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  1. 11 hours ago, FiveNews said:

    Liberte Chan and Courtney Friel have come under the microscope as well. This was also mentioned on FTVLive. Same practices continue...journalistic ethics continue to fade away. I am not a TV news purist, if you will. I see the conflict, but I also know that TV news has changed and we need to adapt. Not saying its right, but the industry has changed.


    16 hours ago, J1975am said:

    Speaking of FTVLive, there's a story about Nexstar suits trying to put a stop to talent at KTLA pitching products/services on social media, but apparently, it's fallen on deaf ears. A fine example is KTLA reporter (and former Extra anchor) Dayna Devon....https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/3/6/does-anyone-just-do-news-anymore


    And then there's this example: https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/2/6/will-it-ever-end




    I don't have a problem with this...anymore.

     If station management is going to insist that these women and men have a  social media presence...then why not let them get some of  the back-end. They have to put up with all the idiots, and knuckleheads so why not let them get some of the action?


    Long before the age of social media...back in the days of boomers , 4:3 and 525lines...people used to actually call the newsroom and ask the reporters or anchors where they bought the clothes, and where they got their hair done.


    Don't tell Scott Jones, but it's nothing new.

    It's just more out in the open now, and a bit more accepted, given the shitty pay most staffers make.



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  2. Backup transmitters are far less common than we think.


    Most modern xmitters are far more reliable than in the past.


    In the olden tymes of teevee,  transmitters were cranky and needed constant attention, or they might just burn up...or explode or throw some kind of tantrum.  


    So most stations had backup transmitters on "hot standby" You and your staff of qualified SBE certified engineers would polish and baby the backup xmitter...sending a clear message to the main transmitter that "You can be replaced".

    That usually kept the main transmitter in line.


    But now...

    Everyone is sharing sites, antennas, generators and porta-pottys at the transmitter sites.

    Everybody wants a backup transmitter, and waveguide...and antennas...and all the ENG crap... and all the other crap that is up on the tower...including that 7 ton antenna!


    7 frigging TONS!!!


    And once you decide you can have all this stuff...you need certified engineers to maintain it.


    And all those SBE certified engineers are dying.


    So if you want to make money...become an SBE certified  engineer, and learn computers as they apply to broadcasting.



    That drone video is pretty badass...









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  3. 21 hours ago, MetroCity said:


    At WABC, the afternoon (4PM) anchor’s day starts around 10AM. The evening (5/6/11) anchor’s day starts at 2:00PM. Their time is spent in story meetings, writing some of their own copy, doing newsbriefs, writing or recording for online platforms, prepping for and recording public affairs shows, working on sweeps projects, mentoring interns, and yes, anchoring.


    Anybody who doesn’t understand how a newsroom workday actually works should get a job in one and stop watching Mary Tyler Moore Show reruns.

    When did the WABC evening anchors quit taking 2-3 hour dinners?

    Last night?


    (pssst...don't tell those new kids over at Scripps, they might only get 1/2-1hr lunch)





  4. 3 hours ago, Spring Rubber said:

    Here we go, time for the end of an era. I still have fond memories of CLTV from the 90s during my childhood. :(

    Wow, they cut Paul off mid-sentence, at least on Xfinity, and went to sign-off. Not sure if it's the same for everyone. How embarrassing. Not a pretty send-off at all.

    Shortly after that, they took it behind the barn ...and shot it.




    Happy News Year!



  5. 23 hours ago, oknewsguy said:

    This is in reference to this article regarding the sale of KFMB's radio stations 




    Not a surprise to see Tegna sell it's radio stations, it was likely known for quite some time that Tegna was going to sell the Radio stations

    Like we used to say in Lone Grove, Ok...

    "Just take it behind the barn and shoot it...and hurry back inside to watch the end of Dallas on tv."


    Not really much in the way of "closure" for us in that deal.


    That makes me sad just to see it die like that.


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  6. 17 hours ago, hmaxhanson said:

    But those Filipinos don't care. As long as they have access to streaming American TV news for free, they'll be happy, regardless of quality. 🤣


    The Philams in my neighborhood are all sharing ID's on the VPN's so they can watch "TV Patrol" for free...


    Lumpia and TV Patrol just seem to go together around here.



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  7. `Tis the time for Holiday and Christmas cheer here at KBEX-TV


    This year we took a survey of TVNT members and asked "what should KBEX broadcast on Christmas day?"


    Well this year it won't just be another Yule Log (tm)...or a piece of flaming poop.


    This year KBEX-TV Presents...


    Yule Boris- 2019



    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at KBEX-TV Surfridge/Socal



    And from the KBEX-Interns...




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  8. Florida Anchor Arrested for Drunk Driving...The final decision 1 year later.


    In Today's TVNT Crime and Punishment segment, we take a look at the final decisions and verdict in last years arrest of a Florida Anchorwoman. There are some very interesting twist and turns in the case.


    Thanks to our friends at Youtube channel Real World Police.

    On December 5, 2018 Florida morning news anchor Farron Salley was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. This video presents the entirety of Salley's traffic stop, field sobriety testing, and her testy exchanges with law enforcement.





  9. 2 hours ago, rkolsen said:

    WJZ is now saying #1 Late News with no subtext or saying what demo or anything. 



    "Number one...Because we say so."


    I love it!


    It's just like saying you have the worlds best coffee...prove that ya don't.



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  10. 54 minutes ago, wabceyewitness said:


    huh?  That move is about 4 years away. 


    Plans, Permits etc...


    It's NYC for God sake.

    Yup I would actually say 5-6 years given the process and delays that will be involved.


    Make NO mistake, the planning has already begun.


    Of course ABC could take a quicker route...







  11. 25 minutes ago, MorningNews said:

    I was just coming here to comment on that. Wasn’t sure if they have made the move recently and I missed it but interesting to see them there years after moving away.

    I would expect all kinds of strange "musical chairs" at all the ABC production/ news studios in the NYC area.

    The reason is the upcoming move at Columbus square and all the tech craziness that will be part of it.


    ABC and WABC will need to improvise over the course of the move.


    IE: EWN being able to work out of Times Square if needed for an hour, week or month. There will need to be some redundancy practiced "just in case"...


    You plan for the worst, and hope for the best.






  12. 16 minutes ago, David Salter JR said:

    It appears that the full house vote to impeach Trump will occur on Wednesday. If it happens at night, the 4 major networks would face a major dilemma as FOX and CBS have the finales of "The Masked Singer" and "Survivor" scheduled for that night. Would they preempt them for the vote? Would ABC junk it's All in the Family/Jeffersons live christmas special? And if the vote is delayed to Thursday, would NBC preempt the Miss America padgent?


    I would just run a double box and monitor the vote. We already know how the vote will go, and you can always take the chambers "full" if hilarity ensues.



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  13. 36 minutes ago, Weeters said:


    90% of their content comes from CNN Newsource (which is a bizarre arrangement itself.) If CNN gets worried, they can essentially kill the network by yanking their access to Newsource. Newsnet wouldn't have anything left to broadcast.


    I agree that's a whole lot of eggs in one basket, but the folks funding this operation must be aware of that possibility. Do you think CNN even considers them a remote threat? Heck No!



    I don't have a clue who is really behind the whole deal, but the funding seems to be there for now. There must be some timetable for the growth, and a aggressive business plan. This could easily migrate via OTA into a solid diginet once it get a bit more polished.


     Viewers sure don't seem to care about visual and audio quality much anymore as you of all people know (winky guy emoji).


    But does anyone (here) remember that first year of CNN?


    The first year of CNN they would take anything...and air everything, no matter how bad it was, or where it was produced.  A bunch of real crappy TV from all over the USA flowed into Atlanta. Taped packages arrived by  Greyhound bus ,mail, Federal Express or Airborne Express.    A bunch of small time reporters also got some huge breaks when CNN aired those packages from those small markets.


    CNN also aired some real gems during that time, including portions of one reporters resume tape by mistake one late evening.


    Train up these kids and their network, and In a few years maybe Sinclair or Byron will buy them.


    I'm paying very close attention to them.



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  14. The entire channel is "training". The goal right now should be perfecting the format, and newsgathering processes.

    It's also about the growth.


    Notice the new digs?

    Who is paying for that?


    My guess is that once this gets to a certain size with OTA footholds, then prospective buyers and investors might  follow.


    They don't need to be great yet...they just need to get a little better and better each day.

    They might not have a lot of viewers yet...but the viewers they DO have, are paying attention very closely.


    If I was CNN, I would be watching my rear view mirror.





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  15. And the first Action News theme was actually used in quite a few markets in the early 1970's....

    The black round thing is called a "record" which was an acoustic analog playback media. They were not edible, nor could they be smoked or vaped.




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  16. 11 hours ago, GoldenShine9 said:


    What happens when there are no sister stations in the market though? For example, if something happened in Chattanooga...it's the one Tennessee market that Nexstar is not in.


    Well since it's the south"... they probably just find a willing cousin.





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