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  1. Their must runs only add insult to injury.
  2. They are based in Plano, and some of the Media General stations were already using Steven Arnold themes. Then again, I do see your point.
  3. I guess they figured out that the localportalhomepage.net format was just a stupid fad after all.
  4. Hopefully it's at around the same time frame as Daily Blast Live.
  5. Haven't heard his voice in news in 13 years.
  6. Actually, no they wouldn't. They are piling on Sinclair, even though Nexstar donated to Hiliary Clinton during the 2016 election cycle.
  7. Maybe in a few years they'll sever the umbilical cord with KOLD. But for now, they'll have to stick with them.
  8. It should just sever the umbilical cord with KOLD and have newscasts of its own like it sort of used to, and KNAZ should at least have the same subchannels that KPNX has even if they're not going to have newscasts of their own anytime soon, which I think they should.
  9. When is KMSB severing the umbilical cord with KOLD and getting its own newscasts?
  10. I just said Verify can get ridiculous to where even Sinclair's must runs (like the "Terrorism Alert Desk") look sane by comparison. You want an example? Here's the link to the clip on KHOU's website of the interview Matt Musil had with Alexa Miednik, a senior at Stoneman Douglas (where the shooting took place): http://www.khou.com/video/news/student-says-she-bumped-into-suspect-after-shooting/285-8009097 Now, here's KHOU's verify segment on the above, also on KHOU's website: http://www.khou.com/article/news/local/verify/verify-rumors-swirl-after-florida-school-shooting/285-519809764 But I'm sorry I got us off topic. This conversation on the Verify segments should have its own thread. This one's specifically supposed to be about KFMB's possible slow death, or its soft kill, if you will.
  11. Yeah, they do. The "Verify" segments count. I never said Matt Granite was a political hack. In fact, I doubt he is. I just think TEGNA's "Verify" segments can get rather ridiculous to the point where Sinclair's must runs look sane by comparison (as insane as they are). Speaking of "Verify", has KFMB adopted those segments yet?
  12. Well, with TEGNA jumping the shark with must runs that sometimes make Sinclair's look sane by comparison, among other blunders, why do you think the TEGNA stations suffer from TEGNitis?
  13. In Nexstar's defense, live streaming really isn't that cheap. I mean, live streaming with broadcast quality cameras? Those don't come cheap, not to mention legacy media isn't as alive as it once was. Then again, Nexstar could've at least kept the livestreams of stations that already had them.
  14. NMSA lists the news music KFDM used here as a cut from First News by Non Stop: That doesn't sound like First News or any of its themes. Its signature doesn't pop up anywhere in the open or the close at all. Sounds more like production music. And what is the news music KFDM used on this clip called?
  15. Yeah. It's already been 10 years. They should get a new theme. I wouldn't be surprised that KDFW is next to switch to Beyond seeing as how Stephen Arnold Music is headquartered locally.
  16. They're more likely to have WFAA, KHOU, KENS, and KXAN as flagships (they're sisters in the same state and the first station listed is also in the same DMA Nexstar is headquartered in) than to have WXIA.
  17. I know that WDIV used a certain cut of First News for the Newsbeat at 5 from 1989-90 to 2002 (Local First News at 5 for 2000-2002), but did any other station use that same cut at all? For reference, here's an open from the Newsbeat at 5 from 1990:
  18. You know what? At this point, I'm tired of coming back to political tv threads just to be branded as insane! Well as Apple once said, here's to the crazy ones bitches!!! But seriously, it's easy to say that sinclair is acting like a bully and a baby to the critics, but once you get called insane so many times, ignoring that shit just makes it even worse!!! And I never thought I'd have the displeasure of saying this but, Sinclair has to grow. Every fucking station group does nowadays thanks to digital media (including Youtube and Netflix)! And sinclair has balls that most other station groups dont have. Trust me, I dont like that station group either, but they're a necessary evil if we want to win this culture war against modern day leftists (especially against Antifa). Actually, I take that sentence back. Sinclair isn't that neccessary anymore with local tv slowly but surely dying off and the viewers that are still watching slowly dying off with it. And besides, I wouldn't be caught dead with Bill O'Riley anywhere with me anyway. No. Instead, the Youtube skeptic community such as Sargon of Akkad, James Allsup, and Lauren Southern, are quite possibly our last hope in winning this culture war. Look, I dont try to hide my biases like the media often does, and sometimes even sinclair in painfully obvious ways. In fact, by now since I said it far too many times, it should be clear what my biases are and there really is no such thing as truly unbiased journalism despite what people think. Again, people will more that likely think I'm a fucking wacko but, here's to the fucking wackos shitheads!!! Sorry, I sort of got carried away here, but my points still stand.
  19. Nexstar isn't as bad as we hyped them up to be. Sure they laid off an assload of people and brought down helicopters (the latter of which is a smart move because of excess helicopter noise), but they're not that bad. We were all overreacting (including myself). TEGNA however, sucks now, and Nexstar buying it would, despite what FTVLive says, actually be an upgrade to it the way Sinclair was to Barrington.
  20. To be fair, Hollywood Today Live isn't that good of a syndicated show, and I don't even go keeping up with the Kardashians or any other celebrity or celebrity gossip because to me, like tv itself (including cable, satellite, and even atsc 1.0 and 3.0) now that the internet has taken over, it's irrelevant
  21. To be fair, helicopter noise is one of the thibgs many people (including myself) hate, so while they were a bit of cheapskates, you probably don't realize that they're actually doing people a favor in decreasing helicopter noise because it just keeps us awake for a fire or some car chase that a police helicopter can take care of. The only reason for a news helicopter as far as I know is for an earthquake of a magnitude of at least 6 or 7, but that's it! And by the way, look into the comments of people below the story after reading it: http://www.berkeleyside.com/2011/10/28/about-those-helicopters-qa-with-ktvus-news-director/ Good point, but don't news organisations tend to lease helicopters instead of buying one?
  22. Anyway, back on topic, tegna needs to update its media page on its website so that it either places the stations by market rank in descending order like Tribune, or make a map of the stations with the market rank of the stations and station info like Nexstar Also, td jakes show will be replaced by a show called "BOLD" (which more than likely isn't that bold) on all tegna stations effective this fall. http://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/distribution/exclusive-tegna-s-bold-replace-td-jakes/164112
  23. I actually like those domain names more than the regular stationcallletter.com or networkchannelnumber.com. They tend to be more creative than most tv station domain names. Sure some are impractical (looking at you mystateline.com), but at least you can put the station's call letters and they redirect you to the actual website, and even then, people get used to said website domain name and remember that instead. I certainly do.
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