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  1. Breaking: https://www.thewrap.com/cbs-board-votes-dilute-shari-redstones-controlling-interest/
  2. Les is doing a great job running CBS. Viacom needs CBS more. CBS doesn't need Viacom to "survive". The board meeting is at 5pmET today
  3. 100%. She has no idea what she is doing. She wants CBS and Viacom to merge. Viacom is trash and Les doesn't want it.
  4. CBS and Viacom should stay separate. CBS is fine with Les in charge. Why mess that up if they don't make a deal?
  5. Does anyone think this will go through? They can't even decide on a COO
  6. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-viacom-m-a-cbs-exclusive/exclusive-cbs-plans-all-stock-bid-for-viacom-below-current-valuation-sources-idUSKCN1H91UE
  7. I don't think that CBS should merge with Viacom again. If CBS wants to merge, they should do it with a different company that isn't tv networks.
  8. CBS is starting to promote The CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor. There have been commercials promoting it saying "CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor. Weeknights only on CBS." There is not a certain date for the premiere during the commercial
  9. Does anyone think that The CBS Evening News will be getting a new set soon? The show was on the CBS This Morning set all last week and Scott Pelley is doing a special report now on the CBS This Morning set.
  10. Lauren Johnson will now be on weekend mornings for Good Day.
  11. That was fast. Hopefully Nicole Brewer is the new morning anchor.
  12. It says that he will anchor with Karen Hepp. Where is Lauren Johnson going?
  13. Dave Warren has left FOX29. He is now at WFOR
  14. Does anyone think that CBS3 has improved since all of the changes?
  15. GMA will have a new set and a studio audience beginning next week.

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