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  1. John Cardenas flipped between WBNS and WTHR quite often, and served as VP of News for Dispatch until 2013 and Tom Griesdorn’s retirement.
  2. Once again, you made this up. KCOP is the only station in LA running Judge Jerry.
  3. The funny thing is — WCMH dumped that package and Signature a few months later for Prime News and rebranding to NewsChannel 4, this was just the placeholder from when NBC took over operations after merging with Outlet.
  4. WBNS coverage from 9/11 — anchors: Andrea Cambern, Angela Pace and Helen Neill.
  5. The Columbus Symphony Orchestra, coupled with shots of Central Ohio landmarks — what a signoff. Also love the use of the “Spirit of Ohio” theme. Nexstar’s canned anthem has nothing on this — since they’re all about “local,” shouldn’t they use locally produced videos? I reckon WCMH has a vast video archive... hell they could have used the Waverly High School kids from Pike County who performed at this year’s Red, White & Boom.
  6. What does this have to do with anything??
  7. Update: Mike Davis has been fired. Station management has shared a statement on their website. Any chance that TEGNA will force Cardenas out in the near future?
  8. 10TV led with the Davis story and showed him being processed into the Franklin County Jail.
  9. Wendy got her start in Columbus on WWHO — so it’s like going home. I’m surprised they haven’t let go of The People’s Court or Divorce Court yet. I’m shocked 4 didn’t get Kelly Clarkson, seeing as it was Steve’s direct replacement. However, Media General began to move away from NBCUniversal Television Distribution as the station’s main syndication provider... looks as if Nexstar is continuing that. Sinclair must have been willing to pay more than Nexstar for it.
  10. Columbus, as of 9/9: WBNS — No changes. CBS-centric lineup remains stagnant. WCMH — Midday is extended to one hour. Wendy Williams is gone. Mel Robbins launches at 2pm, replacing Steve. I’m shocked they didn’t get Kelly Clarkson’s talkshow. WSYX — Kelly Clarkson runs at 9am, replacing Millionaire. Tamron Hall runs at 3:00pm, replacing The Doctors which moves to 1:30 am. WSYX also launches a 7pm newscast: “Good Evening Columbus,” shunting Access Hollywood to 1:05 am — post Nightline. WTTE — Judge Jerry runs at 12pm, replacing Face the Truth. WWHO — Save for Wendy Williams returning, no changes to report.
  11. What is with station groups and purging veteran talent after sales close?
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