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  1. I will say it is one of the cleanest versions of the O&O graphics... Other stations should adopt this instead of the gaudier red and blue graphics
  2. Meh... I give at 6/10... For a market this size, it's underwhelming and like someone else said - sterile. If anything, the interview area is more impressive...
  3. I wonder if they'll incorporate the little 5 note ditty that WBZ and WCCO are using for their weather
  4. Here is WZZM's layout -- every TEGNA station I go to has the same layout in dark mode in full desktop mode.
  5. Has anyone else noticed that TEGNA websites now conform to the dark theme if it is enabled??
  6. Seems to me there are several CM's that work in the AM.. WXMI's Kevin Craig here in W. Michigan works AMs
  7. I definitely see a rebrand and also the first of the Meredith stations to switch to Gray graphics
  8. Lots of dark woods/tones... Screams late 90s to me
  9. I'm not too fond of the tall/thin fonts... reminds me of what KOIN had used before they updated... the smaller that font gets, the harder it is to read.... I give it a meh...
  10. This looks FANTASTIC!!! I hope the complete package is just as sharp...
  11. Definitely an improvement from the botched bs they had before this... Why they still have the poorly revamped Hearst weather graphics is beyond me... it looks even more outdated and gross than before... But overall a very very slight improvement from before...
  12. I noitced that KTVK/KPHO recently switched their weather branding to First Alert Weather... I also so see WGCL did too.. is this a requirement for the former Meredith stations?? I see WNEM has yet to change (and they can since it isn't used in the Flint market)
  13. I don't quite get the podcast-like presentation... graphics are meh... it works
  14. Lots of similarities to what WDKY got
  15. They've had these graphics for at least 2 years...
  16. On Wednesday, WOTV rebranded from ABC 4 Women to ABC 4 West Michigan. They are taking the focus off of women and making it more community based... I hope this works better for them... ABC 4 Women was absolutely stupid... https://www.woodtv.com/abc4/wotv-4-women-rebrands-to-abc-4-west-michigan/
  17. The only reason I brought it up is we've seen many graphics/branding/set updates with various ABC stations and using that as a chance to switch it over and fail
  18. At least they used the new ABC logo
  19. Sorry not a fan of these graphics... Tired of the flying circle 7 after every toss over... They still seem dated from ealry 2010s... But hey good for them..
  20. The following are conflicts of interest with NBC First Alert Branding: KNBC/KCBS : Los Angeles WBTS-NECN/WBZ : Boston WCAU/KYW : Philadelphia WTVJ/WFOR : Miami
  21. I think we can all agree that change is hard to accept, whether there's good intention or not... it's like the local grocery stores. They're constantly remodeling, moving things around, etc... Everyone hates it, but eventually gets used to it or decides to go someplace else... I think this is a good example of that..
  22. I do like the blue variant of these graphics...
  23. For a small market, this is actually a decent package and set
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