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  1. Idk. I'm seeing a bit of Raycom in there.
  2. To my Knowlege KOVR has one they call Drone13 and some of the FOX O&Os use the SkyFox name on their drones.
  3. and if all else fails, may as well be O&O or Independent (Whichever Works). The Dispatch Broadcast Group does deserve a better company though.
  4. One could wonder what this means for CW? (since Viacom used to run UPN.)
  5. I got an ad for The Kelly Clarkson Show and its coming in the fall to KCRA.
  6. Given WKBN is a CBS Affiliate most likely CBS Local or another package from SAM followed by the Nexstar-CBS graphics (I could be wrong about this). now for the set it will probably be proper like most Nexstar stations out there, the chroma set was a good experiment tbh.
  7. Unfortunately i'm stuck without CBS or CW here in Sacramento until something happens with CBS. so i'm left with using an antenna and a chromecast on top of Directv.
  8. It looks great......but why are they using ABC graphics?
  9. I couldn't find a clip but both the phineas and ferb and milo murphys law Cartoons used a Fictional version of the 1994 Dateline NBC theme By Michael Karp whenever they show a news reporter. EDIT: Found one.
  10. Luckily its not a mandate.
  11. Since Judge Jerry is an NBCUniversal show its likely to come to KCRA or KQCA in Sacramento, the only networks in the area that syndicate NBCUniversal produced shows.
  12. I was getting used to their old one but this one is ok.
  13. and whats sad, majority of Nexstar's stations are CBS.
  14. at first i thought they would because of their affiliations (because CW doesnt have its own dedicated graphics like the Big 4.) but then i realized ABC so Nexstar's ABC graphics. and they don't look bad either and i can agree with the logos they are ok.

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