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  1. Natalie and Maria should do a AncestryDNA test. they look too much alike lol
  2. I forgot about Campbell Brown. She would have been a good choice too, Sadly her career has hit a stalemate since leaving CNN. I miss seeing her on TV. I think you right, she probably left NBC after because she was passed over for a job on Weekday TODAY Show. It sad that Weekend Anchors are often overlook when it comes ot co-hosting Jobs on The weekday show: Jodi Applegate and Soledad O'Brien in the late 90s to mid 2000s were the two of the likely successor to Katie Couric for awhile for several years. Jodi Applegate career like Campbell also seem to hit a stalemate or they are just taking a break but they both left NBC after Kaaie signed new contract. They both co-hosted Weekend TODAY at different times. Soledad has had better luck though it seems Amy Robach has often made it clear that the main reason she left Sunday TODAY and NBC was because she kept being passed over for a job on Weekday TODAY which is what she really wanted. She wrote in her book that she wanted the 9am Job in 2011 which eventually went to Savannah. Se was using the weekend show as a stepping stone to get a permanent role on the weekday one. she doing very well at ABC now.
  3. I like when Maria Shriver appear on The TODAY Show. I think if Arnold Schwarzenegger had not been Governor of California, She would have gotten a co-host job on TODAY at some point.. She would have been a fine replacement for Katie back in 2006 but Meredith was great though. Or if things had gone differently she could have replaced Meredith in 2011.
  4. They also left out Meredith
  5. CBS News wonders why they can't seem to shake themselves out of third place in either the morning or the evening news broadcast? Well maybe they need to stop making constant changes every two years. Viewers like stability. There morning shows have not had a stable team in like... well it never has never had a stable morning team! Charlie, Gayle and Norah was the closest it got.
  6. Now that Natalie won't be co-hosting Access Hollywood anymore, I wonder if she will go back to The TODAY Show fulltime?
  7. Yes. I think "fired" get thrown around to loosely nowadaays. Maybe she will go back to The TODAY Show fulltime?
  8. CBS This Morning was doing decent in the ratings (getting 3.8 Million some weeks) until they let Charle go. They have lost Viewers ever since and have dipped back below 3 Million some weeks over the last years. Something that hasn't happened in 4-5 years. I wonder now if that was the right decision?
  9. Jenna is very popular with people who watch Kathie Lee and Hoda.
  10. Jenna Bush is the frontrunner to replace Kathie Lee. Hoda may decide she doesn't want to do the 4th Hour without KLG. They could cancel he Kathie Lee & Hoda Show (since technically that what it had been for many years despite being under the tODAY Brand) and have Jenna and Sheinelle hist the 4th Hour
  11. It appears Meredith Vieira has now left the network, as we have not seen her on any NBC News shows (She did not even take any part in NBC coverage of the Winter Olympics this year like she done from 2010-20186, in well over a year now. The last time she appeared on TODAY Show was back in January 2017 I believe. It kind of a shame really. She was a great asset for the show and the network. I wonder how the different the show could have been if she had stayed for 5 more years like NBC wanted her too. They may have been able to hold onto Number 1 (or the streak) for a little bit longer. Savannah is fine I like her, but TODAY Show has not been the same since Meredith left. I do miss watching Matt, Meredith, Al and Ann some days. Their time together was too short.. they were a good team. Katie and Meredith were the Good Old Days. The Show will never be that good again
  12. What happened to CBS Ratings? 18 Months ago they had around 3.8 Million but now it down to 2.9 Million. they lost somewhere around 800,000-900,000 Viewers in a 18 Months period. Where have the Viewers gone? I sure Charlie Rose dismissal played a part in it.
  13. I wasn't. I didn't compare anything. You are quoting the wrong person. And of course TODAY Show will never get those kind of Numbers again.
  14. Yeah 20 years ago! That not "Not that long ago" They haven't gotten those kind of numbers since Katie Couric left. And it was only time they got those kind of numbers nit including the Olympics
  15. That is not true at all! way over exaggerated Low to mid 4 million viewers a day is what TODAY Show ratings were like during the Jane Pauley and Bryant Gumbel era same with GMA. Also Ratings (same for CBS and ABC) always drop during the Summer then go back up in the fall but ALL THREE Morning Shows Ratings are down year over year. They have all lost viewers especially CBS. NBC has lost some viewers after Matt dismissal which was expected but it has held steady for the most part. Better then cBS.
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