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  1. Here are a few pictures! https://bhamnow.com/2019/08/28/3-hidden-details-in-wvtm-13s-brand-new-set-that-pay-homage-to-birmingham/
  2. Looks like WLBT will debut new graphics at 5p today, according to this post and the comments.
  3. Even though FOX 8 didn’t announce it on-air until 7:00p, you can sense the sadness at the end of the 5:00p newscast... It’s so sad to hear about this. 664DA035-0D60-4308-8CF7-62E52350AC39.MOV
  4. Sounds like CBS Local has remained. Many cuts are new. This morning I can definitely recognize some of the cuts of CBS Local.
  5. This was the best I could do since the livestream is down. This is tonight’s 10p newscast open. 0049513F-0A60-4BB1-970B-FA5D8DCE9642.MOV
  6. I’m certain this is the first time I’ve seen a news set completely wrap around the studio. With no space unused. This is a small studio and the last set was not built well into the space available. Here’s a video of the complete set compared to the old set. I’m super impressed how that support beam was used to be a video monitor/column. NEW: OLD
  7. Here’s a photo of the anchor desk area.
  8. New control room, robotic camera, lights, etc. are what’s happening at WLBT. No word on a new set or a refresh (it still looks good, in my opinion).
  9. WLBT/WDBD’s newscasts have moved upstairs to a temporary set while the studio lightning grid is replaced/upgraded. They normally use the newsroom for times like this, but various posts on social media show a newsroom refresh or remodel currently underway. Hints were made to more changed in coming weeks. New set? Maybe. Refresh? We will see! The set they have was was installed in 2012 and refreshed in September/October 2015
  10. WVTM in Birmingham is officially on a temporary set while a new set is under construction. Today appears to be the first full day on the temporary set. Farewell, MG-era set!
  11. It has been long reported by KFSM staff on social media that in the future they will have a new space in Fort Smith and remain in the current building until that time. The existing building has gotten to the point where repairs are more than frequent and staff have had security issues there. The station has been very insistent in keeping a heavy presence in the River Valley area when the other stations have not in recent years.
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