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  1. That newsroom has suffered a lot of loss over the last few years. Mike Bowersock, Mike Jackson's stroke, Tom McNutt, and now him. He worked with Heather Pick in Rockford and again in Columbus. I liked him, The Mighty Ben Gelber, and Holly Hollingsworth together. They had great chemistry and you could tell they enjoyed working with eachother and genuinely liked one another. Stan Sanders stupidly split them up. He left in 2007 after station management cut newsroom operations down, and immediately began working for City Council. Huge loss for Newschannel 4. RIP.
  2. BIG loss for the television news industry... he will be sorely missed.
  3. Jackson had a massive stroke last January-- his bio remains on the station's website as "Anchor Emeritus."
  4. Kerry Charles is headed from Atlanta to Columbus - will replace Mike Jackson at WCMH. https://www.nbc4i.com/local-4-you/nbc4-announces-kerry-charles-to-anchor-6p-7p-and-11p-news/
  5. Bumping this due to a major update in the case. https://abc6onyourside.com/news/local/mike-davis-expected-to-plead-guilty-when-trial-begins-thursday-morning Mike Davis has pled GUILTY and is facing up to 25 years in prison for all four counts.
  6. Greg O’Neill was the voice of WXIX until 2013. I miss him!
  7. Hate to bump an old thread — but indictments were handed down today. Davis is looking at 25 years in prison. https://www.dispatch.com/news/20191009/former-10tv-meteorologist-mike-davis-indicted-on-four-felonies-related-to-child-pornography
  8. — WCMH was in the midst of a transition period from News 4 to NewsChannel 4 in the first clip. NBC had just bought them from Outlet and was tacking on the peacock and chimes in every place they could. They were still on that set as recently as 2008. I will say, I like their hybrid WNBC/WRC era — WNBC’s on air bug with WRC’s graphics. — WSYX was dead last in the late 1990s, yet they had such a quality team... Bob Hetherington, Terri Sullivan, Charlene Brown, Carol Luper... I like what Sinclair has done for WSYX over the last 20 years, especially post-NewsCentral. They’ve become like a second flagship for them. — No 10TV, save for KidsNews Network? KNN was pretty innovative for its time, though!
  9. John Cardenas flipped between WBNS and WTHR quite often, and served as VP of News for Dispatch until 2013 and Tom Griesdorn’s retirement.
  10. Once again, you made this up. KCOP is the only station in LA running Judge Jerry.
  11. The funny thing is — WCMH dumped that package and Signature a few months later for Prime News and rebranding to NewsChannel 4, this was just the placeholder from when NBC took over operations after merging with Outlet.
  12. WBNS coverage from 9/11 — anchors: Andrea Cambern, Angela Pace and Helen Neill.
  13. What does this have to do with anything??
  14. Update: Mike Davis has been fired. Station management has shared a statement on their website. Any chance that TEGNA will force Cardenas out in the near future?
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