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  1. I wonder when they plan on closing the sale since the paperwork was already greenlighted last month...
  2. I wonder if WITI will finally get the kitebox logo once they become a Fox O&O...
  3. I could see Fox getting Milwaukee while Sinclair gets Green Bay.
  4. Has there been any word from the DOJ yet on approval? I know the deadline was yesterday.
  5. I wonder when they will announce which stations will get sold off
  6. The only stations I could see Fox buying are KCPQ and WITI. They are both NFC markets.
  7. They are likely doing this to try to get an O&O in Seattle. That's my guess.
  8. So which markets would Sinclair have to sell in to get below the cap?
  9. Sinclair would likely keep the top 5 market stations, so they would have to sell a lot of the Local TV LLC stations
  10. Can't Fox block the deal from going through since they have to approve the ownership change?
  11. I hear the final bids are due on Thursday. Looks like we could hear something soon...
  12. Never have been a fan of her.
  13. I was gonna say, other than the L3's, the graphics don't look any different.
  14. I overall like the changes, but I'm surprised it took so long to make those changes.
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