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  1. Being from Indiana and watching WTHR growing up, I can officially say this: If they drop the "Eyewitness News" Brand, BIG MISTAKE TEGNA
  2. I have a feeling KSHB is going to be next, and I think they are gonna follow suit with WMAR, KJRH, WCPO in terms of switching from WSI to Baron.
  3. Looks like on the website, WNEP is mixing the TEGNA with the Tribune graphics. It doesn't look bad if you ask me.
  4. WXIN now has the Nexstar site, making WXIN and WISH with the same layout.
  5. Someone's getting ready to get some Clapping & Chanting with CClarity!! (Look at the Weather Graphic in the middle!)
  6. That makes WJZ's old Stretched Helvetica look amazing!
  7. As of a user of Baron (and going through a Re-design with them) It's fairly easy. When I got my package, it was in a .ZIP file, the Font that I needed was in that folder, the movie files, boxes, banners etc. was all automatically dumped into a folder. They will also go as far as automatically building your 7 day, skycast, etc. for you, and Zipping it up, and dropping it in with the correct font, that way all you have to do is just swap out the old banners (with new font since you can save it as a favorite) on your map frames with the new one. To me, that was the longest part was just going through my map frames and doing that. The one thing that drives me up the wall is FOX 5 has Baron with the correct font on everything, yet FOX 26 in Houston has both Baron AND WSI. The Baron graphics have the correct font on it, but the WSI fonts are incorrect.
  8. FOX 4 in Ft. Myers now has the new scripps graphics
  9. They look like the same graphics package they've had for quite some time now.
  10. I wouldn't be so sure about that. Hearst got "Strive" and Sinclair got Glass/Curves
  11. WXIN just got a new set back in 2018.
  12. Depends. Either A) They could create a look and share it among stations provided they have the proper formats that both WSI and Baron use. HOWEVER: The weather team would have to build everything from scratch all over again (animations, frames, fonts, etc.) Or B) They can get WSI or Baron involved where they build everything in their shop, and send it to the respective stations where all they need to do is unzip it. I know one group, it was a little bit of both: Someone at the hub sent the design and style guide to Baron and WSI, they sent back the boxes/banners, etc. in the format they need, and they built it all there from the hub using the proper elements/style to send to their stations with their logo on it. If you were to watch a station out of this group, find one that uses Baron, and WSI, and the normal person couldn't tell a difference for the most part. (If you know what you're looking for, you can.)
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