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  1. I hear they will be increasing the number of live reports... ...as soon as mom puts more minutes on the cellphones...
  2. Don't you know you NEVER tell a man with an ugly dog...that his dog is ugly. Yes it's bush, rough and unpolished, but it's not trying to be anything but a startup all news operation, that has to start somewhere. I'm totally rooting for these kids and every single crappy cheap Chinese tv transmitters they occupy. These guys KNOW what a budget is because they don't have one.... They trade aluminum cans for satellite time... They eat Cheerios out of ziplock bags that mom packs for them...She still has to cut up their meat into little squares, and trim the
  3. I bet that copy had to be approved by the Tenga lawyers before it aired. "Not me...Not us".... "We just relay the video, we don't fly the thing..."
  4. You can't cover a high speed chase, a wildfire or a morning traffic commute with a drone . Those are staples of coverage here. The choppers are here to stay (in Socal) for now. Welk ACA/ Guardian can find a pilot and ferry "12YJ" (green weenie) down from Whiteman Field...where it sits on standby as a back-up to Chopper 8.
  5. I love how they pass this off as some "difficult landing" and they also bury the "Chopper 8" aspect in the last graph. https://www.cbs8.com/article/news/local/news-helicopter-makes-difficult-landing-at-gillespie-field-ends-up-on-its-side/509-0ca3e918-e9da-4c2d-aac5-7b12af918ff4 Difficult landing my ass... That's a crash according to the FAA.
  6. The good news is everyone survived... https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/east-county-news/news-helicopter-makes-troubled-landing-in-el-cajon We can stick a fork in old "Chopper 8" (N218GH) ...cuz she is done. https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Helicopter-Tips-Over-Trying-to-Land-at-Gillespie-Field-558489901.html KGTV beat KFMB on their own story. Jo Eager was running the camera. They were landing on a Dolly but missed the square. This shows the Dolly they were landing on... They usually are recording during the landi
  7. Oh Myron my old pal... What about the bathrooms? So many times a station rebuilds the set, and the kitchen ...but completely IGNORE those bathrooms. In this time of complex station buys and trades you would think the folks at WJW would at least update those baths. It's about squeezing every little dollar out of station value. Welcome back BTW...I missed you and the toons. Hope all is well.
  8. Rich Lieberman is reporting that Natasha Zouves is leaving KGO-TV for a much smarter place... http://richliebermanreport.blogspot.com/2019/08/415-media-exclusive-zouves-leaving-kgo.html
  9. If I was a news director... I would make all my traffic reporters do the reports live in the middle of rush hour traffic...dodging cars...active stand-ups in the actual traffic lanes. "Suck on that... Jim Cantore!"
  10. Here is a cool little story about a guy who worked at QTV in Queensland , and hid a bunch of news archive film from his bosses so it wouldn't get thrown in the trash... https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/when-a-tv-station-tried-to-discard-40-years-of-film-one-man-fought-back-20190721-p5299z.html
  11. But how does Total Traffic get paid? Why does TT and other traffic services even exist?
  12. I think the combination pool / ice rink is a nice added touch to the set. Those Disney folks sure know forward thinking set design. Beats the hell out of that CBS News Roomba.
  13. "The CNN Democratic Debates... ...From the "FOX" Theater in Detroit..." You can't make this stuff up.
  14. Just depends on the monitor/tv manufacture. Some default to blue...some to green and some to black when signal is not present. Funny monitor story... In the mid to late 1990's CNN Atlanta was slowly replacing the original CRT monitors in the newsrooms, edit bays and control rooms. As engineers and contractors replaced the sets, many of the old ones ended up stacked in corners, hallways and break rooms. As you can guess...some of those monitors "walked away" and found new homes as video game monitors, extra tv's for kids rooms or grandmas house... It was not unusal
  15. 100 percent KNBC... You are just seeing a strange reflection in the tail rotor/fan.
  16. It's wonderful if you have the time, money and resources to do all this on a daily basis. Most stations don't, and won't. The TV News formula is now pushing data from one platform to another with minimal cost, liability and embarrassment. And what about all that re-training? Give me a big budget for that animation team and all those nice expensive graphics crunchers, make sure you staff the weekends too... It's nice if your station group is willing to make a long term commitment...but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  17. I have to agree that was one of the best branding efforts at KNBC. Here is a promotional pin that was issued at the time of all the 1984 Olympics hype. I don't think KNBC was actually flying any airships at the time because the 1976 Telecopter crash was still a fresh memory at NBC Burbank.
  18. I want to ride "Anchor Roomba"...
  19. Yup that link works...I was able to make a copy of it. Thanks
  20. And remember that traffic reports are usually barter situations... A company like Total Traffic provides the people and infrastructure to provide the reports to the station in exchange for ad inventory that the traffic service sells at whatever rate they can get. Unless WCBS TV creates it's own in house traffic department...then they won't really be able to compete with just a lone "traffic anchor". Plenty of other sources for the same traffic and transit info like the live 511 services popping up all over the country,
  21. The use of the circle 7 is not a freebie. ABC gets paid a handsome licensing FEE...not Free. I don't care how many Scripps stations are ABC affils...you still PAY to use the circle 7 logo. So you are correct that ABC wont mind the use of the proper circle 7...after they PAY for the rights to do so. Nothing is free.
  22. If Scripps wants a true "Circle 7" for KMGH, then I'm pretty sure whoever holds that trademark will be happy to license it...for a nice fee.

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