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  1. I wonder if WITI will finally get the kitebox logo once they become a Fox O&O...
  2. I could see Fox getting Milwaukee while Sinclair gets Green Bay.
  3. Has there been any word from the DOJ yet on approval? I know the deadline was yesterday.
  4. I wonder when they will announce which stations will get sold off
  5. The only stations I could see Fox buying are KCPQ and WITI. They are both NFC markets.
  6. They are likely doing this to try to get an O&O in Seattle. That's my guess.
  7. So which markets would Sinclair have to sell in to get below the cap?
  8. Sinclair would likely keep the top 5 market stations, so they would have to sell a lot of the Local TV LLC stations
  9. Can't Fox block the deal from going through since they have to approve the ownership change?
  10. I hear the final bids are due on Thursday. Looks like we could hear something soon...
  11. Never have been a fan of her.
  12. I was gonna say, other than the L3's, the graphics don't look any different.
  13. I overall like the changes, but I'm surprised it took so long to make those changes.
  14. I guess tomorrow will be the reveal for whatever they are doing...
  15. Probably just tweaking the main anchor area, personally I'd love to see them get the new O&O graphics.
  16. I think the set could use a few upgrades. It would be nice to see the backdrop of the blurred out Milwaukee Skyline get replaced and maybe update their graphics as all of the O&O stations now use the new graphics, except WJZ of course.
  17. WDJT appeared to be on a temporary set again when I was watching their 10pm news tonight.
  18. kruejac

    CBS O&O changes

    I wonder if WGCL, WDJT or WFSB will get these graphics as well...
  19. kruejac

    CBS O&O changes

    Does anyone have a link or video of the news open?
  20. Most likely an LED Monitor that will go in front of their new anchor desk.
  21. I just checked their Instagram page and they posted a new image of their future set and say they will post a new image every day.
  22. I doubt they will change the graphics because they have been using the O&O package for only a year now. I think the O&O graphics will be around for a while yet. One thing I would like to see change is instead of using Overture, they could switch it to CBS Enforcer.
  23. For the MOST part, no. However KGUN has been using the Scripps graphics for their weather segments and KMTV is now using them for their weather segments as well.
  24. Gray won't buy KFMB because San Diego is way out of their market size range.
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