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  1. It's a freaking temporary set... there's no need to go all out on it... it's just fine for a few weeks/months...
  2. She needed to go the moment she got there... She's been shown all over the internet for the wrong reasons... She can go anytime
  3. CBS Detroit will be using the Next branding. Their "Next Weather Tracker" debuted at the Detroit International Car Show.
  4. I kinda hope not -- IMHO this was a downgrade. The anchor desk looks cheap... and come on... Plastering TV screens in front is so 2000s... They definitely could've done better here...
  5. So I lied. They got a while new set! Main anchor Katie Raml posted this pic on Facebook. Can a moderator change the name to KNXV new set or something like that please?
  6. Chief Meteorologist Amber Sullins posted about their Desert Doppler 15 Weather Center getting "new digs" Here's the link to her Facebook post
  7. I will say it is one of the cleanest versions of the O&O graphics... Other stations should adopt this instead of the gaudier red and blue graphics
  8. Meh... I give at 6/10... For a market this size, it's underwhelming and like someone else said - sterile. If anything, the interview area is more impressive...
  9. I wonder if they'll incorporate the little 5 note ditty that WBZ and WCCO are using for their weather
  10. Here is WZZM's layout -- every TEGNA station I go to has the same layout in dark mode in full desktop mode.
  11. Has anyone else noticed that TEGNA websites now conform to the dark theme if it is enabled??
  12. Seems to me there are several CM's that work in the AM.. WXMI's Kevin Craig here in W. Michigan works AMs
  13. I definitely see a rebrand and also the first of the Meredith stations to switch to Gray graphics
  14. Lots of dark woods/tones... Screams late 90s to me
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