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  1. CBS is starting to promote The CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor. There have been commercials promoting it saying "CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor. Weeknights only on CBS." There is not a certain date for the premiere during the commercial
  2. Does anyone think that The CBS Evening News will be getting a new set soon? The show was on the CBS This Morning set all last week and Scott Pelley is doing a special report now on the CBS This Morning set.
  3. Lauren Johnson will now be on weekend mornings for Good Day.
  4. That was fast. Hopefully Nicole Brewer is the new morning anchor.
  5. It says that he will anchor with Karen Hepp. Where is Lauren Johnson going?
  6. Dave Warren has left FOX29. He is now at WFOR
  7. Does anyone think that CBS3 has improved since all of the changes?
  8. GMA will have a new set and a studio audience beginning next week.
  9. CBS3 is now using the former "Talk Philly" Studio as the "Einstein Healthcare Science Center". It features any interesting weather stories along with health reports
  10. Is the CBS Weekend News taped? Some of the show looks like it was done throughout the day
  11. http://www.ftvlive.com/todays-news/2016/8/11/out-the-door-in-kc It looks like Kacie McDonnell is returning to the east coast. Maybe she will go back to FOX and be the new sports anchor since Howard Eskin is leaving?
  12. Wow. He was my favorite sports anchor. I liked how he spoke his mind about what is really happening with Philly sports.
  13. I saw this same commercial and I thought the same thing.
  14. Do you think that the new FOX29 News at 11pm will get good ratings? I watched it and it is fast paced which makes the broadcast interesting. I think that it will be in 3rd place or a close second because the 10pm ratings are very strong.
  15. I just saw another new promo for the new 11pm show that starts tomorrow night. The new set also debuts then and there will be a lot of news in the first 5 minutes that includes the 7 day forecast so viewers don't have to wait until the end of the show for it.
  16. Carol Erikson is now apart of the CBS3 Pet Project Segments every Sunday Morning.
  17. Scott Williams is now doing weekend mornings on Good Day Weekend and now does the 6pm show from Wednesday-Friday. Dave Warren now does weather on Saturday nights.
  18. Shawnette Wilson is filling in on tonights evening newscasts
  19. It looks like the new set will debut on August 1st because I saw a commercial on FOX29 promoting their new 11pm show that starts on August 1st and it showed a time lapse video of the new set being built.
  20. What happened to "Good Question" on Eyewitness News at 11? It hasn't been on for the last month.
  21. They are now calling the Digital Operations Center "The Breaking News Center"
  22. What is wrong with the CBS O&O websites? They have too many ads and it freezes every 5 seconds.
  23. Lucy Noland posted this on Instagram that they are doing promos in the new studio
  24. Why do they need another weather vehicle? First it was Stormforce10 then it was the Jeep Stormforce 10 and now it is this.
  25. I am watching FOX29 news at 10pm right now and they are now calling Scott Williams "FOX29 Meteorologist" instead of "Chief Meteorologist"
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