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  1. Why would Hearst dump Tulsa in this scenario? They own KOCO in OKC, but they don't have a station in Tulsa.
  2. Longtime lurker, first time poster... I'm long gone from Oklahoma, but I grew up just outside OKC watching Channel 4 (WKY/KTVY/KFOR). Bob Barry Sr. or Jr. held the sports director's chair there for 49 years. As mentioned in a column in Friday's Oklahoman, the station has changed call letters more than it has changed sports directors. They were truly legendary in that market. Relationships are tight, even among long-time competitors. Brothers Kelly (KWTV) and Kevin Ogle (KFOR) are prime-time anchors on competing stations. Their father, Jack, was an anchor on WKY (now KFOR) in the 1960's

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