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  1. Brian tweeted that he was asked to fill in. He didn't give any other info.
  2. Meteorologist Matt Peterson announced that today would be his last day at CBS3. He's getting out of TV weather, but will remain in the area.
  3. Reporter Trang Do announced that she's leaving CBS 3. https://twitter.com/TrangDoCBS3/status/1423095468284858370
  4. Dayne Marae has been named the new weekend evening anchor. https://www.wfmz.com/news/area/lehighvalley/69-news-welcomes-new-weekend-anchor/article_f4167cc2-dbe2-11eb-aa10-23d37b014c23.html
  5. Reporter Kimberly Davis is leaving, too. FTVLive says she's taking an anchor job in Houston.
  6. It was getting harder for me to read the scrabble board anyway, as they shrunk the screen to put in those sports betting ads.
  7. Brittany Boyer made her full-time debut on the 6PM news tonight.
  8. Former WFMZ reporter Amanda Van Allen, who'd left a few years back for another job in another city, has returned to the area. She started this week as an anchor on the Philadelphia PHL17 Morning News.
  9. Sports Anchor Kristen Rodgers is leaving Fox 29 to return to the West coast. Her last day is April 8. https://twitter.com/KristenERodgers/status/1376546249604730883
  10. Maggie Kent is co-anchoring the 5PM news today with Sharrie.
  11. Lauren Casey isn't using the temporary weather studio. She's been doing her forecasts this weekend from their outdoor deck in a winter coat.
  12. David Murphy and Karen Rogers are both in on a Sunday morning to cover the snowstorm.
  13. Anchor Jim Vaughn has been off the air this week. It was mentioned at the end of the 4PM show today that he has Covid-19, but has mild symptoms and is working from home.
  14. Drew did the weekend morning and evening shows. He also did the Monday (today) morning show, at least what I saw just before 9AM. Clayton is now doing the noon show.
  15. I think I saw Clayton on the 4PM show one day last week.

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