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  1. USNewsie

    Today Show

    Dylan works Sundays too alongside Willie.
  2. USNewsie

    Today Show

    With Dylan and Sheinelle going full time on the 3rd hour, who replace them on the weekend? I don't see any strong in house replacement.
  3. USNewsie

    MSNBC Shake Up

    Kendis Gibson joins MSNBC as weekend afternoon anchor 2-4 pm. His first day is January 19th. https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/former-abc-newser-kendis-gibson-to-join-msnbc-anchor-msnbc-live-on-weekends/390038
  4. USNewsie

    Today Show

    The 3rd hour is back in Studio 1A
  5. USNewsie

    Today Show

    And dump the studio audience in the 8 am hour too please.
  6. USNewsie

    Today Show

    The third hour opened as basically an extension of the main show. Edit: at 9:20 am Jenna Bush Hager picked things up from studio 6A with Al and Craig joining her later on.
  7. USNewsie

    Good Morning America

    Today is Paula Faris' last day. Whit Johnson and Eva Pilgrim joins the weekend team alongside Dan Harris, Rob Marciano, and Adrienne Bankert starting tomorrow.
  8. USNewsie

    Good Morning America

    Yes Cecilia Vega was the third co-anchor this morning.
  9. USNewsie

    CBS This Morning

    Dana Jacobson and Michelle Miller are the new co hosts of This Morning Saturday. https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/michelle-miller-dana-jacobson-join-anthony-mason-as-co-hosts-of-cbs-this-morning-saturday/370030
  10. USNewsie

    Out & About

    Starting tomorrow morning Angie Lassman joins Adam Berg on the morning show. [MEDIA=twitter]1008803271329316867[/MEDIA]
  11. USNewsie

    Today Show

    I would have to disagree with you here. Jenna is an absolutely terrible and awkward host.
  12. USNewsie

    Network Royal Wedding Coverage:

    An interesting fact I learned this morning is CNBC's Wilfred Frost attended school with Prince Harry. Wilfred will take part of NBC's coverage tomorrow as a royal expert.
  13. USNewsie

    Out & About

    Dan Grossman is the new WTVJ/NBC 6 weekend morning anchor. He comes to Miami from 9 News in Denver.
  14. USNewsie

    Out & About

    According to the Miami Herald, WFOR main anchor Rick Folbaum may leave soon. That would be another departure at CBS 4 following the recent one by morning anchor Eugene Ramirez. With Rick leaving, the station will have only one male anchor Elliott Rodriguez and so many anchor positions to fill. http://www.miamiherald.com/entertainment/ent-columns-blogs/jose-lambiet/article210860409.html
  15. USNewsie

    Out & About

    Edward Lawrence, former NBC News Channel reporter, is now a Washington based correspondent for Fox Business.

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