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  1. According to Chief Meteorologist Ellen Bacca, WOOD-TV is updating their Storm Team 8 Tracking Center. Makes sense, since the current one was still modeled after a mix of their past 2 sets... Should be interesting. Here's the tweet: https://twitter.com/ellenbacca/status/1466607356498874368?s=20
  2. Is Nexstar revamping website layouts?? Ohio stations WDTN and WCMH have different layouts than the current layouts.
  3. Another month and the new logo has yet to be implemented on-air...
  4. Again, 2 different font sets for the weather -- gross.. get rid of the damn montserrat
  5. I'm not so terribly sure, seeing that they tweaked the logo post-nexstar acquisition... why would they waste time and money doing so again??
  6. I did notice during the weather segment that the radar and futurecast maps have the Lato font that the Nexstar Packages are using...
  7. gotcha -- would this explain why WFOR and WJW hasn't switched or "blended" what other stations have been using??
  8. They just got new graphics -- I highly doubt they'll get new ones anytime soon
  9. Meh.,.. Not impressed nor dissatisfied... for that market it's okay
  10. This is one of the few times I hope they do something with the current logo.. That 9 is hideously stretched out...
  11. Again... really irks me when they have multiple font sets in place... is it really that hard to switch everything over to Monserrat??
  12. KHON in Hawaii got the KOIN graphics today
  13. So out of curiosity how many Gray stations have yet to switch?? I know WILX in Lansing is still using the previous Gray package

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