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  1. ColDayNews

    2018-19 Syndication News

    Besides Columbus, do any of the ex-O&Os (WJAR, WNCN and WVTM) still have Extra or Access Hollywood?
  2. ColDayNews

    Out and About

    Was wrong about him possibly heading back to 10TV but nothing else. After the Wolfes folded ONN’s operations in 2012, many former ONN anchors/reporters went over to 10TV. Eric was their weekend meteorologist until 2015. No one said anything about demotion.
  3. ColDayNews

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    The Giant Octopus graphics are my favorite era of 10TV, mainly the 1996 opens with the theme that’d later be used for WFOR and the scrolling county names, and the 1998 open (first with TiYN) with the scrolling “wbns columbus ohio” and chopper shots of downtown.
  4. ColDayNews

    November 2018 Sweeps Results

  5. ColDayNews

    Spectrum News 1 Wisconsin???

    1. The Spectrum news channels are only available to subscribers of the cable service. Therefore there isn’t going to be a live stream readily available to every Tom, Dick or Harry. 2. Spectrum uses the news channels as an enticement to subscribe, other cable/satellite providers do the same thing with sports channels which cover a popular team in the service territory. 3. It’s been up and running since early December. https://www.bizjournals.com/milwaukee/news/2018/12/03/spectrum-local-news-channel-launches-in-milwaukee.html
  6. ColDayNews

    Out and About

    Lauren Clark is out at WHIO. Her last newscast was this morning.
  7. ColDayNews

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    The product still sucks ... maybe not as much as it did under Media General, but it definitely still sucks. I'd say letting Stan Sanders go was one of MG's dumbest decisions... he was an asshole, but he always hired quality reporters. and knew what it took to compete in a market such as Columbus. In case you don't remember who Stan Sanders was -- he came to Columbus in 1999, and was WCMH's VP of News from 1999-2009. Media General showed him the door in early 2009. He fired Jym Ganahl until the GM -- Craig Robinson -- forced the two to kiss and make up. Station management is definitely much lazier and cheaper than they were 10, even 5 years ago when the station was at its absolute lowest (OK! TV, Byron Allen and EP Daily as your morning programming? Come on...) I agree with you, they're getting somewhat better under Nexstar... but awfully astonishing how quickly they went from one of NBC's strongest O&Os which routinely gave 10TV a run for its money to 4th place in a 3 station market.
  8. ColDayNews

    George HW Bush dies at 94

    Yes and no. Fox isn’t the one who turns on the splicer, it’s operated at the affiliate level. The same command sent down by network to run a Level 1 is the same command sent down at 7:59 PM ET to start primetime. The splicer only responds to 2 commands: Splice to Network/Splice to Local. It can be bypassed, especially if the station wanted to do local longform breaking news coverage (think WNYW/WTTG on 9/11) It’s not a tool that Fox uses to keep the affiliates “in line”, it’s mainly for the affiliates’ use... and comes in handy, especially if the affiliate wanted to run a severe weather crawl/map or school closings/delays ticker during network programming. The Splicer’s main purpose is to ensure that the affiliates’ video signal is the best possible, and can bypass anything obstructing good video quality ... not some tool Fox uses to ensure complete compliance.
  9. The Wolfes always use whatever loss suffered in the newsroom as a catalyst for their long tradition of community service. Maria Tiberi’s death spurred Maria’s Message where Dom Tiberi travels across the WBNS viewing area and surrounding counties to educate teens on distracted driving. He gave a presentation at my high school a year ago, and it really hit home for us. Heather’s death 10 years ago spurred a donation by the Wolfes (at the time they had the Dispatch/ONN/WBNS-AM/FM/TV) to the James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State. I truly hope that a blessing, however small or large, comes out of this.
  10. I lived in Worthington, close to where he and Jason lived. I always saw them out and about. They’re literally the friendliest people you’d ever meet, always stopping to talk to people — especially those who recognized Chris. I really want to see Dispatch and Mayor Ginther rename the stretch of Twin Rivers Drive which runs in front of the studio after him: Chris Bradley Way.
  11. He did, as did Chuck Gillespie. WSYX made a point to mention on the air that he worked there from 1998-2005, until being replaced by Jerry Martz.
  12. WCMH, WSYX/WTTE, and WBNS just came together to film PSAs for bone marrow donation and Be the Match in support of Chris. They'll hit the air next week. They feature Jerry Revish, Mike Jackson, Yolanda Harris, Bob Kendrick, Stacia Naquin and Colleen Marshall.
  13. ColDayNews

    George HW Bush dies at 94

    KRIV was the pool feed for aerials this morning. Fox News and CNN took them — CNN uncredited. CNN was the ground pool.
  14. ColDayNews

    George HW Bush dies at 94

    FOX also made a KRIV simulcast available for the procession. WXIX took KRIV during their morning show and joined Fox News at 11:03ET. I’m just curious as to whether simulcasting the network’s affiliate was a decision made at the station level or does FOX make affiliate simulcasts/clean feeds available during breaking news if the network isn’t exactly ready to go with a special report? (i.e. FNC in a commercial break, opinion show, no anchor/correspondent for flashcam, etc.)
  15. ColDayNews

    Out and About

    I’m not a big game show guy but why don’t the CBS O&Os have Wheel or J?

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