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  1. I don't have a problem with this...anymore. If station management is going to insist that these women and men have a social media presence...then why not let them get some of the back-end. They have to put up with all the idiots, and knuckleheads so why not let them get some of the action? Long before the age of social media...back in the days of boomers , 4:3 and 525lines...people used to actually call the newsroom and ask the reporters or anchors where they bought the clothes, and where they got their hair done. Don't tell Scott Jones, but it's nothing new.
  2. You may want to place WTVF's Nashville Sky 5 on the injured reserve list. It got a few oweee's during that last round of tornadoes.
  3. SF video stringer getting paid by SFPD in bogus search warrants case... https://ktla.com/news/san-francisco-agrees-to-pay-369k-to-journalist-for-police-raids/
  4. A story about the marvels of video tape, and how the BBC lost years and years of broadcasting history. https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/501607/wipe-out-when-bbc-kept-erasing-its-own-history
  5. He is a nostalgic look at Radio City during WWll (World War Number Two) Some old cool stuff here. Enjoy!
  6. Backup transmitters are far less common than we think. Most modern xmitters are far more reliable than in the past. In the olden tymes of teevee, transmitters were cranky and needed constant attention, or they might just burn up...or explode or throw some kind of tantrum. So most stations had backup transmitters on "hot standby" You and your staff of qualified SBE certified engineers would polish and baby the backup xmitter...sending a clear message to the main transmitter that "You can be replaced". That usually kept the main transmitter in line.
  7. Meet the owner of BNC... J.C.Watts https://thegrio.com/2020/02/11/former-republican-congressman-j-c-watts-launches-black-news-channel/
  8. When did the WABC evening anchors quit taking 2-3 hour dinners? Last night? (pssst...don't tell those new kids over at Scripps, they might only get 1/2-1hr lunch)
  9. Honestly folks, This should have happened 30 years ago. Now it should be interesting to see what slant the new channel takes in the re-election year.
  10. Shortly after that, they took it behind the barn ...and shot it. Happy News Year!
  11. Like we used to say in Lone Grove, Ok... "Just take it behind the barn and shoot it...and hurry back inside to watch the end of Dallas on tv." Not really much in the way of "closure" for us in that deal. That makes me sad just to see it die like that.
  12. The Philams in my neighborhood are all sharing ID's on the VPN's so they can watch "TV Patrol" for free... Lumpia and TV Patrol just seem to go together around here.
  13. `Tis the time for Holiday and Christmas cheer here at KBEX-TV This year we took a survey of TVNT members and asked "what should KBEX broadcast on Christmas day?" Well this year it won't just be another Yule Log (tm)...or a piece of flaming poop. This year KBEX-TV Presents... Yule Boris- 2019 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at KBEX-TV Surfridge/Socal And from the KBEX-Interns...
  14. Florida Anchor Arrested for Drunk Driving...The final decision 1 year later. In Today's TVNT Crime and Punishment segment, we take a look at the final decisions and verdict in last years arrest of a Florida Anchorwoman. There are some very interesting twist and turns in the case. Thanks to our friends at Youtube channel Real World Police. On December 5, 2018 Florida morning news anchor Farron Salley was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. This video presents the entirety of Salley's traffic stop, field sobriety testing, and her testy exchanges wit

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