the staff is priority #1 right now ...or even in the top 10.
  11. A homebound reporter at KCRA's partner has given a new meaning to "Out and About" here. (no embed of the tweet or the videos of it below it because I'd like to continue posting here ) And yes, like the auto show guy from KOVR/KMAX a few months back, Hearst/KCRA are pulling all mention of it/the report from every social media channel they have and praying to the FCC gods Ajit is distracted.
  12. Bill Lamb will definitely push to keep that newscast...and you know behind the scenes he's agitating to do the things he did during his run on WDRB. Fox did not hire him just because, they hired him to help create a successful news operation. The dearth of new sitcoms in syndication within that early prime slot is coming up very soon, and it's best to pull the switch now rather than wait until fall 2022 when the situation gets dire.
  13. The Doctors hasn't been new for months and probably gets regular hashmarks nationwide; putting on an infomercial is literally more profitable than some show filmed in August about leg stents where their alarmist tone is completely inappropriate now. But going back to 2009 when WGBA-TV in Green Bay became a weekday infomercial desert because all of their shows that fall bombed (thankfully this won't happen now since their current Scripps ownership now chooses shows with actual viewership), along with WLNE's overall woes that only cleared up after they got sold to Citadel. Get ready to see this a lot more after the end of May on stations with lousy syndication schedules. Advertising, both local and national, is only going in one direction, and this is going to be much worse than 2009 was. Already some stations are taking televangelist buys they haven't in twenty years just because they offer some kind of revenue. And if this goes into the fall, there are going to be shows which were announced at NATPE which will not be going forward, and what syndicated product that is new now (outside talk shows)...won't be.
  14. It doesn't help that it's the 'fourth' station in what is pretty much a market overwhelmingly ruled by WSAW-WZAW/Gray and WAOW/Quincy. The latter two would have publically called him out and Greta's Gray newscast would have had a topic to rail on against him for a week. Conversely, WJFW still feels like it's run in a 1991 state of mind (that's when they stopped running children's shows in the afternoon since Wausau/Rhinelander didn't get a Fox affiliate until 1999; I'm not kidding), and it really feels like they went for easy pickings with this lawsuit...but judging from today's election result and the special election in May for Sean Duffy's seat, this could backfire on 45 very easily. Also, Priorities USA could simply tell WJFW 'OK, done with this ad', and there's no more leg to stand on.
  15. Done at the end of January specifically because of the Trib situation, along with WDKY in the Lexington, KY area.
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