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  1. Meteorologist Bill Kelly will be taking over the 5, 6, 10 & 11PM newscasts beginning in January. He comes from WJLA in DC. Kate Bilo will do the noon and 4PM weather. https://www.nexttv.com/news/bill-kelly-joins-kyw-philadelphia-as-chief-meteorologist-in-january
  2. Alyana Gomez is co-anchoring with Walter tonight. (Sat 9/10/22).
  3. I wonder if they're having a chair problem now? The anchors are back at the main desk, but they're standing. Ukee's a foot taller than Jessica.
  4. Reporter/Anchor Jennifer Lee is joining Fox29 in September. She comes from KCPQ in Seattle. https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/jennifer-lee-joins-fox-philadelphia-as-anchor-and-reporter/243357/
  5. Reporter Alecia Reid has left for WCBS NY. Reporter Marcella Baietto from WRSP Illinois has joined CBS 3.
  6. Does anyone ever notice that Brian Taff and Sharrie Williams add some extra comment after they get the toss back from a reporter on the street? "Ooh, that looks like it was a scary situation". "We''ll have to keep an eye out for that." It's like they have to get the last word in and seem more involved with the story. It bugs me. Some other anchors will occasionally do it. I don't notice Rick Williams, Sarah Bloomquist, or Jim Gardner doing it. They usually just say "Thank you for that report", and move on.
  7. I'm not liking this CBS News Now on CW Philly at 10PM. I prefer just the local news given by my local newscasters. I know it has some local news, but If I want to see that much national news, I'll watch the evening national news at 6:30PM or CNN/MSNBC.
  8. Reporter Ryan Hughes, who worked for WFMZ in Allentown a few years back, has joined CBS 3.
  9. If anyone watches House Hunters on HGTV, former reporter Jeff Chirico is shopping for a new house tonight at 10PM. The show will be repeated at 1AM.
  10. It was mentioned it at the end of the 6PM show. They showed some clips of his stories over the years and his coworkers congratulating him in the newsroom. There was cake and he got a hug from Jim Gardner.
  11. Tammie Souza was off today, so Mary Ours from KDKA Pittsburgh did the CBS3 weather this morning.
  12. Christie Ileto has been doing her 3rd wheel/feature reports on the 4PM show from outside the building. Either she lost her key or there's more Covid precautions.
  13. Both. 10PM and 10:30PM. I didn't see any mention on Ukee or Jessica's Twitter about it.
  14. CW Philly is showing the CBS Evening News now (10PM) instead of the regular CW Philly local news. Same deal at CBSPhilly.com.
  15. I saw it mentioned elsewhere, but they could possibly put Gray on the 5PM show later this year, when/if Rick Williams is given the 6PM after Jim retires.
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