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  1. I just know N925TV was not available and they were in N12YJ as of yesterday (9-12-19). Since N925TV has not been in any reported crashes one may assume it's down for maintenance.
  2. Chopper-8 is back... Joe Eger and her pilot were training on the back-up airship this morning (9-13-19) , however I still don't know what they are going to be flying in. Welk's N12YJ (green weenie) has been doing back-up duty for KTLA the last few days. The fact that they were "training" leads me to think it's a different ship then they have normally used for the back-up in the past. I'm gonna assume they plan to launch tonight for the evening shows. By then we should be able to pin a tail number in the "new" Chopper-8. Update 4:45pm Tested all afternoon, transmitter still missing some ENG site waypoints. problems with IFB reception. possible no flight this evening. Still no tail number ID'ed yet. Nothing on flightradar24.com We will see what happens...
  3. NBC will no longer use ratings to sell ads at it's O&O's including Telemundo... https://www.axios.com/nbc-local-tv-ratings-points-advertisements-7146027d-b805-4d01-9696-3e7184a321b7.html Beginning this week, all NBC and Telemundo-owned local TV stations will use impressions instead of traditional ratings points to measure an ad campaign’s effectiveness, according to an agency pitch document obtained by Axios.
  4. You are pretty close... Based on these 2017 numbers. https://www.businessinsider.com/cable-satellite-tv-sub-fees-espn-networks-2017-3
  5. No, Besides, a smart operator would see it as perfect sponsorship opportunity... Let freedom ring, all the way to the bank.
  6. Weak how so.. In ratings? In profits? In Moral? Or in Megawatts?
  7. I found this while watching some street films shot in San Diego during the 1970's. In the videos we see old billboards and bus ads for various TV and radio stations. This grab is from the 5200 block of University Ave around 1975. It's the Ch-8 bus ad , there is also an ad for the KFMB-8 morning show "Sun Up, With Mel Knoepp"" which ran after Captain Kangaroo. For the bus people...it's a 200 series (numbering) San Diego Transit Corporation GMC...the one with no air conditioning. I think it was route 9.
  8. ...And right after "Lunch Break"... Grab your blanky's and sippy cups because at 1pm it's... "Nap Time" Old and young will love this show...but mostly the old, and very, very young.
  9. The great thing about our country is that nobody is dictating that stations must run the anthem. Stations that don't run the anthem do so by choice. All that say's to me is they have decided not to run it. It doesn't make them any less of an American unless they denounce the country. In North Korea, the poor guy in master control better hit that "vtr playback" on time... Or he, (and 3 generations of family) can end up in a state run concentration camp. Thank God we have a choice. And the parody version...
  10. It's not a political discussion Roly. It's a discussion about the broadcasting of the national anthem, and the history behind it. The fact that a station owner or group chooses to play the national anthem DOES NOT make that group or owners automatically part of any one political party or belief. Nothing wrong with showing we are all proud Americans. If Roly wants to decide what threads should be locked, then he should apply to be a moderator.
  11. What is Mr.Kroenke's leverage in securing those streaming paths at a reasonable cost? Who's gonna cut him a break? Everybody wants a piece of his pie. Seems Hulu and Youtube have alliances already in place.
  12. And my good friend... XETV had RESPECT enough to play both national anthems (USA and Mexican) at sign on and sign-off. Total Class!
  13. USA #1 Being Atheists does not automatically make you "objective" in the world of true journalism. It's not some magic inoculation for being TRULY unbiased.. It's just say's "I'm Athiest...and nothing more. Just another "opinion." I hope your not claiming to be a journalist of some type. I will let you have the last word.
  14. Seriously??? What on earth can be wrong with the national anthem? This is America... Love it...or leave it. Enjoy Labor day...and lets all pray for those in the path of Dorian. (insert pic of big ass American flag with patriot loving shark)
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