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  1. I like Natasha. I just find it odd that her "on-air" day seems like it's stretched out. The station has sports anchors filling in for news anchors and regular news reporters doing sports. Having some anchors sitting in chairs at the desk, others standing awkwardly. The other stations in the city have many anchors/reporters that can do both well and can fill in on any newscast and don't have to use the same 5-6 anchors every day.
  2. Will Natasha Brown be anchoring that newscast as well? She only anchors 9AM, occasionally at noon, 4PM and fills in at 5PM a lot.
  3. Sports Director Don Bell is co-anchoring on the early morning news today. Alicia Roberts anchored Sports Sunday night.
  4. Why aren't Ducis and Cecily's names included in the 11PM intro? It's only "Action News with Rick Williams". Most of the other daily newscasts mention the full lineup.
  5. I don't know if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but it looks like the Sat & Sun 10PM CBS/CW news is no longer on. It's been replaced with SEAL Team & Magnum, PI reruns.
  6. Gabriella Galati will be joining Action News as a sports reporter/anchor. She previously worked for the Philadelphia Eagles as a reporter. https://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/news/2023/07/10/eagles-in-house-host-says-she-is-joining-6abc.html The article also mentions that Renee Washington, who had previously announced that she was joining 6ABC as a sports reporter, now works for MSG network.
  7. Justin Godynick is joining the NBC10 Weather team on June 7. He is originally from NJ. https://www.inquirer.com/entertainment/tv/justin-godynick-nbc10-weather-meteorlogist-new-jersey-20230518.html
  8. Sorry. I stand corrected. I'd given up watching thinking she wasn't on. It now looks like her mother passed recently, going by her socials.
  9. Shropshire...Shwell. I wonder who his co-anchor will be? I haven't seen Jackie London on the air in 3 weeks. Even FTVLive mentioned her absence.
  10. They had a retirement dinner for him Wednesday night. The station posted a short clip. https://6abc.com/jim-gardner-retirement-6abc-action-news-hilton-philadelphia-city-avenue/12577054/ Here's a picture of some current and former members of the weather team that attended the dinner. https://twitter.com/CecilyTynan/status/1603594827718868995/photo/1 Jim has also been giving some short memories of his time at 6abc. https://6abc.com/jim-gardner-action-news-celebrate-obrien/12575031/
  11. Meteorologist Bill Kelly will be taking over the 5, 6, 10 & 11PM newscasts beginning in January. He comes from WJLA in DC. Kate Bilo will do the noon and 4PM weather. https://www.nexttv.com/news/bill-kelly-joins-kyw-philadelphia-as-chief-meteorologist-in-january
  12. Alyana Gomez is co-anchoring with Walter tonight. (Sat 9/10/22).
  13. I wonder if they're having a chair problem now? The anchors are back at the main desk, but they're standing. Ukee's a foot taller than Jessica.
  14. Reporter/Anchor Jennifer Lee is joining Fox29 in September. She comes from KCPQ in Seattle. https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/jennifer-lee-joins-fox-philadelphia-as-anchor-and-reporter/243357/
  15. Reporter Alecia Reid has left for WCBS NY. Reporter Marcella Baietto from WRSP Illinois has joined CBS 3.
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