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  1. Weather graphics haven't switched yet... I'm assuming they'll come this evening..
  2. I will agree with this... But like also mentioned, the locals like it THEIR way... It's like WNEP and the 70's Move Closer theme.. Change it and death ensues
  3. I thinik this was a great upgrade for PIX... The set is stunning, the graphics are very well done.. I just wish KTLA got a version of these graphics
  4. Flint, MI duopoly WEYI/WSMH are supposedly on the chopping block as well, although it hasn't been verified yet (reader reported)
  5. I disagree.. I prefer Hearst 1,000,000x over Graham
  6. According to Wikipedia, Zanesville is DMA #203
  7. This is a needed thing... I'm excited to see what they do with all that extra space
  8. Based on a photo further up, we have CBS Philadelphia for KYW
  9. Words cannot explain this... just wow that thing is gross...
  10. It's sad that you have to go online/app to get full screen weather graphics... The ridiculous stand next to a TV is a joke... Can't see crap when they do that... I actually like the graphics.. As long as they are full screen
  11. Yeah... not a big fan.. That logo is just hideous
  12. Yeah I definitely see the Renderon elements with the previous Scripps package
  13. Nexstar's WMBB has debuted a new logo and went with the WDVM/WRIC package. Also switched to Aerial for music.. https://youtu.be/vB8RT_ff03c
  14. So I'm still confused about the The Other Site posting on here... We have to post the links as http://theothersite.blahblahblah but it's okay to blatently show their videos in posts, with their logo, name, etc... can this be clarified please/?
  15. Ummmm no... but... if you want to brand KCAL is it's own brand, get rid of the CBS eyes and make it your own damn station... too bad they went to call letters... they might as well be KCBS 2/9... if I were watching this newscast, and I didn't know any better, I'd be scratching my head and go "am I watching a CBS newscast or another newscast?" .. I'm not saying it's a rule.. but if you're going to brand yourself differently, don't include the damn CBS crud evereywhere... it's pointless, tacky, and just stupid...
  16. The only thing that would make this absolutely perfect is to nix the CBS eye elements, especially the floor beneath the anchor desk.. If you want to be an "independent" station, you need to look like one -- regardless of being owned by an O&O...
  17. Based on the pictures and video, this is proven false... KCAL News it is
  18. I stand by my post. End of story. I was merely putting my two cents worth in.. I wasn't meaning to start an "affiliate-by-affiliate thread". Sometimes the moderators get power hungry on here and I believe this was the case.
  19. If they get rid of the music, they won't live to see the Standard General takeover
  20. It's not bad... but those L3's... eek
  21. I only suggested this as they do something completely different with the NBC peacock... But I will comply and not mention anything further... sheesh
  22. At first I thought KSWB was going to get the WJW package from Cleveland. But yeah I absolutely hate the hodgepodge mix of Tribune and Nexstar graphics... It's stations like these I want to smack and tell them to go 100% or not at all....
  23. KTXL Fox 40 Sacramento has been Nexstar-ized... They got a Fox themed version of WSPA's package https://youtu.be/A8eTVnBCt64
  24. I've also noticed that only 10 stations are using this package... and most started using them last year... is this a fairly new package from SAM??
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