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  1. Tammie Souza is filling in on weather tonight (Saturday) on CBS 3.
  2. Matt's been doing the weekday mornings and Tiffany Savona has been doing the weekend mornings. Tiffany did do the weather this morning (Thursday), and it looks like Matt will be doing the evening forecast today.
  3. CBS3 has had a few different meteorologists filling in this week on the evening broadcasts. On Sunday, they had Vanessa Murdock from CBS NY do the forecast remotely. Monday & Tuesday, Justin Drabick filled in. Today, Chelsea Ingram is back in Philly to do the forecasts. I believe Kate Bilo is on vacation and I guess Lauren Casey is as well.
  4. Erin is co-anchoring with Christie Ileto tonight (Saturday) on the 10PM PHL17 news.
  5. The DraftKings show now airs at 8AM, followed by a local sports betting show at 8:30, so the Sunday morning news is from 6AM to 8AM only.
  6. WPVI is selling a book commemorating 50 years of Action News. Info on book.
  7. Reporter John Rawlins is retiring today (9/30). https://twitter.com/JRawlins6abc/status/1178640647202451457
  8. Tiffany's actually been on Philly TV for the past few months. She was filling in on the PHL17 Morning News.
  9. Justin Drabick filled in on weather at 10 and 11 PM tonight. Good to see him on TV again.
  10. I turned on the 11PM Fox 29 News a few days ago (5/28 or 5/29) and Dave was giving a report. His bio is still on their website, too.
  11. Alicia returned from her medical leave to the 4PM news today.
  12. She posted on Instagram back in February that she was dealing from the after effects of a concussion. https://www.instagram.com/p/BuHnffEFUfV/
  13. If you're a Dan Patrick fan, the show is now available to stream/watch for free on B/R live. https://live.bleacherreport.com/talk-show/dan-patrick-show/64
  14. There was a nice little write-up about Cecily Tynan's career in TV news on the Accuweather website today. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/philadelphias-1st-woman-broadcast-meteorologist-cecily-tynan-discusses-her-20-plus-year-career/70007608
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