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  1. As expected KIII debuted their new graphics this morning. [ATTACH]1510.IPB[/ATTACH][ATTACH]1511.IPB[/ATTACH][ATTACH]1512.IPB[/ATTACH]
  2. On the 5:00 news KIII debuted a new #ThisIsHome promo that promotef the new Gannett Graphics. It was pretty neat. It appears they will debut it this monday, also the 3NEWS logo does not have the ABC logo in it.
  3. Sorry about the size of pics, still new. You have to click on the pic to see them bigger.
  4. By the looks of it, it dosent seem like KIII will be changing brands to ABC 3 (which i prefer) we will remain 3 News for ever (sigh) lol
  5. Has the lone star staions updated thier graphics? Sorry, i always work and cant watch the news. Im getting tired of waiting....
  6. This is all i found about the new gannet graphics. [ATTACH]1451.IPB[/ATTACH]
  7. So i was watching the news tonight and KIII debuted a "This is Home" promo. It looks like they are already moving forward in the changes with Gannett. Still waiting on the graphics change.
  8. Btw BigCountryNews, i say news stations should hire you to create thier logo's, you are really good at this.
  9. It looks good, it will take some getting use to. Question: Why is ABC finally making KIII get the ABC logo if they never had it?
  10. I like all of them, but i agree the one without the ABC logo is the best. As for the question im really not sure, all i know is that they have always been ABC.
  11. Yes that is the logo i am talking about and i agree it will look good with gannett. Although, i wonder how it will look if they decide on adding the ABC logo with it. Which i heard might happen.
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