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  1. SF1964

    The Channel 6 Action News Thread

    There was a nice little write-up about Cecily Tynan's career in TV news on the Accuweather website today. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/philadelphias-1st-woman-broadcast-meteorologist-cecily-tynan-discusses-her-20-plus-year-career/70007608
  2. SF1964

    The CBS 3 Eyewitness News Thread

    Morning anchor (and Philadelphia native) Rahel Solomon is leaving CBS3 for CNBC. https://www.phillyvoice.com/cbs3-anchor-rahel-solomon-cnbc/
  3. SF1964

    CSN Philly taking over NBC10 Sports duties

    Philly Sports Talk (formerly Daily New Live) has been canceled after 21+ years. Their last live show will be Thursday, Feb 28. Friday March 1 will be a "best of" show. Current hosts Amy Fadool & Marc Farzetta will continue with other duties at the network. Another hour of the Mike Missanelli radio show simulcast will fill the 5PM hour. https://www.philly.com/sports/philly-sports-talk-canceled-nbc-sports-philadelphia-daily-news-live-20190225.html
  4. SF1964

    The Channel 6 Action News Thread

    Jim Gardner had him at the desk during the 6PM tonight. They played a highlight reel and spoke about life and politics. https://6abc.com/entertainment/vernon-odoms-legendary-career-at-action-news/4898264/ A fan on twitter posted a throwback picture of Jim Gardner, Vernon, Marc Howard, Jim O'Brien, and Jimmy Carter. https://twitter.com/PerryJuDo4ever/status/1073312020076920833
  5. SF1964

    The 69 News/WFMZ Thread

    Father and son Rob & Jim Vaughn are co-anchoring the 4PM news together today for the first time.
  6. SF1964

    The Channel 6 Action News Thread

    Melissa Magee returned today during the 12PM news.
  7. SF1964

    The Channel 6 Action News Thread

    Monica had done the 10PM news on PHL17. Jim came on around 11:05 or so and mentioned something about taking care of a bloody nose. He continued with the rest of the news after that.
  8. SF1964

    The Channel 6 Action News Thread

    Adam Joseph tweeted that she was on medical leave.
  9. SF1964

    Tamron Hall Signs Deal with Disney/ABC

    Tamron Hall's show is set to debut in the fall of 2019. https://deadline.com/2018/09/tamron-hall-daytime-talk-show-set-for-fall-2019-launch-with-abc-stations-deal-1202470155/
  10. SF1964

    NBC 10 Thread

    Also mentioned in the Out & About section, Former WCAU Meteorologist Sheena Parveen is moving from DC to San Diego to work for KNSD. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/9/5/from-dc-to-socalhttps://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/9/5/from-dc-to-socal
  11. SF1964

    The 69 News/WFMZ Thread

    Meteorologist Christina Anthony has joined the WFMZ weather team. [MEDIA=twitter]1026581485963358208[/MEDIA]
  12. SF1964

    The 69 News/WFMZ Thread

    Matt Broderick's in doing weather on the Saturday morning broadcast.
  13. SF1964

    The CBS 3 Eyewitness News Thread

    Also in that FTVLive link, the upcoming departure of morning traffic reporter Meisha Johnson. It's like Sheena Parveen all over again.
  14. SF1964

    Good Morning America

    Sara Haines & Michael Strahan will host the 3rd hour of GMA. https://deadline.com/2018/07/sara-haines-leaving-the-view-good-morning-america-third-hour-michael-strahan-abc-news-1202431143/

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