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  1. If I worked at Waypoint Media, I would be updating my resume & reel, and try to run like hell!
  2. Yup! The other Ryan that was in there (Matoush) took a job at KSNT in Kansas, and their old Chief Met took a job in Rapid City, SD. Everyone who remained left early before their contract was up. Now there's no one there news-wise.
  3. Their Cheyenne reporter walked out, and the lone meteorologist is leaving, their News Director doesn't know a thing about running a news operation since she was in Creative Services for several years (She made the old opens, reverse intros, etc. and if you go to YouTube and watch the old KTWO, it looks horrible. Her husband is a conspiracy theorist who works in Master Control. Neither are the brightest crayons in the box.) If anyone was smart, they would do research on KTWO BEFORE they apply.
  4. Not to mention the guys who run that are straight up jerks! Before I got let go due to "Newsroom Restructuring", this email was sent to us from a former reporter in Alaska.
  5. So, they cut the news talent, and expand the newscasts...Real smart *eyeroll*
  6. And the following has happened: They let their morning met, their sports director, and one of their evening anchors go, as well as cancel the weekend newscasts.
  7. Their set isn't THAT old. (5 years)
  8. That's just the normal TEGNA look at all stations. There is a discussion already going about the graphics.
  9. I wonder if they will bring back the 6 News Branding
  10. Is it just me, or has WTHR executed the graphics a lot better than the original TEGNA stations? I can't point my finger on what looks/feels different about WTHR's L3's, etc. but I like it.
  11. As someone who works in this group, I can say we are all curious as to what will happen.
  12. So now that it's got FCC Approval, did I read this correct that the new owners have 90 days from April 7th to Consummate the sale?
  13. It has to do with Hand Tracking. If you have hand tracking, you have the new remote. If you don't, then you have the SMK-Link (I have the SMK-Link at my shop due to no hand tracking.)

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