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  1. Gray has much less tolerance for the self-promoters and Ben Swanns of the world, and prefers team players, so it'll be nice to get a stable owner without the wacky experimenting of private equity station groups. No pulling of People yet...but I would expect the Better and More advertorial shows to also change.
  2. Already answered above in my first post. Please read through the thread.
  3. Hillsong was star-chasing and getting people like Justin Bieber and Vanessa Hudgens in, so it looked like a good proposition at the time to hitch up with them and turn The Church Channel from a dull and neutral, but good network, to the K-Love of TV (the same reason they ended JCTV and put on an all-movie channel in its place). Then all the Hillsong revelations came out, and now they've launched a rebrand with just over a month's notice to their carriage partners.
  4. I assume because it was more unexpected than the Crouches (who pretty much had their tribute programming banked and ready as Paul and Jan's health declined), and Daystar is more dependent on selling time to brokered shows than TBN, which mainly has mostly an internal production direction with brokers and films in the dead timeslots. They were caught off-guard as Marcus was still young and Jonathan (their son) definitely is in no position to take over the network at his age. So I think it's more 'we didn't expect this and we're struggling with the future', and now they have to figur
  5. 75% on Hulu for a lousy categorization...but KTRK has responsibility for the last 25% in their titling. It should have been something like "A 13 Eyewitness News Special: The Astroworld Tragedy", not "Concert From Hell". They had to have known it was a triggering title for those involved, and should've noted it was just a 'what we know' news examination as it was, rather than a sum-up show that we'd expect five years down the line.
  6. I get the feeling here the Currys mainly have an executive role as the face of the magazine and unlike 'ego' mags like McCall's/Rosie, this one was likely a remote job most of the way through with the staff being driven by the New York group of egomaniacs. Ayesha's probably finding this all out the same way the public did or got insulated from it by yes-people at Meredith saying 'yes, people still buy magazines, I promise!'. I barely pay attention to paper magazines any longer (I get THR for free, the Costco Connection because I'm a member, and the rest I read through Apple News an
  7. By cable, it's likely some homes carry their station in PA if they can't get WTAE. Since the affiliate list got pulled BTW, here's what it was for PA before the political site went up; (current Google cache) Since WPGH and WATM are non-news Sinclair-managed stations it'll take a bit to ascertain their status. WICU hasn't noted anything yet in their story, nor has WBRE or WKBN.
  8. Nor his viewers, who probably are like 'WTF is this political information?! I just wanted health tips?!' 0/100 for logo originality; shift the colors, 'U.S. Senate for Show'...he basically used Sony's art department to create his campaign image!
  9. The blackout would also affect border states and markets, so New York, Baltimore, Buffalo, Youngstown, Charleston, Wheeling-Steubenville, Binghamton, Elmira will also be affected if Sony decided to just blackout the state rather than put the show on hiatus, which is now pointless since it's not 1995 and his website, YouTube and OWN (which carries his reruns) exist. Suffice to say, he's handed Sony a major headache to deal with.
  10. Cuomo now under indefinite suspension. This year, the 23rd falls on a Thursday, leaving it or Christmas Eve perfect for an inevitable firing via news dump.
  11. In the meantime, Fox now owns TMZ, so they have their prime access locked in for the O&Os (along with the Extra deal with Warner) for at least a few years. That rules them out for the next Sony cycle.
  12. In the past, station groups like Scripps have experimented with internally-originated programs or news before primetime rather than syndicated product to save money from those carriage contracts...only to soon realize the shows paid for a lot on the station through their higher-priced ad slots on those shows than the national-local or 100% local split they get from lower-rated programming. Most of their stations are non-entities before primetime with positive news shows, plain extensions, or Access. The thought is Allen or activist shareholders would force them to dump WoF or Jeopa
  13. It's a move-in; it's what used to be channel 59 out of Peoria, WAOE, which is now licensed to Oswego and has suburban translators. They would've been better off buying paid programming time rather than doing this.
  14. Judge Judy was probably a contractual timeslot lock at 4pm when it was first-run (along with ratings justifying it) ; with it out of production, WDAF could move J! to 4pm.

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