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  1. And the first Action News theme was actually used in quite a few markets in the early 1970's.... The black round thing is called a "record" which was an acoustic analog playback media. They were not edible, nor could they be smoked or vaped.
  2. Action News and EWN will continue on for the next generation, Take a look at this WPVI Action News Demo tape that recently leaked out. ..
  3. Well since it's the south"... they probably just find a willing cousin.
  4. You shouldn't have to take the station off the air (or get knocked off the air) with a little proper planning. Don't Try This At Home or Without proper Adult Supervision. Pretty simple actually... Your video,audio and data links all (presumably) have active back-up paths and circuits, that are used for maintenance or emergencies.. They are extra channels or spare "pipelines". On the big day, all you do is switch to the back-up circuits while you shut down the "main feeds" and establish and test the new signals. Once you are happy with the new signals...you just switch back from the back-up line to the main lines. ...and since you did a secret "test of the test" a few hours or days before...you are certain all will be fine once it's all "official". Practice Safe Engineering for a Green Planet.
  5. You don't think the news networks should carry the hearings of the impeachment of the President of the United States? Only if those "networks" can be unbiased and fair.... Which they have shown they can't. I will be happy to discuss the politics of such "hearings" in private with anyone who wishes.
  6. ...and by day 4 CBS had bailed out of continuing coverage and back to generating revenue. CSPAN3 was still carrying the gavel to gavel...and the ratings for FNC doubled the NBC broadcast network. https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/tv-ratings-impeachment-hearings-day-4-down-1203412193/ 2.5 million viewers big whoop! Judge Judy gets 10 time those viewers daily. I hope the big networks continue to burn money during sweeps. Serves them right . They have abandon the public. Meanwhile I will go back to CSPAN3 where I can hear directly what middle "normal" America thinks about all of this.
  7. L Oh freaking L ! Sounds like @mrschrimpf has been watching the mid-day offering of Estrella TV. Lagrameta y Costell , El Show W/ Don Cheto, Mucho Talento, and a few other Estrella Shows use the same set...all day. I think even Tumba Burros is also trying to hijack the lone set. Funnier yet... Many of those shows also use those same two Chica's (Mucho Caliente)...you know...the ones with the giant.... Avocados... (Ha,Ha! ..You all thought I was gonna say "t*ts")
  8. Yup... They ALL fall for that trick in the first year... "Yule Log, My Butt!"
  9. Depends on how much they are willing to spend. I can build a news department with 1 person....more money gets you more toys and people.
  10. How big is your budget? 1 person? 50 people? How much money can I spend?
  11. Even CSPAN knows there is zero interest... The hearings have been buried on CSPAN-3 That's below public access on the scale of news importance.
  12. And one of the top considerations... "Do I gotta pee in the cup?"
  13. No, You want to work out all the little bugs that will occur live on the air anyway. Best to have it perfected before sweeps begin....because there WILL be problems.
  14. Here at KBEX-TV our 5pm newscast starts at 12:00...because we forgot how to re-set the VCR master clock after the last state mandated power outage.
  15. I wouldn't read too much into that... It's really a small world media wise in NYC. Producers bounce all over each outlet on a rotating basis. And any one of those producers or MK could find a freelance camera crew in about 15 seconds ready to shoot the interview. After you shoot it....ya "shop it". Easy Peazy.
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