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  1. How many of you remember when KOFY had it's very own news department? We reach into the great "Vault 'O Newz"..... This is probably the only remaining artifact of that short lived news operation...which is housed at the KBEX-TV Museum of News and other Crap.
  2. Maybe the hit was non-sponsored and the producer took the time back for other news. Are the shows even sold out right now?
  3. Just how much will you miss John? Most the morning crew has moved to New Jersey...to save commute time. Well we have to ask just what YOU are doing to be a good viewer? It's just a bit lame that you waited all this time to praise John AFTER he got removed from the show. Chas, Vicki and Ellin... You need to show John a little MORE love! Send WCBS all your bitcoins...and John might return to weekdays. Enjoy this picture suitable for framing.
  4. Was there a video montage? I have higher hopes for your second post.
  5. Maybe it's a good thing... (From KRON.com)
  6. Good stuff Tom, Thanks for joining, and sharing that with all of us.
  7. Failed Marketing Idea??? Or Al Primo's guest bath?
  8. Yes all those awards have entry fees. To be fair they use the entry fees on the gold plated trophies, and administrative functions of the awards programs. There is also a nice dinner (cost extra) and some kind of convention. Then there is the judging of the entries... Yes, you would think a panel of wise old scholarly types with pointy beards would be summoned to the oak paneled rooms of the Temple 'O News...meticulously checking every detail. Not quite. Typically one markets awards program exchanges with another. L.A may judge Dallas...Spokane may judge the e
  9. Honestly folks ... Enough with the sock puppets. It just degrades the thread.
  10. They probably want to start out small and see what the reaction is from the local businesses that will be courted for ads, and to sponsor segments. You can always expand the (lifestyle) show if it takes off....and knock the news back to 5 minutes at the top of the show. It's all about selling the lifestyle portion of the show.
  11. A little info on the Carlos and Lisa show on KDOC-TV-56... https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/236194/anchors-launch-online-broadcast-news-platform/
  12. A good part of the "Sam Demo" also spends weekends in Miami, Bahamas, Hamptons etc... Frolicking in the surf...and hitting the clubs at night. (don't make me dig out more speedo pics) Certainly NOT unusual behavior of a New Yorker by any means. I'm sure plenty of Sam's regular viewers say to themselves... " I wonder if we will see Sam this weekend at..." ...TWIST, Back Door Miami, Azucar NightClub, Jamboree Lounge, Palace Bar, SheLife Events, Club Boi, The Hub at the LGBT Visitor Center, Beach Betty's Bar, J's Bar .... ...and any one of t
  13. They will need to convert it to digital because many of those court hours are on tape. You also need to re-time and add new in's and outs, along with all the new production elements. Honestly... Unless you are a super hard-core court watcher there is really not much viewer interest in viewing entire trials over again. We already know how they end, and many of the better trials would have to be updated with appeal decisions and all the other crap that can happen after the trial closes. And all that work will take people...and people cost money.
  14. I wonder why she didn't get a big send-off like Carlos got... And WTF is going on with Ruberti she looks like she is just ghost posting on twitter and FB just to preserve her brand. I think it looks kinda sad. Big purges like this can only mean one or two things... Could we be coming to "that point"....where the big guy gets dementia...and JR. starts making the daily decisions including....... To be continued...
  15. Well you don't have to be mean about it. She may be a bit older...but she can still plow a good sized field, carry 10 sacks of corn flour, and still pull a wagon to the mill. And the viewers still like her.
  16. "Scanner Bud" in San Diego reports that Sandra Maas is gone from KUSI-51. Bud also reports that "Assignment Desk Les( Lester)" is gone from KFMB-TV-8 after 20 years on the night side assignment desk.
  17. I get that you and others feel emotional about the story for whatever personal reasons. But at some point "breaking" news is no longer breaking. Sure stations run the term "breaking news" into the ground because of lazyness and a unknown fear the are being beaten . Those of us that experienced 9-11 firsthand remember that it escalated very quickly...so quickly that nobody bothered to call it "breaking news"...I bet you can't even find any NYC station or network that ran a breaking news graphics ( go look so you can prove me wrong) anytime during the initial coverage. W
  18. Let's all understand something about TV... When you go on the air and trash your employer, it's policies or practices ...EXPECT a bad outcome. You may not agree, but they sign your paycheck. If viewers want to revolt that's fine. But, don't expect some judge to entertain a wrongful termination suit based on publicly trashing your employer, while on their dime, and using their toys. And you wonder why stations won't let most on-air employees say "good bye" when the contract ends? I wish him luck...but if you come on my TV s
  19. KGTV 1993 Classic KGTV Midday edition with Jack White and Laura Buxton... Opening Day at Del Mar From The Jack White Collection
  20. Not sure what law you are referencing , but what if I had no news department or wx team and I preempt Zoobilee Zoo.... What would I be required to run or replace it with?
  21. Or... The developer/contractor/ designer of the project paid the freight for the trip. A paid press Junket if you will. Stations news departments used to have some pretty solid journalistic rules about such junkets and who paid for them. However with the erosion of journalistic rules (and skills) , it's easy for stations to accept all kinds of freebies or cross promotions that blurr the lines of objectivity. "Oh it's newsworthy because our local Congressman/ Mayor etc.. will be touring also." That's how they (Managing Editors, and ND's ) justify th
  22. Here is your official TEGNA Breaking News graphic for your collection. Use it only for good...and never evil.
  23. An hour into the story... The fire was out...the pilot was dead, the evacuation was over, there was no video of anything, and terrorism was ruled out. The emergency was over. And the was NO interesting video, except for some cops butts and, a huge "PIX11" umbrella. No longer "breaking news". Stations used to have some standards. But why even bother watching when all you see is amateur speculation on the part ignorant reporters and anchors. My rule on any "breaking news"... Turn-off the TV for 24 hours, and wait for all guessing and s
  24. Well FOX-5 contributed to the FNC coverage with Sheppard Smith, Otherwise this is not really much of a "breaking news" story... The shot is a blocked off street with a bunch of fat cops sucking up the overtime. Maybe we will see some better footage later. "I thought it was 9-11 all over again". I turned it off over an hour ago, and I'm watching "The Love Bug" the original uncut and un-sanitized version on BYU-TV.
  25. We would have to see Lonnie in a Speedo first... to make a fair comparison. ( "sam in speedo.jpg" rejected by server due to overuse)

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