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  1. WOOD-TV reporter Barton Deiters has passed after a difficult battle with West Nile Virus https://www.woodtv.com/news/remembering-barton-deiters-1965-2021/
  2. Wasn't sure where to put this one, so I created this thread... Nexstar's WOOD-TV recently refreshed their in-house weather graphics
  3. There's no need for Hearst to get new graphics... The latest update is, what, 2 years if that??
  4. Yes WXMI was hubbed with WXIN/WTTV until the switch to Scripps
  5. Looks a lot like Nexstar's WIVB -- even the weather branding
  6. That's what I meant lol.. fixed... thank you
  7. Meteorologist Laura Velasquez is coming back home to Grand Rapids, MI as a meteorologist for WXMI -- she's taking over for Ty Shesky who is leaving the business... She previously worked for WOOD, then KDVR, then AccuWeather https://twitter.com/FOX17/status/1357822561032105984?s=20
  8. Regardless, it's an improvement from their previous package
  9. Noticed WSYM is using the meteorologists from sister station WXMI in Grand Rapids until they get the news department up and going...
  10. Excuse me... modified version... whatever... I think they get the fricking idea
  11. Not sure if this should go here or the Graphics Knockoff thread... Hubbard's WDIO in Duluth has a very close resemblance to the KOIN graphics.... Slight tweaks but definitely the motions are there.... Weather graphics are definitely the KOIN variety
  12. so many incomplete packages... if you're going to change one aspect of the packages, change all the damn parts... old and new NEVER mix and looks tacky as hell
  13. Those weather graphics need to roll out to the rest of the o&o stations... I don't think any other ones have em like that... they have the mix of the old and new look

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