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    Providing a pleasent viewer experience with 525 lines at 60hz
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  1. I wonder if KNTV has an application for a fixed unit on San Bruno Mountain? Sure you can just plug it into shore power at the TX site...and the parking is free which is a plus being so close to the city(SF). I wonder if KTNV also stores a few live trucks up there to save on parking.
  2. Ok, Thanks for the primer because I am having trouble when I select an NBC radar to toggle, I see the return(sweep) in the screen.but when I go to "expand" or to move the map my return disappears and the screen blanks out to a clean map with no radar return. I like what the interface selections are but I need some more real wx to play with it. I don't seem to be able to select the NWS radar because it's not pinned on my map like it is on your screen grab. I was seeing 5 minute sweeps on what I assume was an NBC radar. I only do internet stuff on a desktop (no tracking smartphones here), so I can't comment on any mobile aps. Does the NBC radars get toggled between "clear air" and "precip" like the NWS units"? because the NWS seems to manually switch that here before the rain hits. Is the NBC radars always in one mode only? Does the operator decide when to switch modes? For as much as i dissed the radar projects.. i'm actually becoming a fan of it with the different fixed site on Mt. Miguel because it's a really good alternate site for a radar. WX radar is not as much a "life or death" thing in Socal so we tend to ignore it most the time. except for when the stoners stare at the green blobs all afternoon eating raw cokike dough. And as far as San Jose goes.. San Bruno Peak is a fine place to experiment since they can just park at the KNTV transmiter site, and it won't get stripped,or poo-poo-ed on by the local "flower children". (my keyboard is crapping out) Thanks for the info.
  3. It's San Jose for one of them. During the last weeks storms I noticed a storm buggy logo(via radar wx on nbc site) on San Bruno pk. and at the Ventura fire sites. I figured you had already pointed it out to me and my analog brain just had "forgotten" . Now if we could only get a few more rain events then, I could make a good evaluation of the x band returns and the WSD-8 returns in this area. One bad thing so far. The NBC wx radar page is real sloppy in win10 firefox for me. The WX service radar pages run much smoother.
  4. This is a very interesting story about a day in the U.K.'s TV Licence court. For those poor folks that can't dole out about 13 pounds per month...or about $9 Dollars. How would you like to go to prison for watching the BBC? The comments are pretty funny too... https://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/sep/24/in-court-non-payment-tv-licence-television-desperate-cases
  5. Strapping a 12 ton weather radar unit onto a Honda CRV is somehow NOT a technological innovation??? That takes a whole bunch of bungee, cords and you must be very careful not to scratch the paint. Not to mention that 12 volt conversion to 3 phase 440vac...well that's for another day.
  6. That entire contest was rigged in favor of NBC. Clearly the KBEX-TV Super Dope Doppler 5150 is a much more hi-tech...and it gets better gas mileage since the unit is housed on a Honda CR-V body. KBEX's SDD 5150 is a fullsize WSD-88 Weather Radar that meets U.S. Weather Service specifications. Included in the package is an AM-FM cassette and CD player. (Actual Super Dope Doppler 5150 Mobile unit shown...Not just a CR-V under a real radar unit with text added to the photo.)
  7. Eat News

    November 2018 Sweeps Results

    They are only letters on a screen...there is no actual audio or "shouting". Cover your ears if it hurts you..
  8. Eat News

    2018-19 Syndication News

    Everybody has a kink... In just a few more years the '90's will be known as "The good old days."
  9. Eat News

    FOX/UPN/CW with Eyewitness News or Action News

    "UPN Action News"? Or as the local six year olds would say..., "You Pee in Action News" C'mon...every market has one.. We used to pay promo people good money to avoid problems like that.
  10. Eat News

    Missing...Where is KGO's Ray Taliaferro?

    Oh that's sad. Bless him and his family.
  11. Eat News

    MI News 26 Founder Starting National News Network

    Cough,Cough... Calling KAAP "San Francisco" is what I would call really generous. Like super, super generous...with a really big antenna on a super perfect day. But maybe San Jose will have better results...and it's better than nothing at all.
  12. Eat News

    Out and About

    It was all those emails from folks saying "I don't care anymore about your problems"... Plus... I have an antenna....so "eff-em".
  13. Eat News

    Emergency Alert System and AlertReady

    Most Americans seem to be triggered pretty easy now...so anything is possible.
  14. Eat News

    KTVA newsroom sustains major earthquake damage

    KTVA just pulled off a liveshot inside a CBS SR at Noon PST.... That was bad ass! To get a liveshot out of KTVA during these circumstances this early into the story is a giant score! Plus... They were thrashed...and they are in freaking Alaska. Nice Job! Now get those cameras in the city and lets's see some real kick-butt coverage.
  15. Eat News

    Out and About

    cna247 said... Eaty, I’m not offended, just pointing out that we can speak for ourselves. =================== You are right... He should have included a disclaimer that said you are easily offended, and because of YOUR grumpiness you had "opted-out" of the nice thoughts department. Try the higher power first.

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