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  1. Oh they look soooooo much better... good riddance MG graphics and set
  2. The one thing that bothers me, and is my Achilles heel with any graphics overhaul, is that WXMI STILL has some Tribune fonts in their weather segments... How hard is it to make sure that everything migrates over to the new graphics design?? It looks so tacky and awkward....
  3. WWMT got the new graphics along with their new set today WWMT NEWSCHANNEL 3 LIVE AT 6PM OPEN (08-27-2020).mp4
  4. And this morning they reverted back to tribune graphics
  5. I wasn't able to get the open...got the weather forecast segment... but I'm thinking this is a loose transition... 1) no time/temp bug during the newscast 2) lower thirds and news maps are new Scripps 2) the weather graphics are mixed between Tribune/Scripps 3) Using new Scripps music and Guardian
  6. WXMI is debuting the graphics tonight according to meteorologist Erik Kostrzewa Not sure if it's just the weather or the complete package... based on what I see, it's the whole kit n kaboodle
  7. I love their L3 time/temp/logo bug... And yes the graphics package, as flat as it is, is gorgeous...
  8. I just knew they were going to keep the stupid basic Arial font... Set looks fantastic though!
  9. Yet there are red headed step children who are using god awful MG-esque packages like WLNS and WBTW This is like Sinclair... They have stations constantly updating/refreshing graphics packages/sets and then there's red headed stepchildren who are forgotten about altogether.
  10. WLNS in Lansing would look nice with these graphics..
  11. Getting the viewers used to the stuck in the back corner feel
  12. Don't hold your breath on WSYM... It's owned by Scripps, but ran by Gray's WILX
  13. I hope so... Along with the new graphics package
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