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    I'm a 45 million year old shark that owns a TV station in beautiful Surfridge, Ca
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    Providing a pleasent viewer experience with 525 lines at 60hz
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  1. Eat News

    KHOU's new building

    I just think it's awesome that somebody thought about saving them in the first place. So many relics of broadcasting history go into the dumpster, or get destroyed by folks that just don't know any better. 2 fins up!!!
  2. Eat News

    KHOU's new building

    ...and finally, once again...the station was awash in good feelings... Ok, That was the last one..I promise.
  3. Eat News

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    It was "the beginning of the end" for Storer and the beginning of a very long roller coaster ride for those stations. It's all pretty well detailed in the Storer history books.
  4. Eat News

    Sets that need replacing/oldest sets going

    Nothing wrong with that set. That set has survived the test of time. It's very much a part of the KUSI image. There is NO reason to change it. Even though the faces presenting the news often change...the set still reminds the viewers of "home". Very simple and functional , nothing fancy or dated in any way. A news set does not define the credibility of your operation, or shape it abilities in any way. Fancy sets detract from your core functions to present the news. A set does not decide how stories are covered, or the value of today's news stories as they impact the viewer. What news value does a new set add except to line the pockets of set designers, when that money can go for real news gathering resources... like people, equipment and other actual news expenses. Don't be shocked to see that same set until they leave that building...whenever that may or ever be. If that set ever became available I would sell it on ebay. Plus... Chicks dig that set because it smells like Old Spice. So I propose it be hereby named...The KUSI John Coleman Memorial Set.
  5. Eat News

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    As soon as COX finds the desirable buyers for those outlets, then they will be disposed of also. COX is not selling off the TV stations and newspapers just so they can stay in radio and print. I suggest you all hold your wake(s) now.
  6. Eat News

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    Anytime a private equity firm takes over it's bad... The bottom line is some of these stations, and their assets will be sacrificed for the sake of other stations in the chain. That's just how it works...don't expect anything good for the staffers, because COX is about to be gutted, and filleted...just like so many of my sea faring friends. Flashback 1986...Storer and KKR. We shall never forget.
  7. Eat News

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    Who gets paid more?
  8. Oh so now they want me to pay for "extended coverage" ? What extra resources is KRON adding to the crack news gathering operation it once kinda was. Show me some real added value...not the same old crap. I bet I would pay the fee if they still had "People Behaving Badly" with Stanley Roberts, but they kinda blew that franchise. KRON will need to run exclusive, original, compelling and trendsetting content that can only happen if they spend some money...lot's of money. I'm Out!
  9. Eat News

    Good Morning America

    Black Pink USA debut blows away GMA... Korean KPOP Girl Group "Black Pink" had their USA debut this morning on GMA. In just 17 hours after the show the youtube views have blown away just about any other GMA segment out of the water in views. GMA Youtube views were at 1.1 million... The KGO San Francisco YT site showed 1.25 million views in just 17 hours. Average views to the GMA pieces are around 1.5k That has to be a record for GMA and YT views for a single segment. Update...2.5 million views on just the KGO-7 YT site in under 36 hours. Jenni, La Lisa, Jisoo and Rose slaying it.... I hope the suits at ABC are paying attention to these bombshell view numbers...cuz Black Pink's in YOUR area... Go Blinks!
  10. Eat News

    KNBC Sweeps Party 12/04/1996

    That video may be the last pictures of the consumption of authorized adult beverages in that newsroom. There were still plenty of "mini-bars" in the assorted newsroom desk. Fun Fact: A&O Liquor... across the street at Alameda and Olive would deliver booze directly to almost anywhere in the NBC building, just by calling 848-13XX.
  11. Eat News

    KNBC Sweeps Party 12/04/1996

    The KNBC 1996 November sweeps party! The "lost tape" that should probably remain lost. Where else can you see the News 4 team get down and party, but with the all seeing eye of the KNBC 2nd floor newsroom flash cam in beautiful downtown Burbank. Special appearances from Nancy Bauer, Carole Black, a bunch of on-air folks...and a mime.
  12. Eat News

    Out & About

    I was not aware the legitimacy of the story was ever in question. Citizens and regular people ARE legit news sources. They are the most organic of sources as they are the first witness...not some "unnamed source". Is that why NBC,FOX,CNN and all the others are not covering it? Is somebody or some agency calling this fake? I think any time flaming rocks fall from space causing fires on the ground...and children to run in terror it's considered "newsworthy". EDIT: Snip.... In the end....@rkolsen was right...nobody cared except the poor Venezuelans who had the hunger scared out of them. Amazing the US networks completely ignored it...not that we really need to be reminded that flaming stuff from space can wipe us all out real quick.
  13. Eat News

    Out & About

    A meteor has hit Venezuela...and nothing yet from CNN ...or anyone else.
  14. Eat News

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    Well if we wish to get precise... WABC will post the job just like they always do,on the internet...worldwide. All the tv agents from here to Timbuktu will send reels....actually mostly links. So will a few thousand youtube wannabees...and a million "local tv personalities"...every pissed-off anchor in the same market...The Dixie Chicks, Psy, and all kinds of other crazy types. Resume tapes used to pile up in offices and in corners, but now it's just serious bombardment from all directions via email and unsolicited calls. You will hear from EVERY agent out there. All this fun just to pick somebody who will already be part of the "ABC family"....so they will just promote within. That will eliminate most potential headaches with social media crowd,,,and keep the nice ladies in HR happy.

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