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  1. that's a sleek Ticker for SNF. the scoreboard is even better.
  2. is WNYW becoming the new WJZ or is it worse than that?
  3. this looks almost like the bottom line from 1999.
  4. Ellen Moves to 3PM on KXTV this fall. i think this might be another station to add 4PM News which KCRA and KOVR is already doing and this would mean that this would come on the same time as the show's flagship station KNBC.
  5. for some reason this doesnt have a listing anywhere. my guess is that the theme is done in-house, this clip has some tape warping so it might be kinda hard to tell.
  6. I think KCRA used to do one many years ago.
  7. i think they placed it where the old 4X3 safe zone goes. i think they should lower it if no one is watching it on a 4X3 TV.
  8. I really thought they were going to use the package from WGCL and KPTV but i guess not.
  9. She used to be the Voice of KXTV from 1998-2013.
  10. All Nexstar Stations got the new Website layout except its going to take Nexstar alot of time for these stations to get the new site layout because there are STILL 100+ Stations still using the old layout. there's way too many to count. i know KRON got it recently.
  11. yea tbh i thought it wasn't that bad of a Package. the only ones left that will still use it is its former Fox O&Os like WGHP and WJW. WNYW hasnt switched to it yet either.
  12. you know that KRXI still has WX coming from KTVU right?
  13. the set still hasn't left 2006. then again their former fox stations hasn't either......(WJW)
  14. actually they open with a Production Music track "Conquer" from Firstcom.
  15. nothing from KTTV yet. they aren't going to get morning cuts of beyond due to the Famous Good Day Package from Gari.
  16. Now WAGA Switched to Beyond. the next very likely to get it is WJZY, WFLD, WTXF, KDFW, WNYW, WJBK.
  17. KTXL changed their Bug to Pink for Kaiser Permanente's Pink Week. (Breast Cancer Prevention)
  18. Could be that their doing what KMSP and KSAZ is doing differently since WNYW, WTTG, KTTV, KTVU, WTVT, WJZY, KDFW, KRIV, WJBK, WTXF and WFLD is still using the OSI Music.
  19. Entravision. their the same company that owns Radio stations here in Sacramento. for example KHHM Hot 103.5. this probably also applies to radio as well unless its just Television.
  20. KCRA may FULLY roll out the new logo update by next year. just new font. currently its only been teased in the newsroom and in Promos for syndicated programming.
  21. The ones in LA? didn't KWHY already have the same subchannels as them?
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