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  1. Their must runs only add insult to injury.
  2. Except, Alex Jones does have self-awareness and Charles Manson did have sanity prior to even considering becoming a cult leader. And what next, Sean Hannity gets hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit?
  3. They are based in Plano, and some of the Media General stations were already using Steven Arnold themes. Then again, I do see your point.
  4. I guess they figured out that the localportalhomepage.net format was just a stupid fad after all.
  5. Hopefully it's at around the same time frame as Daily Blast Live.
  6. Haven't heard his voice in news in 13 years.
  7. Actually, no they wouldn't. They are piling on Sinclair, even though Nexstar donated to Hiliary Clinton during the 2016 election cycle.
  8. Maybe in a few years they'll sever the umbilical cord with KOLD. But for now, they'll have to stick with them.
  9. It should just sever the umbilical cord with KOLD and have newscasts of its own like it sort of used to, and KNAZ should at least have the same subchannels that KPNX has even if they're not going to have newscasts of their own anytime soon, which I think they should.
  10. When is KMSB severing the umbilical cord with KOLD and getting its own newscasts?
  11. I just said Verify can get ridiculous to where even Sinclair's must runs (like the "Terrorism Alert Desk") look sane by comparison. You want an example? Here's the link to the clip on KHOU's website of the interview Matt Musil had with Alexa Miednik, a senior at Stoneman Douglas (where the shooting took place): http://www.khou.com/video/news/student-says-she-bumped-into-suspect-after-shooting/285-8009097 Now, here's KHOU's verify segment on the above, also on KHOU's website: http://www.khou.com/article/news/local/verify/verify-rumors-swirl-after-florida-school-shooting/285-519809764 Bu
  12. Yeah, they do. The "Verify" segments count. I never said Matt Granite was a political hack. In fact, I doubt he is. I just think TEGNA's "Verify" segments can get rather ridiculous to the point where Sinclair's must runs look sane by comparison (as insane as they are). Speaking of "Verify", has KFMB adopted those segments yet?
  13. Well, with TEGNA jumping the shark with must runs that sometimes make Sinclair's look sane by comparison, among other blunders, why do you think the TEGNA stations suffer from TEGNitis?

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