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  1. Not to mention Erica Baker’s body still hasn’t been found.
  2. Olivia Fecteau is headed to WEWS from WCMH, effective March 1. She was their morning reporter and came over from their ex-sister station WJAR in 2016.
  3. So this would leave KDFW and WJW as the only stations still on the 2006 sets.
  4. Olivia Fecteau is leaving WCMH and going to WEWS effective March 1.
  5. Ah. I got them mixed up for a bit; but I’d say Columbus needs more sports radio — we have two major league franchises, a VERY popular college football team and there’s been talk of adding the NBA in the past.
  6. I liked The Zone. Sad to see it go. Didn’t Anthony Rothman have a show on there after leaving Buckeye Football Fever and WSYX?
  7. They give me some real CBS vibes,
  8. CBS makes a bit of money with WWJ, seeing as they can run it as a simple pass-through. If they hadn’t been turning some sort of a profit, CBS would have unloaded it long ago and wiped their hands of that mess...
  9. Wow, you’re not the sharpest tool in the tool shed, are you? NBC is not shuttering NBC Boston’s news department. Period. Lemme explain to you why NBC is going to continue running newscasts despite “negative reviews.” MONEY! As long as NBC Boston can sell ad rates at a decent amount and turn a profit, then ratings won't matter as much as you think. This is also why stations have slowly begun to phase out syndicated programming in daytime — they can keep all the revenue in-house rather than sharing it with syndicators. You sound like Mardek’s cousin from Philadelphia who seems to think that shuttering a news department fixes its problems.
  10. Fun fact: Degan was a video operator for Maury and Sally until the latter’s 2002 cancellation and production for the shows was taken over from Studios USA by Universal.
  11. I thought Fox still represented the ex-O&Os during carriage disputes, as part of their affiliation contracts negotiated during the sale from FTS to Local TV?
  12. I’d always been curious as to NBC 4’s contingencies during a disaster. Some time ago, they could use the tech center abandoned in the late 90s when NBC started to hub their stations from 30 Rock, WTVJ, Burbank, and KXAS. Master for Media General’s NBC stations was located at NBC4 until the sale to Nexstar. I’m not sure if the hub is still open, after the sale to Nexstar... but it was constructed in 2006 while the station was still run out of the NBC hub. Who were the targets, and was the suspect nabbed? Station management made the right call not to break into programming or report on what has happened. This would also give the suspect the visibility he sought.
  13. Besides Columbus, do any of the ex-O&Os (WJAR, WNCN and WVTM) still have Extra or Access Hollywood?
  14. Was wrong about him possibly heading back to 10TV but nothing else. After the Wolfes folded ONN’s operations in 2012, many former ONN anchors/reporters went over to 10TV. Eric was their weekend meteorologist until 2015. No one said anything about demotion.
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