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  1. Apparently Rob is making a recovery. It’s very slow although it looks like he will make it.
  2. Maurice and Kristine alternate anchoring from the studio for the 5 and 11pm newscasts. The other anchor broadcasts from home. At 6 Dana Tyler broadcasts from home and either Maurice or Kristine broadcasts from the studio.
  3. I’ve seen Mary at the studio as late as after 4pm some days. I presume she has a break somewhere in the afternoon.
  4. Is Brian Williams in afternoons going to become something long term?
  5. That’s possible although Katy would still only have the 2pm hour if Chuck was at 1 and Nicole started at 3. Also why is Brian Williams co-anchoring with Katy? Possible move to afternoons so Shep Smith can take his spot if/when he join?
  6. I don’t get why WNBC doesn’t have an hour long newscast at 7. Also why not have one at 11am as well?
  7. Why not just have an hour long newscast at 7 instead of repeating nightly news?
  8. Was nightly news a 630 repeat or another newscast? I’m presuming it was the later. Interesting that it wasn’t the other way around.
  9. Then at the very least put the forth hour on at the third hours time and get rid of the third hour. Have Hoda just do the third/forth hour and make Craig Melvin a co-anchor.
  10. Yes. It’s too bad that Morgan wasn’t the pick.
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