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  1. Looks like WALB will be Gray'd any day now.
  2. Looks like WMBF is the next to get Gray'd.
  3. WxNerd

    KCCI new set

    Looks like it debuted!! https://www.kcci.com/article/tour-the-new-kcci-news-set/28897985
  4. WxNerd

    KCCI new set

    I hate to bump this one up, but does anyone know the status of KCCI's set? They are still on their interview set as of this afternoon.
  5. I like it. Never was a fan of the L bar. I felt like way too much stuff was going on at once. However, the old package did age well.
  6. Do you think We'll have C Clarity @ WTHR & WBNS by the end of the year?
  7. WxNerd

    Out & About

    Ed will be a really good fit there! I've met him quite a few times. They will be in really good hands!
  8. The set looks like a very bastardized version of the WISH set. At least they didn't get the Dalek Desk
  9. WxNerd

    KCCI new set

    WLKY had their set overhaul not too long ago (2015 i think?) and it was still a nod to the Newsroom set. they JUST put the Monitor Array on the right side of the newsroom not too long ago.
  10. Looks like KCCI is on a Temporary Set!
  11. I wonder if they will get the Dalek set, or WISH'D. Any guesses?
  12. At least this graphics package isn't around anymore! Hallelujah!
  13. WISH Graphics, but the Blue Version that WIVB has would be awesome!
  14. They may have the most ACCURATE forecast, but not with spelling! (See top of banner. Irony!)
  15. I think they are one of a few stations to successfully pull off the Brick look! Looks slick!
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