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  1. Expect new graphics. And I’d expect a new set. There’s not much on the existing set to remodel/refresh. The news studio is not the biggest set, but it would benefit from a wrap around set that’s pushed against the wall to maximize the space available. 6 years is long enough — especially when the competition has newer/new sets. Plus, FOX8 is kicking ass, so why not invest?!
  2. The new set debuted just now at 4p. Last picture courtesy of Patrick Ellis’ Facebook page (Patrick Ellis WLBT):
  3. If you look verrrrrryyyy closely, you can see the parts of the new set on the camera shots on the control room’s monitors in the background.
  4. Rehearsals are now underway on the new set. This has been a ”top secret” project for sure.
  5. For Meridian, it looks pretty good. I’m not a fan of this package or the music, but it fits them and the community well.
  6. WTOK is using new the weather graphics of a new package; however, the old graphics are still being used everywhere else in the newscast.
  7. I’ve noticed this logo on the newsroom wall in a picture found on Facebook. I don’t recall this ever being a logo used before, so maybe there’s a lot more to come for Meridian?
  8. Looks like WTOK may be switching to this package based on the top banner update on their website and the talent backgrounds on their staff page.
  9. The new set debuted this evening (Aug. 19).
  10. The set has arrived to be installed. https://www.facebook.com/marcushunter16wapt/posts/395760512145388
  11. In Jackson, MS, looks like WAPT is #1 at 5p.
  12. Those sets are nothing more than a background on a wall and a desk with some monitors. Definitely cheap enough to do updates across the entire portfolio that Raycom had at that time. Many of these sets have been refreshed and some have not, but these particular sets may fall apart if updated anymore. It’s hard to believe that it has been ~10 years for these sets!
  13. JTV’s set seems like it sits in the middle of the studio. There’s walking space all around the exterior of the set. The two market newscast is awful and is even more disgusting during severe weather coverage.
  14. Yes as far as I’m aware of. Not sure if they rank #1 now in any time slot. WLBT has been very strategic with moving talent around and keeping good talent. Hearst and Nexstar move people around too often in that market.
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