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  1. It could be worse... It could be "AM Arizona"
  2. Over the last few years KUSI has become one of the better shops in town. Most of the other stations have "sunk" below what KUSI used to be. KUSI has new live trucks, gear is being replaced, they picked up a few back pack live units. The set may be old, but KUSI has one major thing going for them. They cover politics and local civil issues better than the others. KUSI has not abandon older or legacy viewers. If you walk in the KUSI newsroom around show time, there is a smell of Old Spice in the air. If you listen carefully, you can hear the young female producers and reporte
  3. Costco now sells "Kirkland Reporters". They have Blonde, Red and Brunette. Buy one now before the fake Christmas trees return in August
  4. There are a lot of tv news operations here...but none are competitive anymore. Lazy reporting is everywhere. "Enterprise " reporting consists of emails and calls from viewers about problems with neighbors. Missing dogs eaten by coyotes, and sharks in the sewers looking for water in the drought. They are trying to beat the internet, and every video is "viral". In the old days they stole the stories from the morning paper. Now they read snopes and play "Fact or Fiction" with us. Except for a small handful of reporters...most are "repeaters" and not reporters. There are re
  5. You are right. San Diego has used Phoenix as a feeder market, but in reality SD sucks for most these Zonies. Plenty arrive from Phoenix, just to turn back around and flee the high cost of living.
  6. Demartino was at KGTV San Diego doing wknd wx and some reporting.. She was very likable here and pretty versatile. She sailed through a few breaking live shots. Too bad she left SD.
  7. I forgot to post this when I first saw it....Oh the good old days..... WABC-TV LAYS OFF 36; 59 MORE CUTS EXPECTED Published: April 12, 1986 Correction Appended In the latest round of continuing staff cutbacks at Capital Cities/ABC, 36 employees were laid off yesterday by WABC-TV, the network-owned station in New York. At least 95 positions will be eliminated by the end of the year, station officials said. No on-air reporters were among those released by the station, but several news writers and producers were laid off, according to a station official who asked not to be identified.
  8. Face it, There are some stations that are just dogs. Every few markets have one. I'm not talking about mutts, i'm saying dog. If you can't get a ratings from being a FOX affil in a big market then you have problems. The finest minds from science, broadcasting, nature and theology have asked... "What is wrong with WFLD"? It's doesn't really have nostalgia, we can blame everything and everyone... WFLD was "just born that way". Now I'm Sad.
  9. If they do update the set I would hope they add more natural elements. A penguin slide or some water features would be nice. Maybe a fountain?
  10. Scripps has one of those arcade "claw" machines full of weather robots in Phoenix. They will fedex a new one for you if you ask...and send 50cents.
  11. The talks are continuing but the union is getting pretty small. Most people in KGTV don't "need" to be union. The shooter in the breaking news tracker is non union because there is no skill involved, and they are not part of the union. Some shooters and tech are union...but not that many. You should take a look at the current contract, it's gutted and almost worthless. KFMB Photographers and techs went on strike in 1976...dumped the union and they have nice shop to work in. As far as the new WXmodels.... It's clear Scripps didn't pass those 2 through a focus group first. Maybe
  12. You would be shocked if you knew how many stations don't have an operational delay system or chose not to use them. Follow the money... Who is the one responsible for hitting the dump button? The Producer? The Director? The Audio/TD? The Intern? We sure as hell know the Anchors were paying attention. So "who" pushes the button...and monitors the conversations. You need an extra body. .".We can't afford more bodies." But you are right, they should have NOT taken viewer calls. They poisoned their product by an avoidable accident. They let the viewer control the mess
  13. They are cutting those that make the most money from the recent M/A's. Former "skilled" positions union OG's etc. Some stations aquired were already cut to the bone, and needed a little loving. I bet KTNV-13 was a wreck. The folks at Scripps made it pretty clear about cuts and philosophies to the staff when they took over KGTV. In San Diego it's been pretty diplomatic and up-front for most. They want their own 'People" calling the shots. The MGH stations came in "heavy" for the Scripps formula/ideas. So "real" investigative units were cut and replaced with "investigators" that
  14. WMAQ does not care if this happens. It's funny and silly when it does happen but NBC must consider it one of the cost of doing business. NBC gets a free Stern promo...and we all get a school yard giggle. If they really cared about preventing this stuff, they would have used the magical "delay systems" that radio stations first used 50 years ago. Heck, KGTV-10 in San Diego had a working homebuilt 2inch Quad delay system as far back as 1974. Any 6 year old can get past a call screener/intern.
  15. Nice open and choice of muzak. I wish there were shots of cows or other livestock.
  16. Eat News

    RCA Color

    Mid 50's RCA Color Demo multi-camera truck, not shown is a big generator needed to run this beast.
  17. Eat News

    Tj 48a~1

    Mid 50's RCA Demo truck with multi camera chain and 6ghz single path.
  18. From: Rich Lieberman KGO AM-810 News Director Deb Monroe leaving the radio station to become ND at KION CBS 46 in Salinas/Monterey/Santa Cruz. After the destruction of KGO radio....some would say Monroe is actually moving up.
  19. Scripps in San Diego is about medicine and old philanthropy. Nobody coos when people mention Scripps and KGTV. 10-news never even adds a disclaimer when doing Scripps stories because the separation is so great. Scripps medicine= yummmmmm Scripps KGTV-10=Ugggggggggg
  20. They may have made that statement, but I doubt anyone believes that they have no interest. Every broadcast group has interest because anytime a giant pile of cash is on the table from the feds there is "interest." Let's see how the award cap and rules gets adjusted, and then lets see if Scripps is still sitting on the side. Now if the entire thing flops......anything is possible.
  21. Stations don't take people back to avoid lawsuits. You avoid lawsuits by vetting dismissals through legal first. A WABC reporter is not a civil service postition.
  22. Lets see what happens now that the Incentive Auction list is out. Scripps (and others) will be looking at that quick and dirty "cash out".` If Scripps is serious about putting digital first...than why wouldn't they cash out a few low rated stations and convert them to virtual 'stations" as part of the Grand Digi-Plan? Let them be the pioneers, and let the gubmnt give them the operating cash for the big experiment. The entire dynamic is about to "be" changed forever based on this upcoming auction.
  23. In reading from the website, it looks like they use a top secret method to "rate" the stations. When a station wins...they have to pay to say they "won". There is no second place. I think I will become WeatherRight.com and exploit all the 2nd and 3rd place stations. if you are a MYTV or CW station I will sell you a purple "best of show" ribbon.

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