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  1. From what I understand, the SNL cameras were an NBC tradition. All of the O&Os get equipment from 30 Rock as NBC replaces it over time.
  2. Or, could Nexstar purchase WWHO outright? It'd be like a mini-reunion between them and WCMH, who managed WWHO until Viacom ownership
  3. That newsroom has suffered a lot of loss over the last few years. Mike Bowersock, Mike Jackson's stroke, Tom McNutt, and now him. He worked with Heather Pick in Rockford and again in Columbus. I liked him, The Mighty Ben Gelber, and Holly Hollingsworth together. They had great chemistry and you could tell they enjoyed working with eachother and genuinely liked one another. Stan Sanders stupidly split them up. He left in 2007 after station management cut newsroom operations down, and immediately began working for City Council. Huge loss for Newschannel 4. RIP.
  4. Jackson had a massive stroke last January-- his bio remains on the station's website as "Anchor Emeritus."
  5. Kerry Charles is headed from Atlanta to Columbus - will replace Mike Jackson at WCMH. https://www.nbc4i.com/local-4-you/nbc4-announces-kerry-charles-to-anchor-6p-7p-and-11p-news/
  6. Greg O’Neill was the voice of WXIX until 2013. I miss him!
  7. — WCMH was in the midst of a transition period from News 4 to NewsChannel 4 in the first clip. NBC had just bought them from Outlet and was tacking on the peacock and chimes in every place they could. They were still on that set as recently as 2008. I will say, I like their hybrid WNBC/WRC era — WNBC’s on air bug with WRC’s graphics. — WSYX was dead last in the late 1990s, yet they had such a quality team... Bob Hetherington, Terri Sullivan, Charlene Brown, Carol Luper... I like what Sinclair has done for WSYX over the last 20 years, especially post-NewsCentral. They’ve become like a second flagship for them. — No 10TV, save for KidsNews Network? KNN was pretty innovative for its time, though!
  8. The funny thing is — WCMH dumped that package and Signature a few months later for Prime News and rebranding to NewsChannel 4, this was just the placeholder from when NBC took over operations after merging with Outlet.
  9. WBNS coverage from 9/11 — anchors: Andrea Cambern, Angela Pace and Helen Neill.
  10. What is with station groups and purging veteran talent after sales close?
  11. 10TV’s cable penetration is insane... they reach as far west as Dayton, as far south as Scioto County, as far north as the Cleveland area (on cable) and as far east as Parkersburg/Charleston, WV.
  12. I could definitely see NBC 4 getting back into #1. People know Colleen Marshall and Mark Taylor, and many in our market grew up with the former. NBC’s primetime lineup is a lot better now than it was 10 years ago as well when they lost that spot, so there is a quality lead-in now. Before NBC got their paws on WCMH they were their strongest affiliate — and later one of their strongest O&Os. After NBC sold the station off, the news product took a huge hit with a lot of their quality reporters (i.e. Nancy Burton, Holly Hollingsworth, John Ivanic, Kyle Anderson, etc.) losing their jobs, their longtime ND (Stan Sanders) being fired, and the economic downturn. As cheap as Nexstar is, they’re slowly getting back what was there before Media General cut everything.
  13. I’m sick. However, it was bound to happen. The paper was sold in 2014. Daily circulation for the Dispatch had significantly dropped before that. Real estate is the Wolfes’ main cash cow, not broadcasting. Very sad day for Columbus media. However, my focus is more on the guys who have been working at 777 Twin Rivers Drive for 30+ years and are now in danger of losing their jobs, or being forced into retirement...
  14. Not to mention Erica Baker’s body still hasn’t been found.
  15. Olivia Fecteau is headed to WEWS from WCMH, effective March 1. She was their morning reporter and came over from their ex-sister station WJAR in 2016.
  16. Olivia Fecteau is leaving WCMH and going to WEWS effective March 1.
  17. CBS makes a bit of money with WWJ, seeing as they can run it as a simple pass-through. If they hadn’t been turning some sort of a profit, CBS would have unloaded it long ago and wiped their hands of that mess...
  18. Wow, you’re not the sharpest tool in the tool shed, are you? NBC is not shuttering NBC Boston’s news department. Period. Lemme explain to you why NBC is going to continue running newscasts despite “negative reviews.” MONEY! As long as NBC Boston can sell ad rates at a decent amount and turn a profit, then ratings won't matter as much as you think. This is also why stations have slowly begun to phase out syndicated programming in daytime — they can keep all the revenue in-house rather than sharing it with syndicators. You sound like Mardek’s cousin from Philadelphia who seems to think that shuttering a news department fixes its problems.
  19. I thought Fox still represented the ex-O&Os during carriage disputes, as part of their affiliation contracts negotiated during the sale from FTS to Local TV?
  20. I’d always been curious as to NBC 4’s contingencies during a disaster. Some time ago, they could use the tech center abandoned in the late 90s when NBC started to hub their stations from 30 Rock, WTVJ, Burbank, and KXAS. Master for Media General’s NBC stations was located at NBC4 until the sale to Nexstar. I’m not sure if the hub is still open, after the sale to Nexstar... but it was constructed in 2006 while the station was still run out of the NBC hub. Who were the targets, and was the suspect nabbed? Station management made the right call not to break into programming or report on what has happened. This would also give the suspect the visibility he sought.
  21. Was wrong about him possibly heading back to 10TV but nothing else. After the Wolfes folded ONN’s operations in 2012, many former ONN anchors/reporters went over to 10TV. Eric was their weekend meteorologist until 2015. No one said anything about demotion.
  22. The Giant Octopus graphics are my favorite era of 10TV, mainly the 1996 opens with the theme that’d later be used for WFOR and the scrolling county names, and the 1998 open (first with TiYN) with the scrolling “wbns columbus ohio” and chopper shots of downtown.
  23. Lauren Clark is out at WHIO. Her last newscast was this morning.
  24. I’m not a big game show guy but why don’t the CBS O&Os have Wheel or J?
  25. Seriously, don’t be a jerk. The guy was simply offering a nice gesture. 40 years at the same television station is nothing to scoff at. Just relax, say your congratulations, and move on. Or if you don’t like someone’s postings; you’re always free to scroll on or hit “ignore.” It doesn’t always require a response. Like him or not, he does a lot of great work for the site in an unofficial capacity. As does Roly with his changingnewscasts blog that you’ve criticized many times. Point is, if you don’t like someone’s posts, just don’t read them. Aren’t you the same guy who shielded Mardek from (well-deserved) criticism, telling everyone just not to read his posts if we didn’t like them?
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