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  1. Idk. I'm seeing a bit of Raycom in there.
  2. Unfortunately i'm stuck without CBS or CW here in Sacramento until something happens with CBS. so i'm left with using an antenna and a chromecast on top of Directv.
  3. and whats sad, majority of Nexstar's stations are CBS.
  4. No it works fine. (tested the site for WXYZ.)
  5. KXTV is still using a weird sped up version of Tegna's ID after newscasts and it sounds bad.
  6. KQCA Unveiled a new logo Couple days ago.
  7. The one under KIRO is likely KMOV but who knows. they did a fantastic job representing the affiliates.
  8. Perhaps the abbreviation is there for social media. (#CTM For example.) unfortunately i think this is going to be a little confusing for some.
  9. honestly this is indeed a lot like a good reboot of what they had in the late 2000s, I like it.
  10. The same can be said for KRON.
  11. I checked it out. their using Nexstar's ABC Mandated graphics.
  12. KXTV added Bounce on 10.3 in 1080i HD.
  13. WAGA and WFLD are yet to get this updated site design.
  14. KRNV is still using Curves with a piece of Look F animation in their logo. you'd think they'd change that too by now right? (given the market they are in)
  15. This looks like it was done for a Gray station and even Gray has better looking stations than this.
  16. Actually I've discovered that all CBS O&Os are doing it. Except KYW and WBBM.
  17. KOVR Moved their Bug, Its no longer at the 4:3 Safe Area so now its on the lower right corner.
  18. KTXL Finally updates their Weather Graphics after 10 years. its now like KSWB.
  19. I'm Pretty sure this was posted before but it doesn't say who the artists is, just says soundtrack. they call it "The Visionary" 2nd video at 1:19. does anyone know who it is?
  20. KTXL is affected to those in the Stanislaus County area that have spectrum.
  21. KCRA had news on Me-TV. doesn't say when but at one point they did.
  22. that's a sleek Ticker for SNF. the scoreboard is even better.
  23. is WNYW becoming the new WJZ or is it worse than that?
  24. this looks almost like the bottom line from 1999.
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