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  1. Perhaps the abbreviation is there for social media. (#CTM For example.) unfortunately i think this is going to be a little confusing for some.
  2. The best set Nexstar has ever released for that station. Probably the CBS graphics but with Red accents instead of yellow or orange (WCIA).
  3. most of the Disney/ABC O&Os still have those. KGO for example.
  4. i say let C Clarity last until it gets updates.
  5. At least its not NBC, but hey they got themselves a good deal.
  6. I'm seeing a Teeny bit of WTXF in there with some new elements of the set.
  7. I think that's just for the site/app. if they ever decide to go for a logo update chances are they are going to go gold like WJZ.
  8. I was just about to say! speaking of which for some odd reason the bug on the right side is not aligned that could be why they aren't showing it half the time.
  9. Darius22

    WTTV New Look

    yea a downgrade from what they had before. too flat and simple.
  10. Isn't the app all in one? i have to use the same app for CBS Sacramento.
  11. actually...now that you mention it, no. and i guess the same could be said for KBCW.
  12. Apparently (i don't know if this was talked about before but) KMAX has Springer now.
  13. honestly this is indeed a lot like a good reboot of what they had in the late 2000s, I like it.
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