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  1. When I think Byron Allen, I think of his Entertainment Studios show from years ago that would be on before the morning news. And those shows were meh at best.. So to consider him a top rate broadcaster would take some time...
  2. OMG ABC O&O has got to be the slowest ever in rolling out stuff... This has been going on for way too long. We've been talking about this for 2 frickin' years and barely 1/2 the stations have flipped to the new weather graphics...
  3. Thank you Captain Obvious
  4. They look great... although if they do ditch Chroma Cues altogether, I wonder if we'll have another round of riots??
  5. Overall a big improvement.. but the anchor desk is a bit... wonky??
  6. We must be watching different things... The only thing with KSTP is the colors... The only thing with WDIO is the upper third layout of weather graphics... everything else is their own... They are using Lato as font. KSTP uses Gotham and WDIO uses Montserrat. Also the wx graphics are completely different from WDIO... But this is what makes 1 package from multiple stations unique -- using different things to make it their own.. Looks good regardless.
  7. I'm going with WJZ only because it took forever to switch to the now old package... might as well get as much use out of it before switching again.
  8. the CBS eye and the 3 together seem awful small in the box...
  9. Allen Media Group/Byron Allen I would think might want to get his hands in there.. he's always itchy for a good deal.. and I don't think he has any FL stations yet, does he??
  10. The 5 needs to be wider... just like sister station KVVU in Vegas.. Both need to be wider.. not wide enough
  11. We also have to remind ourselves: Edith Waterman is turning 100 in September... I'm pretty sure this had a huge reason behind the decision.
  12. Not a huge fan of the weather desk basically next to the anchor desk... makes it look cramped in there...
  13. After watching all of the newscasts for the past month or so, I will agree that this is a refreshing take on the local news. Yes they still have some flaws/kinks/etc to work out, but overall a very solid local news content.
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