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  1. You also have to consider the DMA, end of rating books, big events (i.e. Olympics)... There really are a lot of variables and there really is no formula... Take Gray for example.. They seem to be doing 1-3 stations/week with the GrayOne rollout... CBS didn't take too terribly long.... NBC didn't really take that long either..
  2. I like this look... I do agree about the chunky monitors
  3. Looks so nice!! I'm happy for you, as I know you've been wanting this FOREVER!!
  4. This is a HUGE improvement for WXMI -- and for a Scripps station in general.
  5. Longtime WOOD-TV morning meteorologist, Terri DeBoer, is retiring from TV after almost 30 years on WOOD-TV. I personally know Terri and have been on many a tour of the WOOD-TV studios. She is the best morning meteorologist in Grand Rapids by far and I'm sad to see her go.
  6. Didn't KSDK have a different branding just a couple years ago?? I can't remember what it was.. But it is silly to have 2 technically different weather brandings mashed into one.. Weather First Alert... Pushes the boundaries for sure.. I know there are a few other markets that have something similar to Weather First Alert, where they mash 2 brandings into 1 "unique" branding...
  7. Former WANE evening anchor Heather Herron is coming back to TV -- she will now anchor 4, 5, and 6pm at WPTA beginning September 27.. According to "the site"
  8. Nexstar's WUTR has also upgraded to the "Nexstar ABC" package... New set as well
  9. This is just nit picky and whanot -- but I like WLBT's 70 year anniversary logo... It's different than all the others stations lately that are using the same 70 or 75 year anniversary logos.
  10. Nexstar's WWLP has finally gotten newer graphics.. They have gone with the Nexstar "ABC" package that WATE and a couple others are still using.. Albeit it's already an aging set of graphics, it's still an improvement of the previous ones.
  11. They seem to be doing 1-2 stations a week with the GrayONE rollout..
  12. WXMI's Janice Allen has moved from evenings to mornings. She replaces Ruta Ulcinaite who went to sister station WXYZ. WXMI has also added another hour of news in the mornings, now 5-10am.
  13. Makes sense since they have officially discontinued their "Fox 17 Unfiltered" Show...
  14. The M is so much tolerable than Monserrat's G's that a lot of Nexstar stations use
  15. Pretty much all the Meredith stations were rebranded to First Alert
  16. Per Meteorologist Candace Monacelli WXMI is on a temporary set.. I've asked several on-air staffers about an approximate completion date but no response yet.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CwpkXOoL5z5/
  17. I should mention it is just weather graphics at this time.. I did read someplace from one of the staffers that it will eventually be a whole revamp/refresh
  18. I don't like the animated background mixed with the animated icons.. should be one or the other.. although I do like that they didn't put the icons tiny in the corner like they do at the other updated stations
  19. Just checked their website and socials -- hasn't been updated since 2016
  20. I like this a lot... Excited to see this roll out to other prior Meredith stations!
  21. KCCI's Jason Sydejko has been named new Chief Meteorologist...
  22. Longtime meteorologist Todd Yakubian is leaving KATV in Little Rock after almost 2 decades. Rumor has it he is crossing the street to KARK to fill the hole that prior Chief Met. Keith Monahan left after his health retirement...
  23. Set is definitely an improvement... Graphics though, yikes... I attached a weather graphic and they definitely need to adjust font sizes becasue there's a lot of overlapping going on... I'm sure a lot of these will get ironed out throughout the week...
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