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    I'm a 45 million year old shark that owns a TV station in beautiful Surfridge, Ca
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    Providing a pleasent viewer experience with 525 lines at 60hz
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    G.M. KBEX-TV Socal/ Surfridge
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  1. Oh that reminds me of our old Admiral 19inch Color TV that needed about 3 minutes for the tubes to warm up, and come to life. Ohhh....The Glow....
  2. So what's up with this 10:55pm stuff on KFMB's TegnaSite? Did CBS give up some minutes in return for Les's departure?
  3. So there you are sitting in the newsroom at KRON... when the boss Aron Pero ask (or tells) you... "Can you make us a poop graphic for the award winning newscast?" You respond... "Why yes! Can I use the color brown?" "Yes you may"....Aron sez... "But please don't use emojis ,or give the poop fa(e)ces, eyes or personalities of any type, ...no smiling poo." "No Talking Poop"! #Best Graphic Assignment Ever https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/map-shows-all-locations-where-human-waste-has-been-reported-in-san-francisco/1930192085
  4. More Koo Koo Roo's... Is everyone getting the same open? It needs shots of Dingos running in the outback...
  5. Heavens to murgatroyd... That's the KFMB "Koo Koo Roo" music. Yuk!
  6. They could always have a bake sale...if the budget gets cut.
  7. I'm sure the adult movie industry could cum-up with a few ideas for the technology. (img not approved)
  8. I snapped these on I-405 in South L.A. a few days ago. I don't know who's it was but it's #33. FOX or KMEX? It's a hybrid truck with a fixed LiveU antenna / amplifier unit just forward of the dish and mast. It's the little white dome about the size of a cake box. That's the ideal set-up right there...best of both worlds.
  9. Is it produced by the news department...or by the opinion department?
  10. Oh... He did a copy and paste? Show me me where he plagiarized anything. All he did was rewrite the story....AND he posted a link. You can't be more transparent than that. Your local TV station does it every day of the week when they lift or re-aggregate stories from the net. If you need to know the rules, I suggest you consult your AP Style Guide.
  11. Oh this is my favorite game! Here is the world famous KBEX-TV News open... Did I mention it's royalty free, and translated into 175 different languages worldwide?
  12. He (FTVlive) gave credit to Bloomberg at the beginning of the second paragraph.
  13. Eat News

    Slugs Ya Luv

    Ok producers, deskies and field crews... It's time for our first installment of "Slugs Ya Luv". Today's Slug just say's it all...and it's only 9 characters long... TXCHEMFIRE You just can't go wrong with a story slug like that baby, hell I don't even need to see the video because you just KNOW that slug will deliver the goods.
  14. Aye Carumba Homer. The Simpsons with Mickey Mouse's ears by Arthony70100 on DeviantArt
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