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  1. Speaking of WDBJ I wish more Gray stations would pick up their graphics package, especially their weather graphics... I think the Raycom stations would've looked better with that packaage
  2. Here Mayor -- stand here and look silly cutting some ribbon in front of our green screen and pretend to be interested in our fancy digs... I would've felt like a complete ass doing that...
  3. Yes, I just can't remember which slots... but it's between KNXV and KSAZ Fox 10
  4. Amazing look for the Alaskan TV Market...
  5. Gross... Just gross... I don't have time to cock my head to one side to read what's going on... The color choice is horrendous.. Did they not learn from their mistakes at WTSP in Tampa??
  6. I wonder how much the person who took .32432432 seconds to design this "logo" (it ain't one sorry) got.... I wouldn't even give a quarter for it...
  7. For some reason, KFMB comes to mind.. .they switched rather quickly, both website and graphics
  8. What I'm not getting is why are they putting time money and effort into new sets, graphics, etc when they are about to be sold off?? Let Nexstar pay for it all... Not a fan of this graphics package tbh
  9. Which is funny since the host, Kevin O'Connell just retired from TEGNA owned WGRZ not that long ago...
  10. Scott Jones does... He's been in the biz a long time and has his reliable sources...
  11. I absolutely freaking LOVE this package and set!!!
  12. I'm digging it... So much better than the current package
  13. You're watching Monique Robinson with your WWAY Stormtrack 3 AccuWeather First Alert Storm Team Weather (end is exaggerated on purpose).... Either call it Stormtrack 3 weather or AccuWeather... Too many descriptors there..
  14. I would hope that chopper would remain out of service... "Nah... throw some duct tape on it and it'll be good as new..."
  15. I think this is one of Hearst's best sets... Has some elements of everyone else, but has it's own personality...
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