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  1. Go to the maps & radar section of the weather page... all the maps except the 7-day are tegna-fied
  2. I am assuming that WQAD is next to be TEGNA-fied... Looking on their website tonight, even though on air, they have Tribune graphics, most of the weather maps online are TEGNA-fied
  3. The only thing I'm not liking about the latest package/update is in the weather Upper 3rds... The Weather Logos aren't meshing well... especially those with that silvery border... looks out of place
  4. I honestly like the Nexstar CBS package better.... The Tribune CBS pacakge just didn't do it for me... They had elements that looked like word art from old MS Word days Did they update the FOX package?? The weather graphics are very different than other Nexstar FOX pacakges
  5. yes it's missing it's searchlights in the background... many stations are starting to drop them in certain layouts of the logos, mainly the vertical ones... WXMI is sans searchlights in it's vertical logo, as well as KSTU
  6. I'm not mad at this... there can be improvements but not terrible
  7. WATN now has the new Tegna layout... kept the same localmemphis.com address. Surprisingly they kept the logo in tact, just made it linear..
  8. WOI also has the latest version of the Tegna websites and app that are slowly rolling out... Looks like when the Tegna graphics debut, the open will feature We Are Iowa (at least from what is seen in the app when it opens)
  9. This package reminds me of what some New England Nexstar stations are still using (WPRI & WWLP come to mind) -- uninspired for a larger market
  10. It's still better than the god awful graphics they still have
  11. Not sure when this happened -- KTVI has new weather graphics -- it looks like a mix of the Nexstar CBS and FOX packages
  12. According to Newscast Studiio, Nexstar themselves did it https://www.newscaststudio.com/setstudio/who/
  13. Is it me or is their L3 bug a little too large??
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