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  1. The severe weather tone has been changed after 20 years, not really noisy and really short.
  2. If Apollo tries anything to hurt WHIO reputation it would be a huge public outcry, even if they make cuts it wouldn’t hurt WHIO ratings. WHIO market share is like 75 percent in the Dayton Market.
  3. Hearst did a great job with WDTN in the mid 90s. I believed it debuted back in the summer of 94 then refreshed the fall of 2002. Then the whole anchor area was changed in 2005 but kept the weather area till around 2012 when they switched to HD.
  4. I could see WHIO as part of the deal too even tho it’s a CBS affiliate, id believe cox would want to sell it to someone who will keep its roots and tradition. Cox originated from Dayton and WHIO has dominated Dayton since it’s been on air.
  5. In her words and employees Jay Newman was sorta of a slumlord, I bet they were asking for a new set 10 years ago. They’re excitement shows that they wanted this change. It was unacceptable having that set 20 years and apparently was being cheap on a radar that last ran windows 98 that isn’t able to operate.
  6. I could see CBS grabbing WHIO since it’s their strongest and the #1 CBS affiliate in the county. Even tho Dayton is a small market that station is a cash cow.
  7. I have the feelingmost of the new set is already built, they stopped using the morning and demo area like 3 months ago. Hopefully a debut is pretty soon.
  8. It looks like it’s official that WJZ is building a new set. Watched the live stream and the set looked different.
  9. So I noticed the area where the morning set is all black, so a new set is in the process of being built.
  10. Whio Tv in Dayton had some awesome graphics for 1995, they were ahead of their time.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG2CscDoGLI
  11. dabnis74

    CBS O&O changes

    WJZ would get them if their GM left, he doesn't like change.People think CBS isn't putting money into WJZ but they are. Someone thinks that changing something built in the 90s will lose viewers.
  12. dabnis74

    CBS O&O changes

    I'm just curious how CBS has delt with WJZ not mandating the CBS look or still using a set from the 90s. I don't care who's in control of the station but you would think by now the big office would demand them to get out of the 90s.
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