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  1. at first i thought they would because of their affiliations (because CW doesnt have its own dedicated graphics like the Big 4.) but then i realized ABC so Nexstar's ABC graphics. and they don't look bad either and i can agree with the logos they are ok.
  2. They are likely to get all original graphics along with that new set, we'll see what happens.
  3. No it works fine. (tested the site for WXYZ.)
  4. oh my bad sorry. i was saying what font KXLY could possibly use for its font not what they are currently using.
  5. Proxima Nova Probably. But i think it looks fantastic especially in motion with the set.
  6. That's pretty cool that they have 2 separate sets for 2 stations all in 1 studio. most stations only use 1 set i think.
  7. Their not too bad, the open could be a bit better though as well as the cuts they chose for extreme. it has a little bit of old WTVQ here and there (the background) but its an alright package.
  8. KXTV is still using a weird sped up version of Tegna's ID after newscasts and it sounds bad.
  9. KQCA Unveiled a new logo Couple days ago.
  10. The open is ok i mean at least its not as bad compared to what WNEM did for the first time they got the graphics. i'm sure eventually they'll refine it.
  11. The one under KIRO is likely KMOV but who knows. they did a fantastic job representing the affiliates.
  12. Perhaps the abbreviation is there for social media. (#CTM For example.) unfortunately i think this is going to be a little confusing for some.
  13. The best set Nexstar has ever released for that station. Probably the CBS graphics but with Red accents instead of yellow or orange (WCIA).
  14. most of the Disney/ABC O&Os still have those. KGO for example.
  15. i say let C Clarity last until it gets updates.
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