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  1. The designer of the new graphics package at WRIC Just when you think it couldn't be any worse, I hop on Photoshop and say, "Hold My Beer." I better not speak too loud, knowing our luck, someone in Creative Services over there will hop on here, take one look at the old logo and be like "this is the sexiest thing I've ever seen! Why aren't we using that logo?" Next thing you know... TADA!!!!
  2. Hmmm. that logo looks oddly familiar. Where have I seen that before?
  3. I was waiting for your comment! LOL
  4. Ahh yes, the Bill Fielder Special; have several staff meetings, promise sunshine, rainbows, better equipment, more resources, better pay, etc. In the meetings, he talks about how he worked with Gray, and he has connections to take a good quality newscast, and make it even better. Then once he takes over, he makes you sign the "employee handbook" under duress without reading the handbook, and threatens you if you don't sign it right then and there. (one of the things it says, it makes you an At-will employee and they can fire you for any reason including cause) whacks everyone out of a job, and offer a severance of one paycheck, and if you accept it, you aren't allowed to discuss what happened. (So do NOT accept the buyout). I, along with anyone else who has experienced the Bill Fielder Special, am telling you right now, if that man, or Scott Centers, his right hand man, EVER set foot in your TV station, start working on your Resume and Reel and run like hell. Take this from Several people in Alaska and Wyoming, and now with the NewsHub staff, who have experienced this!
  5. Why would WAVE, an NBC affiliate, use CBS Local?
  6. WAVE debuted their new logo on air today. They dropped the long time WAVE 3 branding for just “WAVE”. The graphics and music remain the same.
  7. Talk about going Retro! Looks like WAVE will be getting a new logo this year to commemorate their 75th Anniversary. From what I've been told, it'll debut on air early this year.
  8. WFIE may be close to switching. This popped up on social media the other day. On air, they are still using the Limerick Look. I guess any day now???
  9. If I worked at Waypoint Media, I would be updating my resume & reel, and try to run like hell!
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