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  1. According to Newscast Studiio, Nexstar themselves did it https://www.newscaststudio.com/setstudio/who/
  2. Is it me or is their L3 bug a little too large??
  3. It's been this way for a little while now... At least 2 months... Very sad
  4. WOOD TV's Marlee Ginter has revealed that she is on her way to KOVR in Sacramento... She left WOOD 12/20
  5. I know that WXMI is Scripps, but they too lost the Fox searchlights in their logos now... I wonder if many will lose the well known trademark searchlights in the logos...
  6. Yeah being Gray operated, they will go with whatever Gray uses for WILX most likely when they update them...
  7. Primetime News has been in use with WOOD for 25 years... They use so many different cuts but each one sounds current and catchy.... It can be done with the right package...
  8. I highly doubt the WOOD package will be seen anywhere else... They've been doing their own thing since the MG/LIN eras...
  9. Not bad overall... The weather graphics still drive me batty with all the damn italic fonts....
  10. I wonder if KNXV here in Phoenix will get an updated logo... Since WMAR let go of their version, I don't think the black and yellow would look as good here... I wouldn't mind a variation of this 1995-97 logo:
  11. I am disappointed in the shades of blue chosen... But the music is awesome Also on a side note.... WXMI got the Scripps web layout yesterday -- but the logo is now missing the Fox Searchlights Old: New:
  12. WXMI and WPIX has now gone from the Tribune web layout to the Scripps layout http://www.fox17online.com http://www.pix11.com Also, the WXMI logo no longer has the Fox Searchlights in the 17 box...
  13. Let's pray that KFOR gets something soon... Their weather graphics are just AWFUL
  14. So I'm trying to find if this was mentioned someplace, but I can't see anything so I'll post here... A while back, there was a discussion about how WISH had dropped the 24-hour news moniker... Well it now looks like WOOD is now dropping it as well... While watching the news today I noticed the reporters are now signing off as "Reporter Name, News 8" instead of "Reporter Name, 24-hour News 8". Now granted their LL Bean jackets still show 24-hour News 8, but I do believe that the 24-hour news moniker is now gone... I am sad
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