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  1. No! Just because they had an internal "issue" with the graphic , are we are all to now assume they (WTVF) are now openly hostile to the LGBT community? Stop it...it's ridiculous to get outraged and offended over it. Cut them a break...not everyone is out to offend.
  2. Because he probably has to wash, and pack his man hammocks on Friday mornings, so they are tidy and fresh for his weekend in Miami. "Ya gotta look sharp!" (Joe Jackson)
  3. Many folks now work, and prefer "4-10's" in broadcasting... 4 days a week... 10 hours per day... "Full-Time " status so they get the union bennies being over 32 hours per week....anything under 32 hours per week is considered part-time according to the dept of labor. Broadcasters like it because it solves some scheduling issues.
  4. Back By Popular Demand!!! N.B.G.... "The Vegas Residency" She's Back! N.B.G. and Gonzo are heading out to Vegas where Nancy will be the ND for KTNV-13. L.A. can't be too far away now...
  5. I will be paying close attention to "Halftime With Boris"... ...in case there are any wardrobe malfunctions.
  6. Yeah lol... After a good 12 years of "Stable KUSI" ...God only knows what the hell has happened inside. Somebody must be off the meds up in the front office...or else somebody at KUSI caught Tegna Flu and now wants to upend all the "good will" that was earned over the last decade or so. Go screw up your product...go piss-off those loyal viewers...I'm sure there is a "vision" in there somewhere. Just what is the"real" status of Paul Rudy? Is he a temp fill-in?...or was PPR just ripped out of his hands?
  7. Sam needs the money...because trips to Rio beat the hell out of trips to Rockaway Beach.
  8. Reed Timmer gets his wet dream tornado wish...but loses his red hat at 00:27 https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/reed-timmer-survives-wild-close-up-encounter-with-powerhouse-tornado-in-nebraska/70008307
  9. This is just another ploy by Tegna to replace experienced anchors and reporters ... ...with their very own pets.
  10. Oh silly Weeters, The sales office is down the street in another building...
  11. My understanding is that those stairs were originally supposed to rise to 3 stories in a "super news deck"... But the liability insurers insisted it be kept to one flight of stairs... In case the anchor(s)...or a guest... decided to jump.
  12. If CNN is so concerned about global warming , then why did they move to a location that's only 1 foot above sea level? So Amusing.
  13. Actually Court TV is the perfect venue since it deals with the criminal justice system, and of course we wouldn't want to exclude any viewers in the huge lesson in civics...so it goes OTA...for everyone to learn from. Anyway... The bigger issue is this.... We all know she is lurking out there. Lock your doors.
  14. I guess TNT is the only thing separating the left from the right. Does that mean TNT is "center"? Fox News (2,502,000) TNT (2,321,000) MSNBC (1,754,000) Everything now makes sense to me.
  15. I'm dying to know what the operating expenses are and what the payroll is. Seriously... You can pretty much assemble the whole operation with computers and broadcast electronics available from Fry's and the Markertek catalog. You really don't need a whole lot of special stuff anymore to become a 24/7 live broadcaster. They ( The Jr. NewsRangers) only need to subscribe to APTV and Reuters TV for video feeds and all the rest is just pushing data from one platform to another. Nobody cares anymore about video quality...so compress all you want...and watc
  16. The radio division is.... Televisa/Univision Radio Deportes.
  17. Maybe she will get adopted by a nice forever family who will love her and treat her well. Remember the good times... I'm sure she will miss all of you, and she will always remember all the fun times...and cold pizza on elex nite.
  18. Yeah... As in the "Action News Pee" streaming down my leg cuz we won't ever get a break from anchoring...
  19. With only 755,000 total prime time viewers, CNN averaged 184,000 demo viewers, which is down 36 percent from the comparable last week. CNN also fell 12 percent in total viewers compared to the same time last year. The top ten cable networks for most prime time viewers are as follows: Fox News (2,502,000) TNT (2,321,000) MSNBC (1,754,000) ESPN (1,579,000) HGTV (1,205,000) A&E (1,170,000) NBCSN (1,136,000) USA (1,040,000) History (1,015,000) TBS (1,015,000) Source Nielsen Research 2019
  20. I guess that means Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer should be out of the penalty box soon.
  21. HLN still has some dignity left...and often beats the mother ship in ratings in many dayparts. HLN is the "escape pod" of CNN.
  22. So here is a question that has popped up at various times in the life of Court-TV... Will we ever consider televising a live execution? Maybe a PPV event? Fact... A live PPV event of the execution of Iraq ruler Saddam Hussein was actually pitched to quite a few "networks" back in 2005. Crews and equipment were booked just in case the Iraqi courts allowed it. Fact... PBS affiliate KQED sued for the right to broadcast a California execution back in 1991. https://www.newsweek.com/live-san-quentin-201286 It wasn't that long ago
  23. ...and when that box fails after the power supply gets zapped during a lightning storm... "One Box Solutions" are a bad idea unless you want to be a slave to "the box".
  24. EatNews has one rule on new tech... Only invest in new tech if it's already been adopted by the military...or porn industry.

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