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  1. ABC has been the worst for New years eve coverage. Mariah Carey tries to sing with missing vocals but eventualy doesnt, one of the monitors got rained on in new orleans via satelite causing the monitor go into static and also ABC had to cut to the dreaded Color bars "ABC TV NEW YORK" thing with the ABC bug on the corner for a few seconds. then my station (KXTV) goes into dead air until they come back followed by an ABC 10 news promo then a TIME/TEMP VANC screen and after that Ryan seacrest acts like it never happened. i don't know why all of this is even happening??????
  2. yeah that is until you get to the weakest station it picks up. KNTV. yeah could be that. they might go away because i once did a channel surfing video on this and some of the bay area channels never came back that night until the next weekend or when the wind was picking up.
  3. i'm in Rancho cordova. KTVU is located 94 miles.
  4. idk whats going on but for some reason my outdoor roof antenna (I also have Directv on the other side of the house because half the wiring in the wall that used to be Directv was cut off in my bedroom due to budget reasons) it decides to pickup not only more stations in sacramento but also Bay Area stations as well....i was getting 63 channels before now im getting 83 channels instead with KTVU being the strongest signal. did KTVU upgrade their towers? something tells us they did something over in the san francisco and san jose transmitters.
  5. Bethany Crouch Left KTXL for KOVR/KMAX back in October.
  6. when i was a detroit kid i used to count on WXYZ but i was more and more tuned to WJBK because they were on the spot for breaking news and investigative stuff and WXYZ sometimes weren't as alert or at least i thought they were. i agree with the whole weather thing though really WXYZ?
  7. KOVR did that but not with weather. they did it during news headlines.
  8. well considering KTXL is their sister station (which KXTV is also somewhat doing) i doubt it. also interviews are even done in the news room. its even showing a GMA sign in the background. they could've at least used the sac and co studio.
  9. well they are an ABC affiliate so i doubt that's why. also yes they did open the news as "ABC 10 LNT". and more new stuff from KXTV. they now pan the camera through their news room From and to Commercials similar to KCRA and WSVN. Weather forecasts are on a small box in the corner while other stuff on the Screen they use is on the main part of the weather shown here.
  10. if WWL stays CBS they will need to renew their affiliation. but it wont happen anytime soon.
  11. unless they switch with another affiliate. i could see WWL taking ABC or CW from either of the 2 Tribune stations in that market replacing their CBS.
  12. KXTV's newsroom is now their studio until changes are being made it seems. they seem to start using the format KTXL and KCRA is using where they use sometimes the newsroom for cold opens and a different set. having the weather as a screen is like KTRK without the 3D. i could be wrong.
  13. if the sounder they've used for the past 25 years is still being used and the fact that parts of the CBS enforcer collection is used wouldn't they use their version that they used in 1998 which sounds exactly the same with the sounder?
  14. Didn't KTXL do something similar with studio 40? im pretty sure KXTV has done Sac & Co for the longest time.
  15. WGN gets to do what they want now that their independent.
  16. Inside Edition now has an updated theme with new graphics. they only teased it in a open and in a topical promo.
  17. All affiliates are starting to move their Logos and bugs out of the Safe zone now. the only ones left is CBS and CW. just recently ABC moved theirs to the corner. the first to do this was FOX.
  18. you mean like WAGA or perhaps maybe WTXF? the few O&Os that still use their old set is WNYW, WJBK and WFLD.
  19. Mark S. allen will join KXTV.
  20. KTXL uses a Different set. Could be a new set.
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