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  1. Darius22

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    The FX thing i believe it was because FOX formally owned a network in the late 90s that Disney now owns, Freeform Which used to be called Fox Family and FOX Sports would come on both of them.
  2. Darius22

    Out & About

    KXTV added Bounce on 10.3 in 1080i HD.
  3. Darius22

    Out & About

    WAGA and WFLD are yet to get this updated site design.
  4. Darius22

    WBFF New Graphics, possible new Sinclair Graphics?

    KRNV is still using Curves with a piece of Look F animation in their logo. you'd think they'd change that too by now right? (given the market they are in)
  5. Darius22

    Holy Graphics Knockoff Batman!!

    This looks like it was done for a Gray station and even Gray has better looking stations than this.
  6. Darius22

    EarWitness News

    This was back when KOVR was an ABC affiliate.
  7. Darius22

    Out & About

    Actually I've discovered that all CBS O&Os are doing it. Except KYW and WBBM.
  8. Darius22

    Out & About

    KOVR Moved their Bug, Its no longer at the 4:3 Safe Area so now its on the lower right corner.
  9. Darius22

    Out & About

    KTXL Finally updates their Weather Graphics after 10 years. its now like KSWB.
  10. I'm Pretty sure this was posted before but it doesn't say who the artists is, just says soundtrack. they call it "The Visionary" 2nd video at 1:19. does anyone know who it is?
  11. oh sorry. didnt realize that.
  12. No. MTV Stopped airing it in 2007.
  13. Darius22

    Out & About

    KTXL is affected to those in the Stanislaus County area that have spectrum.
  14. Darius22

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Yea those stations too.
  15. Darius22

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    I actually want to apologize about that. i realized that was way too soon to talk about. i'm just going to wait and give Nexstar some time when it completes.

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