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  1. Northwest Arkansas has been using it.
  2. The new set debuts this Thursday. https://wgno.com/news/local/watch-daily-time-lapse-videos-as-wgno-counts-down-to-the-launch-of-our-new-set/?utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_source=facebook.com&fbclid=IwAR1NQpnM01Jhsmc1TXV49vwpTk0IXiwg6jeyz7misBflMWBXEot2KGVZ-PU
  3. WAAY 31 recently debuted their own personal radar network consisting of three radar sites within their DMA. https://www.waaytv.com/content/radar-content/Dual-Polarity-Radar-Features-Allows-for-Enhanced-Forecasting-571139471.html?fbclid=IwAR2c3_y30TcK8xzWCTJHNBZLy30usksooK5CQkwvAuGC_mFGrfXRxJaYvWo
  4. WGNO is using what looks to be a temporary set. This isn’t confirmed and no evidence can be found, but it’s not their normal set.
  5. More sets are to be replaced in 2020. WAPT is scheduled for “studio upgrades” in June 2020. This will complete their station remodel project.
  6. KFSM is running on-air promos for their new news app that is “coming soon” to app stores. I’m sure the website will switch over at the same time.
  7. Tomorrow (Wednesday) at Noon (fingers crossed) is when new graphics should debut on KFSM.
  8. As I heard it described, Tribune used “duct tape and chicken wire” and TEGNA uses “broadcast equipment” to work with. There have been a a couple of newscasts this week that have not gone on-air due to the master control upgrades.
  9. Sounds like we can expect KFSM to debut TEGNA graphics, etc. in a week or so. They’re currently installing new systems, switchers and things at channel 5.
  10. ...and the updates continue. Anchors are on the interview/sports set. Weather duratrans have been changed to match the graphics package. The main anchor backdrop looks like they might be upgrading to a video wall, but I’m not certain of that.
  11. WVUE with the WAVE package would alright with me
  12. WDAM just transitioned to complete automation and robotic cameras. That might be one of the reasons for that.
  13. Confirmed... This package debuted on WDAM at 6p.
  14. I found this on YouTube, but I can’t place it with a graphics package that a station in the group uses. Could this be a new graphics package?

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