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  1. Yes. Her last public appearance was in 2016. she is currently confined to to her apartment and allows almost no visitors except for close family. Very sad! Her family and manager had not made a public statement about it. Biggest dictator is that last year Sheri Sphered and Jenny McCarthy made comments last year suggesting she not doing well. A Big indicator of her deteriorating health was the death of Hugh Downs and Regis Philbin this year. She and Hugh had been friends and working partners for 50 years or so. She was also very good friends with Regis for decades. She di
  2. About TODAY Show 70th anniversary. We may end up only with Jim Hartz, Tom Brokaw, Jane Pauley, Bryant Gumble, Deborah Norville, Katie Couric and Meredith Vieria showing up. Huge Downs died this year. Barbra Walters has Dementia and is not doing well. She may not be around by then. If she alive she won't be able to attend anyway. I be surprised if Matt showed up. He may not even be invited at all which is a real shame (but I guess understanble) as he was on the show for 23 years of which he was co-ancho for 20 (during which for most of the time the show had it greatest
  3. I wish they would not do things like this and just let the AP followed by the Networks make the call. They are only siring the pot (IMO) and making things worst by getting ahead of more reliable outlet. Everything is already chaotic enough without them making premature projection like this epically when they is will a chance Trump could win.
  4. I too young to remember 2000 (well not young young I was 9 but don't ember) did this happen back then too the night after? I imagine Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert were on the air for hours!
  5. Isn't it kind of ironic the network that is getting the most push back for calling a state too early for BIDEN is FOX News?
  6. I think Election Night will be longer this year then usual. As most are anticipating. I would not be surprise if a winner is not declarer until at least 5-7AMET, in time for the Morning Shows to break the news. remember 2004 was not called until the early morning hours. 2008 and 2012 was (where I live) called by 10-10:30PMMT. 2016 was not much later then that. Way bac before I was born, the 1960 Election as not called until the morning after. Does anyone know what the average time (Since Election Night coverage started being shown on TV) is for a candidate to be declared
  7. The reason Savannah is still at home I think is because of her eyes not having completely recovered. She still need more surgery but at the moment that been put on hold due to the pandemic. That could also be considered a underlying health issues. She told Ellen that she still see blurry spots. I would not be surprised if it not until this fall that she back in stud 1A. But Al, Jenna and Craig are still doing the show from home too so she not the only one.
  8. Why are Craig and Hoda still appearing in the studio? everyone else is at home.
  9. The Live Audience for Hoda and Jenna has been suspended and the Plaza is now closed to visitors because of the COVID-19 Pandmeic. https://www.today.com/news/today-show-live-audiences-suspended-due-coronavirus-t175664
  10. That was not my question or what I am talking about. i understand why the women didn't report it for many years. My questions is why did People particularly in the Meeia not keep mentioning Cosby seuxal assult and rape accusaitons prior to 2015? It was pretty much swept under the rug in 2006 after he settled with 11 women. No one seems to care and most forgot about it or just acted like they amnesia. When he got awards during those years or did interviews I don't recall people bringing those charges 'up? or calling him a rapist. Social Media probably played a b
  11. Gayle is getting a lot of backlash. for this https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2020/02/05/kobe-bryant-gayle-king-sparks-outrage-questions-rape-charge/4672566002/ My question is... Why didn't Gayle (and everyone in the Media) question Bill Cosby In 2012 and 2013 and before and bring up prior accusations against him? Cosby allegations of rape and sexual assault had been well known and documented for many years before it exploded in 2014. Remember he settled a civil lawsuit with 11 women in 2006. There was also the women who accuse him of sexual assault
  12. I think the content on The TODAY Show first 2 hours is better now than it was between 2008 and 2013. The format/tone 10-15 years ago is a bit outdated now. Remember there are other ways to watch the show now. People can not DVR it and also watch it online later. Ratings only count homes not business like hospitals, gym, etc,. We live in much fast apce society. There probably other reasons why people are not watching these shows like they used to but I am not going to get into that aspect of it here.
  13. Someone awhile back said they were surprised that Al is still on this show. Honestly, I am not. The person who I am most surprise that has lasted is Carson Daly. He been on the show fo six years now (which I didn't realize until today tha it been that long) and does not seem like he will be leaving anytime soon (which is part of why I think he left his late night show) but I will say he has grown into his role on the show very well. I know at the time lot o people has skepticism but he has turned out to be solid addition in the long run I think.
  14. Didn't NBC say the same thing about Weinstein?

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