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  1. Anchor Jim Vaughn has been off the air this week. It was mentioned at the end of the 4PM show today that he has Covid-19, but has mild symptoms and is working from home.
  2. Drew did the weekend morning and evening shows. He also did the Monday (today) morning show, at least what I saw just before 9AM. Clayton is now doing the noon show.
  3. I think I saw Clayton on the 4PM show one day last week.
  4. Drayton and Holley have been working together more on Good Day recently. If you haven't heard, Mike Jerrick recently tested positive for Covid-19 and will be out for a while. He posted a message on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIRBPOLJUjG/?igshid=6gqzj9ocbanx
  5. Jeannette posted a farewell to Philly message on her Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIJOTn-HNuN/?igshid=f2fikalsnkq
  6. Ravens were scheduled to play the Cowboys on Thursday night (12/3), so that will be moved, too.
  7. If you follow Tammie on Twitter, she's been filling in on the CBS Chicago affiliate, too, sometimes traveling back and forth between Philly and Chicago.
  8. Jim Donovan tweeted Monday morning that Llarisa Abreu had a day off. I'm not sure about Kate Bilo in the evening.
  9. Long day for weather fill-in Tammie Souza today. She did the 4:30-7AM news, 12 noon, 4, 5, 6, 10 and 11 PM shows.
  10. Meteorologist Mark Shanaberger's last day at WFMZ was today, 10/19. He announced it last week and they showed old photos and clips during the 4PM show. He's going to work at a weather agency in Allentown. He's been with the station since 2006. Twitter announcement below with link to Facebook video. https://twitter.com/MarkShanaberger/status/1316485183395291137
  11. Karen Rogers did the weather on the morning and noon news today (Sunday). I'm pretty sure Chris Sowers was not on at all earlier today. Chris is in doing the evening news.
  12. Meteorologist Chris Sowers is working a double shift today. He did the early morning news today and he's now doing the 10 & 11PM shows.
  13. Christina Anthony's last day at WFMZ was today, 8/1. She's moving to Michigan.
  14. It's the 25th anniversary of 69 News Berks edition. There's a slideshow of pictures through the years. Link to pictures, Rob Vaughn, Wendy Davis, Ed Hanna, Nancy Werteen, Gregg Murphy, etc.
  15. I noticed Michelle Grossman is doing weather on NBC10 this morning.

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